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Businesses have until April 15, 2024, to file amended returns for Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2020, and until April 15, 2025, to file amended returns for the quarters in 2021 in which they were eligible to claim the ERC.

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions February 28, 2023 – Sales Training with Syd Michael & Tampa Update

Recovery Profit System Training Course Live Training Sessions 2023-02-28

Sales Training with Syd Michael & Tampa Update


(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)

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[00:00:00] Syd Michael: Hey, what’s happening everybody? Sorry about that. You know, I’ve been in Tampa for, for over a month, and, I get, I get home. I had to go to the doctor for a couple things this morning, and that’s, that was a complete and total nightmare. A whole nother story, dealing with insurance and stuff.

[00:00:19] Syd Michael: But, I, I’ve been working 30 minutes to get my desktop up and, and my mother’s cat puked on the keyboard. It was disgusting. But anyways, I’m on via phone, so I can’t see your questions, but I’ve got Darcey here with me to assist me on, on, answering, any of your questions. How’s everybody doing?

[00:00:43] Syd Michael: Good. Awesome. Gimme some hearts if, if you’re excited, if you’re on your phone, I can see you’re here. There we go. There we go. [00:01:00] Man, I tell you, I won’t mention the person’s name, but, it was pretty satisfying to see hit me over, end of the last week or over the weekend. He said, man, do you know I’ve already made six figures with, RPS?

[00:01:15] Syd Michael: I went, that’s awesome, man. You know what I mean? That’s a, that’s that’s what we’re here for, working our butts off. . okay, good. well let, let’s just talk, let’s just talk about a little bit about the sales process. I kind of rant on Mondays about this. I know y’all aren’t on the field agent calls, but, you know, I wanna talk a a little bit about, you know, when you’re speaking to somebody, right?

[00:01:43] Syd Michael: Realize like you’re going in. You’re going in with all the guns, all the cannons, all the explosive you got seal team 6, 5, 4, and three, all at your disposal. Like it’s [00:02:00] literally apples and oranges against anybody we’re competing with because nobody is doing exactly what we’re doing. Not, I mean, I haven’t ran across many competitors that do it.

[00:02:11] Syd Michael: If they do, they’re doing it at such a slow rate or a, or a, low volume. That, you know, it’s, you know, they’re not coming up on my radar. Realize the majority, and I’ve talked about this a bunch over the last month because I want everybody to know, the majority of ERTC submission companies out there right now are doing loss and revenue only, loss and revenue only, and that’s a very watered down.

[00:02:40] Syd Michael: Right, and the biggest issue with that is, is that, you know, I hope we never have one of these problems again. It was a horrible thing that happened and, and I hope we never, you know, have another pandemic like this ever again. Even though ERTC has been good for all of us, you know, I good riddens when it’s [00:03:00] gone, right?

[00:03:00] Syd Michael: I hope we never have to go through something like this again, but for. To file somebody’s ERTC claim and to to amend their 941 s on a water down submission is no different than being a liar or a thief if you ask me because they know that they should qualify for more money. They’re just not doing it.

[00:03:20] Syd Michael: They’re just scream, scraping the cream off the top, probably charging a low percentage fee, 10%, 15%. And, and, and getting them literally like a fifth, if not a fourth or a fifth. I’ve even seen it more than less than that of what they actually are, are credited for. Now, I’m not saying go out and, and actually, you know, I, we call it power book the deals.

[00:03:46] Syd Michael: That’s a car term. So I know y’all don’t know what is that, but I’m not saying go out and push the envelope. I’m not saying go out and us double. I’m not saying us go out and, and massage the numbers. I’m talking about just getting them [00:04:00] a proper claim to what they deserve, what they earned for, doing the right thing at the wrong, at a bad time.

[00:04:09] Syd Michael: You know, the majority of businesses and a lot of businesses out there just fired the whole floor, closed the office. Now these people maintained employees during a horrific pandemic ho, hopeful. The last and the worst of our lifetimes, they earned these credits, so to give them a, a less than what they’re expected or less than what they deserve.

[00:04:35] Syd Michael: I don’t know how people live with themselves,

[00:04:41] Syd Michael: honestly. Yep. Hang on a second. Yes. Via phone.

[00:04:56] Syd Michael: Sorry, I gotta answer real quick. Communicating, [00:05:00] communicating. Brian is making sure we’re up and running. Good. All right. But everybody understand what I’m saying? Everybody with me on that? Gimme a Roger That, if you understand exactly what I’m saying because it, it drives me bonkers. I know I’ve talked a little bit about it over the last month, but it drives me bonkers.

[00:05:16] Syd Michael: So when you’re talking with. Right. When you’re actually working with somebody and they tell you something like, oh, well, Che says they’ll do it for 10%, understand what they’re saying instead of freaking out. Like I’ve seen, you know, a lot of people do . Oh no, they’re 10%. How am I supposed to close? Well, you’re talking apples and oranges.

[00:05:38] Syd Michael: Like, don’t let them do that to themselves. Explain it to ’em. Educate ’em, tell ’em the. Never hide from it. Leverage it every single time. Every rule of thumb that I’ve taught y’all since day one for the past 12 months still stands true to today. Never hide from the truth. Leverage it. [00:06:00] Go. Well. Let me explain to you what you’re getting for 10%.

[00:06:04] Syd Michael: You’re getting a loss in revenue only over six quarters. And let me guess, you probably lost revenue right after in, in the second quarter of 2020. Yeah, we lost revenue. Everybody did. The whole world stopped, and you might have lost a little bit of revenue in the first quarter of 2021 coming out of Christmas.

[00:06:21] Syd Michael: Yeah, well that tends to be the one we did well. And so you’re only gonna qualify for two quarters yet, yet. There was a government mandated shutdown in quarter three of 2020 and quarter four of 2020. In most cities and towns, that alone tells you they’re gonna get 50% of the credit that they actually deserved by using a CPA calculations where we can do loss in revenue also.

