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Businesses have until April 15, 2024, to file amended returns for Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2020, and until April 15, 2025, to file amended returns for the quarters in 2021 in which they were eligible to claim the ERC.

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions April 19, 2023

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions April 19, 2023

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)
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00:00:04 Syd Michael: GoToWebinar’s acting crazy. So let me know you can hear me. Good morning, Arnold. I got a call scheduled at 11:30 today that’s kind of on off and nobody, you know, trying to, it’s trying to herd cats. So just. I don’t know. It’s a done it’s a done for you closing with one of the clients and and so if I can get all the people that need to be on the call I got to take it destroy everybody knows it’s man it’s hard it’s hard to you know it’s hard herding cats sometimes man. Yes I stopped Tuesdays we’re going to convince them into today. Condensement today and to be honest with you I’m using that time to do a webinar training for all the employees here at ERTC Express. You know I’ve kind of went over this you know a lot lately but I see it so much I want us to talk about it today. You know you have to remember. When somebody is doing one of these right, they’re doing it an ERTC claim they’re doing it once in their lifetime, right? They haven’t got the experience that you or I have. You know we’re doing this every day, hundreds of times, multiple times, 10s of times. A lot of times you are the expert. Act accordingly. I’m not saying have the answer to every question. I’m not saying be a know it all.

00:02:02 Syd Michael: Right. Not saying, you know to put somebody down or to win the argument, lose a deal, right. But you’re the expert you need to lead, lead the customer through the process. And I don’t know any other way to talk about it other than just to outright say it. I can’t tell you how many deals I’m running into right now. I got another deal which I’m excited to find out some of the things we can do. And I wanted to tell y’all I got another deal where they went through their CPA, got a water down submission, right, got a 1/2 hearted ERTC claim, only got approved on two of the quarters and they’re like oh man, my friends got so much more than me. Well that’s because you went with a 10% company. That did income loss only. And I wanted, you know, even though I didn’t talk to this gentleman before he did this, and there’s a referral from a friend of a friend. But even though I didn’t talk to this gentleman before he did this, it’s my fault. It’s my fault for not educating these people. So when they say things like your feet are just entirely too high, this is a rip off, you’re a scam. Educate them, educate them so they can make a sound decision based on the education. Don’t cower down don’t get all nervous thinking, oh man, we’re probably ripping these people off because we’re charging 30%. It’s not the case. It’s not the case. There’s a reason why we charge these fees and we’re very competitive in the market for what we provide.

00:03:57 Syd Michael: And I promise you, any of these customers that you do hit head on and explain the case to will more likely than not always fall through the to your side, right. It’s apples and oranges, but let them know what apple you hold. So they can make a good decision on whether or not they want to go with the orange. And the majority of the time, if you present it the way I’ve taught you to present it, they will choose you. They’ll choose you. All right, I’ll answer these questions at the end. Right now, I’m going to stay focused on what we’re talking about and I recommend you pay attention and listen so I don’t have to sit there and go behind everybody and close these deals for everybody. I got more pressure on me to sit here and save everybody’s deal. If everyone wants to save their deal because they don’t listen in the train, they don’t pay attention, it’s time to get serious. I’m not going to sit here and try and motivate unmotivated people ever anymore. It’s time to get educated. It’s time to get out of seat. It’s time to quit being whatever you want to call it. I don’t want you in trouble. It’s time to step up, all right? When you talk to a customer, you have to educate them on what they are getting. It’s the only way to go. You are cutting them short if you’re not. And let me tell you, let me tell you if you’re doing this for the real reasons, like honestly, I get more. Yes, the money’s good, don’t get me wrong, but I sincerely love helping this many people.

