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RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions June 21, 2023

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions June 21, 2023

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)

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00:00:03 Brian Anderson: Hey, everybody and welcome to the call today. This is Brian Anderson coming here. We’re going to have Syd Michael in just a minute. We’re going to have a guest, a long time business partner of mine, a fabulous guy who’s going to come on in a few minutes as well. But give me one if you can hear us. Okay, I am a hotel Internet, so it’s not perfect on my side. So I want to check in with you guys. Let’s see. All right. I’m seeing someone come in. Excellent. Excellent. All right. Thank you, Isaac and Steven and Steve. That’s funny. I got a Stevens in a I’ve got a Stevens in a Steve that I’m about to meet. Let’s see. Covina, Brian. Okay, you guys. I’m starting to see you. Hi, Angie. Let’s see. Yeah. No, you’re in the right place, everybody. Yep. Give me one SEC. Where are you guys? I am actually in Las Vegas today. Where are you guys? Where you guys joining us from? Let’s see. And I’m going to put it, Let me put a slide up to man, It’s been a minute for me on the old webinar. Hang on, how about this? Let’s see. All right, man, we’re all over the place. We got London, UK. We’ve got Kansas City, Sacramento, Wanda, welcome. Hey, Catherine, Harvey, Let’s see Steven Biss down in Lake or over in Lake Worth and San Antonio and Houston and Sherry’s in North Carolina. We got Robert coming at us from Honduras. Welcome, Robert. Let’s see Amsterdam. Well, Steven, you’re going to love my guest. And that goes for all the other Dutch people on the call. I see two of you at least.

00:01:43 Brian Anderson: Let’s see. We got Catherine, who’s in Cornwall in the UK. Patricia is here from Mexico. Welcome. Patricia Bryant is joining us from Hickman, Kentucky. I know where that is. Shannon is in Texas, Oklahoma. Angie, welcome. Let’s see. Seattle. We got Serbia, Slobodan, Welcome. Michigan. Dale. Hearts over in Durham, NC or normally it’s over, depending on where I am. Let’s see. Carrie’s up in Michigan. All right, guys, let’s see. Frank, come on. Frank the Tank. Welcome. Frank from Baltimore. Good to see you. Brenda’s from North Carolina. Let’s see. We got India in the house. We got Utah, Houston, Helena, Mt Laurie. Let’s see Daytona. A couple more in London. Adacumby. Let’s see. Mary. Linda Toussaint in California. All right. All right, you guys. So here’s what we’re going to do. Syd and I are actually attending an event today in Las Vegas focused around car dealers. And I’m speaking at this event like 6 times, which is actually kind of exciting. There’s going to be thousands and thousands of people here, but we never, ever want to miss our Monday training or our Wednesday training. So I’m going to think of how we’re going to do this today. Let me put this picture up. Give me a 7 actually, in honor of Syd, who hit a bunch of slot machine winnings last night. I was. I was in the room asleep, but Syd went out of the casino and for what I hear, made a pretty penny in the casino. But how many of you get excited seeing people just like you? Norma’s from Rochester, I think. Rochester, NY.

00:03:35 Brian Anderson: Look at that. Check, you guys, If you’re fired up, give us 3 sevens. 3 sevens In honor of sit here. Let’s see. Cindy, you Cindy was first with the three sevens. Let’s see. All right. Yeah, I’m seeing them zip in, you guys. Awesome. Well, listen, this is as real as it gets. Now this is one of the bigger ones, which is, well, obviously why I put it in a slide, but by no means is this the only one we paid out thousands of times. Lots and lots of people, over 10,000 per pop. We have so many of you right now contributing in our Deal contest are called our leads contest. And you see Corey at least for this slide was leading William and then Bjorn who’s Dutch and Paul Baker is not listed. He’s also here, he’s from Holland as well. Guys, there is nothing different. About the people with these big checks, the people on this leader board, than any of you on the call, any of you on the call, quick question, let me jump off and help Mary Russo, Mary said. Brian. I was told that several companies go through a different process and are not qualified for ERTC. So I don’t understand that sentence. But your second one says are farmers eligible, so you could be a farmer. You could be a tobacco farmer, a dairy farmer, Hogs, it doesn’t matter. It comes down to having employees, Employees, Mary. So if you have employees or the farmer has a business with employees, then he or she would be eligible. Let’s see. That check was one deal. Now the business had 12 locations. Steven, Let’s see.

