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Businesses have until April 15, 2024, to file amended returns for Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2020, and until April 15, 2025, to file amended returns for the quarters in 2021 in which they were eligible to claim the ERC.

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions April 26, 2023

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions April 26, 2023

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)
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00:00:03 Syd Michael: Hello. Good morning. Kim Simmons. Derek. Christy. Pepperdine. One of my favorites. Michael Arnold. Bruce, good to see you. Good to see you. We’re going to have fun today. We’re going to have fun today. I’m going to, We’re going to do a bit of a Hey, Paula, good to see you always guy. What’s happening, buddy? Hey, Doug. Always good to see you. We’re going to let a couple people drip into here. They’re showing up like it’s a BBQ. That’s okay. Speaking of BBQ, how some ribs up there in Saint Louis dirt. Hey, Doroy, good to see you. You smoke your own. Nice. Nice down here in the South, we tend to. Either bake them or put them in the crock pot before we sit and smoke them. Little little secret. Little secret. My cousin wins the BBQ cook off every year Mcclenney, and you want to hear it. You want to hear a dirty secret? He uses sweet baby raise. No, not at all, Byron. Not at all. I don’t even know who that is. Oh yeah. Green Egg, Green Eggs, Next level. Hey, Jeff, yo, good to see you. I talked with, I’ll chat with you after the call. Chat with you after the call in warm San Antonio. My buddy Schofield’s from San Antonio. He works at one of the Dodge stores there.

00:01:58 Syd Michael: Jeff Yo. Back from Alaska for two weeks. That’s good. Gates. I love Gates. I agree with the original Reggie. I’ll tell you another pretty good BBQ sauce. And we actually did their ERTC claim they’re out of Macon, Georgia’s, Miss Griffin’s. It’s a mustard based vinegar sauce, dude. I put it on my pizza, but you know, I’m a I’m a I’m a old old country boy. I can’t help it, but it’s really good. But Gates is absolutely my favorite BBQ sauce. All right, so I run into a couple scenarios and I wanted to get out your pin because I want you to take notes on this. I hear these scenarios all the time, all the time and so I know if I hear them all the time then I know y’all are hearing them all the time. So I want to help you with how to rebuttal. All right. Oh, yeah, Dirk, that’s funny. You say BBQ. So I almost bought the Chevy store. Liberty Chevy. That’s right outside of Camp Lejeune. And yeah, we cooked a pig there at the dealership North Carolina. And like, they use their family recipe right to with BBQ sauce. And it was crazy, man. They put like. They had Mountain Dew, Jack Daniels, all kinds of stuff in it, but it was delicious. Yeah, we cooked the pig right there in the parking lot. It was awesome. I know North Carolina BBQ very well. My father was in Parris Island also. What’s the best way to find out all the updates? Well, man, that’s kind of hard to say. What? What kind of updates are you talking about, Patrick?

00:03:58 Syd Michael: Kind of updates are you talking about unfortunately, but fortunately, it’s why it’s important to make these live calls. It’s important to make these live calls. I know a lot of the training does become a little bit repetitive, but repetitive training is good training, but that’s where you’re going to really kind of keep the pace. That’s the purpose of it. Listen, you know, I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years now. And I know it can become some of the loneliest job in the world because you don’t have anybody to really kind of keep pace with or to keep track. That’s why Brian and I are so adamant about doing these live every week. Because we want somewhere where you can, one, interact to get a live answer to your question. And three, keep your pace, right? Being an entrepreneur, there’s nobody above you telling you good job, and there’s sure as hell is nobody under you telling you good job. If they’re telling you good job, they’re coming after you. Right. So you got to be careful. And that’s why we like to have these calls to keep everybody on the same with the same, the same on the same page. Okay. Yeah, I totally agree, Jared. Good job. All right, so here’s the, here’s the two questions, because I know that a lot of people get asked this often, right. You have a client that says. Yeah, I got them written down here. You have a client that says, hey, honestly, we don’t think we qualify. We average growth through the COVID. You know what I don’t, you know they’re trying to become the CPA. How many of you have, somebody has told that, how many of you has had somebody tell you that? Right. A lot of people are saying that and the best thing to do, right.

