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Businesses have until April 15, 2024, to file amended returns for Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2020, and until April 15, 2025, to file amended returns for the quarters in 2021 in which they were eligible to claim the ERC.

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions April 12, 2023

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions April 12, 2023

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)
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00:00:03 Syd Michael: Hey. What’s happening, everybody? Bruce from North Hollywood. Always good. Hey, Arnold, always a pleasure to see you. Who’s excited today? Who’s excited today And has something ruling, something happening, Something going on. Nice, good. Hey, Scott Hall, What’s going on, buddy? I’m gonna let right know I’m well, yeah, some of the things that we discussed at the event and with the Platinum Agents should be going in place ASAP. I put my foot on their neck about it needs to happen. Needs to happen. I got Sean V working direct with Niki on some deals, which is good. I see those coming through. He’s got 10 deals coming through right now. So that’s strong, right? A lot of people out there. I don’t want to steal the Thunder because I know Brian’s going to want to probably announce it, but we just had a record Commission come in also record Commission. We’ll tell you more about it soon enough. Soon enough. You know how hard it is for me not to tell you what’s in that gift. I’m the worst about it. I’m absolutely the worst about it. But I’ll tell you this. It endorse the six bigger Commission we paid out a few months ago. If that’s not exciting, you’re at the wrong party, because that’s exciting.

00:01:59 Syd Michael: Vanessa, you got anything?

00:02:03 Vanessa Roberts: I do want to make sure that everybody saw the post in the Facebook group or heard in the training that the dynamic lead capture sites are available in your members area ready for you to generate and use right now. I guess I’ll pause for a moment and see the feedback. Did everybody get that message? Do you want to talk about it a little bit? Any questions about the new website? We can talk about that Okay. So Joe says yes, please go over. Donald says he got it all right. Let me see. I can just jump to the Facebook post. I mean, it is so simple. It’s not even. Like there’s not even a training for it because it’s just click and you’re done. So let me.

00:03:01 Syd Michael: You want to share your screen and show or?

00:03:03 Vanessa Roberts: Yes, I do. I wanted to make sure I was.

00:03:07 Syd Michael: I felt the commotion coming, I could tell the tonality to get demoted we’re.

00:03:13 Vanessa Roberts: Gonna have a slight transition in presentation. Let’s see. OK, show my screen. All right, can I ever bought a C? You do not need to buy a new domain, Larry. That’s what’s so awesome is that this is a dynamically created website that lives on our server. All you have to do is log into your portal, click on the Manage Domains tab on the left hand side. Click the purple button that says Register New Express Page. And I got you, I thought, we’re working on it. The second step, after you click Register new express page, an interface opens where you create a custom URL so it is on slash and then you put any set of characters or phrase that you want to create your URL. It could be first name, last name, it can be, you know, John Smith, the boss, free money, whatever. If the phrase or characters are rejected or already in use, you’ll get a simple error message. You just choose a different set of characters or phrase. Optionally you can set up a secondary subagent right here so that URL would then track to them and you.

00:04:48 Vanessa Roberts: Optional. You can skip it. If it’s for yourself, you don’t fill out anything. If it’s for a sub agent, you put sub agent information. Also optional are the conversion and retargeting. Tracking Facebook Pixel ID is available. Google Analytics is available. Google Tag and post sign up web hook. Again, fully optional. If you aren’t using those tools, you don’t have to put anything there. You then click register. Whatever data you put here on that highlighted, let’s see if I can make this bigger. On this highlighted field right here, that becomes your website. OK, there are no edits to this site. It is so fully branded to ERTC Express that for brand integrity, no changes are allowed for folks that want to associate it to their own agency or their own identity or brand. Folks are taking this URL and making it a link off of an existing agency page. That’s totally fine. If you want a vanity URL so that you’re not using a page or whatever, you can do that. You simply buy a URL or have a URL that you’re already using. You work with your registrar and that is the place where you purchase the URL from. Usually GoDaddy NameCheap. A place like that. That is where you control where a URL directs to. It’s not something we can do for you. You simply go into your URL and change the settings. If you need help, the support team at that registrar GoDaddy name cheap, etc. They can help you because every system is specific. They can walk you through. Takes about 3 minutes.

