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Businesses have until April 15, 2024, to file amended returns for Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2020, and until April 15, 2025, to file amended returns for the quarters in 2021 in which they were eligible to claim the ERC.

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions June 07, 2023

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions June 07, 2023

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)
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00:00:03 Syd Michael: What’s happening? What’s going on? Guy Burton from Minnesota. But the weather is beautiful up there right now because I know it’s hot, hot, hot down here. Hey, Norma, had to go have lasagna again last night. I ain’t going to lie. Good to see you, Paula. Always, Arnold, good to see you. Hey, we got some exciting news today. Super, super exciting news. We’ll share that here in just a minute. I wanted to kind of do a little bit of a little bit of ranting at first. A little bit of ranting. I was talking with the guys on the Monday call, and there’s a rule. There’s a rule of success and that rule, right? 80% of success is what? How many of you already know the rule? How many of you already know the rule? Try it, Arnold. Who else? Who else knows the rule? What’s 80% of success? That’s right, Guy. Original good answer. Norma, but not what I’m looking for. Great answer, but not the not the rule. It’s showing up. It’s showing up. Now, listen, I’m not saying whether you are showing up or you’re not showing up. I’m just telling you need to show up, all right? And you know more so than anybody else knows whether or not you’re truly putting your best foot forward, leaving it on the field and showing up now, talking about showing up, you all know that we have a contest going on right now.

00:01:59 Syd Michael: And I am proud to say a couple guys I knew we’re going to be in the contest, but some of y’all snuck right up in there and showed up and I’m proud of you for that, right? This is a company. This is a groupwide contest. This is not only RPS, this is also with the field agents. They’re on equal playing field, as all of us. We put money up for everybody and we’re paying out every single week if we’re going to go over the standings. If you’re in this, you know what it takes. I expect you to be in the top five every single week. If you’re not in the top five, I expect you to show up and get in the top five every single week. Roger that, everybody with me.

00:02:50 Vanessa Roberts: Roger that.

00:02:52 Syd Michael: All right. Vanessa, you want to take over and I guess share your screen, Do we have the standings, OK.

00:03:05 Vanessa Roberts: Drum roll.

00:03:11 Syd Michael: All right, good job. There’s still 12 hours left, so this is not over. Still 12 hours left.

00:03:19 Vanessa Roberts: And these names are jumping around like there’s been change every day. And we have folks that weren’t even on the leaderboard yet. That climbed up. And if the people on the leaderboard hadn’t got another deal, we would have had an upset and knocked the name off like it is a hair’s breadth between these guys.

00:03:39 Syd Michael: It’s awesome. So, William, congratulations. Is William on the call with us? You’ll see. It might not even be he might be putting in the work. I don’t see him on the call. No. Is Paul with this? Let’s see. Nope. Steve, let’s see if Steve’s with us. No, none of the people that are on this are on this call. That’s Okay, though. We’re they’ll get the replay. I know Bjorn and Paul Baker, they’re across the pond. So it’s probably late for them.

00:04:20 Vanessa Roberts: Netherlands, right?

00:04:22 Syd Michael: Netherlands, yes, I think just South of Amsterdam is actually where they’re at, if I’m not mistaken. And don’t hold me to it, they can correct me on it.

00:04:32 Vanessa Roberts: And they’re a walking, talking testament to the success of this across the, like you said, across the pond internationally.

00:04:41 Syd Michael: And I have to point out like Steve, come, Steve came out of the blue yesterday, right. Came running up into there, call come, moving up quickly out of there. You know, it’s anybody’s game and there’s 12 hours left. Anybody’s game and it’s 12 hours left. All it requires is you for you to show up. All right. See what questions we have real quick. Hang on a second. I apologize. Oh, man, I got this thing going on all man. It attached. I don’t know. All right, I’ll tell you, I missed the dual monitor program. What contest is this, Michael? It’s a contest we released last week. We’re doing it weekly for the entire month.