00:05:59 Syd Michael: Is to reposition them and reposition yourself. Say, listen, that’s fine, that you had increased revenue. And that’s one of the biggest misunderstandings. Most of the ordinary fly by night submission companies out there are using just ordinary CPA’s, and maybe not even ordinary, not even CPA’s. But they’re calculating a loss revenue only. That is not the only way to qualify. Fortunately, we do complex submissions. We’ve done over 19,000 of them. Not all of them are lost revenue. Yes, that will qualify you for some quarters, but doesn’t qualify you for all quarters. In a lot of cases like you, whether your revenues went up, they don’t qualify you for any quarters. But what will qualify you for quarters is if you had any legal reasons and we have a full legal team that controls this and that’s why we’re able to do complex ERTC submissions and get people back the Max amount. You know according to the to the to the guidelines, meaning if you had any social distancing, supply chain issues and our government mandated shutdowns, those are additional quarters. Even if your revenue was up, it could still qualify you as being affected by the pandemic. Listen, this program is to take care of the people that did the right thing or the good thing and a bad time. You maintained employees during a time that a lot of people are laying off the entire departments and by doing so you are entitled. To take advantage of this ERTC which is up to $26,000 per W2 employee, here’s the good news. We have specialists that will go in and calculate exactly what your credit is and guess how much that cost you. Nothing. So before I try and be a CPA or or an attorney, or before you try to be a CPA or attorney for free, let’s find out exactly how much credits are on the table. So then you can make an educated decision based on that to move forward.

00:07:54 Syd Michael: It only take a minute or you sit in front of a computer. Let me help you. Roger that. Everybody understand. That’s how you handle that, that response. That’s how you handle that situation. That’s how you handle that scenario every single time. It’s the easiest turnaround ever. And I see so many people getting held up on it, so many people. It’s so simple to build the value. Right. What’s rule #2 from Uncle Syd? What’s rule #2 from Uncle Syd throwing some curveballs at you? That’s right. Value overpriced equals sale. It’s very simple. All you got to do is build the value and then guess what? You drop the bottom on them. If I tell them you’re not going to charge them, and then that makes the value even more with zero risk. You’re never selling anything. You’re not selling nothing. You’re never, You never have to ask for business. Who in the heck is not going to sit there and take something that’s valuable with no risk? You don’t even have to guide them down the path. You don’t even have to show them the door. You don’t have to lead them to nothing. All you’re doing is building the scenario and let them come to the conclusion. Because guess what, when people come to the conclusion in their own minds. It’s over. You did your job. It’s over. You’re not being a salesman, you’re just guiding them down the path. And when they come to their own conclusion, they’ll be way more convinced, way more committed, and way more ready to do it than if you try and tell people. People don’t want to be sold, people don’t want to be told, right.

00:09:46 Syd Michael: But they do want to take the information and make their own decision. And when you build it out and frame it and lay it out that way in that position, they all will come to the same conclusion. It’s a no brainer. All right, okay. The second one is, this is a good one. Hang on a second. The second one is my accountant doesn’t think that it’s for my advantage. He thinks everyone that takes it is being looked at hard. How do I go about this? Because I’m pretty sure they would look at hard. Correct. All right, First off, let’s just talk honestly. Not saying this is what you would say to the customer, but let’s talk honestly. If your accountant is afraid to get looked at hard, right? I mean, there’s your red flag. Your red flag is that your accountant’s afraid to get looked at, right? I’m willing to bet because I’ve talked to enough accountants and I’ve talked to enough CP A’s. That’s not an accountant saying that. It might be a bookkeeper, a buddy or a partner. That’s not an accountant saying that, right? First off, it’s that’s great. And yes, they might think they are going to look over these. But guess what? Our CPA signs off on the 940 ones. Therefore, your accountant has no liability to it whatsoever. We’re taking 100% accountability and that’s also why we’re able to offer audit protection. So it’s a no brainer. Yes, they’re going to look over them. And listen, I don’t know about you, but I would want the IRS to look over because I don’t want to go be paying a bunch of taxes for people that are stealing taxes. I want them to run them.