00:06:41 Vanessa Roberts: You simply say if someone clicks on my URL, this is the URL that opens. You save your changes, you refresh, and a couple of minutes later then that redirect is live. Or you can just use the URL as it stands, the way it’s generated, masking or using a vanity URL does not affect tracking, so there’s no problem there. And you can continue to use the previous website if you already have it done for you website. If you’ve built your own website and you have a form on it, that’s fine. You can have unlimited number of sites and you can use them for tracking, split, testing, subagents, et cetera. There could not be any spaces. Bruce asks a space between your first and last name. It needs to be a period or a- but a blank space will not translate. Let’s see if I haven’t answered you. I see some questions that were coming in as I was talking. So if I didn’t answer a question about the site, please repeat it. Let me know. Give me a Q. What are the differences compared to the original site? It is a completely different site I can actually, so I created a page for myself. Let’s see, I gave a sample. I didn’t so it was qualify/create a page so that this was my sample that I did on the illustration so I can go to it right now.

00:08:35 Vanessa Roberts: And this is the page, let’s see, just got on. Do we need to redirect Michael, you don’t have to. You can if you want to. The portal, remember, is not the members area. I’m not talking about ERC, I’m sorry, RPS Recovery profit like that’s the members area in the portal and I’ll show you again where to look. It’s on the Manage Domains tab. You appear at the top my screenshot. You click that and then you click Register New Express page. James is asking me can you list the URLs you mentioned and list the Service Desk URL in this chat? Are you looking OK to connect with? The support team is ERC dot team slash. Support. I don’t know what other URLs you were asking me to list. I’m sorry, you want to see more of the site? Okay, I got this. It’s a scrolling slide sidebar and so this is the site. How does this work with setting up a new subagent? I’ll go back and show you. You simply add their name and e-mail. On the page where you’re creating the site, so we get down here your form site. Your form is exactly the same, no changes there. When you are setting up a subagent, if you’re creating a URL for a subagent, you simply fill out secondary agent name, secondary agent e-mail, and then that secondary agent will be tracked on this URL. You will see the deals in your portal and they will be tracked to the subagent.

00:10:50 Vanessa Roberts: OK. Let’s see. I’m sorry, James, I don’t understand that question. What is the portal I can’t log into? OK, Dan, I think you’re in the wrong spot. That is not the membership site for this call. So I’m going to give you go to the support desk at ERC dot team support for help. There is no video training because it’s just these two steps. We don’t need video training. I don’t believe I could be wrong. If there is a demand for it, we can. But if you just click Manage Domains, register New Express page, type literally anything that you want to be in the URL here. If you’re using a vanity redirect, it doesn’t matter. You could do 1-234-567-8910 if you’re doing a redirect and then just hit register and your site is literally immediately available.

00:12:08 Syd Michael: You should send in a support ticket also ERC dot team/ support.

00:12:15 Vanessa Roberts: Yeah, any account specific questions specific to you, specific to a deal, specific to your access, your training, your account, your sub agents that can only be handled through the support desk at ERC dot team slash support. We can’t do one-on-one like problem solving here on the public calls our URL is automatically linked to us. Yes Steve, that is correct. Any site that you register inside your portal is linked to you and if you add a subagent it’s linked to both of you. Thanks Bruce. Bruce says it’s a fine looking site. I will pass that along. We worked really, really hard. To find the good designer to make that sign.

00:13:04 Syd Michael: Picture of me on there.

00:13:06 Vanessa Roberts: Don’t picture me either.

00:13:08 Syd Michael: If you can pick me out of the picture $50 Amazon gift card.

00:13:14 Vanessa Roberts: Where are you? I wasn’t in Tampa, so I’m not there at all. We need some updated pics for sure though.

