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If something isn't right let us know, and we will fix it. If we can't fix it, we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.


Memberships and/or Subscription Access Products Prorated refunds of unused portions of membership periods are not eligible for cash refunds, but rather will be offered in the form of store credit equal to 100% of the amount paid at the time of purchase to be credited toward any product that Brian Anderson owns the rights to sell or resell.

If you are past your refund period and do not want to be billed again in the future, you can request a Cancellation. Cancellation of membership immediately terminates membership access and prevents any future billings. You will also be canceling any bonuses you received with your Membership.

Requests for refund must be received in the correct format as a ticket in the support desk and received no more than 28 days from Membership/Subscription purchase, or 28 days from a Single Payment purchase.

Refund requests submitted in any other manner (including via email to a personal email address of any member of the AMA Family or on Facebook) do not qualify as a submission for a request for a refund.

Requesting a refund for the Recovery Profit System course results in the immediate and automatic cancellation of your Recover Profit System Membership Subscription membership.

Services and features included with Recover Profit System Membership  require a current and active subscription to maintain the following DFY Services:

Requests to cancel Recover Profit System Membership subscription accounts must be received in the correct format as a ticket in the support desk and received no more than 48 hours prior to scheduled billing date to prevent future charges. Non work hours, holidays or weekends must be taken into account when requesting cancelation as cancelation is a manual process by our support team and must be done during staff business hours.