00:11:38 Syd Michael: To look over hard, we’re not doing anything outside of the program. All we’re doing is all we’re doing is taking advantage of the exact program. And nobody in the country knows the program better than us, better than us. Right. We’ve done over 19,000 submissions. We’re one of the top ERTC submission companies in the country. No, we are ERT,, if we may have been before. So I think they would have bought that domain. I love saying that. I know some of y’all don’t want to mention it, but I throw that in often. OKI hope the accountants look at our, the IRS looks at it hard. We’re not afraid for them. We talk with them on a daily basis with an amount of deals we’re submitting. We know that we’re right. We ask them. If we have to, if we need direction or guidelines. In fact, our partners taught at the AICPA teaching other CPA’s how to take advantage of the full advantage of the ERTC. Why? Because we do complex emissions and we get better, better credits than anybody else. Not by goose in it, not by bending the rules. There’s zero Gray. It’s all 100% black and white. We run by the power of three. In fact, some of our quality assurance is to make sure it goes through three different CPA calculation teams before we give you your tech credit. The best news is it doesn’t cost you a dime. There’s zero risk to you, right? And we’ll get you exactly what your credit is. And only after you get your credit then will you make a fully educated decision on which one you want to go with. Now to get started, if you’re in front of your computer, we got to upload some docs and I need you to sign a seat a customer service agreement. Let me go ahead and tell you what the customer service agreement is. In case you don’t know, I’m going to go over our fees with you, right.

00:13:19 Syd Michael: As most of you know, there’s what they call you. You’ve seen this in the, in the probably on TV, the personal injury attorneys where if you win, we win, we all win. They take it on 100% contingency, they charge between 35 and 40%, We’re much less than that. We’re only 30%. But we are one of the only companies in the country that does offer a full contingency. That means you have zero risk at all until you get your money back from the IRS now if you want. Once you get your credit back, you can choose to put down a small work order deposit. You save a significant amount of money and it drops all the way down to 25%. Now I’ve seen these credits range between 20,000 up to 3.3 million. In fact we got another one that’s coming in maybe even bigger than that, but they can get huge. And at that point, when you start talking about millions, percentage equal thousands and 31% of our people do choose. To take advantage of paying the fee upfront once they find out what their credit amount is. And that drops almost 50% off that original 30% I quoted you all the way down to 18%. Here’s the good news. You don’t have to choose one of these fees until we get your credit. So right now, I do need you to sign the customer service agreement to move forward, but I don’t need you to make a decision on which one of the three you want to pay. Let’s find out exactly what how much is on the table here, how much you left on the table after the PPP, and let’s move, OK? At that time, you can then make a choice of one of the three options. But I do need you today to upload some forms, and I do need you today to make sure that you sign our customer service agreement. You probably want to know how long this could take. It could take between 6:00 and 9:00 months. The only thing that drags it out is to be honest with you, how long it takes you to upload your docs. So the sooner you get this uploaded, the sooner we can get you moving.

00:15:03 Syd Michael: Ford, the only the deals that I see getting delayed are people that have delayed getting their docs uploaded. So let’s get this handled as fast as possible so we can get you moving forward. All right, fair enough. Great. Roger that everybody understand that good. Anybody have any questions explain service agreement to customer? I explained it the exact way that I just did. When you explain it, people tend not to sit there and read anybody that’s going to read it. Our attorneys wrote it. I mean, let’s be honest, anytime you read an agreement, if you pick it apart, you’re going to have 100 different questions. There’s nothing in that service agreement that’s not easily rebuttal, but I’m just trying to teach you all how to do it. The quickest, easiest path of least resistance way. Because I know how people are. Totally agree, Lauren. Someone told me about 75% of eligible companies have already filed for ERTC. You’re you’re you got bad information, Michael. Completely bad. You want me to tell you, you know I’m going to tell you why, but I do that. I figure this. First off, nobody would have that information. And and all that’s going to do is try and black you out. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. So don’t believe 75% of the eligible companies have already filed. And that’s not true. Let me tell you what the real world is, right? And I’m going to tell y’all and I’m going to be honest with y’all where I talk to most of my businesses, right? I’m down here in Tampa. I’m a single guy. I don’t have family here. I don’t even have my damn dog. I have nothing to do. So what does Syd Michael do?