00:13:34 Syd Michael: No, yeah, it’s all right. I got a face for radio. That’s what they tell me. They left me out of the pictures. Your hands, Devil said. So that’s cool. Website looks awesome. I think everything’s good. Let’s start talking a little bit, you know like is there any other questions I was gonna kind of talk about a little bit what I kind of noticed a little bit and you know it’s more so this is what I talked with my AEs here about yesterday. The, you know it’s it seems like we’ve kind of went from you know we went from being you know gatherers right first the market to now we got to be hunters. So realize like on a lot of the deals that you talk to the majority of the low hanging the biggest Commission deals right now maybe have talked to somebody and probably was told inaccurate wrong information. Right. Probably told inaccurate, wrong information, maybe told they weren’t, didn’t, couldn’t qualify, maybe told they didn’t qualify. So you know, understand that, you know, not everybody, just you know, you’re going to have to, you know, feel you have a good educated decision with them, you know, a good educating conversation with them.

00:15:24 Syd Michael: And you’re going to have to show them that you’re better trained, more professional and we’ve got their back right at the end of the day, we’re helping entrepreneurs and small businesses find money that they didn’t know they had owed to them. And if you follow that mission, the money and everything else will come. Does that make sense? Do our sub agents have a portal for their deals or do they only show up in our portal? Good question, Donna. Vanessa.

00:16:00 Vanessa Roberts: Yes, sub agents do have portal access. They see only the deals that are attributed to them through their tracking link. They can’t see the rest of your deals, they can only see theirs. While you can see your deals and all deals from all of your sub agents.

00:16:25 Syd Michael: Any other questions about the website? Approximately how many deals have we handled so far? I was I heard the number and I always say, I always say 19,000 but I heard the #29,000 submissions yesterday. What is the way the website say, does it have those numbers on there somewhere? Vanessa, it was one of those counters or whatever maybe, maybe not.

00:17:01 Vanessa Roberts: Yeah, 9321 plus businesses funded 401,000 plus eligible employees. 1.3 billion refunds received at 3200 plus team nationwide. That’s about the business RTC employees, but yeah.

00:17:18 Syd Michael: There you go. Our old URL continues to be fully usable, correct? Yes.

00:17:36 Vanessa Roberts: And you can use them both simultaneously and you don’t have to use the new site. If we’ve got some folks who spent, you know, tons of time and money building their own lead capture site and they simply use the form, the tracking form that we provide, that’s absolutely fine. This is a benefit, a feature for you to help you with marketing. It is not a requirement.

00:18:00 Syd Michael: Let me ask a serious question real quick. Who do you think really looks at those numbers and make a decision based on them? There’s only, there’s only, there’s only one place those numbers matter, one place those numbers matter. You know where that is, when, when Brian and John are talking to competitors, that’s the only time that those numbers matter. I promise you there’s not one person that’s going to submit for an ERTC claim based on nominators numbers are just use a big, you know it’s a big number, it’s a big number. I mean like if it’s if it said 19,000 deals or 29,000 deals, would you go, man, I just don’t feel comfortable not dealing with the business that hadn’t done 2020 thousand.

00:18:52 Vanessa Roberts: Deals yet 19,000 No. I couldn’t possibly.

00:18:55 Syd Michael: They’re freaking amateurs over there.

00:18:57 Vanessa Roberts: I don’t get out of bed for anything less than 20000.

00:18:59 Syd Michael: That’s right. That’s right. It is like that in a lot of businesses, you know, but I just don’t know about this one. But yeah, in the car business, if you don’t sell 20 cars a month, you pretty much, you know, you don’t want to be seen going to lunch with anybody like that. Who’s in the picture? That’s John Sousa James.

00:19:29 Vanessa Roberts: OK so Michael’s asking me a question. If I want to promote the new site would my URL be like this? And then he wrote out the example. You have to don’t default to anything, you have to create the site and register it. So if you enter in the data right here on this highlighted part called start a claim where I wrote create a page then your URL would be. acclaim if that’s the URL you registered. But that is the full URL right here. You just finish up, you create that highlighted end portion. Does that make sense?

00:20:21 Syd Michael: Makes sense to me.

00:20:24 Vanessa Roberts: Yeah, my screen’s still showing. Eric. You might have minimized maybe.

00:20:36 Syd Michael: Legitimate, legitimate issue. You have to admit it if you actually your screen.