[00:06:50] Syd Michael: But in addition to that, by also using our legal team. That allows us to go in and look and see where there was mandated shutdowns, see where there was [00:07:00] supply chain issues. See where there were social distancing and, and countless other reasons that they could qualify. We’re able to qualify ’em for many more quarters.

[00:07:11] Syd Michael: Here’s what’s happening. Some of these companies, they’re shopping. They’re out there finding out what their credit amount is with a 10% company, and they’re told 50,000, and then they’re out, and then they wait for our credit to come back and it comes back 920,000, and they freak out. Whoa. All of a sudden you went from being their best friend to, what are you doing wrong?

[00:07:37] Syd Michael: Why are you, why is it so much more? Because you didn’t educate them as. Nobody should freak out. They should be expecting it. They should know that it’s gonna be more. You should already have educated them to let them know that we do full complex E r T submissions. If you don’t educate your customer, if you do neglect your customer, they’re gonna be [00:08:00] surprised and freaked out.

[00:08:01] Syd Michael: We have a case right now with those exact numbers where now the people are trying to cancel. They’re trying to revoke the. Because it freaked them out cause they got $920,000.

[00:08:16] Syd Michael: They start throwing around words like scam. You know there’s gotta be something wrong with this. Like, cuz they don’t believe it. Also, a lot of them are not prepared. Think about it. They’re already prepared. They’re thinking, okay, I’m gonna pay upfront. 18%. 18% of 50 grands, 9,000. I got that in the bank. I’m good.

[00:08:35] Syd Michael: But they’re not. To pay 150,000. When they find out the upfront of the $920,000 rebate, even though it makes sense, they’re not prepared to do it. So then they get locked into that, that scarcity mindset that, oh no, I’m gonna have to do the contingency at 30% of $920,000. They’ll almost burned the house down before they have to pay the [00:09:00] 30%.

[00:09:02] Syd Michael: Does that make sense? Let me know if you’re, if you’re keeping up with me on this,

[00:09:09] Syd Michael: Darcey, if you could pitch in a little bit and let me know what they’re saying. Cause I’m not able to see the question or their responses. Yep.

[00:09:15] Darcey Hall: We’re getting lots of Roger That loud and clear

[00:09:19] Syd Michael: they mentality. Yep. So how do you combat this? You combat this by properly educating, properly, getting in their.

[00:09:33] Syd Michael: Properly establishing a relationship with your client. I know some people are doing cold email and, and they, they got a system where they’re not able to do this. But let me tell you something, the people that can, you’re full not to you, should be right there in their pocket this entire time. Educate them on what the process is.

[00:09:54] Syd Michael: Let them know what to expect. Do a proper cool down transfer for when e, when, when our AE is [00:10:00] call. To where it’s really simple. Everybody that’s doing that is crushing it. Just so you know, you can take a little bit more backseat model approach. I’m not telling You can’t, you’ll, you’ll still have success, just not as potent success.

[00:10:17] Syd Michael: But if you really wanna give yourself the best advantage possible, listen to what I’m telling. Listen to where I’m taking you here because this is the truth. This is, this is how, this is how you don’t have people freaking out. You don’t have, you don’t have people going and, and you know, I mean it’s, you know, we’re all like conscious shoppers, right?

[00:10:39] Syd Michael: I mean, if, if, if they see their 10%, our 10% competitor as equal to us, who wouldn’t save eight, 8%, they’re fools not to save 8%. If they see it as, Well, guess whose job it is to show them the difference, to let them know it’s not equal. Yours, [00:11:00] it’s yours. And if you have trouble with it, book a call with me and I’ll do it for you.

[00:11:05] Syd Michael: But you’ve got to educate these customers on exactly what they’re receiving, especially these big deals, these 900 plus thousands, these million dollar deals, $2 million deals. Can you imagine how much money is left on the. How much money they’re getting screwed out of because they’re naturally programmed to take the best price.

[00:11:28] Syd Michael: You can’t blame them for wanting to do the 10%. It’s 8% less than what the AC fees are.

[00:11:36] Syd Michael: The fault is because you haven’t educated them properly. You with me on that? Let me know. Everybody’s keeping up with me. If you have any questions on what I’m. Darcey let me know. And I’d love to answer ’em cuz I want everybody to be on the same page with this because as we move, as we move forward, you know, there’s, there’s definitely more competition popping up.[00:12:00]

[00:12:00] Syd Michael: But when it comes to side by side comparison, they really don’t compete in, in any facet whatsoever. Not in one part. Do they? Do they?

[00:12:11] Darcey Hall: Yeah, we’re gonna Roger That. Keep going. Got it. Roger That. Roger That. Right on. Makes perfect sense.

[00:12:18] Syd Michael: Okay. All right. Good. I feel better. I feel good that, and I know most of y’all, y’all get this, I just wanted to reiterate it because it’s so important, right?

[00:12:29] Syd Michael: So when, when you’re talking with the customer, when you’re talking with the client, and I’m just gonna assume whether you’re doing this email, I’m gonna say belly to belly or over the phone, like I do a lot of, right. You need to let them. that we do complex submissions, let them go ahead and prepare them.

[00:12:44] Syd Michael: That’s that we’re able to qualify them for additional quarters that they normally wouldn’t qualify with anybody else, especially their bank. I don’t know if y’all heard Wells Fargo’s in the game now, right? Biggest crooks in America. Don’t even get me started on it. Ugh. [00:13:00] Anyways, Wells Fargo’s in the game now, right?

[00:13:03] Syd Michael: They’re out there doing loss and revenue. Submissions. They, they, they love their clients so much that they’re out there screwing every one of them doing loss of revenue. ERTC claims. That’s how much they appreciate you. First off, they don’t want you to come in and meet a a, a teller anymore. They’d rather you do your deposits outside at the atm.

[00:13:24] Syd Michael: They don’t really wanna have to have any physical interaction with you. They’ll ask you to open an account if you go in there and try to cash another check from another bank, but they don’t really want to know you. They want you to make your deposits outside or actually you through their phone app. So that way they don’t have to spend any money on people to do it.