00:16:56 Syd Michael: Three or four nights a week I go to the high limit room and at the Hard Rock and I play Blackjack. That’s what I personally enjoy doing, right? And I’m not bragging, but I happen to be up for the year so far pretty well, right? But what I love about it is what kind of clientele am I networking with in that room? What kind of clientele am I networking with in that room? Business owners. Majority of the people are business owners, right? I’ve personally landed four or five deals out of there in the last 6 to 8 weeks. And let me tell you something, I’ve only talked to maybe one or two people that even understood what ERTC was or was familiar with it. That’s real world talking to real business owners, OK? Straight up, Donald says he talks with companies weekly that have never heard of the RTC, that people just don’t pay attention to it. They’re not going to bring attention to it because people are throwing, they’re throwing mud against the wall hoping it sticks. Yes, we see it because we notice. It’s just like, have you ever noticed when you start looking at a car, you start seeing them on the road everywhere or you start seeing them more often? Just like my buddy Wilker, who has the pallet course. On flipping pallets. Good friend of mine, I’ll be damned. At the second he started telling me about flipping pallets, I didn’t start seeing stacks of pallets all over the world, right? Like, everywhere I look now, there’s pallets I like all pull over and throw them in my trunk because I know Wilker knows how to make money with them, right? It’s just the truth. The only reason why you’re even seeing a lot of ERTC stuff is probably because you’re getting retargeted and you’re listening, boy. It’s the truth.

00:18:52 Syd Michael: Now I’m going to ask every single one of you how many of you are riding down the road in your car, Because that’s the only time you listen to the radio, let’s admit it. And you have that pin sitting on your center console to write down that phone number in case there’s an advertisement or something you want to buy. How many of you admit it? Not a single. Damn one of you. I know, I know. People, not one of us is sitting there with a pin to write down a damn number that we hear on the radio, right? All they’re doing is branding the opportunity for us. Do you know what people are looking for? You know, people are looking for somebody that they can talk to that’s real somebody they can talk to. That is Fonzie, not Chachi, right? Somebody who will answer their questions, right. I don’t go and pitch them. When I talk to these business owners that I’m dealing with, I just mentioned, you know, I’m like, listen, you want the best session of Blackjack ever had you. So let me show you about the RTC. Right. Doug said he sold radio ads for two years. So you know Doug, right? Be honest and clear. People want to feel empathetic, They want to feel heard, They want to feel understood and they don’t want to feel misled. And when it’s one of the best ways, like when somebody says, man, I’m worried that this will put me under the spotlight with IRS, that’s where they find out if you’re real. Or if you’re a fake, because if you’re like, I don’t worry about it, man. I’ll get you so much money back, dude, wrong answer. You got to say, listen, I understand why you’d be concerned with that. Totally understood. Listen, do you think we’re dealing with businesses that want to be, that want to be audited by the IRS? Absolutely not. We’re doing, we did 19,000 of these. Do you think we want to go get our name mentioned on Capitol Hill and get under the spotlight on 19,000 of these? Absolutely not.

00:20:49 Syd Michael: We don’t go Gray on nothing. We’re 100% by the book and take and and and take extra precautions to make sure that we don’t even make a mistake that goes into the Gray. We are very, very black and white. That’s why we use the power of three and you’ll find out we’re the only company that does that. We run it through three different CPA teams to get the exact same calculation or does not move forward. You let us do the work for you. You should hope that the IRS looks at it because you’re going to come across squeaky clean at least with the ERTC submission. Right. And I saw somebody asked can you explain the audit protection. Let me explain real quick. It’s not audit insurance because there is audit insurance and our fees would be astronomical if we provided that audit protection is where you have a licensed CPA sign off on your 940 ones. You have a license a state license right. So therefore they’re legally allowed to do these calculations, what you have to fear and what you all need to be educated and understand. A lot of these other companies are using off overs offseas software to do their lost revenue calculation and then they’re remaining the 940 ones and asking the business owner to sign the 940 ones instead of their own CPA or a CPA that alone. I wouldn’t care if it costs $99. It’s too much to pay. You’re making me sign off on somebody else’s calculations. Talking about hanging yourself in the guillotine, that’s what you got to be concerned with. We don’t do business that way. You don’t have to worry about it. Listen, let me be honest with you. I’ll completely white glove you through this. It’s one of the simplest processes and it’s 100% legit and 100% real. I know it sounds too good to be true. That’s the first thing I thought also. But it’s very real. That’s why I’m in this business.