00:05:25 Brian Anderson: All right. Yeah, Corey’s on the Corey’s here in the house. Welcome, Corey. Guys, anybody can do it and you don’t have to be in the USI mentioned the people from our Dutch members, or is it right to say Holland? Or should I say the Netherlands? I probably should say the Netherlands, but I’m gonna let somebody teach me. These guys have been crushing it. Now, what if I told you? That you could be from Cornwall, who I saw a minute ago, or London, or Paris, or Amsterdam, or Spain, or Israel, or anywhere in India, anywhere in Pakistan, anywhere anywhere on the planet. If you know how to use e-mail, you don’t even have to be down the street from a business. These these two guys from Holland, from the Netherlands are in the top five agents. Total overall. And that is both leads and close deals. So the Netherlands is correct. Thank you so much. Holland is only one of the Netherlands there. I knew that was it, but I wasn’t sure. Thank you so much. All right. So the Netherlands, right? Doesn’t matter where you’re from, But what I love seeing as Syd calls him his duchies, these two guys from the Netherlands are using this really fancy thing called the e-mail, and they’re just getting deals. Now if you’re interested in how to do that, you’re in the right place. Today I brought on a very special guest that funny enough is also originally from the Netherlands and fabulous guy. So while there is, there is no fee to be involved with our company.

00:07:13 Brian Anderson: You know, I want you to make money, not spend money. The reality is there are different tools and strategies out there. There are people running paid ads. They spend money. There are people driving around. They spend money, right. There are different ways to do this thing. There is no I will tell you this little over two years in seeing people make hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars. I will tell you this, there is no one right way. I, I, I if there was a right way. It’s to be an action taker. It’s to be willing to basically do what maybe you haven’t been willing to before to put yourself out there really to get fired up. If that’s you, then you’re in the right place on this call, right? I want to identify what is more than likely the exact reason you haven’t achieved your goal, right? And I’ll tell you. I’m going to tell you how to fix it immediately. I know you. I’m going to tell you how to fix this problem. Absolutely. Right now on the call. Right. Forever. Doesn’t matter where you live. Doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, OK at all. At the very end, myself, or more than likely my business partner will make an offer for those who are on the call. You don’t have to do it. It isn’t going to be expensive, but I want to be honest and upfront. You’re going to be able to get started for one dollar $1.00, US $1.00. Yes, yes, $1.00. Now, why would we do this? Well, I’ll talk about that in a minute, but let’s back into this for a second. Let’s figure this.

00:08:47 Brian Anderson: Thing out. What is the biggest problem holding you back? I’m going to give out. Let’s see. Niki, are you here in the background? Let me see if Niki’s here. I thought I saw her. Niki. Yes, I’m here. Awesome. Niki, let’s give out prizes. Why don’t you pick out the best problems you see coming in? Y’all let me see what your problems are. And I’m not going to pick them. Niki, she’s seen it all. We’ve worked together a long time. She’s gonna grab some that look pretty good. And then we’re gonna give out a prize for each of you right now. Let’s see. We’ll give out three. Nick. Seem fair? Yes. I have to look through this, though, right? There’s no one wrong answer, man. There’s some good problems, you guys.

00:09:35 Brian Anderson: Right. Give me one, Nick. Pick one you like well.