00:20:48 Vanessa Roberts: Larry, I am showing a screenshot in a post that I put in Facebook. So what is on my screen? Is the post I put in Facebook yesterday with these instructions Thomas, I cannot answer that here. That’s a personal account specific question, so if you’ll send in a ticket at ERC dot team slash support, Victor will be the one to take care of that for you. How long does it usually take for an agent to get paid as soon as the fee is paid by the business? Either be that upfront a deposit or paid by the IRS when the deal fully closes. As soon as the money is received by ERTC Express, the agent is paid on the next qualified payroll date. So if funds are received by March 30th, 31st I think was last 30 days since September March 31st, then if we receive the money before 331, then agents will be paid on this Friday. So it is about a two week rotation after funds are cleared.

00:22:04 Syd Michael: Yeah, they’re talking about because you haven’t left on the website, I guess.

00:22:09 Vanessa Roberts: Oh, I had my screen paused. Yeah, there we go. Yeah. Paula asks after closing. Does the IRS ever payout before? Six months? We’ve seen as quickly as four months. There is no guarantee. There is no. We’d like to expect that.

00:22:34 Syd Michael: Joke don’t make it liar out of you.

00:22:36 Vanessa Roberts: Yeah, exactly. So we’d like to say 6 to 8 months and then let folks be excited when they get it in four to six, right? Set the expectations and then exceed them whenever possible. Don’t set yourself up to disappoint folks.

00:22:50 Syd Michael: Yeah, yeah. So wait, wait. Waiting on money, You know, I can just go ahead and tell you 24 hours, feels like 48. Them slows down. So the way you can slow, slow life down is to be waiting on cash. That or the Santa Claus.

00:23:13 Vanessa Roberts: That’s true vacation.

00:23:14 Syd Michael: Money or Santa Claus. The only thing I know slow down time. I know, I know this. I know Brian knows how important commissions are to everybody. And he’s very, very quick to be hot potato to get him out, pay as fast as he possibly can. Like he had, he was going to wire me some money the other day and he was like, you know what, I’m getting in a plane. I’m just going to bring you a check and hand it to you, you know?

00:23:40 Vanessa Roberts: What I mean?

00:23:41 Syd Michael: You just don’t want it. He wants it off his plate as fast as possible.

00:23:47 Vanessa Roberts: In that same vein of set expectations and then exceed them, what I just explained about our payroll turn time. About if we get a get funds by the 31st and we pay on the 15th he just yesterday we got a check in last Friday and yesterday he’s like Pam now so there we do like to exceed expectations but the when we aren’t able to you know if the bandwidth of the office employees are is too great we’re not able to process commissions early ours. Our baseline is the 15th and the 31st. Our agent payroll days I think we’re caught up on.

00:24:38 Syd Michael: Questions today. So any other? Any other questions?

00:24:42 Vanessa Roberts: The 888 number on the website that is the general ERTC Express main corporate line and that is for legal compliance. To represent ERTC Express, that is, it’s not a lead capture sales line, it is, it goes to a receptionist.

00:25:05 Syd Michael: Way too hang on a second. Way too aggressive asking somebody for payroll, docs. What do you mean aggressive? Asking them to turn in their payroll? Because hang on. Well, you know, we’ve got a lot of responsibility to process these deals for people. So, you know, let me ask something. So if you went into a car dealership, right, And somebody said, can I help you? And you said, I’m just looking. And they came back like every 10 minutes and said, you know, did you find what you look for? No, I’m still looking. You good? Yeah, I’m good. Hey, by the way, did you see what you were looking for? Okay. And then think about walking onto a car dealership and nobody talked to you. Nobody talked to you. Which what? What, which experience? Would you feel better about somebody asking you if they can help you every 10 minutes, almost, you know, too often, or they look at you and don’t think that you can? There is no Brian Sanders here. So I don’t know who you were talking about, Kenneth, just so you know, there’s not a Brian Sanders that works here. So which would you rather not be helped?

00:26:50 Vanessa Roberts: Or.

00:26:54 Syd Michael: Be asked if you can help too often.

