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Businesses have until April 15, 2024, to file amended returns for Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2020, and until April 15, 2025, to file amended returns for the quarters in 2021 in which they were eligible to claim the ERC.

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions April 11, 2023

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions April 11, 2023

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)
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00:00:03 Syd Michael: Hey, what’s happening? Let me know. You can hear me and see my screen letting people trickle in here. Hey, Paula, what’s going on? Bill and Bruce. Lauren. Larry. Nice. We’re gonna let people trickle in a little bit here. I know I started a minute early, but figured I owed you a minute from starting a minute late yesterday. Donald. What’s up, Buddy? Guy Bergstrom. What’s up, buddy? Hey, Michael. Good to see you, buddy. Where? You know. I’ve went over well. Let’s let people get in before I start ranting. Hang on, let me take my watch off. It keeps hitting the desk. I know that’s loud to y’all. How many people, how many people hit their public accountability goal? How many people hit it? How many people beat it. Beautiful Adam boy. Heck yeah. Good job. Feels good, doesn’t it? How many people got at least one submission last week? 1 submission. How many? You got one good, good Lauren mobile enterprise that’s a Lowell smoker. It’s supposed to be going through, but I haven’t been updated on it. But I think it’s pretty much you got, we got to get Brian to tell us more about it. I’ll ask him. He’s flying down right now. I had some call reluctance. We’ll talk a little bit about that, Michael, he said. He, I’ve hit my goal. I had some call reluctance. How can I improve getting through to the owners or decision makers? Well, what did they tell you when you called? Did you get their name? If you got their name, that’s the first start. I know I’m the last one to get told. I’m sorry, wish I had something good to tell you. I know they sent over a test package of like 20 something deals, but I know, I know it. I know part of our agreements to do 40 million in the next 30 days. So it should rock pretty quickly. Michael, I got there, offered their voicemail mainly. OK. Well, you understand to leave power messages, right, If you get a voicemail, if you’re going to leave a voicemail, you got to leave a power message. Sure, Lauren, especially if you know who the CFO is. So when you call for decision makers, if you know the CFO is, do you call for them? Sure. A power message is kind of similar to what? Well. I’ll just tell you what a power message is. I don’t offend anybody, but a power message is where you say you got to leave them hanging a little bit. So you know, if you haven’t talked to them before, you got to be kind of, you got to craft it kind of carefully. You could say something like, hey, I guarantee you the most, but you don’t want to sound like a salesperson. I wouldn’t leave a message if. If I was cold calling personally. But if you’ve talked to them in the past and they’re ghosting and you’re trying to get them to call you back, you leave a power message saying something like, hey, I got something exciting. You’re gonna love it When I tell you were the first person I thought of call me back. You say something like that you, Cliff hang them. You Alfred Hitchcock them make sense. Makes sense. Somebody just join me. Let’s see who we got here, Vanessa. OK. All right.

00:05:42 Vanessa Roberts: Hey, sorry I was training.

00:05:45 Syd Michael: Totally cool. Thank you for joining us.

00:05:50 Vanessa Roberts: Absolutely. I was training our new accounts payable folks so that she knows how to get all our agents, their commissions. So it was a good call.

00:06:02 Syd Michael: So that’s positive. So that’s good. So you get her trained up right, They’ll take that off your plate, right?

00:06:07 Vanessa Roberts: Absolutely, yes, everybody.

00:06:10 Syd Michael: How much better will life be then, Vanessa?

00:06:15 Vanessa Roberts: I won’t need to take another vacation. I will be such a breathe.

00:06:21 Syd Michael: There’s a lot of stress that comes with that too.

00:06:25 Vanessa Roberts: Yes, most important best part of the job is to get agents paid, right?

00:06:30 Syd Michael: Absolutely. I know Brian’s A stickler about it. That’s it, but you know you know when you are paying agents and paying JVs and paying this and then you know anytime you gotta take your mind into a couple of different mindsets. You know, like training is 1 mindset, sales is 1 mindset, accounts payable is what mindset, customer service is 1 mindset. It’s exhausting. I think every time you packed an additional one of those on top. It, you know, it dilutes. And even if you’re the greatest in the world at one thing, eventually you become OK or good at multiple things, and then you become OK at a lot of things, and then you become holding on for dear life at everything. You know what I mean?

