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Businesses have until April 15, 2024, to file amended returns for Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2020, and until April 15, 2025, to file amended returns for the quarters in 2021 in which they were eligible to claim the ERC.

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions June 14, 2023

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions June 14, 2023

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)
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00:00:03 Syd Michael: Yo, hey, what’s going on? Everybody just change around my screen real quick. Let me know you can see it. Let me know your Hey, Bruce. What’s up, Buddy Guy Paula. Always we got bejourned with us. I was just talking to you on messenger. Let me see if you’re here. No, I was going to answer you live on some of your questions. Coastal Omaha. There you go. Hey, Jeff. Always good to see you, buddy. Hey, so I see your buddies with my friend Schofield. That’s out in San Antonio selling cars. Please tell me you didn’t buy a car from him. Please tell me you didn’t go buy a car from that guy, a dealership, man. Gosh, he tells me some nightmare stories. Yeah, he drove to Oklahoma and picked up that CTSV, though. That’s a hot ride. Good for him. I’m proud of him. Working hard, working hard, man. Cardios are charged and all kinds of crazy stuff. I help the HR girl down here get a car this last week, you know, like it. It’s so hard to negotiate because they just don’t even care. Like they’re going to add five grand worth of fluff, you know, fabric protection. I know Nick adds 2 years of windshield insurance for 1500 bucks.

00:01:58 Syd Michael: Like, come on, bro, I’d have to break 5 windshields in the next two years to even cover the cost of that. But that’s what dealers are doing right now, man, because inventory scares. And they’re trying to, you know, at least make it to the bank. Look as if they’re given valuable products for the ad. It’s just not a good time to buy a car. It’s not a good time to buy a car. So you heard it from me. If you got to buy a car, try the hardest not to buy one right now. If, and at all possible, because you’re going to pay to the moon on all of them. Horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible. And if you do get humble and look at something, look at something a couple years old or in reality, you know I haven’t had a car payment in 20 something years. Buy a car that you don’t need a car payment. They make cool cars. It’s a lot of cool cars out there for 10810. Twelve, 15 grand, you know what I mean? There’s no reason you got to drive the newest, baddest, coolest thing. Stay, stay, stay within your lane. I don’t know. I’m ranting. But we’re here to talk about ERTC. I’ve got the new standings. The new standings, man, I tell you, everybody’s showing up. But. But I got to be honest, really surprised how many field agents are in this money. Like, I didn’t realize. I didn’t realize we had that many that were. I thought you all were going to just steal the money. Honestly, I thought you all going to run off with it. But a lot of these field agents are in the play. They’re keep, they’re keeping up. Let’s say. It’s amazing. All right. So what do you want to talk about today? Seems like everybody’s a little quiet. What do you want to talk about today?

00:04:04 Syd Michael: What is lock box synchronization? DMR registration completed mean. It means that they’ve set up the lock box and the money. You know, everything’s been shipped off to the IRS and it’s ready to come back in. It’ll get distributed accordingly. Is there a customer on board training? Not a field agent on boarding? Not sure what you’re asking for. Not sure what you’re exactly asking for there. Hey Doug, what’s up, buddy? Thomas says he hopes he’s getting a check tomorrow. I hope you are too, man. Hope you are too. Only found field agent onboard training, but you mentioned watching the customer onboarding. I think it’s kind of our job to do the customer on boarding. I don’t know that we’ve created anything for that. Just to be honest with you, Bill, I didn’t mean to mislead you keeping it real. When a lock box deal goes South by the IRS sending the money directly to the client, how does the RTC Express deal with that? We build them. We build them. And that was just, that was just a handful of deals back in between October and December just shooting it straight. And what caused that was they were sending in the 2848 with the rest of the package and evidently you got to send in the 2848, they approve it then you send in the package. So those deals they send in all packaged up, kicked back like that.

00:05:46 Syd Michael: How do I listen to conversations between the client and the web in the back office? They don’t have that. They for privacy reasons, they remove that. Am I right, Nicole? I know they accidentally had it for a little bit which I thought was awesome, but they can’t do it right. They can’t hear the conversations. But you can see the notes. The notes are getting more details. So what you can see is the call instruction. So if they called and they got the voice message or.

00:06:15 Nicole Heard: You left a message. You’ll be able to see what happened on the call, not necessarily what was said on the call. All right, let’s keep going. Y’all ready to see the standings. You want to know where you’re at Coming. You want to see who showed up? Oh no, hang on, I got the wrong.