00:05:47 Syd Michael: Knowing how many mouse are going to get fed from my action here on earth doing this, and if you have that real empathy, if you truly see that you too would want them to make the best decision. And if you don’t believe 1000% that you’re the best decision, you’re wasting your time. You’re in the wrong program. Save your money, save your time. Go do something else. It’s just the truth. I’m not trying to be harsh or hard on anybody, but it’s the damn truth. I know without a doubt. Good, bad or ugly, right? We’ve had our hiccups. Things have happened. Sometimes deals don’t go as quick as we want. They always want them to go faster, right? Tito’s. I see Tito’s on here. We got drug out over the first CPA that we replaced, right? Nothing’s been perfect, but I have no question in my mind that we are 1000% the only and best choice out there. Anybody that doesn’t see it that way. I feel sorry for him. Like me I feel like I didn’t do my job correctly for him, because if I was them, there’s nobody else I would want to do my deal than us. Because I know I’m going to get the most. I know that I’m going to get the Max result in a bad thing that happened to good people. I know that 1000 percent, 100% conviction. And if you got 1 foot out of the circle and if you’re not 100% sure right, dragged out. Whatever. I tell you, I’m a country boy, man. I use the wrong words all the time.

00:07:46 Syd Michael: Yeah. So anyways, you, it’s important. You got to believe in what you’re presenting. You got to believe in what you’re pitching. And if you don’t, you gotta come to a conclusion on it. Me personally, if I don’t believe 100% or something, I ain’t wasting time on it. I ain’t going to spend another minute on it. In this case scenario, I’m watching businesses constantly get broke in. But put yourself in their shoes, man. Put yourself in your shoes. In their shoes. I get it. If they’re quoted 18% and they probably only hear the 30% really, and then they hear a 10% offer, it’s simple math. You’re going to go with the you’re going to go with the best deal and and in their minds that is the best deal. That is the best deal. But it’s not. It’s not okay. It’s not the best deal because we also not only do loss of income, we do what’s called limited commerce or legal is what I say. Well, limited commerce, right. There’s other ways to qualify for additional quarters. It’s a shame I got a deal right now. It’s a restaurant in Michigan, 30 W2s. Their CPA only got them qualified for two quarters, so he got left out on four quarters Michigan. They were closed down to they had shutdowns up there all the way until 2022. You know, a restaurant is going to qualify for every single one of those quarters. They got robbed. They got robbed. You’re exactly right, Herb. Herb said 10% is the only variable to to in the equation. 10% of what? Exactly right. What’s that?

00:09:44 Syd Michael: Here’s the good news that I want to make clear for everybody because I know sometimes everybody knows we don’t amend amends, right? We don’t amend amends. However, in this case, we will calculate their correct submission for the four quarters that the CPA didn’t didn’t think they qualified. So it’s still a deal for us. We can still submit it, right? To still upload it into the portal and make it happen. Does everybody understand that? And I’ve answered this question 9 times, but I’ll answer it again. The CPA’s license is forever. So yes, they will be covered. Yes, they will be covered. Their license is actually real. It’s not a certificate. It’s not something that they borrowed. It’s not something they bought. They are a licensed CPA, so they will always be. Once they put their signature on there, they’ll always have to back it. That’s the truth. If he gets hit by a bus, well, I don’t go. I just don’t dig in that far. Sorry, I don’t have an answer. If the CPA gets hit by a bus, probably should add that to the contract. If the CPA gets hit by a bus, did everybody understand that you can actually submit it? We’ll recalculate a deal even if they’ve already been screwed. Act of God clause. It might already be in there calling it that. That might be it. Bill, everybody understand that if somebody’s used their CPA and they’re like an ordinary CPA that they’ve lost income on certain quarters, we will, you can submit the deal with us. We will recalculate it and pick up any quarters they missed.