[00:13:39] Syd Michael: And then they love you so much. They’re gonna actually do a loss of revenue in A ERTC claim submission for you and only charge you 10% is they screw you out of half the money. You really actually do maybe more. Thank you. Wells Fargo, I appreciate you. Can I open another account? Let me trust you with my, my investment banking too.[00:14:00]

[00:14:00] Syd Michael: Pass I’m out. Who in the hell would right? Get offended. I would be offended. I am offended. It’s a complete and total joke, what they’re doing to people. It’s absurd. It’s the result of pure greed. It might sound greedy to me saying I want to get ’em the most in return. It’s greedy to them to willing to take a fee as they’re cutting them short, they’re cutting their legs off.

[00:14:28] Syd Michael: They care about their businesses so much. They’re sitting there giving ’em a $50,000 credit when they’re due $390,000. Thank you. Can I have another pass? As they jamming you with $35 overdraft so they can pull out your most maximum withdrawal first before your last one, so they can get as many $35 overdrafts as possible as your deposit goes in at 5:00 AM and your, your withdrawals come out at 1:00 AM What a bunch of fricking crooks.

[00:14:56] Syd Michael: I’m out. I’m out. You’re gonna [00:15:00] compare me to them. There is no comparison. Not with integrity and not with performance, and definitely not with service. So anyways, I don’t mean to rant, but you know, it is. It is what it is, right?

[00:15:16] Darcey Hall: rant on Syd . Everybody’s loving it.

[00:15:19] Syd Michael: Mark Sullivan says It’s true though.

[00:15:21] Syd Michael: It’s so true, right? And so when somebody says, well, we’re thinking about going with Wells Fargo, you should get fricking excited. You should come out of your chair, you’re so excited they said that because let me tell you what you’re thinking about doing. Let me just explain to you exactly what you’re actually considering right now.

[00:15:42] Syd Michael: Right. You can tell them a hundred ways from Sunday why that’s the worst, worst decision they ever made. And listen, in the end, if they still chose to go with Wells Fargo, if they didn’t see value for whatever reason and what you offered, at least then, you know, you did everything you [00:16:00] could to try and help them as much as you could.

[00:16:01] Syd Michael: And you’ll go to bed well at night and, and, and obviously they’re missing a screw or something’s wrong. that they wouldn’t go with you. There’s nobody in their right mind that would consider going with us, given the full explanation. But given just a partial explanation, they’re a fool to go with us because all it appears to them is that we’re 8% more, but justify why we’re 8% more.

[00:16:28] Syd Michael: Fair enough. So let me know if anybody had any objections this week. I want to help you overcome ’em and, Darcey, if you see any, objection questions. Sure. Before you could read ’em out.

[00:16:45] Darcey Hall: Before we go on here, I just wanna, backtrack to Mark Marquis said a question, her comment, he said it would be nice to see some examples how of, how the CPAs go deeper.

[00:16:59] Darcey Hall: Is it just [00:17:00] experience or something else?

[00:17:02] Syd Michael: No, it’s Marcus, by the way, even though it looks like marquee. I, I called it Marques forever, but it’s Marcus, just so you know. Marcus. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. That’s cool. It’s spelled that way. anyways, but, well, so example is mandated government shutdowns.

[00:17:19] Syd Michael: That’s the easiest one. Realize when, when, when Paychex or, or Wells Fargo, or, you know, bottom line, any of those other competitors. Th they’re only looking. Loss in revenue, so they’re not, they’re not qualifying them. In the quarters that there was a mandated shutdown, which we all know that all through 2020 there was mandated shutdowns, right?

[00:17:45] Syd Michael: The economy recovered in quarter three of 2020. In fact, it was epic. I don’t know if anybody was in the stock market, but I made a killing on options that quarter, right up until September 2nd. Then it was a bloodbath, but anyways, it made a heck of a recovery. . [00:18:00] So you know, they made more revenue, especially a lot of these H V A C companies or any sort of service industry.

[00:18:05] Syd Michael: Everybody got their stimuluses and started spending money on fixing stuff, right? But if they were mandated to shut down, they can still qualify for that quarter. And if we do an opinion letter, an official opinion letter, where we, you know, for supply chain shortage, they could qualify for all six quarter.

[00:18:24] Syd Michael: That’s massive. Understand that a lot of these big submissions, even the ones that are millions of dollars, are only of getting approved for one, two, sometimes three quarters. So the value of missing a quarter are two quarters, or god forbid three quarters can be astronomically.

[00:18:48] Syd Michael: And totally justifiably to, to get to, to, to pay for double, you know, to get double the, the credit. Right.

[00:18:59] Syd Michael: What [00:19:00] else have a

[00:19:02] Darcey Hall: question from Michael? Objection. My CPA already did that ERC as we had all losses. As we had losses all quarters,

[00:19:13] Syd Michael: your CPA did it. Exactly. And, and all you’re getting is a CPA calculation. Again, you’re, you’re cutting yourself short, you’ve left money all over the table. There’s additional quarters that you could qualify for with the, with, actually having, you know, the mandated government shut down.

[00:19:32] Syd Michael: And as assuming, unless you’re saying you had a loss in revenue all six quarters, well then you can’t really compete. I’ve not, I’ve yet to see out of every deal I’ve dealt with over a thousand deals already. I’ve yet to see one company have all six quarters revenue loss.

[00:19:55] Syd Michael: Someone ask,

[00:19:55] Darcey Hall: does the prospect have to pay for the opinion letter? [00:20:00]

[00:20:01] Syd Michael: They do pay for the opinion letter, but it comes out of their fee.

[00:20:08] Syd Michael: why

[00:20:08] Darcey Hall: did a security company, wait, why did a security company could not be included in the mandatory shutdown category?

[00:20:18] Syd Michael: Why could a security company not be, I don’t understand what you’re a, they’re asking did they have a security company that didn’t qualify for that reason?

[00:20:31] Darcey Hall: That’s what a appears to be.