00:06:45 Syd Michael: No. That’s right. No, it ain’t. Yes, it is. Yeah. There you go. Corey’s out front. Corey’s out front, running hard. William coming up strong with Jordan, of course, he has one other deal, but it didn’t qualify for the three W2s, just so you know. And Todd Trahan. The Ranch says eight in a week. That’s killer. Yeah, it is, man. It’s a great job. Steve Brands, Steve Brands. You know how he’s getting his deals? They’re all from Bill McIntosh. He’s just calling and getting them up, Signing up that easy. Julian Alexander and Mark Clips both have been with us for a very long time. Good dudes. Yep. I’m excited. Absolutely excited. So that’s the standings for this week. Now it’s when’s the last day exactly? I believe tomorrow. Is it tomorrow? Let’s look and see real quick, if you don’t mind. I know what the ends because.

00:08:09 Nicole Heard: The last one was 6/1 through 6-7. This one was 6-8 through 61568 through 6:15. Yeah, yeah. So that ends tomorrow. It ends tomorrow at midnight. Tomorrow Tonight at midnight. I’m sorry, you did the 1st through the 7th. And so we’re doing the eight through the 14th. So that’s for tomorrow. Will be through tonight.

00:08:39 Syd Michael: 11, you know. All right, all right. That’s the deal. Thomas. I’ll have to ask him, I think. I think he’s maxed out, just to be honest. But I have to ask him, ask him right now so I don’t forget. Sorry about that. See what else we got here. Guy says congratulations, right. All right, all right. So did anybody run into any sort of rebuttal, rebuttal, objection, any of that kind of stuff we can talk about? Man, I don’t know if gotowebinar is you’re slow or if y’all are sleepy today. Very interested in Ice Breakers. I’m cold calling going in cold. What is the first opening line did you do You say I’m not cold going so I can’t tell you 100% for sure what I would say, but. I can help you kind of think of some things. One thing that I really liked or I really thought was cool Bud Clark taught me. What he says is he always asked people, did you receive your ERTC check yet? Because it really kind of breaks the ice and opens and how many people, how many people really want to respond with? No, I don’t want to check, right. Everybody wants a check, so.

00:11:03 Syd Michael: It is strong. However, if you’re calling in, calling in completely cold, you definitely got to make sure. You definitely got to make sure, you definitely got to make sure that you’re talking to the right person or they’re going to, you know, think you’re crazy, right? But if I knew for fact I was talking to the decision maker, the first thing out of my mouth would be, did you receive your ERTC check yet? Think about it, if you were asked that, how would you respond? Right. I want to go over this real quick before we keep going and I want y’all to keep thinking of a rebuttal questions because I want to talk about it. But if you all remember at the beginning, I, I honest everybody, do you want to be trained or entertained right. And that’s. That’s still up for vote because I can switch to entertain and everybody. I just want to explain, and I know most of y’all know this because we’ve been on the calls for quite a while, but training people is not entertaining. It’s entertaining sometimes, but it’s not agreeing with everything you say, right? And it’s not blowing smoke up your, you know, shirt or whatever. Okay. Like it’s telling you the truth the facts not always agreeing with everything you say and not making you feel all Ruby lovey dovey and I apologize for that. So it does make it sound as if I’m a bit mean at times which I’m not. I’m not a mean guy. I got a huge heart and I and I definitely want to help each and everyone of you and leave you all better than I found you. But I just want you to know I’m not being mean you know and.

00:12:56 Syd Michael: I just don’t want y’all to think I’m being mean. And I know some people think I am. Because you’re sending in support tickets complaining and I’m mean. So I just want you to know I’m not here being mean. Don’t take me as mean. Even though I might and probably won’t agree with what you say I want. Yes, yes, yes, you. I’ll tell you what’s truly my experience and what to expect. We’ll keep it 100 that way. Is that fair? Everybody on board with that. Just want to make sure, man. Just want to make sure it does, man. Thomas, it does make you. Sometimes being honest does make you sound mean, you know? But I just want to reiterate because I wouldn’t. I don’t want people to think I’m mean. And I don’t want people. You know, even if you’re sensitive as hell, I don’t want you. I don’t want you to, you know, think that I’m attacking you. I’m truly, 100% here to leave you a little better than I found you. That’s my whole purpose. So and that’s what gets me up in the morning and it makes me show up every week to these calls. But all right, so let’s see here. What Check. That’s how I would respond. Right. Right. What check? Well, let me tell you more about it. I’m glad you asked that. Let me tell you this. When I first heard about it, it sounded too good to be true. But it’s very true. And let me explain. Right? What are you doing when you respond with something like that? Think about real quick. Let’s get psycho. Let’s get some psychology going here. What are you doing when you respond with something like man, when I heard about it, I thought it was too good to be true, but it’s very true. Let me explain. What would you think with that?