00:11:52 Syd Michael: It has to be an American company. The bus has to be owned by an American company, right. All right, so only hang on one second. I told him that we hey one we left. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I just told me we had an 11:30 call that we’re trying to put together and everything. How about this? How about this? I don’t know. This life, it’s been almost 700 people. Hello. Will you set up, will you just send an Uber conference to Gary into the customer and it’ll be me, you, John, we’ll do it. I just talked to Danny and I’ll handle Danny side. OK. If you set it up later, I’ll do the call right now while you’re doing OK. So I’m gonna send this to Gary. Been there right now. Sorry guys. We’re triple tech tasking here. Our CPA that we wanted to have on a call with one of the agents with Gary’s customer is sick. So I’m going to impersonate a CPA for the call. Well, not really, but I’m going to try to help. It’s for Realm, so you can look at the. Yep. Yep, I already looked at it. All right. All right, Rock’n’roll. So, you’re not amending the quarter. So in this particular case, they, the first two quarters, they had a loss in revenue, right. They had a loss in revenue. So you’re amending the last four quarters that were not amended. So you’re not reamending, we’re not going to reamend in the first two quarters. He’s already qualified for it and already got his money. We’re but we are going to go back and look at the other four quarters because we know we had government mandated shutdown. There’s four other quarters that they can approve for that their CPA didn’t get them approved for. Does that make sense? Yeah, great, cool. Let’s see here.

00:13:57 Syd Michael: And there’s a long con that’s a submit, a support ticket on that. I can’t, I don’t think everybody wants to go over that on this call. All right. Sorry, just hang on a second. I want to. Okay, geez, gosh, man, is it? I don’t know about y’all, know about y’all. And I ain’t change the screen, Daniel. I don’t know about y’all. But like being responsible for the actions of others is that’s what’s going to kill me one day. Seriously, it’s going to. It’s going to put me over the edge. It stresses me, stresses me out, right? Well, just to be honest with you, Corey, and that’s where you made a mistake, Syd. Michael is not upper management, I’m a sales trainer, but there is upper management that would be Brian Anderson. So all right. So I know, I know everybody expects this to be like an ordinary Internet type product, but it’s not, it’s a business. So just being straight with you but. Yeah, it, you know, when you’re trying to herd cats, man, get everybody, everybody together at the same time and then, you know one person calls off and and you asked for them to reschedule and the response was, I’ll let you know, That’s nerve racking to me. Am I the only one that gets nerved up about that? God. So nothing to it but to do it though. God, just just stay the course, all right. So. All right. That’s right.

00:16:03 Syd Michael: John, good question. Are there any competitors that offer as much as we do besides just income loss not I mean there is obviously there is some people that are doing it properly, right, but you know the majority of them aren’t, the majority of them are not. Michael, can you go over how you present our value proposition you are you talking about like how I present the fees? Or you want me to go over again how, how the difference between like a CPA that does the loss, James, that would be a support ticket. That would be a support ticket on the training links. I don’t know why they should use us well. So yeah, I let them know that we do what’s called complex emissions, in fact. Most of the CPA’s only know how to do loss in revenue. We take it a little bit further. We also do limited commerce or legal legal reasons such as giving a mandated shutdown. So social distancing and supply chain issues, right? Did you know if you had any of those three, you can also qualify in these quarters. In fact, our two top partners trained a session at the AICPA this year. Training ordinary normal CPA’s on how we’re doing this right you can’t find where I’ve trained this in any of the trainings. Michael. I promise you haven’t went through the trainings because it’s every week, every week I talk about this every week. All right. So I let them know that anyways that we offer all meaning that we can call you for additional quarters.

00:18:05 Syd Michael: The credit amount can be a lot more. Now here’s the good news. We actually are going to calculate your credit actually to the exact penny. We use the power of three which is 3 different CPA teams that do the exact calculations and until they meet the exact number, right, until they do the exact get to the exact number, then it doesn’t move forward. That’s how we ensure that you’re getting, that’s how we ensure that you’re getting the best credit. Now here’s the good news. I’m going to send you over. What’s a contract service agreement? I’m going to need you to sign that today in order to get moving forward. And then I go through the fees. Do y’all want to hear how I do the fees or do y’all know how I’ve done the fees? So you understand here’s how I do the fees and I and I let them know this is on the contract service agreement. That way when they get it, they’ll sign it. I got much rather you explain it to them than them to have to read it. Nobody wants to read contracts, right? So I let them know you understand you got three different options. You understand how like personal injury attorneys have where they do what’s called a full contingency. Then I know they charge like 30 to 35 to 40%. We’re much less than that. We’re only 30%. But that’s only if you want to pay completely on the back end. Meaning once IRS sends in the money, our fee is removed out of that money. Now if you want to save a significant amount of money, you might choose to put down a small work order deposit. And then it drops all the way down to 25%. Now these credit submissions we’ve seen in the last 18 months go between 20,000 and $3.3 million. So these people that are getting about millions of dollars, percentages mean a lot to them and therefore they want to save as much as possible.