00:09:42 Niki Peckham: One that we have a lot of is they didn’t get their welcome e-mail. That’s not really a I don’t, I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for. Yeah. So if you didn’t get your welcome e-mail, that’s so easy to fix. Put in the ticket and we’ll get you set up right now. As a matter of fact, don’t even put a ticket. Let us know right now. We’ll help you on the call. I am working on one right now for Robert Tracks. Robert, we’re helping you. How about Vita? I know Vita. Vita just said people not opening emails. You know why you guys, let’s talk about that, Vita said. People don’t open the emails I send.

00:10:12 Brian Anderson: You know, who knows what it comes down to get them to open the e-mail. Does anybody know there’s one thing. Well, technically there’s 21. It has to get delivered. And two, there’s one other thing. Subject line. Yeah, Sherry Johnson. Let’s give Vita and Sherry a gift card. Let’s pick another one. Oh, I I’m going to pick one. I see one, Dieter. Dieter says converting cold leads to a conversation. I like that. So we’ll talk about that. Dieter K So let’s make sure you get a gift card as well. Reach out with your e-mail address and we’ll take care of them at some point today. How about, oh, having the confidence, I like this, Nicholas. Having the confidence to talk on a cold call, Syd. Syd talks about that a lot, you guys. That’s three good ones, and there’s probably 50 more. 50 more at least on here. You guys will listen. What if I said you don’t? What if I said you don’t need that confidence? What if I said there’s a way to solve vitas concerns about people opening your e-mail, right and not having to worry about your confidence? You can be confident. This is real. I’m going to tell you what I see though, is the problem. I’m going to tell you what I see it over and over again. I’ve done. Almost 10,000 webinars, A gazillion one-on-one calls, lots of live events. I couldn’t tell you how many emails we’ve sent. We sent a couple million a month, so a lot. And it’s the same thing over and over again. And I’ve been saying this for a couple of years, about five years. I think I started saying it in 18 when I realized it was the same answer no matter what you were doing. I don’t care what you’re selling, what you’re doing. It comes down to consistency. If you can be consistent, you can do this.

00:12:08 Brian Anderson: That’s all you have to do. Be consistent. Does everybody get it? Like, imagine if your strategy is to walk into restaurants, but you only did it one day every month for about 3 hours. That’s not consistent. Okay. Not consistent. All right. So. Every single marketer. Doesn’t matter if they’re affiliate marketer, ecom marketer, local marketer, ERTC. Marketer, They have the same problem they do. So I promise this will help any other thing you’re doing. Working out, dieting. Consistency. All right, consistency. And how’s it killing you? What’s the biggest area? It’s killing you more than likely. Usually it comes down to this prospecting. Getting those top of the funnel leads, those deals at the beginning of the funnel and if you can get that, if you can get that under control, you can make some progress, right. I’m excited. Look we are averaging between 700 and a million, three a month paying out to people like each of you on the call. That isn’t the one person. Fortunately, it’s to lots of people. But you know what they what those guys are guys and gals are doing right? Some level of consistency. That’s it. You’re not going to get lucky. I mean, you might, right? I don’t want to say that, but you might. But don’t bet on luck unless you’re Syd Michael. Don’t bet on luck. So out of everybody on this call, we got hundreds and hundreds. Maybe a couple of you would, but you don’t want to chance it.

00:13:53 Brian Anderson: So what I want to do at this point, I want, I want to put all concern, all fear, all objections, all negativity. Bring it on the table. What if I told you, you don’t have to be smooth, you don’t have to be a great salesperson like Syd? You don’t have to close them. Them being the deal on a call, you may not have to do any of that. What if I told you that two people in our top five ever who have made gobs of money, whatever that means. They’re not talking to anybody. Lucky for you, our entire team talks to all your leads repeatedly when they come in. So that part and Syd works and trains those guys and gals every single. Day. Right. So what I want to do is I’m going to bring out.