00:15:08 Syd Michael: What are you doing with that response? Thomas, it seems like go to job crusher. He says he’s got two spots open. Finbay’s trying to get on Bill’s leads. Job Showing empathy, right. Good. Good, Disarming Good one, James. Empathy. Yep. Confirming their doubt and then sharing the good news. You’re closer, guy. You’re closer. What else? All right. How soon can we get started? Right. Let me tell you what it’s really doing. You’re eliminating an objection that you’re going to hear 50% of the time when talking to somebody. Think about it. How many times have you heard? And this just sounds too good to be true, but you hear that after you go through your whole pitch and lay all your cards out on the table. The best way to pitch right the advanced pitching is when you start hearing that. And if you’ve talked to more than 10 people promise you’re going to hear this sounds too good to be true. A lot. Okay. You want to start eliminating objections before people even have them come to their mind. Essentially, when closing somebody because that’s what you’re doing, you’re closing them when you’re closing somebody. Think of sitting in a room in the walls. You’re boxing in smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller until eventually there’s no more oxygen in the room and they’re closed. So that’s what you’re doing with.

00:17:23 Syd Michael: Taking objections off the table to where there’s no other decision to make than Kayla’s do it. So if you’ll notice in a lot of my verbiage and rebuttals right, a lot of my rebuttals include a lot of common objections that I hear every day I go I. I want the quickest path from A to B, so I eliminate them in the conversation. Same thing with when somebody goes, well how long is this going to take, right? I know I’m going to hear that. So what do I do? I immediately let them know. Listen, it can take between seven days and three weeks for the CPA to do their calculations. We definitely don’t want to rush them, so we want them to make sure they do a complete and total full, you know, detailed submission, however. I’ll be honest, the way I’ve seen these things drag out has not been from us doing our calculation. It’s been from the clients not getting their paperwork uploaded quickly. How quick can you get your paperwork uploaded if, if, if, if you decide to do this today, right, what do you do? What, what is that? That’s a double. That’s a double objection right there. Or double rebuttal. What are you doing in addition to putting it on them? For not dragging out. But what else are you doing Starts with a T. It’s part of the road to the sale. What else are you doing? It’s a trial close. You’re not saying will you buy. You’re saying how quick can you upload forms. Nobody wants to buy shit, that’s the truth. Nobody wants to buy anything. So when you say the word buy or any sort of.

00:19:17 Syd Michael: Definitive movement like that, sometimes you’re going to scare people off, even though this is not buying. But if you just say how quick can you get your forms uploaded? It’s the same as saying if you didn’t buy a car today, whose name would you put it in? Here, hold these keys, it’s your car. And if they hold the keys, guess what? You don’t. You don’t have to pencil them. You don’t have to sit there and negotiate with them. You know that they’ve already taken mental ownership because they grabbed the keys. Everybody understand that. You should preemptively say, I know it sounds too good to be true. I thought that too. Yep, I totally agree. Totally agree. And you’re also building up. You’re getting in their bubble, right? You’re getting in their bubble because people like to be around people that are similar to them. You’re naturally going to attract people that are similar to you, right? Did that make sense? Does everybody understand what I’m talking about? I see Bruce said. Roger that, so he gets it. Thank you, Bruce. Everybody on Lauren. Cool. Bill. Thank you. All right. Hopefully, hopefully that helps you. James said it. Perfect. Phil felt bound, right? Thomas says he likes to lower the tone and ask why would you? Why? Why do you say that? I’m with you. I’m with you. Same thing with somebody says man, this is scam. The scam. How? Why would you say this is a scam? Don’t scams take money upfront and then leave. Don’t make Bernie Madoff yet. We’re not asking for any money upfront. In fact, we’re going to do all the hard work and do all the calculations and put up all the hard costs at 1st. And you don’t have to make a decision until you know exactly what your calculation is.