00:05:41 Vanessa Roberts: All new qualified valid deals.

00:05:48 Syd Michael: Vince asked what’s the lowest rate under 18% that you’re willing to negotiate? Fully qualified, you personally can negotiate down to 15% without even permission. So it always was. Remember it was 15, we moved it to 18, but we gave all of you the authority to negotiate the 15 if needed to close the deal. To answer that question and get it off the table.

00:06:11 Vanessa Roberts: And that’s for the pay up front, not the deferred.

00:06:14 Syd Michael: That’s right. I don’t know what you mean by what is. What about RPS itself? Vince, What do you mean Bubba? What’s the question there? If the deal is deferred, what is the percentage 25%, Paul, we took out the, we took out the deposit. So there’s 18 or 25. That’s it. It’s very simple, very, very, very simple. Cool. That answers your question, Vince. Tell me what you’re asking so I can answer your question. You got is negotiating all our deals to 15 without my input. Well that’s what it takes with this is what is required to close it. And yes, we do negotiate deals here and 90% of the time it’s me negotiating just so you know. Not put the deal to rest if it takes 15 to make the deal happen. I don’t sit around trying to hold gross. I’m not trying to prove that I’m a gross monster around here. I just make deals happen.

00:07:40 Vanessa Roberts: And we don’t offer to negotiate. We state what the fees are, but if there’s an issue, the negotiation will happen. Every deal that comes in is in an open conversation.

00:07:50 Syd Michael: Right. And generally it’s if the customer is not very closed from the agent then I got to step in and close it for y’all. That’s 90% of the time. That’s just the truth. And if it requires negotiation, I do it. So you want me to stop closing your deals for you events, I will. We can put a note on all your deals to let them, let them fly.

00:08:19 Vanessa Roberts: Yeah, that question came up a while back. We had an agent.

00:08:23 Syd Michael: Yeah, we had a similar situation.

00:08:25 Vanessa Roberts: Yes, without my permission and I just had to clarify the fee that’s charged by ERTC Express and you are paid a Commission on that.

00:08:36 Syd Michael: The previous reason why they just wrote and it’s a legitimate request, he said the lowest you’ll go is 15% because my sub agents commissions not on my Commission but on the percentage of the ERTC credit, meaning that if his sub agent is at 10% well. Please understand it’s he’s worried that we negotiate down to 10% on a deal to make it happen and then he makes nothing and the sub agent makes the whole 10%. Am I correct, Vince, Is that what you’re asking? That’s a legitimate question. I get it. I would go ahead and prepare your sub agents to know that if we have to negotiate down to 50% for any reason. Or to 10% for any reason that you’ll split it 5050 with them. That’s what I would go ahead and prepare your sub agents for that because you don’t want to miss the deal, right? But you also don’t want to do a courtesy delivery. I don’t blame you. Makes sense, right? Vanessa, you understand what he’s saying?

00:09:32 Vanessa Roberts: I think so.

00:09:33 Syd Michael: Yep. The, the 25%, Frank, it says what can you negotiate the 25% down to that was our, that’s the 25% now was the 30% just so you know I personally negotiated it down to 20% to close the deal, right. I don’t think if you tell us it takes 20% to close it, we’re not going to push back on it. We’ll sign off on your deal, just make the deals right. But is there any reason we wouldn’t sign off on 20%? Especially if it’s a charity he’s talking about here.

00:10:13 Vanessa Roberts: Oh, absolutely. We would do that, make that happen.

00:10:15 Syd Michael: Absolutely right.

00:10:17 Vanessa Roberts: Now make it be the special case, not the rule. We’ve had to intervene with agents who were just going carte blanche and opening the door with the offer of a reduced Commission. Like it’s a negotiating point, not the. Not an offer.