00:14:48 Brian Anderson: I’m going to bring out a friend of mine, a longtime friend, over a decade, business partner, and someone that’s consistent day in, day out. He doesn’t get on the phone and close people. He could actually, he has before, but you know what he does? He’s consistent with his marketing, with his prospecting, and he’s been the genius behind retooling our. Product, right? We build a product many years ago together called Instant Reply and it goes through iterations and versions and fixes and has to adapt. And you know what’s funny? Every day, every day we send emails out. Some get opened, some don’t. But you know what? It happens on autopilot. Because I can’t trust myself. I was on a flight yesterday. I’m about to go speak to a bunch of car dealers today, and I’ve already emailed these car dealers three times. Hint. And that’s a good idea to do. So let me introduce Jack Hopman now. Jack, are you here in the background? Let’s see.

00:15:54 Jack Hopman: Yeah, I’m here.

00:15:56 Brian Anderson: Jack, Holland, Netherlands I If I say Netherlands, I’m doing it right. Right. Go act. All right. I Jack originally from the Netherlands, so I knew as I was making that mistake and I should not call anybody duchies, but that’s Syd’s words, not mine. Listen, Jack, I told you about those two guys from the Netherlands that are killing it using e-mail. They’re getting on average three to four deals every single day. They’re not talking to anybody. They don’t have to worry about overcoming objections. They let, they let the copy and they let the sales team at ERTC Express do all that forum. But they got to get in the inbox, they got to get opened and they have to drive that traffic to their sales page. Can you talk more about that? Because that’s critical to being successful.

00:16:46 Jack Hopman: So. Thanks everybody for having me on the call. Congrats. I think it was Stefan or Stephen from the Netherlands and not know the other name, but Congrats as well. So I’m kind of in the back also in the ELC Facebook group and I see all those successes and I think you had a call with Brian about a month ago. And see where we really could fit in helping closing models. Because you know Brian wins when you guys get models, but you also win through kind of a brainstorming what is working what is what is your fear. And I, I took screenshots from all the guys what your fear is and the fear was kind of. You don’t like to speak with clients. You, you don’t have consistency. You don’t have a system, you kind of follow training, but you’re not getting started. So we had to brainstorm on the system what solves all those problem that you will have leads that you will e-mail every day, that your e-mail get opened, that when they land on your website to get conversion.

00:18:06 Jack Hopman: That a lot of things are automated so that you kind of feels I’m in control, I’m doing something I you know they all say you know luck is of success is luck, but actually luck is as you create the opportunity, you create the opportunity to become lucky. Do you guys think Brian is by accident a successful? No, he’s not. He really takes opportunities. Dare to scale big. If anybody has seen his office in Tampa, you will be amazed how many people they’re working. And that is not because he’s lucky. That is because he dare to invest, He dare to scale, he dare to take action. So the only way kind of to become successful is, you know. Kind of dedication consistency follow up action so but we understand your struggle and especially when you are you are new you need a helping hand so we came up with a done for you automated system. So that means the system is that you that you we provided leads we provide the emails. We will help you with the website, we will make it, we will create opportunities, we will make it easier to get conversions from the website and once the prospect the company has subscribed then the whole backup team. But Brian teams in Tampa is already automated and.

00:19:58 Jack Hopman: Steve, you know he just nailed it with his emails and Congrats to him and but that is not really a secret. A secret is kind of, you know, we don’t tell to anybody and he’s doing something but he’s just taking action. He’s just using the correction for clients. He using the correct e-mail body. He using the correct landing base. He kind of brings set of all the easy team to follow up and he makes a lot of money and we want to give that opportunity to everybody. We want you to take advantage of a system that is called this reply which create a lot of responses because we put. Special widget on the website which calls that people if they don’t fill out the form, if they have an additional question that they can communicate with you. And the beauty of that website visit is that the lead goes into a mobile app or your phone. So you don’t need to check your e-mail, you don’t need to be check your text message. You just get everything on your mobile phone and respond to the specific lead. Now you get the mobile app and it is a system that means it’s every day you send, let’s say 100 emails per day.