00:21:14 Syd Michael: But let me go ahead and share with you exactly what that’s on our customer service agreement. So that way you know, because we do got to sign that today in order to move forward. However, you don’t have to make a decision on which way you want to go until you know exactly what, what, what your credits are. If you do choose to pay completely on the back end, which a lot of people choose and we’re the only companies that truly offer this full contingency, it’s only 25% now. Please understand that I’ve seen rebates come back as from 20,000 to as high as $3.3 million, and I’ve seen a lot of people that get these bigger credits make sense and decide to go ahead and pay upfront. Let me tell you why you save a substantial amount of money. The fee drops all the way down to 18% and even though I initially, as you probably are with thinking you know what I’m, it’s safe to pay on the back end. If you’re getting a $3,000,000 credit, it sometimes makes sense to save the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That percentage would save you and pay the 18% up front. The good news is, you don’t have to decide right now. Let’s find out exactly what your credit is. Then you can make an educated decision on which one of those ways you want to go. But before you go reading through the C, our customer service agreement, and wondering what it says, I’m just the guy, the guy that wants to tell you right up front. That’s exactly what it says. Fair enough. Are you sitting in front of a computer? Good. Can we get your forms uploaded today so you’re not sitting around waiting too long? Awesome. Let’s get started. Fair everybody with me on that. No deposit bill. We took that away about a month ago. No more deposits. Very simple.

00:23:02 Syd Michael: 1825, that’s it. Well, you can always listen to the replay and write it down and listen like I would be, you know, as much as I would say that you want to be as close to that message or you know, I like the way, you know, because it’s me saying it. I like the way I say it. It might not be the way you would say it. So don’t feel that you have to go word for word on any of that stuff, but understand the message. Right. And does anybody hear the psychology and that whole role play right there? There’s a lot of psychology in it, right. Why am I going ahead and telling them what the CSA is? Let me go ahead and tell you what the CSA is. By the way, we have to sign today to keep moving forward, although you don’t have to make a decision on exactly what to do, but you know we got to get the paperwork up and running. So we can get it moving fast. Remember I told you what takes a long time. People that drag their feet on the paperwork, drag feet on paperwork. This thing can take forever. Let’s get it rolling, right? I’m basically preempting them. If you tell them what’s in the CSA, they’re not as apt to go. Want to read it word for word or have their attorney go over it, You know what I’m saying? Not that I care if they do, but that slows down the process. Remember, sales is the quickest process from A to B. And then I’m sitting there, hem hauling over the customer service agreement and then getting in some kind of pissing match, trying to prove who knows the law better. You know what I mean? All you’re doing is slowing down your deal, slowing down your deal. My job as a good, proper agent is to get them to sign the CSA, upload their docks and get into the Tampa team as fast as possible.

00:25:03 Syd Michael: With no snacks make sense. That’s why I go ahead and just tell them what the CSA is. There’s no reason to go further into that, right? Tell them what’s on the Carfax and they won’t pull a Carfax. Everybody with me on that, give me a Roger that if you understand what I’m saying. Word. Roger said it in caps. Roger that. Good. Hopefully. Hopefully that brings some value to all of Y’all. Does that all make sense? A good friend of mine, David Sprague. I don’t know if y’all know him or remember him or whatever used to say when the path is clear, the decision is easy and that’s the truest statement. Ever. It’s very true. And what makes the path clear? What would clutter the path? Objections. Objections. However, if you’ve talked to enough people. If you talk to enough people, you know we know, we all know I can almost you can almost call me out and say what objection did you hear And when they when you tell me, I can almost tell you exactly what part of the deal they’re in. Because guess what? I know we want to think we’re all unique and individual, but we’re really not that unique and individual when it really comes to core beliefs and core understanding. And we all come to the same complexities, we all have the same buyers remorse at the same time when going through something, right, when somebody gets in, then all of a sudden they’re like, oh God, how are they going to get me? Your defense mechanism kicks in. Well guess what? Everybody has that defense mechanism because the world’s created it.