00:22:41 Syd Michael: Right. And I even make the comment that’s why I’m living in a hotel, in a in a in a city I’m not from, right. I mean, it’s that legit that I uprooted my life to spend the next 18 months to make sure that me and all of Y’all can have the most optimum success rate possible. You with me, give me a Roger that if everybody soaked that in. I know I kind of ran it. I know I talk fast. Try and stay focused on the subject here. I mean, wait, I see some questions coming through. That’s a support ticket in. That’s a support ticket. I personally don’t handle that side. So I can’t answer. I’m just going to stay focused on what in my lane. I can help you with sales and negotiations. I can’t help you with that kind of questions. Vanessa if any support person on here wants to try and help her and one of my favorites. So I want to take care of her. All right. Roger, Fat Man, said. Dude, I miss Fat Match. You know a bunch of them are in Atlanta this week. I’m like, are you not going to Fat Mans? Nicole took him to spawn. Divots, I heard or something. I’m like, Nicole, you need to go to Fat Mans. I can’t believe Nicole’s never been to Fat Mans. If I come to Atlanta, Nicole and Jelisa are going to damn Fat Mans with me, that’s for damn sure.

00:24:45 Syd Michael: Hey, this is funny. I just asked Brian about this that this morning on March 27th, everything was settled in the courts. We’re just waiting for it to get paid. So you know you’re, you’re you’re you’re probably just like me. It can’t happen quick enough. If if a client goes to the national website before you have entered them into your site, can the client confirm that he or she is working with a specific person? I don’t. I wouldn’t concern with that. I know people get all hung up on that. It’s crazy if you have control of your client or your customer, it’s not going to be, you’re never going to have that issue, you’re never going to have that issue. Don’t, don’t that. That’s just where that’s the scarcity mindset and people naturally just tend to go and you shouldn’t do that. I’m with you Joseph, right. It’s like every day feels like 2 days. Like time slows down when you’re waiting on on on loot. I get it, Eric. All right, so let me answer your question real quick. I had several contacts with business owners who bought a troubled business during the magic six quarters. Is there any point in pursuing these leads? As I understand it, new owners can’t file well. Let me just make it clear, it’s whoever filed. During 2020 or 21, whether the new owners or old owners or whatever. So yeah, if they didn’t own the business in those years, no, they’re you can’t go after them. You need to find out who the original owner is and and and talk with them. It’s whoever filed. Regardless of these scenarios Y’all come up with damn hundreds of them, right? But regardless of scenarios, it’s whoever filed in 2020 and 2021 regardless, even if they’re out of business sense.

00:26:49 Syd Michael: Even if they went out of business. And we’ve even had deals where we’ve even had deals where where, you know, one owner owned it in 2020 and another owner owner owned it in 2021. Let me mention, let me mention one more thing that I was surprised about. I have a restaurant in Michigan that qualified for two quarters for lost revenue. They said man, I realized I left them a bunch of money on the table now said we were shut down everything. Can I resubmit with you? Yes, yes they can and we will. We will look at when they were government mandated shut down other than so the other four quarters that they didn’t think they qualified for are now can qualify. Yes, we will do that. We will not reamend their two quarters they’ve already amended, but we will reamend the four quarters they missed. OK, Antoine, what’s up brother Hadn’t talked to you in a while man. Hope you’re doing well. Tax ID makes all the difference. If the new owner retained the tax ID, Yeah, there you go. That’s the real answer right there. Good, good response, Antoine. He’s talking about if the new owner maintained the same tax ID, then he can file for even if he didn’t own it. That’s the truth. Tito’s is asking about the latest website submission. Vanessa, if you’ll, if you’ll help him out, avoid Tito’s. All right. All right. Any other questions about sales staying in my lane here, Any other questions about sales and and and rebuttals has any, has everybody noticed how the AE team’s on point in the last few weeks? It was definitely in the last two months you all noticed a difference?