[00:20:34] Syd Michael: The only reason why they wouldn’t approve is there wasn’t a mandated shutdown, which, I mean, just to give you an idea, for instance, like in Nashville, everything was mandated government shutdown, but Tennessee wasn’t.

[00:20:48] Syd Michael: I promise you a CPA’s not gonna do the research and figure that out. An attorney will.[00:21:00]

[00:21:00] Darcey Hall: So you’re Michael following up. Oh, for the Michael’s CPA already did. The ERC said that is exactly what they said. Losses all six quarters.

[00:21:11] Syd Michael: Well, next , you know, you can’t get every deal, you know,

[00:21:18] Darcey Hall: low as on opinion letter. One more time. They don’t pay the upfront fee anymore. It does in fact come out of refund.

[00:21:27] Syd Michael: Question mark. They do pay for the, opinion letter. They’re $2,500, unless this automotive is five grand. They do pay for it up front, and then the fee comes out of the, or the price of the opinion letter comes out of the fee because the way it’s been done on everyone I’ve done.

[00:21:50] Syd Michael: And they’re supposed to pay for it up upfront. However, I mean, just shooting you straight, I’ve done two or three opinion letters and I didn’t charge ’em upfront, but it is what it is. I wasn’t, you know, I didn’t say [00:22:00] nothing. I just kept moving with the process.

[00:22:07] Syd Michael: All we have

[00:22:07] Darcey Hall: for the questions right now or objections,

[00:22:19] Syd Michael: Read me any one of them? What was that? Read me any of the objections.

[00:22:25] Darcey Hall: Oh, that, that’s, I’ve read you all the questions we have, so, okay. Sorry. Yeah. In the interim, I wanna point out the ERTC Express Agent Mastermind coming up March 9th and 10th. We only have

[00:22:39] Syd Michael: about, did we move it ninth and 10th? Because originally we said it was eighth and ninth.

[00:22:43] Syd Michael: Yes,

[00:22:44] Darcey Hall: yes, Nicole. It was announced in the Facebook group and emails have gone out. It. Yeah, it, it moved to the ninth to 10th by popular request cuz of the budding up to the weekend. It made it easier for Bob.

[00:22:57] Syd Michael: Thank, thank God. Cause I saw somebody bought their tickets for the [00:23:00] eighth, ninth, and 10th and I thought, oh geez.

[00:23:02] Darcey Hall: Oh, and Brian did say that if they did already then and there’s a change fee issue, then the then to put in a ticket, support ticket, But we are excited and we only have, I think about nine seats left. Okay. And the, some of the hotel blocks, there’s a lot of events going on in Tampa, so hotels are filling up.

[00:23:31] Darcey Hall: We did have a few room blocks that we’ve, but they. Only can hold them for a certain time and believe the Hyatt released the, the any additional seats last night. And the Hotel Alba, it’s nice. It’s the closest hotel. It’s ni really nice. They’ve given us a good discount. They’re extending the discount, but keep an eye, everybody should have received emails regarding, [00:24:00] the details as well as it is in the Facebook.

[00:24:04] Syd Michael: It’s called the Alba. I’ve not stayed there.

[00:24:07] Darcey Hall: Hotel Alba. It’s a Hilton Tapestry Collectionby Hilton.

[00:24:12] Syd Michael: Oh. I stay at the, I stay at the Hampton Inn, which is like four miles from the office. Dude, It’s a little bit older, but I love that place. The squirrels are n sweet at the pool. They come up and hang out with you, and if you take little, little treats out there, they’ll eat, eat with you and.

[00:24:29] Syd Michael: Yeah. When you, when you live in a hotel by yourself, they, they become quite, quite great friends, you have names for them, Syd? Yeah. I’ve already named them all.

[00:24:45] Darcey Hall: All righty. Let’s see. We’ve got some questions coming in now we have Okay. For, I think one of the objections is “It seems too good to be.”

[00:24:56] Syd Michael: I totally agree. I thought the same thing when I first saw it. However, it’s very true. Let, let me explain to you, cuz I don’t want you to get involved in anything that you would feel uncomfortable, but when I show you what it is, you’re gonna feel very comfortable.

[00:25:07] Syd Michael: You got a few minutes, it’s gonna be the most valuable five minutes you spend all week, all month, all year for me to go ahead and show you what it is. Great. Let’s get started. Are you sitting in front of a. No problem. Right. Let me explain to you what the ERTC is. They came out with the ERTC with the CARES Act back in 2020.

[00:25:28] Syd Michael: At the beginning of 2020. It was, it actually came out before the PPP. You remember the PPP? Yes. Okay, great. Well, you actually had to choose one or the other, and fortunately to all CPAs. Si relief when they saw the PPP come out, cuz everybody chose the PPP because it was way simpler. However, when the American Recovery Plan came out in March, may of 2021, they said, did you we’re gonna offer the ERTC in addition to the PPP.

[00:25:55] Syd Michael: So what I’m telling you is you left money on the table. So that’s where it sounds too good [00:26:00] to be true, but it’s very true, and we are gonna get that money off the table for you. That’s why you wanna talk with somebody like myself who specialized in doing this. We’ve done over thousand claim submissions.

[00:26:09] Syd Michael: We are, one of the top submission companies in the country. We do do complex emissions, not just income loss emissions. Don’t let somebody rip you off and do just an income loss submission because you definitely are probably qualified for many more quarters than that is, and, and I hope this never happens again.

[00:26:28] Syd Michael: I hope we never have to deal with this, but now that it’s happened instead of. The only thing we ever hear from the IRS is they’re raising taxes. This is one chance we got where they’re actually giving us money back. In fact, it’s money that you don’t even have to pay back. So let’s maximize your opportunity given the the predicament that we’re in and, and move forward.

[00:26:49] Syd Michael: Welcome through it. Start explaining build, build value in the whole process. Understand we’re gonna upload your, information today. Even if you got the PPP, you are gonna need a 3508 Forgiveness, so go ahead and be looking for that. Right. Even if you did receive the PPP, there is money left on the table.