00:26:56 Syd Michael: Right. It’s just the truth. You got to be cautious. So go ahead and take those. Go ahead and take that rebuttal off and the person’s going to go, man, I don’t know why I like you, but I do, right? And that’s how you get tradeins with full things of gas. They had no intention of ever trading it in. And you know why? They met a salesman, Dame, said Michael. Careful who’s handy, Shake, because I pity the fool. They just ain’t ready. They do it once every three or four years or at once in their lifetime. With this, I do it 20 times a day. They’re bringing a twig to a gunfight. But the path is clear. The sale is near. That’s right, Doug. I like that one better, right? That’s awesome. All right, so any other. Let’s just answer some random questions, I’m sure. If you have any question, shoot. If I got the answer to it, I’ll answer it. But I don’t know. I’ll ask Nicole. And if we both don’t know, well, we’ll actually send in a support ticket and we’ll find out. But how many of you got? Anybody got a question? Objection. Anything they want to get off their mind. Anything I can help you with? Fire away. Fire away. No, nobody has anything. Are you right? In the long ones I get, I want to check with my accountant a lot and then I can’t get back on the phone with them. OK, so you need to hit that objection right on. OK, when somebody says I want to check with my accountant, go, no problem, you should.

00:29:06 Syd Michael: However, what are you going to ask them? Because I probably already have the answer to it and I can help you out. What kind of questions do you want to ask your accountant? Right, your job’s to be Columbo? What are you going to ask your accountant? I might already have the answer to it, right? Or you know, let them know, say yeah, you absolutely should talk to your accountant. However, please understand an ordinary accountant can’t do what I’m talking to you. Most of my competitors do only do lost revenue submissions. However, we do complex submissions. We use attorneys and CPA’s. So I don’t know what you’re going to ask your accountant, but they only know a piece of this. They don’t know all of this. So understand that they’re not going to be able to answer the questions really apples to apples as what we do because they don’t know how to do everything that we do. Just telling you straight up, just telling you straight up. You know, you want to defend yourself. You want to give yourself the best chance. Is there sales calls recorded we can learn from? Yeah, James, they’re in the Facebook group. You have to find them. But I recorded several of them. Unfortunately, I can’t record all of them being honest because people don’t know how to use 3 way on their phones. So I, you know, it messes it up if when I do the sales calls with people, if they can do the three-way, then I’m able to use my 3 way to record. But unfortunately all the time what are your go to CSA bullet points to go over with a customer? I don’t, I don’t go into bullet points with the CSAI, don’t spend a lot of time on it. I do exactly what I just said. Let me go ahead and tell you what’s on the CSA if you want to go completely deferred and I totally understand it, we’re the only companies in the country of all my competition that actually offers a full deferred.

00:31:01 Syd Michael: A full contingency deferred because these things are expensive and quite complex to be honest. But if you want to go full contingency all the way deferred only if you get a credit, you owe us nothing, if you don’t give us, if you don’t get a credit. But if you do get a credit, then it the fee would be 25%. Now as you please understand, I’ve seen credits go from 20,000 to over $3.3 million in the last 18 months and when you get into the millions, percentages equal 10s of thousands. So if you want to save a significant amount of money once you find out what your credit is, you might want to choose to pay the 18%, right? So let’s see here what’s the organization called with the CPA’s at ERTCAICPA? American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. James, good question. Yes. If we have a lock box, we know it’s the purpose of the lock box. It sends us a notice. Brian Hahnemann’s asking does the IRS inform you when they send the checks to the client, we can check on that. That’s also why we got the 20, which form is it that actually allows us to do that. Nicole, do you know it’s 2848 or the it’s one of those forms that that that allows us to do that. I mean until the IRS sent checks they’re saying they don’t have any. So if you have something saying IRS has sent them, maybe we can find them. They do have employees that are afraid of being, you know, let me reach your thing. Fired of being fired if they get paid because they tried to stop the filing.

00:33:00 Syd Michael: And you got a lot of complex stuff, right? How you getting yourself in all these messy deals, sending a support ticket? They can find out if it’s what all’s been submitted. But dude, you do. I mean, how many people get fired trying to stop filings and what kind of crazy crap, jeez man, it was already in a waiting payment does the lock box completion. Mean it is closer. I don’t know. I’ll have to be honest. I can’t honestly because they’re moving that stuff around so much over there. I can’t keep up with it. Sorry, Brian. I would definitely send in a support ticket and see what they can say. Even a CPA accountants have pointed out how the IRS is always making updates changes. Yeah, totally agree. Yeah, Thomas, I saw that too. Thomas was talking about some of the deferred clients, just got a letter from the IRS stating they are being processed and looked for a check in four to six weeks. That’s good news. That’s good news. I mean, I don’t know about y’all, but, you know, I feel like the kid in the back seat of the car going on vacation, going to Disney, you know, I mean, I can’t help but the one to say, are we there yet? I mean, just can’t help it, man. You know what I mean? Oh, Gary Vinder’s got a guy that I deal with who’s cool as crap. I love him to death. His name’s Danny. But, you know, Danny calls me about once a week, you know? Are we there yet? You know, I get it. I get it, man.