00:07:14 Vanessa Roberts: Absolutely.

00:07:14 Syd Michael: Just my experience in my life, you know, I just know it’s stressful anyways. I love you. I appreciate you so much.

00:07:25 Vanessa Roberts: I do my best. I appreciate your patience everyone. Yeah.

00:07:30 Syd Michael: Yeah, that’s cool. It’s always good. So here’s so I didn’t see that many people respond. Tell me if you got one submission. I only saw a few people respond to that. It kind of scares me. Kind of scares me a little bit. Tell me if you got zero then. So if you got zero or one Christy, good job. I knew you would get one shot. I knew you would get one download. I knew you would get one Everybody else on their iPhone or something on a iPad. So they can’t answer. All right, so then let’s ask one more question. If you put a zero, why, Why do you think it is? Why? Nice. OK, that’s susceptible. Michael. Why? Why? Why do you think you got a zero? What? What was it? All right. Sounds like I’m not going to mention names. I just. I just wanted to know why you think. Be honest so I can help you remember what my guarantee is. Leave you a little better than I found you. Okay. All right, so. OK, Anthony, the South African accent, do not, that’s in your own head. Listen to me, that’s in your own head. That is 100% in your own head. And I get it like I do, right? I mean, there’s certain things that I think people notice about me that that I feel judged, but that’s 100% in your own head. Like people, people, as long as it’s not so thick that they can’t understand, as long as you can, they can understand, you know, and you got to be a decision maker of that. But as long as they can understand people like it, you know, exotic, you know, worldly, you know, cultured people, I mean more, more so now than ever, especially if you have any sort of like English. Type, you know, even Australian or English type accent sounds actually kind of upper, upper, upper class in the US anyways. But it doesn’t matter what. As long as they can understand your accent. It doesn’t matter as long as you have. Remember what you’re selling is trust, right? And regardless of your accent, if you come across very, you know, trustworthy abuse of these word tracks that I’m teaching you, I promise you, promise you. It’s actually probably an advantage for you. It’s an advantage is a Dutch accent that you could shift towards British. I don’t know. I don’t know. So, here’s the message for everybody today. And this is what I feel like everybody needs to think about. Everybody needs to reel back in right? Reel back in and quit complicating things right? Keep it simple Like what? What makes sales hard? And I was role-playing with a lot of the AES here this morning. What makes sales hard is people try and over complicate things. Now if you want to add a level of expertise to it, if you want to add a level of professionalism to it, you got to be aware of and conscious of your framing. Framing is everything. Framing and position is everything in a debate, which sometimes sales can be. But you never want to come across as a debate. You want to properly frame it to where it is not a debate. If I know some of the common objections are, I’ve worked with my CPA for, you know, 20 years and I trust them. They said this is a scam or they said steer away from this or they said I wasn’t approved right. You’ve got all the bullets in your gun to shoot back and educate them on why we’re good. But. But one of our best AE’s here. In fact, he’s probably one of the most knowledgeable people on the ERTC that we have. However, you want to kind of reposition and frame that. What’s Rule #3 from Uncle Sid? Anybody know who knows Rule #3? I’ll give you a few seconds. Win the argument, lose the deal. There you go, Bill. You win the argument, you lose the deal. And when somebody says, hey, listen, I’ve worked with my CPA, I trust them and you come back and say, well, you know, we’ve done over 29,000 missions. We’ve done this with this, with that, with this, with that, right. That’s kind of when in the argument you almost sound combative and listen, if you flip that little red flag in their head. It doesn’t matter what comes out of your mouth after that point. You’re out, You’re out. That’s why you go through a pitch. Sometimes you think, man, that’s the best pitch I ever did. And they look at you like a deer in headlights because you’re out. You said something that offended them and people aren’t going to just come out normally and be upfront with you and tell you what you did wrong. They’re just going to yes, you right on out the door. So make sure that you frame it with any time you have to. Rebuttal of that, agree with them. Agree with them. When they talk about how they’ve had a CPA for 20 years that they trust, go man, that’s nice. I know how important that relationship must be. And listen, you know, you’re what your CPA told you is right. It’s very right. However, if you don’t mind, let me just kind of explain what we do that’s a little bit different. So that way you can. It’s really comparing apples and oranges. That way you can make an educated decision. You got a second and start telling them right? Why do you want to frame it with agreeing with what they’re saying? It’s disarming, right? Sales 101, disarm them two. Why do you want to use that very, very, very ninja tactic of saying let me explain so you can make a fully educated decision on the outcome.