00:28:56 Syd Michael: I know. So because I’ve actually had people request certain, certain things that asked and now they’re like, man, can you get them to quit calling so much? We got business. They’re on it. We’ve got, we’ve got not only, you know, we’ve got dude, we came in here and converted everything to accountability, A1 accountability, constantly putting people on, on holding each other accountable and ultimately I hold them all accountable, right. Ultimately, hold them all accountable. Ryan’s down in Tampa today. He’s handling some business. I knew he’s going to be here, so I brought him his favorite Starbucks all, Patrick said. Did you see my YouTube IRS comment? 80% of business qualify. 10% have filed Okay. That’s good information. That’s good information. Yeah. I see a lot of crazy Facebook ads and I’m getting retargeted. 1 One’s hitting real hard right now saying they can do it in two days. It’s very slimy how it works, but it’s easy pickings out of the comment thread. Easy pickings out of the comment thread. I don’t know how many of y’all want to troll, but easy to do. Guy said sorry, I had to take an ERTC call. We’ll listen to replay letter rock’n’roll guy. I appreciate you, buddy. What else, any other questions, any other issues as far as sales are talking with the client? Is there any way to find out if the company has filed? You need to ask them Eric, that’s the way you find out. There’s no other way. I’ve heard there’s information out there.

00:31:07 Syd Michael: Through SBA website that you can find out if they did the PPP but no, it doesn’t tell you about the ERTC. Listen, this is as easy as easy can get but there is no easy button. Just the truth. It takes, it takes engagement, right? Whether you’re doing that through LinkedIn or if you’re doing it through cold e-mail. If you’re doing it like my buddy Tommy Frye where he’s literally going and knocking on doors and you know it just. Talking to every single business that he goes in and that gets around right. I think we have until God, I hate people ask us, is it April 20, April of 2025? Vanessa, is that until it’s all over? That is correct. April 2025 for the 2021 years? Yep, Kim says Syd when you say 3 CPA teams. Review each file and before they claim it is submitted, it’s before we give them their credit, not before the claim is submitted. It’s before we issue or tell them the credit calculation. You know, it’s funny you asked that Ann. I mentioned that today earlier in a meeting. I was like, man, it sure would be nice for us to know, right? Because it does feel like we’re mushrooms in the dark on that like so just to be just to be transparent. So you, you know, we have the QQC team, right? We want to kind of put the QC team where they’re able to not only know when it goes over to the CPA, but then they get notified when it goes to the IRS. We’re trying to put the QQC team in charge of all that. Just literally had that conversation today. Information is power, right? And I know you all of y’all been very patient with getting some of the information. It’s hard, it’s not easy, you know?

00:33:20 Syd Michael: But man, I tell you, a lot of people are making a bunch of money. I don’t know if I mentioned this, you know, over 500,000 in commissions got paid last pay period, 500 grand straight up. I mean, that’s a big Band-Aid. That’s a big Band-Aid for frustration, you know what I mean? And I don’t know if anybody, you know, there’s a lot of, you know, somebody mentioned bottom line earlier or whatever, there’s a lot of, you know, ML, M’s and stuff like that. But I don’t know anybody who’s producing the volume and helping as many people as we are without doing it. Yeah, Herb, that’s good math right there. Good to see Herb. Herb said if there’s 300 ERTC submission companies and everyone done 20,000 submissions. There’s still only 6,000,000 submissions versus 27 million small businesses. Is the small business, I know I remember a couple years ago it was up to 33 million. Is it down to 27 million after the pandemic? You’re right though, it’s a 40, that’s 25% of the businesses. So good, good calculation, good, good BS detector, right. Just do the math, do the math that’s what that always tells you. Some people want to be spoon fed so bad. Go Roy, we already answered that question. Go back and listen to the replay, just answered it. Eldron, they had to do that. They just changed merchant processing companies. That’s all. Not to confuse you, not to confuse you.