00:19:53 Syd Michael: They choose like 31% of our clients have chosen to pay upfront and you save almost 50% off that original 30% number I quoted you all the way down to 18%. Now here’s the good news. There’s the three options. I do need you to sign that customer service agreement for us to start moving forward today and to upload your docs. But you don’t have to make a decision until we kept get your credit calculation. But just know that that’s the three that that you’re going to give you right you, you cool them back down. Well, how long is this going to take, Syd? Well, I’m glad you asked that. Good question. It really is hinged on how long it takes you. The quicker you get up the docks, the quicker I can get you in the front of the line and the quicker we can get this processed. Every deal that I see that gets drugged out, it’s because people drag their feet on uploading the documents. Are you sitting in front of the computer? Let’s get that started right now. Are you sitting in front of the computer? Let’s. Let me help you. Whenever you’re ready to do that, call me. Let me white glove you. Right. Always setting up the next appointment, the next talk time, the next reason to talk to him. Two of our CPA’s did the training at the A, I CPA. No, it wasn’t two of our CPA’s. It was Brian and John. Those are partners. Said it was. It was Brian in the CPA. Oh, it was Brian. John was in the audience. Yeah. I ran the call and did as much as I could and I let the CPA fill in when my knowledge dropped off. That’s kind of what I heard was asking about it. Yeah. You know it was me and one of the guys. Sorry. All right. So does that help you a little bit Michael on the he heard me through the wall by the way that’s that’s a loud in. I’ll tell you all a funny funny story only time I’ve almost gotten kicked out of a hotel room before was doing a webinar Brian once.

00:21:41 Syd Michael: All the crazy stuff Uncle Syd’s done in hotel rooms over the years. I get kicked out for doing a webinar, being too loud, but cool. All right, that helps you. Good. Any other questions? I hope I created some questions. Questions are good. If you have questions that I can, I can answer them and help you. We just get loud. You just can’t help you get loud. Hey, Andy. What’s up, buddy? I’m not 100% what you’re asking. If you’re asking, yeah, they can fill it out on our site and we’ll do the calculation when Brian’s going to tell us about the latest, greatest deal. So we’re looking for more examples of churches. Yeah, they’re definitely doing a bunch of churches. Maybe when. Vanessa, are you on here? I’m here, Syd. OK. I know we’re supposed to be getting on case studies, and I just get asked every single week about it. So I didn’t know if we’re putting together some of that stuff or do you know Nicole, Doug, I know this. I know the like.

00:23:32 Syd Michael: You come across half as loud as you really are on our webinar or on radio. So you kind of you got to be pretty loud and pretty excited or you’ll come across unexcited. Nicole, did you Does that mean you don’t know on the case anything or I just reached out to Vanessa. I’ll let you know what she said in a second. OK. Are you back from Orlando? I am. I got back. So you gotta go to Disney World, right? Yes, I did. Was that cool? Was it magical? It was hot. Star Wars was amazing. My grandson loved it. The baby, she liked the Frozen. But we had a good time. Yeah, Really. It was when we went to Disney World. I was six years old, right? And I rode that space Mountain. And when I, I guess my brother and mom were like in the car in front of us are the little you know the on the. And I was in with my dad in the back and when I got off I looked at my mom and dad they said what do you think? What do you think about that? And I said Steven drove it entirely too fast. I truly thought my brother was up there driving that thing. So that’s how magical the mountain could be. That’s awesome. Vanessa said that we have automotive case studies, but that’s the ones that he’s working on right now, OK. We’ll have those out soon. All right. I don’t, I don’t want to name drop somebody. I know it’s not about churches because I don’t want them getting blown up on request. But there there’s there’s people that are focusing strictly on churches. Let’s see, they’re supposed to be Thomas. I want to start announcing those. They’re supposed to be getting me that kind of stuff. But then again, I’m asking, you know, if I get it, I would gladly announce it.