00:21:33 Jack Hopman: On a way that the e-mail get open, and that was actually a good point mentioned today. You know I don’t get my emails opened. Yeah, so to get emails opened with gold prospecting is an art. You need to use the separate lines to receive a light you need to avoid that they click on the speller. You need your own dedicated e-mail server. You need to. Have your own IP address. Now with that set what we do for you is every Thursday, every Thursday you get a call the training and I call that the done for you setup meeting. Well basically it means we I can create a campaign for you. I can check the campaign for you. I can optimize a campaign for you. I can train you how to create good campaigns, everything what you like. And it is about an hour but I’m happy to do longer as long as I get questions in. So I get a question what is the average opera rate Now I did not prepare this, but I really like that question because you will be amazed. So let me let me open this. I did not repair it, repair this, but what do you feel, Corey, is a good open rate. What do you feel is good? What do you feel? 20% is really good. I agree, 5%. Anybody else what feels is good? Three percent, 10%. So let me open the real, real results. The real results, okay.

00:23:31 Jack Hopman: OK. So here 60 percent, 59 percent, 50 percent, 49%. So they are ranked in order from 20% to 60%. Those are real results. Doesn’t mean you get every campaign that high. No, but I think I when I started with Brian. I guaranteed him that we will get more than 5%. I said Brian, I guarantee you hide A fiver because I feel with called emailing 5% is good and I agree with Michael And then we went crazy, we went crazy good. So I feel I would guarantee 10% if you apply. Learning what we provided now. You already have the dedicated e-mail server, you already have the training and if you really need help I will set up the campaign. So then those are real results. Now if you go by my training, I came up with the reverse engineering method now. I don’t want to transfer this too much in the training to how that exactly works, but with the reverse engineering you’re not only getting high open rates, you also get high clicks. So that is part of the training you get because open is good. I love it and maybe they reply to your e-mail and you get response, but if you have a website you also want to go for clicks.

00:25:26 Jack Hopman: And then you need to send something. You need to e-mail something. What I really like. You want to e-mail something what I open and love and reply and click so that you get convergence. So if you don’t have currently a separate method, okay, let me. Which slideshow up? If you don’t have currently have a simple map for getting leads and turn those leads in a steady stream of paying clients, you are at the right place. We have got a simple system that turns ICE call leads so I will detail a little from a lead bucket. Mainly now you have three sources. Lead bucket is an ocean of leads like all the restaurants from a state. And you say I want to prospect restaurants or you want to prospect churches. Last Thursday we had churches. So whatever your natures, we have lead buckets for, for money, we have lead buckets for or you said I have a very special net. You can ask leads for that. So you kind of select the next you build the list you can use pool with emails but the and so now so lately but I have been doing this if you really want to know since we have implemented that most users support and the Google Docs and then here all the hot the best e-mail separate line that separate line generally.

00:27:19 Jack Hopman: Elite rich prospect, reverse engineering method, how it all works with the server client. So you kind of pick the campaign we covered in the training and then you get already the winning server client the winning e-mail campaign, so it becomes copy and paste for you landing page you can use. The landing page we provide or you use your existing one. So for the ones we said Jack, I don’t know how to start, I don’t know what to do. Then you are for sure at the right place because we will help you to set up campaign, we will help you with the website, we will help you with the Richard, we will help you with reviewing your campaign. Do you see client get it? Seriously. In specific language, multiple touch follow up and finish. So that’s following up. So there’s one thing more than consistency, there’s one thing more than it’s following up. So that is why we create the mobile app to make that following up easy, because how many emails do you get these day? And then you oversee it. You response late or get lost or get mixed up, or the ones who submitted the e-mail felt that you didn’t follow up fast enough so that the user experience was not high. With the widget with its reply, it is really instantly. Yeah, so if you want to become.