00:35:35 Syd Michael: When you’re doing the volume that Brian and and them are doing, man, the merchant, merchant processing is like the stressful part of the game to be honest. Like, I am so glad I don’t have to deal with that crap. Coral, Vanessa and Brian got to deal with it all the time, constantly. You know, it’s a it’s, it’s a it’s stressful, but it is what it is. Any other questions? No, no, no. No questions. The wrong question. Let me, let me make a recommendation. If you’re listening to me right now, right, let me make a recommendation. I’ll go over Herb’s numbers real quick with you, Thomas, He said. Even if there’s 300 ERTC submission companies that have done 20,000 submissions like we have, right? That’s still only 6,000,000 submissions. There’s 27 million small businesses in the US So doing the math kind of tells you there’s still tons of opportunity out there. Now the difference is, is the opportunities with people that you’re probably going to have to get to know, you’re probably going to have to, you know, get a little bit more personal to engage them, right. Lauren says how can you handle, Can you send me some info? Can I be honest? Are you getting this after talking with them? Are you getting this after sending them an e-mail? Okay. Lauren, if somebody says can you send me some more info? All right, I’m just going to tell you the truth.

00:37:32 Syd Michael: That means you didn’t build enough value in what you talked to him about. It means they’re really not. That’s a nice way of saying no, so to speak. It’s a nice way of saying no. Just being honest with you. You don’t want to ever hear that. That’s a polite no. And I’ll be honest, down in the South, you’ll hear that more no. Yes, you have polite. You’re right into nothing. Constantly, that’s almost what I appreciate. Appreciate about northern people. They seem to be a little bit more. They’ll tell you straight up, right? So you want to be able to you want to present your offer with a little bit more value and by presenting it with a lot more value you won’t get that. Send me more info. When somebody says send me more info, go well, I’m sure you have some questions right now and I’m not the one to let them linger around. I like to answer them right out of the gate. So ask me the questions now, man, they’re making some noise out on the sales floor. They’re bringing that gong like crazy. So something’s up. Yes, Patrick, 8020 rule regarding the submission companies would say that 80% or more are very, very small, much smaller than us. I agree those submissions is probably closer to 1,000,000 or less than based. I totally agree. I know a lot of the companies, even the ones advertising that seem to be. Really really big have came to us for help tell you that tell you that no nobody’s nobody’s developed the agent channel like we have you guys you guys are the backbone of this entire business and while PPC leads can can dry up while Super Bowl commercials can dry up have an actual boots on the on the on the street.

00:39:30 Syd Michael: That could that have warm connections and personal people they can talk with can never be matched. I don’t care what they say, how much money they spend, how great of a commercial they do. I don’t care. You cannot beat people. Ever. That’s the truth. That’s the damn truth. I see what you got going on. Gaia, answer your question. I’ve gotten two public school leads from Bill’s program. Not knocking it, just making sure they aren’t eligible. They’re definitely not eligible and you need to tell Bill to give you to make them right and he will tell them those are, those are, those are bad leads. I need good leads. He uses Google ads and stuff to produce those leads. So. You know, I’ve had some come over where it was actually an employee, not the employer, right? But Bill, Bill’s a straight up guy. Just hit him back and say, hey dude, these are bogus. You sent me some wood. I need some, I need some good stuff. At the end of the day, we all don’t mind buying. We just want to get what we pay for. In every scenario situation. Remember that when you’re talking to somebody, when you when somebody’s thinking about buying from you. Remember what we all honestly just fricking want what we pay for. So give it to him. Give it to him. So when we have both say not interested, can we ask them who would you like us to refer a charity to a charity when we have both say not interested.