[00:27:08] Syd Michael: We’re gonna do the ERC submission. Here’s the good news and I wanna be completely transparent with you. We’re gonna upload a few docs today with me on the phone with you, and we’re gonna send you over work order agreement. You do have to sign the work order agreement in order for to do the work. And you don’t, you’re not gonna owe us any money until you know exactly what the credit is.

[00:27:25] Syd Michael: But once you get that credit, you’re gonna be, make a fully educated decision on which way you wanna pay for it. Let me be transparent with you and go ahead and tell you what the fees are on the work order agreement. That way there’s no surprise to it. If you ever worked with a personal injury attorney, or if you’ve heard all of these commercials online, Morgan and Morgan, where they take a full contingency, you win.

[00:27:43] Syd Michael: We win. We all win. Only win if you win. Well, we offer the same thing. However, we’re not as expensive as these attorneys that charge 35 and 40%. We’re only 30%. The good news is we are one of the only ERTC companies in the country right now. They’re offering a true contingency. Now, if you wanna save a significant [00:28:00] amount of money, you might choose to put down a small deposit only.

[00:28:02] Syd Michael: After you find out your credit calculation from us, you might choose to put down a small deposit, and then your fee drops significantly all the way down to 25%. Now, We’ve seen credits from 20,000 up to $3 million, and, and with percentages mean tens of thousands of dollars. When you start talking about large credit amounts like three.

[00:28:22] Syd Michael: And I don’t know where you’re gonna fall, but considering that you might fall higher like that, you might choose to be like 31% of our clients. And that’s the pay upfront, which is 18%. Here’s the best news. You don’t have to choose any of these fees right now. Today you’re, we’re gonna figure out this credit calculation for you right now and, and once we get it back to you, once you know exactly what’s on the table, how much you left on the table and what’s at stake, then you can make the decision on which one of the three payment options you want to go.

[00:28:48] Syd Michael: Today all we need to do is get you uploaded and started. That way we can get you in front of the line instead of the end of the line. E RTC submissions are so popular right now. They’re, you know, they’re, they’re, the IRS is telling us to tell people between six and [00:29:00] nine months. I’m gonna tell you privately, we’re seeing ’em come in as quick as 18 weeks, however, We are talking about the I, what the IRS is gonna do.

[00:29:08] Syd Michael: I can’t quote you 18 weeks because sure enough they will take six to nine months. I don’t wanna be one to mislead you like that, but I am gonna let you know that they are average in about 18 weeks right now. It could take twice, if not three times as long as we take two or three weeks, upload your document.

[00:29:22] Syd Michael: So it’s important that we get this all handled in the next 24 hours. Fair enough? Great. Let’s keep moving forward. I need you to upload your, you know, 35 0 8. I need you to sign, you know, upload your payroll journal. I need you to upload, W three, you know, go through the docs with ’em, get the docs uploaded, get ’em started.

[00:29:39] Syd Michael: Let ’em know the only thing that slows us. Well, how long is this gonna take? I’m glad you asked that. Here, let me tell you what, it shouldn’t take more than four to five weeks to calculate, a lot of times, a lot faster, but that’s on average. The only reason why it takes sometimes way longer than that is if you.

[00:29:56] Syd Michael: Slow down on uploading your docs. Some people get stuck, so [00:30:00] therefore I want, I want to give you my number. My, my cell phone number is five five five one two one two. I want you to know that if you have any questions or have any concern or run into any problems, you can always reach out to me and I’ll walk you through it.

[00:30:14] Syd Michael: You’re never left alone. If you’re like me, I know you’re gonna think of three or four questions that you wanted to ask today on the phone after we get off the phone. Feel free to call me right back and let’s answer those questions for you. I don’t want you to ever feel that you’re not supported through this entire process, and that’s what I’m here for.

[00:30:30] Syd Michael: Boom, walk ’em through white glove them and it goes easy, easy, easy. The only deals we’ve had any issues with are deals that are neglected, period. If you assist your customers the way I just told you word for word, how to do it, you will make Mad, Mad Bank G.

[00:30:55] Syd Michael: Did I start talking too fast or did I leave anybody or with mail? I’m

[00:30:59] Darcey Hall: actually typing into the [00:31:00] chat to put the replay to re-listen to your word tracks are on recovery profit system com slash the live calls. That was fast. You’re on a mission.

[00:31:13] Syd Michael: I’ve done it a thousand times , and I’m doing it every day.

[00:31:18] Syd Michael: Constant.

[00:31:19] Darcey Hall: That’s why you’re an expert at it, right? You don’t have an expert doing it once, twice, or three times. Let’s see here.

[00:31:25] Nicole Heard: Hey, Syd.

[00:31:29] Syd Michael: Hey Nicole. What’s up?

[00:31:31] Nicole Heard: I just saw a question. I just wanted to jump in real quick and answer. Ms. Anne, she said she had a client that looked up the IRS page, and according to them, it says she didn’t qualify.

[00:31:43] Syd Michael: Yeah. the IRS doesn’t qualify you. You have to go to a CPA to know if you’re qualified or not. just because she saw some contingencies on the IRS page that she feels like she didn’t meet. does not mean she doesn’t qualify. They don’t qualify you. They just make sure that the [00:32:00] documentation that they get from the CPA matches what they filed.

[00:32:04] Syd Michael: Correct. The previous year. Absolutely correct. Is that Ann Powell Hansen? Yes. Yes. Yeah. You coming to see me? next month? Ann

[00:32:15] Darcey Hall: Anne’s coming in.

[00:32:18] Syd Michael: Oh, good. Good. Hey girl. Kristi’s coming too. Yep. Good. Two of my favorites. Right.

[00:32:28] Darcey Hall: Hey, a quick note again on the Mastermind, people have asked about the recordings or live stream. We are recording. I do not, cannot guarantee that we’ll have the capability up for the live streaming just in terms of, live, yeah, life happens of whether things, the connections work for the live streams or whatnot.