00:29:13 Jack Hopman: So one deal is actually nice, correct? But Stefan from Amsterdam, he would not be happy if you only had one deal. He has skilled his business, he has skilled his success. So he kind of do rinse a repeat of following it up. So let’s talk to how to add paying clients immediately. So before I had a system. I was. I was really struggling and we were all the same. We all started the same. Now I read the quote yesterday and it was saying I do not anybody know who struggled before I came successful. So Stefan, if you are on the call, were you really successful from day one? It takes time, no. But what makes you successful is because you put effort in it. You see what is working, what is not working and always optimized, always follow up. That is always you’re not from day one successful. Now you can figure it. All out by a salad or you can use the learning from people who are successful. So it’s your choice. Most people be happy with a solid 6 figure income. Or you know like Stephen and Brian and Masala, we have bigger dreams so more call values are around giving back to serving others. Let’s figure this out in more detail. What’s the biggest problem holding your back is?

00:31:08 Jack Hopman: You know, stick to the plan, correct? Yeah, That is everyone. Yeah. I’m no exception. Sometimes, you know, yeah, we have to scale back and be consistent if you want to achieve goals. So my name is Cassi. I’m related. Success. We should hang out more than once in a while. And you should do more than following training. You should implement them and be giving you and helping hands. So we now is what it is. I think everybody by now cracked there is drip feeder, blood drip feeder. So now doesn’t IV deliver fluid all at once or steady. Consider what happened if you would send 10,000 e-mail in a day they all go. Do spam correct. You will not see opens you have to drap for them that the e-mail provider like Gmail, Yahoo, outlook and domains accepting that it looks natural that they go in the inbox that you get high open. So that is part of the secret why answer reply has so high open rates. Exactly a consistent web everyone. Of you can change your agency and your lives with the same model, yes you can. Consistent, steady drip of activity. The only difference between you and top agency like Stefan, he has the same product. It’s not the product or service. They have a proven study that can execute on a consistent basis. Yes, I do call them with instant reply.

00:33:02 Jack Hopman: This is literally the only thing holding you back from taking the leap. So all this problem, everything changes. Everything. More leads, more clients, more revenue. What should the system be that you put into action? So what is the real system? I can tell you that in the single market channel is not enough food to talk 23. Now Stefan, I don’t know if you do this, but if you add something to the e-mail. Like leaving a virtual message, you have more success. Here are a few things you must do to be successful. Focus on an H or a single service. Yeah, don’t be all over the place. We’ll feel that they’re all over the place, kind of. Today this and tomorrow that. You’re not focused. That’s not good, Kathy. It’s very hard to become successful that way. It’s very hard. It’s too hard one do one thing good, but has a proven record. The likelihood that you become successful is higher. Identify your target list of process, so select the next. Like restaurant or churches or contractors, design your marketing match to address a real problem That next phase. So what is the How do you want to sell your service? Since we have proven records, we can help you with that. Then it’s not so easy to figure it out, I have to say.

00:34:58 Jack Hopman: You don’t know in the beginning what converts and what doesn’t convert you here. You need to help it and then consistency consistent market across multiple channels of those prostate. Yeah, you will not become successful if you only do one thing once a week. It doesn’t work that way. You have to do preferably every day now. Not we didn’t became Internet market because we want to work every day. But you want to use system, you want to use a system or work for you every day and you only want to respond to real people, to leads, to hot leads that they might have a question about your service and you convert them. And then yeah, the first e-mail, the first contact might not get you the conversion. So you need to follow up, follow up for the same leads. Follow up to the questions you must put lead generation, lead capture, emailing, SMS, voice drops, call tracking. Of course you want to scare you of time always works to get an action, limited quantities and Omeo. So let’s take it deep. Three years ago, I completely changed my strategy. Yeah, that was just before the COVID. And then I felt like you. I was too busy.