00:10:32 Syd Michael: Absolutely. Hey, listen, so I’m going to tell you all story just because it relates to exactly what this is and just so you understand and you know, it is what it is. But you know, you know we’re selling Toyotas, right? The salespeople, especially the good ones that sold a bunch of cars, kind of started figuring out about what invoice was on all the cars and started kind of figuring out about what the floor was and what we would take, right. And it never failed. It never failed. Couple people would come up and go, hey, you know, I know this guy or this is a good people, you know, I want to give him a good deal, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And sometimes they would quote whatever they knew, right, like 15 995 on the LE Camry for instance, because they knew we would do it right. They would go ahead and quote the customer that before coming to the desk and I’m going to tell you what happened every single time, every single time. And I suffer from this like because I help people buy cars often. And it’s funny, it even happens to me when I help people. If you give them a discount and make it too easy. Guess do you think people think you’re giving them a good deal? No, they don’t. They’ll both. They’ll be like, I don’t know how you got to 15-9, but there must be a reason why they both don’t see it as a valuable deal. You want to know why it takes 3 hours to buy a car? I hope you, all of you, are seated because if you sell them the car any quicker than that, they will all fly off. It’s just the truth. You make them take all three hours to negotiate, to come off 300 bucks, you’re going to have a raving fan customer. It’s just the truth. So be careful, be careful with negotiations. Like Vanessa said, you know, use it to make a deal, not make it the rule.

00:12:27 Syd Michael: Is everybody with me on that Everybody understand what I’m saying. I’m saying this. I’m trying to say this I guess delicately you know what I mean. You all know who you are and some I also know who you are if you drop your pants every single time. Right. It’s just not a good thing. You can literally cost yourself the deal doing so if you’re not careful, okay. So just know that and be careful fair. All right. Give me a rod to that. I want to see everybody’s paying attention. I see a couple people understand. But I want to make sure everybody understands. I’ll wait. There we go. OK, good. Good. Very nice. The second thing is I tell you, man like, hey, Bill. Good to see you, buddy. Hey, Herschel may have a lot of good names here, so. I’m here to tell you like one thing I’ve really noticed and I’m sure a lot of you probably noticed by now too you know coming across with good tonality pace so they feel comfortable working with you but yet also have an extreme empathy on their scenario and situation really truly listening to your customers problems right because as we push and as we grind and as we get down into the. To the final, you know, go over 18 months of this thing, you’re going to find a lot of the deals might have had some sort of self limiting mindset on why they couldn’t do it. I talked to a lady yesterday that sat there and was talking about how she had a funeral coming up and all that stuff. First off, I completely didn’t talk about the deal, totally apologized and sent her my condolences on her funeral. But then I said listen, all you got to do is get the thing started.

00:14:23 Syd Michael: And then we handle everything. So don’t overstress about what you’ve got to do to do this. That’s what our service is, ma’am. My job is to make this so simple and so easy for you, but the only thing you got to do is to get it started, right, is to get it started, so Kendall says. I totally agree with you 100%. Kendall, Kendall, Vanessa and Nicole Y’all See that? Let me tell you what Kendall said, Kendall said. I don’t have a problem with the ERTC Express given a discount to close my deals, but I would like to be recorded in the notes and as to why they gave the discount, I 1000% agree 1000 as well. Absolutely. Communication is key on this thing, man. It’s not fair for anybody to be stuck in a cabinet like a mushroom in the dark, right? So I agree. Now, Kendall, let me shoot you straight. We beat the breaks off of these people here, right? To put in notes. And that’s a human. That’s a human action. And just to be honest with you. Like we even have QA going in and recording and listening to the recordings. In fact, I just talked to one of our top AE’s and the one thing he got wrote up on is he wasn’t doing. Like he wasn’t doing detailed enough notes. That’s what he got wrote up on. He got 89 on his call. That was the thing he got wrote up for. So is it going to happen? It’s definitely the rule here, however.