00:35:01 Syd Michael: Everybody wants their cash, Everybody wants your cash, all right. Any, any last second questions or anything I can answer for anybody, any good news, any, any accomplishments or anything? If you’re speaking to a new client, do you fill in the intake form on the website or send them the link and let them do it themselves? All right, let’s talk about that for a second, Thomas, because I’m going to be honest with you. I’m going to shoot everyone to be straight on this. The most abused customer is the current customer. Does that make sense, Meaning? So many people and a lot of people do this naturally and it’s just bad, bad business, if you think about it right. I’ll relate it to the car industry just because that’s what I know a lot of and I know everybody’s bought a car kind of can do it. Like when a salesman sits you down and says okay, finance will be with you in a minute and you sit there for an hour waiting on finance and the salesman’s nowhere to be seen. Used to drive me bonkers. You said drive me bonkers. Go sit with your customers. Talk about grandkids, grandmothers, whatever the heck you got to talk about. But don’t go. Leave them alone for an hour and make them feel like. All right, we’re done. We’re over. You signed my paperwork now you’re off. Now. I know you got to go get the car cleaned up, so let them know I’m going to go clean up the car. I will be back in 10 minutes. Can I get you anything while I’m out? Are you thirsty? You want something to drink? Court them. Court them.

00:36:57 Syd Michael: Right. So when I’m speaking to a new client, do I take them to the intake form on the website? I would offer to fill it out for them or I can send you a link and you can fill it out which would you prefer, but I would white glove and me and Ann power on a deal called not too long ago with a customer. The customer let her court them all the way to uploading the documents. It’s beautiful. But when you just send over a link, go okay. Yeah, there you go. Just click that link. You’re not properly doing you’re the best you can do. You’re not putting your best foot forward. You’re not giving your best chance. And then all of a sudden the customer’s not going to answer the phone or call you back in here and go. What happened? Why? Bill’s lead suck. You know what I mean? It’s God you didn’t court the customer, right? You should always court them. Treat them like they’re your Mama. That’s a great, great mindset to have. I want to treat them like they’re my Mama or the way I’d want somebody to treat my Mama. You with me. Hope that answered your question. There’s a great question, by the way. Everybody get that? Let me know. Let me know. Everybody’s with me on that program. Cool. All right. Just making sure, Just making sure. Because I know sometimes I start random. All right? What else? Anything else? Any other questions? Or do you know what Bill Mcintosh’s people say to the leads before handing them off to us? I don’t know exactly.

00:38:54 Syd Michael: I don’t know. I know that he runs up through a series of questions. He makes sure, tries to make sure they have 3 W2s and meet the minimum qualifications that we require. I know that. And listen, I mean, let’s, let’s, let’s get real. Like, you know, I’ve called with a lot of you on these leads. They’re people who just kind of pretty much was told about ERTC and said, yeah, they want to know more. You know what I mean? He’s not, they’re not, they’re not closed leads. So don’t, don’t, don’t think that that’s what they are. They’re not. They require much more massaging and convincing and you got to sell them trust and you got to on board them and you got to get them but it’s a warm person saying I am interested in ERTC. So for that reason alone you know it’s easier to talk to somebody like that than it is talk to somebody completely cold but they are not closed leads. And nor did you expect them to be. And if you wait a week or two weeks to call them after you get them, guess what? They cool off. They cool off. Had several people call me up and go, hey, we got to call my leads. When did you get them? Three or four weeks ago. Well, why are we just now calling them three or four weeks ago? You can’t let them cool off. You need to call them as fast as you possibly can. Let them know that you are their agent. Give them your phone number. Let them know that if they have any questions, whether it’s 5 minutes from now, 5 seconds after we get off the call or five days from now, you can always get in touch with me. I’ll always be here to help you, but let’s get you started right now. You want me to fill it out or you want me to send you a link so you can fill it out? I can do it for you. You want me to do it for you real quick? No problem. I would gladly do that. First off, have you received your ERTC check yet?