00:27:07 Vanessa Roberts: I don’t want folks to get bogged down by the ERTC Express One 800 number. The receptionist does not perform sales. They’re not going to, they don’t answer it. It’s not, it doesn’t go to a sales like bullpen or sales team, right. So when you are preparing your lead. Direct them to fill out the form and if they have questions, they can call you directly. It’s all about, yeah, setting that expectation and managing the expectations. You know, you prop yourself up to be, don’t you know, don’t dump yourself into a phone tree. Operator. Right. Call me directly, I’ll hold your, I’ll hold your hand through the process, but they can call that number and it will validate that. It is a ERTC Express Corporation. It’s a legitimizing factor. Not a sales line. And yes, if they are, if the inquiry, if the caller inquires, how do I apply? The only answer is fill out the form. We don’t take applications over the phone. That is how they would be directed, yes. The customer asks who has access to my payroll information, etcetera. The file processor for quality control does review it to make sure that it’s correct. It is hosted on our secure server and is delivered to the power three CPA teams, so no one outside of ERTC Express has access.

00:29:02 Vanessa Roberts: Antoine, are you asking about the website? The generated website is a template available without an official form, or can the form be replaced? No. If you’re using this dynamically created website, there are no customizations, no edits. This is it. It’s not a template that’s installed on your site. It is not hosted by you. It is a dynamically created website. As is and it’s instantly generated and there’s no changes.

00:29:37 Syd Michael: That’s going to be hard for him.

00:29:39 Vanessa Roberts: Sorry.

00:29:40 Syd Michael: I said Antoine’s middle name is custom. That’s going to be hard for him.

00:29:44 Vanessa Roberts: But that’s if you have a custom site, you can keep using it. If you have built a site, you can keep using it. If you want to build a site that looks like our site, you can do that. But like I said, this is just a benefit, a feature, a tool that we want to give you. It’s not a requirement. Are there directions on how to add tracking pixels to the dynamic site? These are the directions. This field right here. Paste the pixel ID there and save. You have a Google Analytics ID and there’s an example sample of what it looks like. You paste it in there and you save. That is 100% of the instruction. Can the agent be the personal contact for the lock box? No, no. The lock box is a bank account set up in the name of the business. The client. It’s an agreement between ERTC Express and the business it is. It receives 10s, hundreds of thousands of dollars in the name of the business. We have a legally binding agreement to pay ERTC Express a specific fee out of any funds received and then disperse the fees or I’m sorry, it dispersed the balance of the funds post fee payment to the business as a lead generation agent or referrer agent. There is no relationship with the lock box and the agent. It is strictly between.

00:31:28 Vanessa Roberts: The legal business owner, because it is their bank account and ERTC Express. Larry asks. So I need to get a pixel before I order a new website? Nope. You can edit your existing sites at any time. So once you’ve registered it, it’ll appear here in the list, to the top of my page, and off to the right. I’ve got it cut off just for space. You can open up and edit any existing domain, and you can drop a pixel in there at any time. Drop it in, take it out, change it. Update it. You’ve got total control. Yep. Same question from Bill Brown. You can add it after you set it up at any time. Yes. Thank you, Eric. I won’t repeat.

00:32:11 Syd Michael: That though, give me a favor, give me your client name so I can go like check. I want to kind of white glove that deal if you don’t mind.

00:32:25 Vanessa Roberts: Who are you talking to?

00:32:27 Syd Michael: Kendard was talking about somebody asking for the payroll docs. Give me your client name so I can go get with the A EI want to. I want to make sure that deal’s OK.

00:32:46 Vanessa Roberts: We wanted to. We wanted to keep everything absolutely intuitive, simple. We wanted to remove any roadblocks that you might. Run into and we’ve been doing it since day one. I mean the folks that have been with us since November 2021 will tell you, when this first started, we were working on lead tracking off of Google Sheet, right? Applications were on a web form that came to us as a PDF. You know files were going into. A Dropbox. I mean it was a business grade secure Dropbox, but you know, the portal has been a labor of love for me. I was talking to Rave, our developer. So I did the design and functionality and he did all the coding and the nuts and bolts of it. And I told him, you know, somebody was paying him compliments on how great the portal was. And I said I just love it when people are so excited about your portal. And he said, Vanessa, it’s our portal and it does. It feels like a baby that we created and grew and nurtured. And this, the integration of domain management is an extension of that, the ability for Y’all to assign websites to sub agents. Now you still have to go through the sub agent registration process so that they get their agent agreement and they get set up in every. So this doesn’t.