00:36:52 Jack Hopman: I really was too busy and I was all over the place. So I sat down with the brain and we just we brainstormed about to have these assistance because that really do everything manually is I want to say hard, but it’s time consuming It’s you don’t get. You don’t get the same result when you automate things from a single channel to multi channel, from generic to specific, from sporadic to consistent. Yes, you need to apply consistency in your business. Let’s be equal. It is. So Stefan, do you have a weak agenda? Do you have a to do list? We have kind of a thing. I need prioritize things. How do you work consistent? So you need kind of a system to do things in an order to do. Stefan has a spreadsheet, so that’s very good. I love spreadsheets. I since Google sheet. My business changed. It’s much easier to share, task and follow things up. So you have inquiries, lead, opportunity, sale. And in a spreadsheet from Stefan. He has First contact. He has following up, he has opportunities, he has convergence. He keeps us all in a spreadsheet because he doesn’t want that the deal falls true.

00:38:48 Jack Hopman: Correct. You want to make sure that first contact don’t get lost and Cory said I use HubSpot to track the deals from stage to stage. Very good. So, but I think Stefan and others can confirm that you can get. Conversion in the first contact, but it very well might that you need multiple contacts sometimes 7 e-mail vodop e-mail VOD drop e-mail VOD drop e-mail without taxes. So you’re not allowed to do call text messaging, but when you do e-mail and you leave a voice message and they call you back. Then you then you have the permission to text them back and now you are in the phone and now they much easier to get back to you. That’s the strategy. No, not everyone responds to the first touch. Now, I wish that’s not what works. That’s not how it works. Yeah, business owners are busy. You need to kind of build up some trust. You do that. Good. Soft emails in the beginning from day one and people are just busy, are not running. So you need to kind of build up your story up to the point that they have a moment they are not busy, they check out your website, they like your message and they thought, hey, can you send me more info, contact me or.

00:40:47 Jack Hopman: Or they just fill out the info on the form. That would be the best. So those are all success stories Brian has received in the e-mail, so they’re all to Brian, so you. The first next evolution of this automation How do you manage hundreds, thousands of leads and manage your attention? How do you scale? What do you say? How do you take the effort and the time and labor out of this process? Correct. So by now you probably feel still feel overwhelmed and Jack, do we need to e-mail? Do we need to collect leads, emailing, voice or text message? We still feel it is a mountain of work, so we want to very overwhelm it. Yes, So we want to solve that with the system. So let the process work for you. You need to consist of your prospect list, emails, text messages about phone calls, and then they just follow up over and over and over again. Yes. All automated, but how? First you need to talk about it to drive somewhat interest people to your website. We’ll have an EXC website, yes or no. You have set up a website to drive traffic to Yes, yes, yes, very good. So if somebody said no, you can solve it right away.

00:42:46 Jack Hopman: Very good. We need to capture those people that are hasn’t raised their hands. Yes, they subscribe to the form or to the widget. I will show you the widget in a second. So let’s start with how you can collect leads so. I took a screenshot from the website which is a ratify, but you your website is also good. So only for the ones who don’t have a website and supply comes also with the website. But if you have a website for Brian it’s good. Now what I would recommend to you is to put a video on the website. And video is much more likely to convert than text and video. You can put much more information than text. So that’s the if you have a website and don’t have a video, that’s the only change I would make. No the one more change. I would come back to it, the widget. So yeah, people don’t like to fill out boring forms. They don’t. They like interaction. They like a widget where they can text, phone, e-mail, appointment, chat. You give them options correct? That will work much better than a form. Now if a form cover this happy but eating and not ready and they want to ask question.

00:44:33 Jack Hopman: You should make that very easy. And this widget need to get connected to a mobile app. So if they click it as a mask, they text you. Now you have the phone number or they call you, now you have the phone number or they e-mail you, now you have the e-mail or they book an appointment and you follow up with the appointment or you just chat. All as a mass phone e-mail appointment. All those five options are possible. And now you see him in the back, back end. So there’s a widget on the right hand side, but you see in your website as a preview and it’s easy to customize with everything, with your emailing, with the text, with the labels, and you see all those leads coming in, all those leads. In your backend which you want to follow up which you can put in another campaign or you call them directly. I kind of like when they subscribed to the widget now got them in the phone and it’s so easy to so easy to respond inside your mobile phone if marketing becomes much. When you get responses, Stefan, do you feel at the same so you can send emails and all those things and you don’t get response. You kind of feel I sending into the to the moon or I don’t know how to say it. You don’t get small but when you get responses now you’re talking now the comfort and then you reply to those responses.