00:25:29 Syd Michael: When I see it, I’ll widely announce it. I agree. I like to hear about big commissions too. Yeah, Doug, there is a guy. If the guy’s on the call. If he says, if you give me permission, I’ll mention your name. And I said, you got a lot of church data. There you go. Hang on a second and let me go back and read this. Any chance we get one of the CPA’s on next week to explain how they use? No, because I don’t want to become the CPA, nor do I want any of y’all to try and start being a CPA because you start down the weeds and you really complicate the process. Just to be honest, completely make it a harder process. You don’t trust me when I say this and I say this with. With kit gloves do not become ACPA because you’re not. Don’t even pretend to know everything. It’s the worst way. And nobody wants to buy from people like that. Straight up. They want to buy from people they trust, but not to know it all. Like, I just can’t. It doesn’t work if it’s not my style, so I can’t train you on how to do it. I tried. I got to stay in my lane on what works for me and has worked for me, right? Yes, I was. Herb. John, I can go over that with you. That’ll help you out. It’s Herb Rawlings. Lauren. If he wanted to reach out, he says okay, He’s done. I don’t know, Herb, how many churches have you done already? I know you’ve done a bunch.

00:27:41 Syd Michael: Several for sure. You said a bunch. Yeah. Well, maybe you can help him. So Herb Rollins is a guy. So you know Lauren Loran. All right. Can you review the history of this program from Congress? So I know in March of 2020, right? Or May of 2020 is when they came out with the CARES Act. And then. You know, you had the option to go with either the PPP or the ERTC. They were first told about ERTC and then the PPP came out weeks later. PPP was so much easier. A lot of people went with it. It also was so wide open and easy. It had a lot of fraudulent issues, right? Which, you know, not here. They’re there. But it’s just the truth. Hang on a second, all right? The other thing is. All right. So they had the PPP or you could go with the ERTC right in. In March of 2021, they came out with American Recovery Plan, which is where they reinstated the ERTC program and that’s when they took away the fourth quarter of 2021. But exciting enough that’s when we realized everybody did the PPP left money on the table. And that’s, I’m just going to go back into my sales pitch and that’s why we’re talking to you today. I want to help you recover that money that you left on the table and get you moving forward and then you go into your pitch. The pitch is the same every time. It’s literally the answer. It’s literally the answer just about every rebuttal or question they have, right? Just leverage the truth, never hide from it.

00:29:36 Syd Michael: Leverage the truth. Never hide from it. When they ask how long this is going to take, let them know that it really hinges on how long it’s how long it takes them to upload their docks. When they ask why is your fees that, let them know One, because we’re only companies in the country that actually doing a full. Deferral, if you choose to, is for to help people that don’t have the option. We want to be able to help everybody Realize that our mission is to help as many entrepreneurs and small businesses in this country to move forward. We didn’t want to leave people out that couldn’t afford to pay that front fees, but we also wanted to give a significant discount for those that wanted to. Again, like I told you we are, we’ve seen credits between 20,000 and 3.3 million. I don’t know where you’re going to fall, but I’ve seen some pretty big credits going out. Once we calculate your credit, hold on one second. Once we calculate your credit, you could make a fully educated decision based on which one of those three programs, which one of those three fee structures we want to go with. The good news is, we’re not asking you for any money up front. We’re going to make sure we get your exact calculation using the power of three. Where we have three different CPA teams go over the credit amount until they exactly equal the exact same number, they don’t move forward. That’s part of our quality control that we personally do in house and that you benefit from. But by us being able to do limited commerce and using loss of revenue we’re able to get the maximum credit amount that the program allows and that’s very important.