00:40:50 Syd Michael: Okay. So you haven’t received anything good. Did you get your first two PPP’s? You did. Good. That’s good news. But you do know you left money on the table because there’s still plenty of credits we can get you with the RTC if we get this process started now, right? Just walk them through the path. Cool. All right. Any last questions, anything else anybody else wants to talk about? I’m in the UK, so calling with my mobile will show the UK Well, you shouldn’t call with your mobile. That’s the truth. You should call the Google number. There’s plenty of apps to get US based numbers. We talked about this a few weeks ago. There’s plenty of ways to do it. Call from a US base number, but totally cool that you have the UK accent. Trust you trust me on that. It’s a plus. We just got a good news. Commissioned received $34,456.62, one account. Awesome. Thanks. Congratulations Donald. I like to see people when they get paid. It’s paycheck Wednesday. Just a little $34,000 little, little hit. Still a little $34,000 little hit. That’s nice. Couldn’t have went to a better guy. I appreciate that, Donald. Good job. He said 30% at work. OK, all right, all right, all right.

00:42:48 Syd Michael: Very cool. What else we got going on? Anything else? How long did it take, Donald? So how long did it take? When did you submit it? Let’s go ahead and calculate that up real quick so everybody can chew on that, if you don’t mind telling us. And if you remember how many W2s they’d love to hear. That said, it was upfront 18%. Oh, they paid 18% up front. Okay. Great. So if they paid up front, like give us that timeline. So you got paid quickly, 42 W2s, Get a pin. Write this down, everybody. 42 W2s, 18% front. Paid in one month, paid in one month. There you go. From the cat’s mouth, you. You know what I mean. Young people. Well, I got to wait until I get paid on one before I feel comfortable doing a second one. I think Donald didn’t think that way. He’s got paid 34 diesels. That’s 18 dugans. That’s almost 7 nickels. Bathroom refurbishing company. Bathroom refurbishing company. By the way, Yep, in one month. Good job, Donald. Good job. How did you, How did you get the lead? Was it a warm lead referral? How did you obtain the customer? Let’s just be transparent here. Everybody’s chewing on this like crazy. Everybody’s saying good job too, Donald. So good job, buddy.

00:45:09 Syd Michael: Think about that real quick. Why? Why Donald’s writing that in. Think about that. You make the decision to show up today, right? You make the decision to put on the gas, to make it happen. Leave it on the field. Damn it. If I’m going to get, if I’m going to fail. I’m going to get beat. I’m not going to fail because I didn’t try. I’m not going to. I’m not going to fail because I didn’t try hard enough. I’m not going to look back with regret thinking, man, I should have taken that more seriously right now today, if you make that decision and you’re like Donald, in one month you can pay next month’s mortgage with 34G Commission. And they’ve been much bigger than that. Of course, they’re some smaller, but they’ve been much bigger than that too. But think about that, making your mind up right now to show up. You’re only 30 days away from a hit like that. Existing company owners, known but very reluctant to move forward, kept wanting to quit. Our support team is amazing. They rocked it. So man, very good, very cool. 34G Commission would pay your mortgage for a year. And most people. Some people, yeah, you agree. I agree. How much was the deal? Well, you got to just do the reverse math on that, Donna. I don’t know how much credit did they get? Donald, do you remember, Sorry to ask you all these questions. 600 grand. There you go. 600 grand. Capali, listen, I’ll tell you 600,000 is a good deal.

00:47:16 Syd Michael: But, I’ll say this, I see every week deals twice, three times that size. I see seven figure deals going like crazy. He says he has another 1.2 million in the works with another group. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s what I’m talking about. Where can we see a list of deals? Well, unfortunately going that we’re not going to press that out because that’s privacy. We can’t just go sharing that kind of information, just being honest. That’s why you say like bathroom remodeler, Omaha, bathroom remodeler, Georgia, you know we got to, we got to be a little bit trans, you know, a little bit cloaked on some of that stuff. What happens when you go to dinner with Uncle Syd? You know we’ve done that the last two days, right? I took them out last week. They had a blast. I took them to this Italian restaurant that I found. They hit a sales goal that we were shooting for. So I took them out. Nobody else is in town, so it was just me. But Luigi owns it. And in fact, we’re doing his ERTC now, right? And but dude, they have the best lasagna you ever had in your life. Like, it’s insane, but all their food’s good there. But anyways, they ended up bringing out one of the waiters was a classical guitar player and so he started, they started, they had a piano and a classical guitar and so they were singing and serenade and all the women at the table. It was really Italian, very cool. And one of the A e’s here. His name’s Tyrell. He’s actually a musician, like, straight up.