00:34:20 Vanessa Roberts: This doesn’t replace that process, but this allows you to control their websites. I should really should clarify that for you. You still have to go through the registration process in the members area, but you don’t have to request a site be created for them. You still can. If you like the old site better, we will still done for you install the old template for you, but allowing you to have. Complete control. Say you wanted a split test. Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn messaging, Cold e-mail, Cold phone call, and you wanted to have those five sources and you want to know which one works better. Well, you could instantly make 5 different tracking URLs right here in your back office and put the different URLs in each of those 5 campaigns. Run your campaigns for a week and see which one worked the best simply by seeing which one got the most deals. All right. And instead of having to wait, you know, buy 5UR LS or make 5 pages and wait for the done for you team or do it yourself, you literally can do it in less than two minutes. Here, guy. I love this feedback. I’m going to, I’m going to read it because it’s a testament to our entire team. There’s been vast improvements since May 22, 2022 when I started. Thanks for all you guys do and continue to improve the process. Thank you, Guy. We really are passionate about never stop improving all you know be better than you were the day before and we do that you know we do that for you. We want your experience to be easy. We want you focused on making the connections and helping small businesses and getting those leads. We don’t want you fretting about websites. We don’t want you struggling to make your

00:36:15 Vanessa Roberts: Portal work to help you track your deals, like those kind of administrative tasks are not lucrative to you, our agents. So our job is to set you up for success and make things as simple and secure as we possibly can so that your success isn’t hindered but rather amplified by working with us. So that’s my goal every day. No, that’s real quality assurance.

00:36:49 Syd Michael: That’s real. That’s what gives us the fuel to do this every week, that’s for sure, right? Right. Feels good helping people. What does AEO stand for? Not sure what an AEO is. Where are you seeing that? Yeah.

00:37:19 Vanessa Roberts: Were you seeing?

00:37:20 Syd Michael: That John? No, I was just saying ohh like Italians. Ohh.

00:37:27 Vanessa Roberts: Ohh.

00:37:29 Syd Michael: Ohh, emissions and errors. I’m not sure we talked about that, but errors and emissions?

00:37:43 Vanessa Roberts: John, if you can give me. More context of when it was mentioned. I might be able to track it back, but I don’t know what AEO I might have mumbled something. James says the easier it is, the easier it is. Absolutely yes. I believe this solves multiple problems. Thank you James.

00:38:08 Syd Michael: Yeah, Simplicity goes a long ways. That’s a fact. All right. Any last questions or anything? We’re not, we’re not gonna pick up the whole day. Account executive. That’s what I thought also.

00:38:22 Vanessa Roberts: AE is Account Executive, but I don’t know what the O would be that might have just been. Sue mentioned that he met with the AEO’s. Sue mentioned he met with the account executives. I think O was a yeah.

00:38:36 Syd Michael: Yeah, yeah, so. Paula asks.

00:38:42 Vanessa Roberts: And I’d like this question. And I’ll expound upon just her specific question, does over calling prospects exist. So I like to think of in cold outreach emails, cold calling, SMS, auto responders, all of that. I have spent the past 15 years working with Syd and Brian in online marketing. So that’s where we’re rooted. And so I feel like I can speak to this. Because Brian and Said taught me everything I know. I came from the mortgage industry before I ever sent an e-mail to a prospect and the mantra that we all embrace is do it till they tell you to stop, right? I get 100 emails a day. I don’t look at but ten of them. But if I get the same e-mail? Or the same messaging from the same sender multiple times. It increases the likelihood that I will pay attention to it simply by seeing the same name in my FROM in my inbox. That subconsciously is causing recognition causing curiosity. The persistence anchors me to the idea of looking at this. If someone just sent me one e-mail, could have gone to spam, could have gotten bulk deleted.