00:31:19 Syd Michael: It’s very, very important. A lot of people, there’s a chance to talk about it, right. Go ahead and take the objection off the table. A lot of people use just an ordinary CPA. An ordinary CPA can only look at the quarters that you lost in revenue. They can’t qualify you for all the other quarters that the program actually will actually does allow you to qualify for it. Therefore, I understand a lot of people trust their CPA or maybe you’ve been with their CPA for 20 years and that’s good and dandy, but the CPA just simply doesn’t know. The program well enough to know how to get them qualified for all the quarters. Hopefully this never happens again. I hope we never have to go through a pandemic like this, but good people did the right thing in a bad time and they maintain employees and you deserve and you should get money for that. I wholeheartedly believe that. So let’s make sure that we get you the most credit possible, not just a weak credit, because we’re not going to do this again. This is not going to happen Again. You can’t amend amends. You got one chance of this. I want to make sure you get the maximum credit. Is that fair? Great. Are you sitting in front of the computer? Let me help you. Right. Do we go deeper than? Yes, we do. We do. There’s like 37 different ways to qualify. However, I don’t go too much more than that because I don’t want to complicate the process. I don’t want to complicate the call. You know what I mean? If it is, if the path is clear, the decision is easy, right? I try and simplify everything that I say as much as possible. Why? That way I know they come to the same conclusion every time. If you confuse somebody, what do you think they’re going to say? You think they’re going to say I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I have no clue what you mean. No, they’re going to say great, OK, send me an e-mail. I’ll get back in with you.

00:33:19 Syd Michael: Fuse customers do not buy. That’s a fact. So keep it very, very simple. If you go and puke all your knowledge on top of somebody, you’re going to mess the deal up in a second. Who is honest with you. That’s why. Like sometimes when you do your the greatest pitch you ever thought you had and they look at you like a deer in headlights and say okay, great, we got your number, you got a card. Send me an e-mail when that happens. It’s because you didn’t listen to the customer and you confuse them. I see this happening. Hang on, I see this happening. I see this happening a lot, a lot with digital marketing products when people are selling. Facebook ads and people are selling reputation, marketing, any any of that kind of stuff, right? Any other. I know a lot of us have digital agencies, right? Can you hear me? I took I was answering a text. So I don’t think we lost sound. I think Syd just got quiet for a second trying to multitask. There’s more than 37 ways. Just so you know, Herb, So I threw out a large number just because there’s actually more. So we said 2700 ways or something at one time. I don’t know. Yeah, y’all can go Google yourself to death and research all that God again stuff. I can’t, you know, I try not to even go over that kind of stuff. Right. Thanks, man. All right. Hey, James. What’s up, buddy? Let’s see if we can.

00:35:18 Syd Michael: I see some long questions coming in. Let me try and go over them and answer them quick as I can. I’m not a fast reader, so this is the most current I just found on the Treasury. Yeah, that’s not updated information because it’s not all four quarters of 2021. So I can tell you that’s not true and 28,000 is the wrong number. Kyle, let me try and answer your question real quick. Who wants to do this but keeps thinking won’t qualify because the SBA paycheck and CBA told him he wouldn’t qualify. He didn’t make money. So Kyle like I agree bud 100%. So let me explain this real quick. So I think instead of like trying to over prove that the program is real, I think that’s combative a little bit honestly, right? I think instead of trying to prove that the program is real or or prove that he could qualify, I think I would reframe it and approach him like this just personally and it’s what’s worked for me and doesn’t mean it. It’s the answer to everything, but I would reframe it and say well. The good news is we charge you nothing to figure it out and I know that we have, we have you know, you go back into how you know how we do detailed submissions. We’ll get you Max credit amount right. You’re fully protected with an audit you know audit protection. So if your CPA told you they won’t qualify, they’re probably right. Maybe you didn’t lose revenue.