00:16:07 Syd Michael: Have a little bit of leniency and understand that some people just take the shortest path to the end and it’s the hardest thing and it and you know what sucks? The worst is. The better the salesperson, the less detail they are.

00:16:20 Vanessa Roberts: It’s a different skill set, for sure.

00:16:25 Syd Michael: Yeah, you’re swinging way out of their league. However, however, I will in fact mention it tomorrow, Kendall, and say listen, you know. I’ve got agents out there that are kicking butt, doing everything they can, spending a lot of time on these people. So you have to negotiate the deal. We need to describe why, what and where and when and all the details possible in the notes so they can see it. Right. So I’ll reiterate to how important that is. I agree with you though. OK, fair enough. Doug says it took 15 minutes to buy a 2023 vehicle. Good for you, man. You know, like, well, that’s a whole another conversation. But we even have people come on a lot and go who wants to sell a car in 30 minutes? And they rarely did you sell a car in 30 minutes, even though you could. But rarely did they ever pull the trigger. They all got nervous all of a sudden, all had to go talk to their wives. You know what they taught us to say this is awful. This is the 90s now. Car business has changed. You know what they taught us to say to somebody said I gotta talk to my wife.

00:17:37 Vanessa Roberts: Oh, do Tell, Syd.

00:17:39 Syd Michael: Oh gosh, no problem. When she gives you permission, give me a call. I’ll call my wife and see if she gives me permission to sell it to you. That was the response. I was word. Checked the thing. Talk about.

00:17:55 Vanessa Roberts: Creative.

00:17:56 Syd Michael: Haters. Once that worked. Once I had a guy go, You know what, screw it. I want this car I’m going to buy. It never worked any other time though. One state who hated me after that point. That’s the difference between the 90s car business and today. Today it’s a little bit boring.

00:18:16 Vanessa Roberts: When the fight lose the sale.

00:18:21 Syd Michael: Yeah, win the argument, lose the deal. That’s right. Rule #3. That’s when I learned rule #3. Obviously I learned years after that. But yeah, Thomas has a good question. He says help me understand. If I have a client who’s getting 100K back, we negotiate from 18 to 15. So the Commission will be calculated based on, yes, exactly. Exactly right. Your Commission is based off the fee, whatever the fee percentage is, whatever the fee percentage is.

00:18:51 Vanessa Roberts: Yeah your this all seems.

00:18:53 Syd Michael: Easy. Y’all that can write beautiful literature and poetry. I know math. You know it’s too many numbers like 1815251030. You know you’re hearing all the numbers. I understand. So that’s why I don’t mind explaining it, being 100% transparent. However, at the end of the day, if I say it’s going to rain chicken soup, that’s right. All right. Any other? Any other quick questions? Any congratulations to William even though he’s not on the call about the Jordan and Paul and Paul and Steve right. It’s great job man. I’m proud of all of you now I.

00:19:32 Vanessa Roberts: Got a kick ass our next person like on the rung. His first name is Paul too and I just like if we have 3 Pauls listed on this. I’m just going to laugh all.

00:19:42 Syd Michael: Right. You know Vanessa, I know we talked about via text and I know we were slammed on doing this. But starting the next week, which we have the same contest going on it in 12 hours, right, It starts over, right? Are we going to list the top 20? But give them, you know, that whole thing we talked about, Can we do better?

00:20:02 Vanessa Roberts: Not in Facebook, Yeah, no, I’ve listed them on.

00:20:04 Syd Michael: Facebook. OK, All right. I want people. I want to list everybody who’s in the top 20 so they know if they’re within the striking distance of the top five, because I know I see a lot of names on here that I know we’re in the top 20. That if they only knew, you know, a little bit more push would have put them in the money. Because what are we paying first place? 1200 something dollars, right?

00:20:27 Vanessa Roberts: Yep, I’ve got details and rules. Let me make sure. Can everybody see my screen? Is it moving? Put up. Pause.