00:15:20 Syd Michael: What else could you say besides that? You can also, I’ll tell you even more if you’re with me here, nobody wants to say they’re not going to make an educated decision, nobody will say I’m uneducated. You can also say things like I’m looking, you know, I want. I’m looking for somebody open minded enough to see the value in this right who wants to be close minded. Nobody. No, no, none of them. Nobody wants to go. That’s me. I’m close minded. I’m uneducated and close minded, right? So you’re framing and you’re kind of spot leading them, right? Does that make sense? Does everybody understand what I’m talking about? That’s ninja. Ninja tactic right there. Ninja tactic. So slow down and think before you speak. So you can speak accordingly and when you do it enough and you practice enough and you and you get used to it, you’ll do it naturally. Like I do it unintentionally a lot of times. I did a course one time called the Art of a close or I think that’s what we call it. Anyways it was like A5 module course and on the last on the last call I actually. They recorded a close of me at an event and we went through and I went right down the road of a sale and didn’t even like it, wasn’t even prerecorded. It wasn’t planned what, anything. It’s just naturally the way sales works, right? So how many of you understand by framing the position properly, you’ll get a much better response. Does it mean you’ll close everyone? No, But it does mean that you’ll have a higher success rate. And we’re talking about talking to hundreds of people over the next 12 to 18 months. You know, every deal counts. You with me on that. Give me a Roger that if you understand. And they kept up with me there. If I didn’t, I don’t make sure I didn’t lose anybody. All right. Good, good, good, good, good. Beautiful. Nothing starts without engagement. Nothing. Nothing happens without engagement until you engage, nobody else is going to engage. And until something engages, nothing goes off. It’s just a fact. That’s where the magic happens. So what do you what do you What does everyone think they could do? What? What are you? What are you focusing on? What is one thing you think you can do that would increase your chance of getting a submission this week? What’s one thing? Obviously public accountability helps. It helps what? What’s one pivot? What’s one change you’re going to do right now? More conversations. That’s honest. Okay, I feel you. I love it. Good to see you, Walter. I like that. What else? You’re exactly right. So exactly right. That’s smart, Paula. Little two touch, two touch approach. I like that. So only about 10% of this call gave me what they think they could change this week. So everybody else, the other 90% crushing and out of the park and doesn’t need to change anything. Is that right? How can I create emails that will spark the attention? That’s going to take some split testing man. It’s going to take some split testing. I personally wouldn’t mention 26,000 per employee though I think that’s just been it’s almost staple to ERTC Donald Smart working referrals from existing customers. That is big time gold. Big time you got to play games like those of you that are like out networking and doing stuff like that. Michael you got to play games with yourself right. Like I’ll play a game with myself that you know everybody that I talked to I will at least ask them you know are let them know what ERTC is. Everybody I talked to today, so I’m at a blackjack table. Every at the table knows what ERTC is by the end of the shoe, right? Whatever, what, whatever’s going on, you know, let everybody know what’s happening, right? You got to let them. You got to let them understand that what you do, it’s just a game. It’s just, it’s just contacts and engagement, Contacts and engagement so. What else? What? What else is? What else do you think you could twist? What else can you change? What else could you change? How? How many of you, how many of you want to play that game? That every single person that you talk with, Every single person that you come in contact with? That you have a conversation with. Make sure don’t. You’re not pitching them. Just let them know what ERTC is. It’s very simple. What do you do for a living? I’m a banker. What do you do for a living? Well, I actually work with a company doing ERTC submissions right now. Oh yeah, I talked to my CPA. He said we didn’t qualify. Well, funny you say that because that’s why I hear all day long. But fortunately that’s apples and oranges from us. Let me tell you a little bit about it. So you can make an educated decision. I think you’re going to love what you’re going to hear. Boom. You feel me on that? All right, so give me a one in the question box. If you’re going to play this game with me this week, put A1 every single person that you talk to regardless. Just let them know what ERTC is. Just let them know what it is. Let them know. How many of you are in A, B, and I group? How many of you are in a local B and I group? As you should, Donald, Good. If you’re not in a B and I group, I highly, highly, highly recommend joining 1B and A is a group. They meet like once a week or sometimes once a month.