00:37:24 Syd Michael: But did you have, did you have a government manager to shut down? Did you have supply chain issues? Did you have social distancing or anything like that ever put in place? They will say yes to one of those because everybody did, right? Well, that’s the other ways that we can get you qualified. Here’s the good news. Let my experts look at it because I’m going to be the first. I’m going to tell you I’m not an expert. It’s just too much to know. I’m just never been that smart. But let my experts look at it. It only take us a minute. Let’s submit the deal. Select them. Look at it. You’ll get you an exact qualified qualification. If they come back to you and say you can’t, you’re not qualified. You owe us nothing. But I’ve seen too many cases where people have trusted their CPA’s and we’ve gotten them back a lot of money. Is it worth risking that right now to do something that doesn’t cost any money? Would that be a better approach to kind of frame it that way than to start wanting to go do Google research and become a paralegal? To prove to them that you’re not a scam and this is real, that you can go do your homework. I mean, I’m out on that program. Ask. They have no risk. You’re the expert. You can access them to experts. Cost them nothing. Let’s do business. That’s the way I would frame it. Hope that helps you, Kyle. Bud Clark said he had a preschool in Florida get $1,000,000 after the CPA. Said they didn’t lose enough money and won’t qualify. I’m telling you, we see it all the time. Like we’ve seen a bunch of them. Unfortunately, they’re CPA and listen, you can’t bash their CPA’s because they trust them. Might even be a friend after so many years, right? So you know, being the first one to say listen, I understand.

00:39:17 Syd Michael: He’s probably giving you the best advice to the best of his knowledge, but he’s not giving you all the knowledge. And let me explain. So that way you can make an educated decision. I think when you hear what we’re the way we do things a little different and the way there’s no risk involved, think you’re going to find our way to be better, right? Joseph said he had a client of his had a CPA that declined them and then they got 1.4 million through us. There you go. That’s, this is a great way to say it right here, bud. Well, it says we the CPA was correct back in the beginning, but things have changed. Things have changed, right. All right. So give me a, give me a Roger that if you solve value in what I’m talking about today. Am I beating a dead horse? Hey, Scott Beeler, good to see you buddy. Am I beating a dead horse? Are you picking up some Nuggets? Are you picking up a couple extra words, a couple extra frames, Maybe a different approach, Something else at your that you know that you can add to your to your bag of clubs is what I like to say, right? I always like to pick up an extra, you know, different wedge that I normally wouldn’t use. That might get me a little closer to the hole, right? Cool. I hope so, man, Because I’m not trying to. I’m not trying to offend or hurt anybody. I’m only trying to give you the best way possible. And I’m only trying to tell you what works for me. Because again, like just like with the ERTC, you know our services, if I don’t believe in 1000%, can’t sell it. So I can’t sell you on a way to do something that I don’t know works right. So all I can do is tell you what the heck works for me.

00:41:21 Syd Michael: And the way I kind of approach it, so, right. Has Brian revealed that big Commission obtained this one? No. But it’s a monster. It’s a monster. I don’t want to take his Thunder. I don’t want to take his Thunder from him. But it’s a monster. What would you say to a Doctor Who says he doesn’t want the money? You know, Byron, it’s funny you say this because I’ve actually done some DFY calls. One with a doctor that said he didn’t want the Dang money. Was it your deal? Because that’s exactly what the guy said. The guy legitimately said I don’t need the money. I don’t remember. It was a couple months ago on a DFY call. But no, listen, in this case, the vibe that I got right, the vibe that I got was. Honestly the dude cooked his books a little bit and he wasn’t ready to open up his underwear door and let people dig through it. That’s the truth and Michael, that’s funny you said that because that’s what I said. Wouldn’t you want to give it to charity right. I tried to get in his frame of mind a little bit but anybody says that closed off. I don’t know what are you trying to hide? Right. Said he had a doctor. Exactly like that, right. Something about doctors. I don’t know what my best friend’s at endodontist, so he has a PhD, but he’s different. I don’t know why he’s he’s he’s a little weirder now as we’ve gotten older, just a different guy. It’s funny. And you’re right, obviously the guy doesn’t trust us. So that’s all you can do is try and build trust. If you can build up that trust, then it’ll push forward.