00:20:33 Syd Michael: So 12150 dollars, $450 the 1st place. And listen, you can win this every single week. Every single week. So that’s basically an additional 5 grand. Over the next four weeks, right 750 for 2nd place, 350 for 3rd place, 150 for 4th and 100 for fifth, we’re paying the top five people, right? So.

00:21:03 Vanessa Roberts: And then an overall for all of June too. Another 5 grand.

00:21:08 Syd Michael: OK, so then there’s going to be an overall winner, right. Overall. OK, good, beautiful. That’s a great contest. Damn, Brian was feeling. He must have been feeling loving death.

00:21:20 Vanessa Roberts: When he got this.

00:21:21 Syd Michael: Contest because it’s a killer. That’s awesome. And no minimums. Come on, man. Let’s see what you got. Vince, Is there a backlog and closing department? No. We have a deal where the final numbers have been showing for a few days. Days. But the client has not been called yet.

00:21:49 Vanessa Roberts: This it might be that they haven’t successfully connected on the call, not that they haven’t attempted the call, but we’ll look into it for you.

00:21:56 Syd Michael
That’s 90% of the time, yes. This just wants his money, man. He just wants the Commission.

00:22:03 Vanessa Roberts: I want to give him his money, man.

00:22:05 Syd Michael: That’s right.

00:22:08 Vanessa Roberts: It’s my favorite part of the job.

00:22:10 Syd Michael: Right. Vince, so I know we talked a few weeks ago, you’re asking about 25 G’s. Did you get your 25 G’s? OK, all right. Well, that’s good. All right, good. Just want to make sure. All right. Yeah, I actually have this post it note right here. So I’m going to remove this post it note and know that it’s been handled. Good. All right, good. That’s not bad. How many, how many people in their real jobs? Just be honest. How many people in their real jobs are in their careers made $25,000 commissions in the past? I know some probably real estate agents probably have, but a lot of people man, work pretty hard and never even make 25 grand Commission.

00:23:00 Vanessa Roberts: I’ve never made it on one deal.

00:23:03 Syd Michael: You know, right. It’s a nice little hit. I would say that’s more than a single. That might even be a double. Hell, that might be a triple.

00:23:15 Vanessa Roberts: Well, when we got home runs getting out of the park with like Norma, the whole run.

00:23:20 Syd Michael: That’s that right. There was a Grand Slam. Beautiful. James, you said 40K. Randy. Travie, are you staying? Randy. Travis, what’d you do with him?

00:23:46 Vanessa Roberts: Love him forever and ever. Amen.

00:23:49 Syd Michael: That’s right. Do you love them forever and ever? What a talented singer, by the way. Oh, that’s awesome. That’s really cool. That’s just really, really, really cool. Yeah. So hey, listen, I’m excited, you know, $25,000 commissions flying out every single week. But I love watching it happen. I love seeing people that I’ve known for years, actually, you know, receiving this money. Right. I know all of you have worked hard. I know all of you really focused. I know all of you have really made it happen. But you know what? I got to be honest. I know all of you, every single one of you got a little bit more in you, and you know it too, and you know it too. So make sure you leave it on the field, make sure you show up and make sure you make it happen. OK. Fair enough. All right. OK. So Vanessa, Nicole, do you have anything to anything y’all need to go over?

00:24:50 Vanessa Roberts: Well, we will be closing out the contest tonight at midnight and then we’ll have an update for the final winners tomorrow. We’ll pay out through every, so make sure you’re set up. I’m sure you are. And then we’ll start midnight, 12:01 AM this morning. Deals that come in start week, the Week 2 contest. Miss anything, Nicole?

00:25:17 Nicole Heard: No, but we also have a new platinum agent. He just got added. It is also on the Facebook. So we want to say congratulations to Steve Damaris. If I’m saying that’s that last name wrong. I’m so sorry that Steve Damaris has finally closed his 10th deal. He’s got two more in the pipeline. So he’s on the grade at 12.