00:24:19 Syd Michael: And basically they allow one person from each industry in and you know you send the roofer guy roofing leads and the and the roofer sends the car guy, car guy deals and they both send you ERTC deals. But if you don’t, if you’re not in a B and I group right out of the gate, I mean you won’t talk about like easy referrals. You need to get out and get into a BNI group. What are you what are you talking about Bruce I don’t know about cold e-mail man I don’t I have this is does it matter if I only use instant response auto responder or can I use my personal e-mail like outlook I would ask I would ask an e-mail person I’ll I tell you Paul Baker and. Bajrang absolutely monsters on e-mail. I don’t want to. I don’t want them to get so busy having to answer y’all’s questions if they can’t do their work. But they’re absolutely studs. Good dude too. Chrissy said you’d I’d be worried about burning your personal e-mail. So yeah, you might want to stay on the instant response Donald said Spam City if you used e-mail. Yeah, there you go. There’s wisdom right here on the phone, right here on the call. Vanessa, do you know how they can get their phone number on the new site or can they?

00:26:10 Vanessa Roberts: The new dynamic site. Can everybody hear me? I was muted. On the new dynamic sites, all of the information is static and not customizable if you want to have it personal. If you want a personal site, you can build it. You can still build the site. You can use any of the information or copy, swipe that are on the dynamic site we provide. And we will authorize that URL to track your leads. But now any provided site that is that ERTC dynamic site is not customizable. It is so heavily branded to etc. dot Express that for brand integrity we’re not allowing any customization.

00:26:59 Syd Michael: No, that’s your answer, all right. So with respect to everybody’s time, any questions, any more questions, anybody have, any random, any anything question, hopefully between Vanessa and I, we both would be able to answer it. Will our leads still go to our URL?

00:27:26 Vanessa Roberts:Well, you’re yeah, you’re sending your leads to your URL. And when your leads apply on the URL you send them to, they get tracked to you and you will see them in your portal and you can use either the original done for you websites that were created, any site that you built yourself that is registered to you, or a new dynamic site. They all get tracked to you into the same portal account so you can use whichever you prefer.

00:28:04 Syd Michael: What does it mean when it shows the client service agreement is overridden?

00:28:10 Vanessa Roberts: That means that we had to manually go in and tell the portal that the service agreement is signed or. If there was a customization and edit like a price match where it’s anything other than the default service agreement, the default service agreement is automatically tracked in the portal for when it’s sent and when it’s signed it sees that. But if we have to do anything manual with the service agreement, even if it means you know, changing the customer’s company name for them, any manual edit or change. We have to override the default service agreement and manually load the executed manually created agreement.

00:29:01 Syd Michael: Makes sense. Are there any instructions on setting up the new site?

00:29:06 Vanessa Roberts: Yes, you go to the Domain Manager tab in the portal. You are prompted to select a phrase or term that completes the URL, often referred to as the Agent ID. Lots of folks use their last name, first name, dot, last name, initials, etc. And then save your changes. The site is instantly created based on the URL slug that that phrase or term that you entered and is ready for immediate use.

00:29:44 Syd Michael: That says, does the prospect call us from the site or you and hound?

00:29:49 Vanessa Roberts: The prospect. Will enter their information on the lead capture site, same as always. There is no instruction that directs them to ERTC Express or

00:30:03 Syd Michael: John says is the new website available now? I’ve not heard anything about it.

00:30:07 Vanessa Roberts: Yes, you can go into the portal and go to the Manage domain tab and you can generate your own dynamic.

00:30:14 Syd Michael: Site. I feel like all we’ve done is talked about it the last few weeks, but it’s all right.

00:30:22 Vanessa Roberts: Well, I wasn’t here last week, so we.

00:30:25 Syd Michael: Probably didn’t hear. Damn worried about it then. So that’s all good news. Any other questions we can answer? Oh big one, hang on. I don’t know about calling you Diane, but you can call in. We do have where you can call in.