[00:32:48] Darcey Hall: We’ll try, but we are definitely recording and making those recordings available through the Eventbrite page, and I’ll drop link in the chat in just a moment.

[00:32:59] Syd Michael: Yep. [00:33:00] If you could make it, try and make it, it’ll be well worth, your travel efforts, I promise you that. Plus, it’s always nice to put a face with a name and a name with a face, and.

[00:33:12] Syd Michael: And, you know, we we’re gonna have a lot of fun over those two days and we’re gonna talk nothing but ERTC. We’re gonna get everybody bigger and better than they, than they were when they showed up. I promise you. That’s my guarantee. When you leave, you will be better than you were before you got there.

[00:33:27] Syd Michael: Fact, and if you have any clients that we need to talk to, I’ll jump on the phone with you right there. Live we’ll, we’ll, we’ll step out of the training center and, and we’ll, Like all our, our hundred percent goal there in those two days is the one get to know you way better. Two, train each and every one.

[00:33:44] Syd Michael: Yeah, a little bit better than you before you got there. And three, help you close deals. Put the narrow and Pac like that is, that was my hundred percent commitment to each and every one of you. So I’m excited to see you.[00:34:00]

[00:34:02] Darcey Hall: I have some more questions that have come in. There’s one here from Mark Sullivan. Clients tax preparer didn’t do 941 s, but only a yearly tax filing. So do we do the 941 s for them? How does this work? The client is stuck at this point, but everything else is done. Mm-hmm.

[00:34:19] Syd Michael: All right. I’m talking a little bit out of my range here, but let me try, so do they have a PEO payroll provider?

[00:34:27] Syd Michael: What do you mean? They didn’t prepare? Nine 40.

[00:34:38] Syd Michael: Still waiting for Mark to answer. Yep.

[00:34:41] Darcey Hall: And time got the, Fred got this objection. I spoke with my coworker and she said that we will hold off for now and we’ll get back to you if we decide to move forward later.

[00:34:53] Syd Michael: That’s a left-handed turn down.[00:35:00]

[00:35:00] Syd Michael: When somebody says something like that, say, say, no problem. I just wanna make sure that you’re, that you’re fully understanding of what you’re actually considering, you know? is there a way you can get your partner on the phone so we can talk about it right now? You know, you gotta be Colombo, right?

[00:35:18] Syd Michael: Well, what, what is it you’re looking to discover over the next week that we couldn’t discover now? , like, I don’t like to put people on the back burner. I like to take care of problems up front, so apologize for if I seem a little aggressive. I’m just wanting to answer any questions you have now, not ones that you may come up with later

[00:35:40] Syd Michael: realize, like in, in all honesty, like, let’s be truthful with ourselves, and that’s why I always tell you to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. If somebody said that to you, why, why would you say that to somebody? It’s only two reasons. One, what majority of people are doing, they’re making up shit and lying to you, to your face because they just, [00:36:00] they’ve decided before they even talk to you, they’re not buying whatever it is you’re selling.

[00:36:04] Syd Michael: Two, they, maybe you quote ’em the 18%. They remember seeing the email from Paychex for 10% and they’re wanting to see how far they can get with the 10% before they even talk to you. Your fault if you don’t discover that and explain to ’em that the difference between us and them, because you can’t blame them if you never tell them the big difference between us and them.

[00:36:29] Syd Michael: You can’t blame them for wanting to pay 8% less thinking they’re getting the same service. Who wouldn’t? Right? I mean, if you saw two baskets of oranges and one were $2 and one was a dollar, and they looked the same. Would anybody buy the $2 orange? Of course not. So it’s a hundred percent up to you to be the wolf and to explain to them exactly what they’re comparing.[00:37:00]

[00:37:06] Syd Michael: I wanna talk to my, business partner and we’ll get back with you. No problem. What’s your business partner waiting on? Let me help you with whatever they’re waiting on. Let me answer any questions you have on what you, what, what they’re, what they’re wanting to figure out before they move forward.

[00:37:21] Syd Michael: Because lemme tell you something, the only thing slower than, than a a check from the IRS is they’re updating their website. So if you’re basing your, your, ability to approve off of the IRS website, you, you’re costing yourself a lot of money. There’d be no reason to have specialized sum submission companies, so everybody could just go read the website and do it themselves.

[00:37:39] Syd Michael: Don’t you agree? Great. Let me, let me show you why we charge a fee and how we earn this fee every single day. In fact, we’ve earned it with over 12,000.

[00:37:53] Syd Michael: Everybody with me on that?[00:38:00]

[00:38:00] Darcey Hall: Waiting for the Yes. Yes. Moving on. Yep. Moving on to texting. Roger That. Yes.

[00:38:10] Syd Michael: Also, I mean, I just wanna publicly say this. We’ve see, we’ve had, you know, we talked about memes in the past and I’ve, you know, we’ve had a lot of people actually have success with these memes where they got ghosted and, you know, they thought maybe the people just moved on or, or submitted with somebody else or no longer was interested and they, they sent the meme and, and got a response and got the, their client back engaged.

[00:38:30] Syd Michael: People get busy. People get busy. You know, you, You gotta give ’em the benefit of the doubt. In reality, I want everybody to kind of, and I’m gonna talk slower here so everybody understand. In reality, like without a doubt, without a question, always put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think, if I saw what If I was them and saw what I’ve shown this far, would I make a decision?[00:39:00]

[00:39:00] Syd Michael: What would I be thinking? Why would I say what they. And if you really, really come at with, with true empathy and understand where they’re coming from, you’ll be able to discover what the real issue is. That’s why they say closers have two ears of one mouth. It’s not what you’re saying. It’s a hundred percent what they’re saying and you’re listening to.

[00:39:24] Syd Michael: And if you’re talking over ’em or if you’re talking at them, like so many people make a mistake and. You’re not going to hear those, that, that key word or that key statement that’s gonna totally expose their, their cards that they’re holding in their hand. You have to listen.