00:25:42 Vanessa Roberts: Awesome. Well then, Steve.

00:25:45 Syd Michael: I love it. Hey, tell me this. Tell me this how many, if I could get Brian to and I don’t know what he would want to, but if I can really push Brian for us to have another event down here in Tampa. How many on the call thinks they think they can make it But give me a give me a heck yes or yes if you think you can make it or okay. I can do like call me crazy but I feel like those things were so powerful. You know what I mean? Like I feel like they’re so valuable and it’s a great time and I love seeing all of y’all I’m going to push them he actually just they just got back from New York I’m going to run in their offices. I’m going to push for that. I’ll push for that maybe sometime in August maybe sometime in August. We can all melt down here, I was.

00:26:38 Vanessa Roberts: Going to say what’s the hottest month of the year in Tampa?

00:26:41 Syd Michael: I just know July. I got a bunch of things in July I’m going to Reno, In July I got a bunch of stuff. I’m going to Memphis by the 1st week of July. And it is hot. It’s hot and hurt. It is hot. Yes Sir. But it’s OK. We got air conditioned. We’re prepared. We are 100% prepared.

00:27:04 Vanessa Roberts: And y’all aren’t far from the beach, right?

00:27:07 Syd Michael: No, it’s at the end of the it’s in the like if you go to the complex next door offices, that’s where you go to the beach. There’s a whole park there that’s like where the AE’s If they leave to go to lunch, a lot of them go to that beach and hang out and eat their lunch at the beach.

00:27:22 Vanessa Roberts: Wow.

00:27:24 Syd Michael: Yeah, it’s like that.

00:27:25 Vanessa Roberts: So, you’re saying you could have a business expense vacation?

00:27:30 Syd Michael: That’s right. It’s very much a business expense vacation.

00:27:33 Vanessa Roberts: That’s how I like.

00:27:33 Syd Michael: To it’s important. Which is important right now. All right. So has anybody ran into any questions or rebuttals? I mean, you need to y’all want to hear me work through some stuff? I mean, hit me, we’re open. Our big announcement was this contest and there is 3 more weeks, but don’t wait until last week.

00:28:02 Vanessa Roberts: Yeah, Anything we could do to help you get those folks past over the finish line?

00:28:08 Syd Michael: The reason why I say August Guy is because I think we could probably would have another one in January, right? Probably would have another one in January.

00:28:16 Vanessa Roberts: All our snowbirds can come down from the north.

00:28:19 Syd Michael: Yeah, I know. I don’t like to be anywhere up north in those months. By the way, Andre Bocelli is going to be here on December 16th. I don’t know if anybody loves that. That’s Uncle Syd style right there, pretty excited, but maybe we do August and January. I think I’d like to, I’d like to see these three to four times a year.

00:28:51 Vanessa Roberts: Oh yeah, I mean a quarterly session convention reset.

00:28:57 Syd Michael: We got the room. And the technology I know y’all need the tax write off, right? All right. Any anybody run into any sort of odd anything odd scenario in the last week or two? If you did, I wanna I’d love to help you out. How would Uncle Sid handle it?

00:29:26 Vanessa Roberts: I’ve got some news I just remembered.

00:29:28 Vanessa Roberts: Update to the portal with the call reporting syncing.

00:29:35 Syd Michael: I love that.

00:29:37 Vanessa Roberts: Yep, so as of Monday, you’ll see in the comments, when a call has been successfully completed connected from an AE to the phone number on record, our system will automatically populate a new comment that has a date, timestamp, and duration of the call. And the phone number that was dialed to make that call, so anyone it’s we’re addressing the as Sid said earlier, the best sales people are sometimes the least detail oriented and there are times where the calls happen, but the update doesn’t this will alleviate that. Gap of information that the human error element is removed so real time update.

00:30:31 Syd Michael: So real quick, let me just ask you because we talked about this on Monday, is it recording the calls or not?