00:43:32 Syd Michael: But it’s funny. Every time I’ve ran into that scenario, it’s been a doctor. So there’s something out there. All right, well, Eric says I’m getting a lot of it. That sounds too good to be true. I can’t really blame them for saying that. Because guess what? When Brian and I first talked about this almost two years ago, guess what the first words that came out of my mouth was? Sounds too good to be true. Same thing I thought. And so when somebody says that what I say, you know, I’m telling the truth. I got, it’s so funny. I said the same thing, but it is, it’s real. And let me explain. So that way you can make an educated decision and take advantage of this opportunity right now. But you’re right. First thing I thought, man, it’s too good to be true. So agree with them, agree with them and then reframe it. Sounds good. Does that make sense? Anything somebody says, any issue somebody says, you should always agree and then reframe. There was a sales trainer named Joe Verdi all through the 80s that was really good, and I took a lot of Nuggets from him. He always says you. He responds with no problem. No matter what the problem they give you. No problem. No problem, right? But if somebody says I don’t need the money, it’s kind of hard to come over on no problem. That is a problem. It’s a problem if you don’t need this money. But listen, there’s a lot of starving kids that do, so let’s do this for charity, Sir. That’s a good rebuttal. I haven’t used it, but that’s a great one.

00:45:27 Syd Michael: Now you’re getting the too good to be true thing a lot. Also you know what’s funny You kind of swing like a pendulum in life. I found you know when people say you know it’s too good to be true? Well not necessarily because some things are true. Same thing with you know you know nothing for free type thing or or there’s no there’s no shortcuts in business or life. Well, bullshit there is. There really truly is. There is shortcuts, if you know right, you’re using the same. Yeah, good response. Awesome. What else we got? We got 10 minutes left. I want to. I want to help as many as I can. So if there’s any other issues, any other objections, any other questions, whatever they are, let me answer them. No, that’s it. All right. Wasn’t it? All right, good, good, Good question. I’m sure everybody’s always wanting to know this, what niches are having large results. I’m seeing more and more churches than before. It seems like right now a lot of child cares are working really well. Car dealers that are in the right size frame, you know, because you got to be careful, a lot of them have. Way more than you know the minimum amount or Max amount of employees. Auto body shops have done pretty well. I’ve seen a lot of lately electrical engineering firm Monster Deal I. actually I picked up one of those out of the high limit blackjack room at the Hard Rock a few weeks ago. Met a guy.

00:47:30 Syd Michael: Owned an engineering firm, electrical contractors. Excuse me, electrical contractor. Are we Dome already? Dome. What is Dome? Oh, yeah. When they’re concerned about giving out confidential information say, hey, I understand and all our portals are actually protected. You don’t have to worry about that. You know. You know somebody who if somebody has that concern. And it and you are combating on some of the pricing stuff or or like some of these companies but you do know they send your information a lot of them sending your information overseas to get calculated and then sent back. So if you’re concerned about you know getting on the dark web it’s not a good idea to be sending overseas that’s for sure right. But it is going to require an accurate information unfortunately some of it is your. Is confidential information. In order to get these credits, I would just hit them head on. Realize like deep down in your heart you should feel like if no matter what excuse or what thing that’s holding them back, if they don’t listen to you, then they got a chance of really, actually, truly getting scammed or getting screwed over. Are going and signing with a company that goes and does calculations and then wants them to sign off on their 9401s and be held accountable for it. Yes. So. All right, All right, Cool. Hey, thanks, everybody. I hope everybody had a good time. Rock’n’roll. I’ll see you next Tuesday. You let us say. See you, Nicole.