00:49:06 Syd Michael: Travels on the weekends, goes and sings at churches, gets paid musician. He jumped up, started playing piano also and singing. So we basically took over the entire restaurant, had a concert there, and tell me how Italian this is. I love it and This is why I took Norma for dinner. By the way, me and Norma was the one that found it, but right before we left, right before we walked out, they gave each of the ladies a rose. Before we that they cut from their own rose Bush. The owner has like this massive rose Bush that is on his property at home and he cuts roses and brings them to work every day to give out how cool is that good times And then so and then this week when Brian and John came in town finally we went over to Del Frisco’s got into their got into their private room and you know. It’s pretty cool. I don’t know if you guys got to hang out with John or whatever, but he’s like a shepherd, you know what I mean? He takes care of us when we. When you go out to eat with John, you don’t order. You can order. If you want something you can order, but you don’t have to. He takes care of it. Like he’ll order like two or three of every appetizer, make sure everybody has one, and then he’ll order like 3 of each steaks, Have them slice them up. Make sure each person has one you know has some so you just need a little bit of everything. We kind of family it up like that. That’s why if you look at my Facebook when I said this is my Duck Dynasty it really is like we totally family it up and get it like that. So Monday we took out all the managers to Del Fris goes into that room and then last night we went to Kona Grill and took all the AE’s and the closing team and I mean excuse me, they are QC people and our new SDR’s.

00:50:59 Syd Michael: We took all of them out. We had two tables of people. The pictures are a little dark. I started to post them, but they were a little dark. But we went to Kona Grill and just to give you the style of Kona, they had a lot of sushi there. They serve avocado egg rolls, you know what I mean? It’s a little bit more of a healthier kick, but delicious, fricking delicious food had some calamari again. Right again John orders three of every appetizer on the table. We ate. We ate like literally. Like it was like Thanksgiving. Like I mean we must have had like 10 times They were bringing more food out, more food out, more food out, more food out. If you want some steak, grab some steak. You want a hamburger. They got sliders, you know like you just eat whatever you want. And you know and we bond. We bond. We make sure everybody understands that we’re real and. We all have feelings. We understand. I want to know about their kids. I want to know if they’re going to baseball. I want to know how they did it at dance recital. I want to hear how they did it. Taekwondo, you know, all that stuff is very, very, very important with employees, especially nowadays. Listen, I’m going to tell everyone of you it’s very hard to hire good people, right? And we hold the bar high like they have to fit and mess with our mission. Are it doesn’t work. Like if somebody, you know, if, if, if somebody, if you open the door, they don’t say thank you, They ain’t part of the team. You know what I mean? Like we make sure everybody’s got good core values. And if you don’t have good core values, you, you pop out of here. You’re just not. We’re not. We don’t even have to run you off. You’re not going to fit in around here. That’s just the way it is. So not the rant, but again, you know, I buy in on buy in, so I bought it.

00:52:50 Syd Michael: Right. We’re trying to create the best atmosphere to change as many entrepreneurs and lives as we possibly can. And I don’t think we’ll ever get an opportunity that’s going to be bigger and more important than we do today with this opportunity right now. That’s the truth. So, all right, everybody having fun? Cool. Yeah, no problem. Nicole rock’n’roll. Everybody cool. Good. All right. Hey, thank you so much for your time. I appreciate you, James. James said he took his wife there, Del Frisco’s, for her birthday. Very cool. Jay. Are you in Tampa, James, or do they have them over everywhere? They got a couple of them. DC All right, cool. Yeah, I’ve got a bunch of. I had my best friend graduated from James Madison, so I know Tyson’s corner, that Hilaria pretty well. Been up around that, that part. Obviously. If any and all of you are any close to Tampa, give me a shout. You’re always welcome. Come on by. We are going to orchestrate another event, so be on the lookout. All right. See you everybody. Thank you so much. I appreciate you.