00:40:08 Vanessa Roberts: Sometimes I just go in and go. I can’t deal with any of this. Select all archive and I don’t look at anything. But the persistence increases the possibility and the likelihood that I will look OK. If I do look and I don’t like it, I’m going to click on subscribe. It’s not a big deal, right? But if someone gives up after one e-mail, they’re probably not going to get my attention, and if I get annoyed, I’m just going to unsubscribe. OK, but in between?

00:40:37 Syd Michael: The thing that somebody read your one e-mail is kind of egotistical.

00:40:44 Vanessa Roberts: In this world, you.

00:40:48 Syd Michael: Need to check yourself.

00:40:50 Vanessa Roberts: Yeah, and in between those two extremes of me unsubscribing and me not seeing it at all, there’s a moment where I do see it and I do read it and I give it a chance and I see if it’s for me. If it’s not for me, it’s not for me. And that’s fine. But in this day and age, we are worried that we’re irritating people. Think about the emails you get. How do you know, you send out emails to 10,000 people, you might get one person who it triggers and they’re irate. And you know what? You say I’m sorry and you move on. You know, you unsubscribe them, you block them, whatever, That’s fine. But don’t there’s.

00:41:21 Syd Michael: Two marketing kind of mindset. Well, I didn’t even cut you off, Vanessa, but there’s two marketing mindsets like. You know, you got, you got to think about it like when somebody’s in the buying cycle, they’re hotter now than they’ve ever been, So you definitely want to be in front of them, right? But like a fast no, is almost as valuable as a fast yes. Almost. But if they want to opt out or get off your list or never upload their documents or complain and worry because you know somebody’s asking, trying to help them too, too often. Get them off like you don’t need them, you’re.

00:42:03 Vanessa Roberts: Not going to change their mind.

00:42:05 Syd Michael: It’s not going to change their mind at all. You want people that are in the market to do business with you, and if they’re not in the market, then get them off the list and quit paying for them to be on the list basically. Right. You might as well purify your, your, your list. If you look at any of the real big, successful high end marketers, they’re not trying to sneak out an e-mail once a month. Dude, they’re in your face. They’re pounding you with it because they want to get you while you’re hot. So I think you should, for lack of a better term, under this sounds harsh. I think you should. You should contact them every possible angle and way that you can. Until they either buy or die. That’s the truth.

00:42:50 Vanessa Roberts: Yeah, and you can take that same e-mail marketing list, right? OK, you get a list every single day out of recovery profit system, right? Add it to your e-mail list for cold outreach. If you’re using something like instant reply and you’re sending voicemails and you’re sending instant text responses to people who call you back, take that same list. You know, load it into Facebook. Send them Facebook ads. Load it into Google. Send them Google ads. Be omnipresent with your messaging. Because if they have awareness of you from Facebook and they see you on Google and then they get an e-mail again, it’s that recognition. They’re more likely to open that message than you know, out of 100 other nonsense emails in their inbox. Syd, folks want to know about that big Commission. You want to talk about it?

00:43:41 Syd Michael: I can’t tell you anymore. Can’t tell you anymore. I can’t. Because I know it’s a I know it’s a huge. Brian’s going to know that. So I can’t, OK. No, Caprende.

00:43:54 Vanessa Roberts: No hablo dinero.

00:43:56 Syd Michael: Yeah, no hablo dinero.

00:44:00 Vanessa Roberts: I’m bad at keeping secrets too. Christmas Like you said, I’m the 1st to tell you what’s in that present.

00:44:05 Syd Michael: Brian’s in the Brian’s in the boardroom, 2 doors down from me. He’s been there for two days. Guess. Guess how many minutes I’ve seen him in two days. Maybe 3 minutes. Maybe. Maybe. Didn’t even see. I haven’t seen him yet today. Hadn’t seen him yet today. Been here since 8:30. So we divide and conquer. That’s how we help the most of y’all that we possibly can. Divide and conquer. Guy you’ve been here so you know the board meeting room there. That’s him and John Sousa sitting there and I run from back where my office was in the closing department to the front to the front cubicles constantly back and forth, back and forth, back forth, back and forth. Get my. Get my steps up.