00:30:56 Vanessa Roberts: Yep, we have chat and phone support check. You not getting a response to a ticket for several or seven days is probably a case of either you emailed in and the ticket never was received by the support desk because a lot of times emails are blocked by spam. Or you didn’t get the response from our team. So if you’ll go to and make sure you’re registered and logged into the support desk and submit that ticket, you know what’s the word? Agents are standing by. We have a team ready to help you. Not much has changed, Diane, so I know you’re saying that you have been out of the loop for a while. You want to get caught up. The best way to get caught up, I would start with the March 1st live calls that we’re doing right here for on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and listen to them. Make sure you have your lead capture site and you’re good to go. Nothing holding you back, Diane, I promise.

00:31:59 Syd Michael: Said support told him yesterday the new site was not available. Is that possible?

00:32:05 Vanessa Roberts: Nope, it’s there. Manage domain. It is not a done for you installation. This is not something where you set your name servers and we build a site on a URL for you. This is simply a dynamically created site. You there’s no request, there’s no customization, there’s no form, there’s no submission, there’s no wait time. So if you’ve put in a support ticket that you want a new site installed for you, they might have just misunderstood what you were asking for. You can create your own dynamic site right now inside the portal on the managed domain tab all.

00:32:47 Syd Michael: Right. How about case studies? Have we gotten some case studies for them yet?

00:32:52 Vanessa Roberts: The ones that you gave me before on the slides are available, yeah. On the resources page we have an e-mail template that is written with the idea being that you use that e-mail to share the case studies. And then right next to it is the link to access the Google Slides that are the case studies. So we have that available to you on the resources page in the members area.

00:33:18 Syd Michael: What’s the support address? Again, it’s hang on, let me, I’ll type it in there. But Awesome. Can you keep your current site and use the new dynamically created site?

00:33:43 Vanessa Roberts: Yes, absolutely.

00:33:45 Syd Michael: OK.

00:33:47 Vanessa Roberts: If you want to, yeah you can use any URL you wish, you can have multiple URLs. We recommend that you do use multiple URLs if you are split testing so that way you know which method that you’re using is most effective right? So you can have an unlimited number of domains. What some folks are doing is maybe they’ve got business cards or a lot of SEO or print materials already drawn up on the URL they purchased for the original done for you hosted site. And they want to keep using that URL. But they want to have the benefit of the aesthetic of the new dynamic site. And so all you have to do is take that URL that you already have purchased that was resolving. On the site we built for you and simply redirect it to the provided dynamic URL. So it’s truly the best of both worlds all.

00:34:47 Syd Michael: Right. So I’m gonna leave you with this. How many is everybody in the Facebook mastermind? Everybody in the Facebook mastermind. Anybody not in the Facebook mastermind?

00:35:16 Vanessa Roberts: Bruce, are you saying you’re not in it?

00:35:25 Syd Michael: So if you’re not in it, please send in a support ticket. If you’re not in it, please send in a support ticket and they’ll get you a link. Is that right?

00:35:38 Vanessa Roberts: Definitely.

00:35:39 Syd Michael: OK, that’s where all the action is. Jump in there, Dusty. Send in a sport ticket. Get in, get in. Make sure you’re getting in now. Repetitive training is good training. Holding yourself accountable and competing with yourself is where the where engagement starts is what happens. Facebook mastermind and Facebook group, same thing, right? Right now, I want you to hold yourself publicly accountable in each and every single one of you. Trust me, I’m watching. I want you to go hold yourself accountable. I don’t care if it’s one submission, 2 submissions, 10 submissions, 5 submissions, whatever it is every week we’re going to talk about this. Accountability is where the rubber hits the road. Hold yourself accountable, OK? What is the current turnaround time for CPA calculations? We’re telling everybody four weeks is what we’ve always said. But it can happen quicker than that. But. Just Figure 4 weeks. All right. Good to see you, Ian, by the way. All right, Roger, that Everybody’s going to hold themselves a cowboy. Basically compete with beating themselves every single week. Nice. All right. I’m watching. I want to see it happen. All right. With respect to everybody’s time, we’re going to end this call a little short. I got a bunch of stuff going on today, and I’ve got several meetings. We got a new hire I got to go talk with. But Michael said I will beat last week’s results. That’s what I’m talking about, man. That’s how you get better every single day. Baby steps. All right, All right. See you, everybody. Thank you so much. See you, Vanessa.

00:37:31 Vanessa Roberts: Thanks, bye.

00:37:33 Syd Michael: Yes, ma’am.