00:30:36 Vanessa Roberts: It does record the calls, but for security and privacy for the customer, those recordings are only available to internal staff.

00:30:46 Syd Michael: OK. So if I have an agent that’s able to hear the recorded calls, should I tell you or should I let them?

00:30:51 Nicole Heard: Please, I already. I already told her Syd. That’s why we took.

00:30:55 Vanessa Roberts: That’s why we.

00:30:56 Syd Michael: Took it away there.

00:30:58 Vanessa Roberts: Was about an hour on Monday and it just happened to be between 11:00 and 12:00 where our technical team was making some small adjustments to that feature and the recordings were available across the board. But now if you click it is a link. The word here could display as a link but if you click it, it says unable to.

00:31:19 Syd Michael: Yeah, I mean, listen, I understand the privacy reasons and we always we why it’s Trump’s all. But man, it sure would be cool if they could have recorded or listened.

00:31:27 Vanessa Roberts: I know, but a right click of that link you could share it with anybody in the whole world outside of the portal, so.

00:31:37 Syd Michael: Let’s see what guys got something here, he says. I have a nonprofit with 100 plus employees. Funding comes from Head Sorry, which is a federally funded, and think they might have to pay some of those funds back if they get a refund. They don’t want to pay.

00:31:53 Vanessa Roberts: Them federal funds.

00:31:55 Syd Michael: Yeah.

00:31:56 Vanessa Roberts: They’re worried about double dipping.

00:32:01 Syd Michael: Yeah, and doing private, doing private school needed, OK, said I was going to sign up with Bill Macintosh and this call center. Do you still feel this is working? Yes, it is working. However, speed the lead, speed the lead. And let me tell you where people are falling short on that Bill. Let me tell you what people are falling short on it. Let’s just talk about it for a second. People are falling short that are calling up, telling the customers their link and saying if you if you want to do it, go to that link and fill it in. That’s a huge mistake. Huge, huge, huge, huge, huge mistake. You need to hold the customer’s hand as far through the process as you first possibly can. You need to give them your number. Let them know you are the agent if you come up with a question 5 minutes from now or five days from now. If you need anything, I’m your point of contact. Please give me a call. This is my number. Go to this link. Are you in front of a computer right now? I’ll do it with you to help you get it started. Because let me tell you, the only thing that slows these things down is you uploading your docs. If we can get your docs in, then I handle everything from there. You don’t have to worry about it. This is a very white glove service and that’s why we prefer to treat our clients and we’re here to white glove you. We just got to get it started. Do not leave it on them to get it started. Walk them to the water and ask them to drink. Does that make sense? Does that make sense? No. Weeds good. If you don’t, if you think it’s going to magically fall into the I Bought bucket straight up, right?

00:33:41 Syd Michael: You don’t want to just impress a client. You want to amaze a client. That’s what I tell myself every time. Like, what can I do to amaze this person, right? Because a lot of times you’re talking to people that, you know, they started hammering out tons of leads in the Virgin Islands and stuff, right? And you know, a little bit of a different culture than us here. But you know what? You know what behavior that all cultures understand respectful and courting and when you respectfully court them through the process. That you will create Raven fan, right. And you will amaze them. It’s very, very, very, very important. Yeah, it’s cold lead. Well, I mean what do you consider, I mean if somebody says they’re interested, I would consider that warm. But it’s still definitely, you know, you got to walk them through it. You got to walk them through it, that’s for sure. John says the president of the school says he needs to talk to the board first. Yeah, yeah, you’re probably right. Any sort of nonprofit organization, right? I still don’t see anything in Legacy in my portal. How long until we should see the deals in the portal? Should.

00:34:59 Vanessa Roberts: I speak to that.

00:35:00 Syd Michael: Yeah. Go ahead.