00:41:20 Syd Michael: I’m not understanding your question Kim. Maybe answer it again. I ask it again. The deals I’ve closed from Bill have more than paid for the leads. Attaboy. Oh business owner okay. So when we have a business owner say they’re not interested, can we ask them who would you like us to refer to a charity or if they just say not interested? I mean I would just say not interested why or not interested? How? Because. Because they’re probably not. If you can get them to talk right you, then you become Colombo. If you can get them to talk and and and say it, they’re going to tell you where they’ve been misled or given bad information. They’re probably going to say. One of the things that I went over earlier in this call, well, our accountant said that they’re going to really be looking at these are we don’t approve because we’ve actually made too much money. Well, that’s where you’re misinformed and good thing you met me today. Listen, I guarantee you to be the most valuable 15 minutes you spend all week, all month, all, all, all year. If you give me 15 minutes, I’ll explain to you exactly what it is because you’re the exact kind of customer that I’m looking for, because you’re exactly who we’re helping. In fact, we’ve helped over 19,000 times. So man, they’re having so much fun on the sales floor, I feel like I’m missing something. If someone says so, you’ll calculate my exact credit. And then I can make a decision if I want to go with you wrong. So it’s not, I mean we’re not going to go calculate their credit and then they decide if they’re going to go with us or not. That’s not the case. The case is that they can choose which the way I word it. They can choose which one of the B structures they want to go with at that time. If you do it exactly the way that I tell you to do it, you’re not going to have these pushbacks.

00:43:09 Syd Michael: And anybody who, and I’m going to tell you, let’s just think about that. Anybody who signs up and this happens, anybody who signs up at 30% are thinking 30%, right? They’re waiting on their calculations. It takes 3 or 4 weeks. They start getting retargeted like everybody by ERTC ads, right? And they get told they can get their money in two days and it only costs 10%. Humans are going to think, okay, that’s a much better deal, right? The 10% is cheaper than 30%, but where is the disconnect there? Where is it? What? What’s the problem with that? The problem is, is that you’ve not taken the time to properly educate them the difference between a 10% revenue loss company and what we actually are doing, you understand right, 10% of what, 15% of what? Ask them. Get them to tell you. But I have seen that happen where people all of a sudden want to try and ghost you after signing the customer service agreement because they’ve not been properly educated on that exact scenario. Too much time and too stressful. Sandra, I would recommend you make it not stressful. Hold their hand, let them know that you’ll take care of it. There’s nothing to stress over and anybody who says it’s going to take too much time. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? So you mean to tell me it’s going to take too much time to be given 20,000 or $3.3 million? What’s rule #1 from Syd? Anytime two people meet, a sale is made. Somebody convinced you it takes too much time to wait on $20,000 or $3,000,000. So we turn down. If he asked me, all right, I would. I would never believe that if somebody told me that.

00:45:01 Syd Michael: Company said they did well during the pandemic and didn’t want to take the money. Felt guilty. Well, hey, go drive a Prius and enjoy your Tesla. I don’t know what to tell you. Whatever. If somebody feels that way, they’d say give it to charity, you know, because that’s what they’re going to, that’s what they’re kind of, you know, that’s kind of mindset they got. Right, Okay, Great. Then go give it to charity. And some people, there are people that are wired that way. I get it. Same reason why. That’s the same reason why there’s like the beggars for change at the entrance of a casino. People know that they’re going to give away a couple dollars only for the intention of having goodwill when they go in there. Feel like, you know, maybe they’ll get some kudos from giving them. $0.50 to a homeless guy before they walk in to play their blackjack table. Whatever. I would. The only way I would respond to that is good. Well then you should give it to charity. What else? Anything else, anything else. And I’m going to respect every time we’re going to stop this baby. How would you ask for referrals? I would say, hey listen this is a great opportunity. I, you know, I like you thought it was too good to be true when it first happened. By the way do you have any other friends or anybody that you know that would also want to take advantage of this opportunity. I’d love to help him. Thomas says payday this Friday. That’s right, paycheck Friday.

00:46:56 Syd Michael: All right, cool. Awesome. Hopefully that little bit of repetitive training, I’ll go over and over until you get it right. Make sure you’re practicing it, make sure you know it, make sure you listen. And by all means, if y’all need anything, rock’n’roll. See you everybody. Thank you.