[00:39:47] Darcey Hall: Said, I’ve got an answer or update from Mark Sullivan regarding his tax prepared not doing the nine 40 ones. He’s. Nope, he doesn’t have a PEO. He said, this is my sub [00:40:00] agent’s client on the phone with her now.

[00:40:03] Syd Michael: Okay.

[00:40:07] Syd Michael: They just don’t have nine 40 ones. Something’s wrong. Something’s wrong there. Do they have employees?

[00:40:24] Darcey Hall: Wait for his response here. For, for Mark.

[00:40:27] Syd Michael: Yep. No problem. Let’s just keep moving. When he responds, we can help.

[00:40:31] Darcey Hall: He said, should I go to Slack channel for this? Yeah. It’s really weird. She’s saying she doesn’t have 941 s.

[00:40:41] Syd Michael: Yeah, just go to Slack cuz that’s not, something’s missing there. Something’s missing.

[00:40:46] Syd Michael: Or she doesn’t realize she have 941. Who, who’s, who’s her payroll with? Who’s she doing her payroll with? Quick.

[00:40:58] Syd Michael: Not sure. He says, [00:41:00] okay, well I would just take it, A slack star says

[00:41:03] Darcey Hall: I would be running away from the one that, the one without 941 s.

[00:41:06] Syd Michael: Well, yeah, I mean, you’ll run into that. I mean, not everybody, everybody assumes everybody files their taxes properly, but you know, that’s not, that’s not the case. That’s not the case.

[00:41:18] Syd Michael: There’s plenty of outlaws and bandits in this world.

[00:41:26] Syd Michael: Do you see any other objections we could go over or discuss?

[00:41:30] Darcey Hall: Taking a look here. I just wanna make a quick comment, Margaret, a as, can you please ma write that as a transcript, please? For all of us. The sales pitch spiel can be memorized better. I am actually working on the, put in the transcriptions up.

[00:41:43] Syd Michael: I, there’s already a transcription in the, in the Facebook group.

[00:41:54] Darcey Hall: Scrolling here. Question. From George, what percentage of deals do [00:42:00] we turn away or don’t qualify? Just to let people know we keep it black and white on the analysis.

[00:42:10] Syd Michael: Say that again.

[00:42:13] Darcey Hall: Question, what percentage of deals do we turn away or don’t qualify? Just to let people know we keep it black and white on the

[00:42:20] Syd Michael: analysis. I don’t know the exact percentage, but I wouldn’t talk about negative. Like when, when you’re pitching somebody or when you’re talking to somebody about the positives, are we selling who, whoever’s saying this, are we selling you on why you should start doing the rtc?

[00:42:37] Syd Michael: Or you have a client that wants to know the negatives? I’ll give you an example. Like if you’ll notice when I’m pitching or throwing the numbers, I say putting down a small deposit and then the and, and then the remainder fee of 25%. I don’t go into detail what the deposit. Deposits 5%. But why confuse the matter?

[00:42:57] Syd Michael: And it’s a negative statement. You [00:43:00] want, when you’re pitching somebody, you want it to be all smooth and creamy, right? You want your steak to have sizzle on it. You don’t wanna take the sizzle off of it. Why? Why even tell them how many people don’t qualify? You can say, not everybody qualifies, but there’s no reason to give them like a, an odds chance where they, they’ll make a decision.

[00:43:18] Syd Michael: I don’t wanna take the chance, and chances are I got a 30% chance I’m not qualifying anyway, so screw it. I’m not gonna ins, you know what I mean? I wouldn’t give that information anyway personally. Just keeping it real.

[00:43:39] Darcey Hall: Edwin asked if the client chose this simple submission 10% with a competitor and is working on getting that submitted, are we still able to show them what a more complete credit can be for them? When is too late to win over their

[00:43:53] Syd Michael: business after they’ve already amended their 941 s? But if they’ve not admitted their nine 40 ones yet, no, they [00:44:00] can totally.

[00:44:07] Syd Michael: Great. And we don’t, we don’t amend amends. That’s, that’s kind of where the rule is.

[00:44:18] Darcey Hall: Patricia asked, when we are ghosted, is it likely that they found out they haven’t been filing correctly?

[00:44:26] Syd Michael: that there’s a hundred different reasons you could be ghosted. There’s no way to guess why you’re being ghosted. but you never know what it is. That’s why you drop a couple memes and, and, and hopefully reengage them.

[00:44:41] Syd Michael: You got nothing to lose, but to try and guess or to, you know, to, to overthink and wonder why you, you’ll drive yourself crazy. I wouldn’t even do that. I would just have a standard protocol. If somebody doesn’t call me back, I drop.[00:45:00]

[00:45:03] Syd Michael: The mind’s a powerful thing and if you let it go one way or the other, it can talk you into a lot of good stuff and it can talk you out of a lot of great stuff. . So try and control it. Oh,

[00:45:15] Darcey Hall: laughing. I missed Doug’s comment earlier. It said sick. Could be water boarded and still say the spiel perfectly.

[00:45:23] Darcey Hall: Hello? Well,

[00:45:25] Syd Michael: Right.

[00:45:31] Darcey Hall: Sierra, what other questions do we have? Everybody? Okay. don’t, oh, somebody says, I don’t know what a meme is. How do I drop a meme?

[00:45:41] Syd Michael: A meme is like a, an image. for instance, like one of the memes I remember just off the top of my head was a, it was a skeleton sitting on a park. They said, Hey, I’ll just sit here and wait until you call me back.

[00:45:57] Syd Michael: You know, it’s kinda humorous. [00:46:00] Another one had a, a dolphin on it and it said, are you avoiding me on purpose? You know, using, what is that called when, when you puns? You know, it was a pun. . But it’s funny because when you send a meme like that, somebody who realizes, man, I’ve been meaning to call him back.

[00:46:17] Syd Michael: I’ve been meaning to call em back. I know I need to call em back. And I just got busy. You know, life happens, you know what I mean? And when they see that, they kind, they, they’ll chuckle and, and text you back, dude, I know I need to call you. My bad, I got, you know, in Paris for two weeks. I’ll call you tomorrow.