00:35:01 Vanessa Roberts: Sure. So it was a two step process. We had to manually upload all of the legacy deals and they’re in there now. Now we have to go back and go into the deal and match it to you as the referral agent and once that match is done, then it’ll appear in your portal. So we’re doing that as quickly as possible, but the moment we come to your deal and we list you as the agent, then boom, you refresh the portal and it’ll be there. So we are close.

00:35:29 Syd Michael: Very cool. Always adjusting. Always making tweets right to try and better the service. That’s all. Does it mean we’re perfect? Does it mean we do everything right the first time? Not always. We intend to be right the first time, but not always. We are getting it tweaked in.

00:35:48 Vanessa Roberts: Never stop trying to be better. That’s my rule.

00:35:51 Syd Michael: That’s right. Yeah. Just so you know, I’ll be transparent with y’all a little bit of sort of a change that we did that we’re trying out this. Just recently with the AE’s. So we actually looked at the data and looked at people that were good at completing files and looked at the people that were great at just doing the welcome call and we separated those. So now they get an AE that’s really, really good at getting the welcome call and getting them started that has a really high close ratio so to speak on that. And then they get transferred to a partner, they partnered and then we have, they talk with an AE that has proven over the last four or five months to have the strongest close percentages. So we just we kind of we almost created like two men or two person AR teams. Does that make sense? Does that make sense? All right. Also, and I know we’ve talked about this a few times, but if you are a Platinum agent, be looking for us to reach out with you and setting up a slack channel to assign you a direct, a direct team, just so you know. All right. What else? Any other questions? If not, I want to respect your time, but we’re going to get back to work and let’s.

00:37:22 Syd Michael: Let’s hammer out this contest and let’s make that 1200 bucks at least. Get into the hundred. It’s there to snake. It’s there to take. We need, we do. We need to talk about the lion and gazelle story. We’ll talk about it next Wednesday. I’m going to teach you all about the lion and gazelle. Maybe you could give the great closers a voice recorded for the notes. The voice is for the notes. Yeah, good idea to speech. Yeah, that would be awesome.

00:37:59 Vanessa Roberts: You know what? I’ll look into transcription services.

00:38:03 Syd Michael: Yeah, let’s check that out.

00:38:04 Vanessa Roberts: I can’t make promises, but I’ll talk to tack.

00:38:12 Nicole Heard: One more thing, I just thought about this too. Sid, since we have the RPS members on, we don’t necessarily have a field agent on, but. One thing that I did see in these numbers, when we’re tallying the people that are qualifying for this contest, if the clients are not entering the right amount of W twos, like if they’re just entering 20/23/2022 or. 19,000 that particular client won’t be counted because system wise they don’t qualify. So if you’re talking to your clients, you want to tell them when they’re entering their W twos, even if they don’t know the exact amount. Try to get as close as possible because it’s hurting your numbers If you’re trying to win this contest. Just FYI, Yep.

00:39:01 Vanessa Roberts: Yep, Yep. Does that make sense to everybody? Because it’s not considered a qualified deal if it’s under 3 W twos. Great point, Nicole or.

00:39:16 Syd Michael: Over 500? Yep. Yep. All right, well, cool. If nobody has anything else, I don’t. I don’t see why we should hold anybody on that. He was 25% really confused my client because he was told 18 and 25. Kendall. They. I don’t know how that would have happened, but it’s possible because that is, we go in and manually adjust it. You know what I mean? So sorry, man. There is that has been fixed. It’s been fixed it. One of the other agents caught it and I went in and fixed it. I’m not sure how it got changed, but it’s been fixed. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, there’s no way to make everything 100% AI. Yet if so, then we all wouldn’t have jobs. So. But there’s going to be a little bit of human error. And it does happen. And it sucks when it happens to you, but it is what it is. All right. Hey, everybody. Let’s rock’n’roll. Thank you so much. See you. Thanks, Nicole. Thanks for that.

00:40:21 Vanessa Roberts: Thanks, Nicole.

00:40:22 Nicole Heard: Thanks. Bye.