00:44:58 Vanessa Roberts: I was going to say we should have gotten you that Fitbit we could have.

00:45:02 Syd Michael: Right before you. We need to do that, Vanessa. Are you kidding? We need to start challenging each other on steps, that’s for sure. What? I just heard Brian’s voice there for a second. You know, they interviewed somebody. They’re walking around. So I’ve seen a deal at 3.3 million and we worked on a $4,000,000 deal, but the guy was kind of shady and it didn’t work out. But 3.3 million I think is that not the biggest deal, Vanessa?

00:45:37 Vanessa Roberts: I think that is.

00:45:38 Syd Michael: Yeah, which is awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I mean, big commissions obviously get all of us excited. However, to be honest, I kind of shifted my mindset. Midway through this whole thing and like I love the big deals and but I treat them as equal to any deal. That’s the truth. I kind of I’m counting people, families. You know I know that there’s mouths to feed, right? Any, any business or entrepreneur you can help probably has two point 2.3 kids. He just waved at me.

00:46:19 Vanessa Roberts: Right.

00:46:21 Syd Michael: I looked out of it. He just did the nod and kept moving through my window here. But let me look at how many people I can help. I know the revenue and the money will come right. If I can touch you know 2000 lives this month that’s that that would that makes me feel way better. So anyways. Not to take any way think away from great big missions. Trust me. I’m the car guy. I love them. Can’t help it. How do we get on that level. How do we get to that level on Max? 500 employees. Unlimited part time employees. You just have to quickly figure it out. Burn the hands worth 2 in the Bush. That’s what I said when I said I’ll take even money. I didn’t even money or twice on blackjack. Don’t. I’d rather have that bird in the hand than two in the Bush for sure. What else we got?

00:47:47 Vanessa Roberts: Thanks, Jared. I’ll work with the marketing team on that. Thank you.

00:47:52 Syd Michael: Yeah.

00:47:56 Vanessa Roberts: I think we’re all caught up on these questions, Syd.

00:48:00 Syd Michael: Yep. You know, as I get older and I drop things on the floor like I used to just reach out and pick it up. But now I like debate how bad I really want that.

00:48:09 Vanessa Roberts: Oh man, to me it’s gone. I’ll call us Amazon. I did another one of those. Yeah.

00:48:16 Syd Michael: Right. Like, oh man, is that really worth it?

00:48:22 Vanessa Roberts: Oh, me and that pen had great times.

00:48:26 Syd Michael: Cap was a good friend. Too bad it’s gone now.

00:48:30 Vanessa Roberts: God says it looks farther away now, doesn’t it?

00:48:33 Syd Michael: That’s what he does.

00:48:37 Vanessa Roberts: My back’s like you don’t need that.

00:48:40 Syd Michael: Yeah. Right. Hey, I hope everybody had fun. Hope we rock’n’roll. I’ll see you. We are going to start condensing the two day. Yeah, Thomas, I’d be getting, I would be doing the centipede to get to that. But we are going to start condensing the Tuesday and Wednesday calls, right, Vanessa?

00:49:01 Vanessa Roberts: Back to only on Wednesday, right?

00:49:03 Syd Michael: Yes, OK. We’re going to condense.

00:49:06 Vanessa Roberts: Right now.

00:49:09 Syd Michael: What’s that?

00:49:10 Vanessa Roberts: Is that effective right now? No more Tuesday.

00:49:12 Syd Michael: Calls, yes. Well, it was supposed to be effective like 3 weeks ago, but.

00:49:16 Vanessa Roberts: But I went on vacation. Yeah.

00:49:20 Syd Michael: I wasn’t gonna say it, but uh, yes.

00:49:23 Vanessa Roberts: OK. So we’ll see you all next Wednesday.

00:49:26 Syd Michael: Yeah, I’ll see you on Wednesday. See everybody.

00:49:28 Vanessa Roberts: Thank you. Bye.

00:49:30 Syd Michael: Thank you. Bye.