[00:46:34] Syd Michael: I mean, that’s, that’s, that’s when the meme works. and you got nothing to lose. I mean, you’re not being offensive with a meme. It’s it’s just, you know, they know they haven’t called you back when they said they call you back tomorrow and they haven’t called you back in three weeks and you send ’em a picture of a skeleton dying on a bench, waiting on ’em.

[00:46:56] Syd Michael: You know, who wouldn’t laugh about that? You’re like, dude, that’s exactly what I [00:47:00] did to you. People are real. You know what I mean? Anybody who, anybody who treats you. Is not coming from a, a position of, of honesty. Right? And so who cares Anyway, anybody who’s honest and, and, and reality and real. Yeah, I think I told y’all when I, when I spent, a week in, new Orleans right of about a year and a half ago, and I talked with everybody from, from homeless to on the street to, I stayed at the Waldorf Astoria to wealthy people.

[00:47:33] Syd Michael: And, and one thing I realized no matter who they were, No matter what they believe, what political side they were on, anything. Every single person I talked to all wanted the same thing. They all wanted love, they all wanted family, and they all wanted friends. They all want to take care of, you know, their kids.

[00:47:56] Syd Michael: Customers are the same way, they’re gonna react [00:48:00] the same way you would. People love to laugh. Anybody, you know, we create these monsters in our heads, you know, that are gonna get, offend, offended for, for, you know, no reason when you’re not attending on offending them. Well, anybody who does is coming from a place of dishonesty, and you wanna cut them outta your life and world as fast as possible.

[00:48:24] Syd Michael: Who wants to do business? Who wants to get somebody back a nice credit that’s a jerk or unappreciative, right? Let ’em know you’re real. When, when, when you create that real relationship with somebody, when you get into their bubble with, with, and you could be yourself and, and they could be themselves and you talk about anything other than business for a second when you can get ’em to talk about their kid or their cat or their dog or their, or their baseball team or whatever.

[00:48:51] Syd Michael: That’s, that’s when you know you, you’ve created a friendship and you know, I can’t stress enough anybody who’s thinking doing [00:49:00] ERTC and then being gone is a fool because this is the greatest door opener I’ve ever seen in business up until this point. You will be their number one vendor from here on out, and if you don’t sell them something else, you’re screwing up.

[00:49:16] Syd Michael: So establish the relationship accordingly. And again, if they get offended, then they’re not coming from a position of, of honesty anyway, because there’s nothing to get offended over. Make sense?

[00:49:39] Syd Michael: Cool. Any more questions, Darcey? Or you see anything else where,

[00:49:44] Darcey Hall: where do you find memes?

[00:49:47] Syd Michael: I’ve put a bunch of ’em in the Facebook group, but, you know, I look, I, where I found most of ’em was in other sales, like sales groups, you know, but, you know, [00:50:00] Google, Google’s a, Google’s your friend potentially trying to Google, or you can download a meme at MEME app and create your own.

[00:50:09] Syd Michael: but if you look in our Facebook group, I dropped several of them for everybody to use in.

[00:50:20] Syd Michael: They’re just highly effective because they’re more than just texts. They have an image which creates emotion. And what do people buy on emotion? They react off of emotion.

[00:50:36] Syd Michael: Only a true psychopath narcissist would, would make moves without zero emotion. Most humans are emotional. We just are.

[00:50:58] Syd Michael: We see anything else? [00:51:00]

[00:51:00] Darcey Hall: Doug says, Giphy is a, Giphy is a great resource. GIF

[00:51:08] Syd Michael: let me think of

[00:51:09] Darcey Hall: says you can create a meme on

[00:51:11] Syd Michael: Canva. Yeah, Canva’s a good one. I’ve got Canva. I use, meme maker. I use, meme maker’s, the one I use the most.

[00:51:25] Syd Michael: I’ll try, I’ll try and make a few, tonight when I’m sitting in a hotel room or whatever, and, and drop ’em in the group if I have, if I get time.

[00:51:41] Syd Michael: All righty.

[00:51:42] Darcey Hall: I’m not seeing any other questions coming in. Did I miss anybody’s,

[00:51:49] Syd Michael: go back through. All right, cool. Well, hopefully you got value out of this. I’m, I know, you know, I know with a lot of you, sales is not teaching, I’m not teaching anything about sales. I’m not trying [00:52:00] to teach anybody anything about sales.

[00:52:01] Syd Michael: I know a lot of it’s just remind. We’re all intelligent, critical, thanking people like, you know, but to be reminded and to stay fresh and, and, and to, you know, keep the pace every week is why I show up every single Tuesday to help y’all. And I hope, everybody got value from this. And let’s, let’s rock and roll.

[00:52:20] Syd Michael: I’ll see y’all next time.

[00:52:24] Darcey Hall: Thank you. And yeah, Donna says, fantastic call. Thanks team more. Great script. Great. And lots of y’all rock. Thank you. Thank you, Syd and Darcey. Thank you. Awesome. Oh, and Alice, do you need to bring a laptop to the event? Personally, I always travel with a laptop . There’s being able to create and share and grab what you need, that’s not required, but,

[00:52:53] Syd Michael: Yeah, laptop.

[00:52:54] Syd Michael: I personally like to take handwritten notes cause I doodle a little bit, but if you take notes on the laptop, [00:53:00] that’s always good. You know, it’s not required, you know, you can just come as you are. I promise you. Just being around everybody and, and, and me and, and Brian for the two days, you’re gonna get massive value out of it no matter what.

[00:53:15] Syd Michael: And I’m super excited to meet everybody, so,

[00:53:18] Darcey Hall: absolutely. Absolutely.

[00:53:20] Syd Michael: All right. All right, cool. Thank you so much. I’ll see y’all. See you everybody. Thank you, Syd.

[00:53:27] Darcey Hall: Thanks, Nicole. Thanks. Bye you guys. Bye.