00:46:29 Jack Hopman: And you got a conversion. That is the time you want to celebrate. That’s the time you want to eat something nice or whatever your celebration is. That is kind of where we go for if you keep track, that is the real breathing hot leads in a month. So we are blind really scaled it off. Of course not everyone is ahead but now I have my pool of is that I just follow up with yes. So now you have all those leads and they might not only be interested in need to see but they if you. I don’t know if Stephen does this but you can offer other marketing sales if you have a certain Nets they might they can also use a widget on the website. They can also use Google My Business. They can also use Google Apps. Whatever. Your service is SEO so it doesn’t need to stop there. When you have all those leads, So what make those leads hold on than any other? They took action, correct? They responded. They either reply to your e-mail, they called you back, they used a widget to respond to you. They checked out your offer on your website and those websites now are really good, they’re optimized, they’re not new anymore. They know they have the right message on it and in principle, once they read the message and they describe to the widget.

00:48:21 Jack Hopman: They are warm, I want to say hope, but they are really warm. You just want to make sure you don’t mess it up. So the system we just described, typically you need three or four tools to e-mailing to text to call the widget. That is basically where the overwhelming comes in, correct? That is, say Jack, I don’t know how they all work together. So what we did is we created a tool with all those modules and show you the way how to use them. I’m going to show. Let me say that widget is the best. I’m not saying I personally like text messaging from the widget. I really like that they text. Actually I use a widget and I have text and e-mail and I get more leads from text and e-mail. I love it. Now what I also did this Shannon is. Because I’m not checking the e-mail that often. I convert the e-mail to a text message and then I never miss it. So and then I get notified that I get a hot lead feed e-mail. So how to get your phone ring? How to get your e-mail box. How to get the leads tax and increase you convert and follow up with all of your leads.

00:50:14 Jack Hopman: Twist it for call team and how IP address is warmed up and how long does that take. Now every day we sent a couple of more emails, so it’s a warm up table all automatically. It takes about two weeks that the IP address is warmed up. But it’s all ultimate. You don’t need to do anything, it’s all automated. So this opportunity after five years we completely imagined how to consistently generate qualified leads for our agency. Our platform creates a real world feedback for most active members recognize shifted mark away from brute force marketing based around multi channel marketing, maximize those to follow up and tracking. I see some of you guys ask Jack, how do you check? Yes you need to track with reply with emails the open percentage about a B split testing move. You guys do a B split testing for emails. The A/B split A/B split testing is the easy way to improve your results by far. So quick screenshot of the INS reply from the multi channel system login page. There’s a full pipeline marketing system now from lead to clients to dollars. The leadership team in Brian, Jack, Vanessa, the support team is Niki and Jack and there’s a strong.

00:52:07 Jack Hopman: Programming and support team on the back as well. It’s use proven campaign, multi channel, the snow, external phone system or whatever is all not needed. You don’t, you don’t need any third party application. You don’t need, you don’t need Sandra, you don’t need Gmail, you don’t need whatever. You don’t need anything. How to make the follow up close? Small leads? Simple. The focus really is on simplicity. So for all of you, when you said I’m overwhelmed, I want one system. I’d like to have it set up for me. I want a mobile app in my phone and I just want to reply to leads. If that is you, then listen, in my car features the website Capital Widget is really underrated. The widget works. I actually lost a couple of months ago in Tampa and I met somebody who got this lead from the widget and I got a testimony. I don’t have it up yet on this presentation, but he really. Thank me for the lead, voice drops, e-mail, text matching, call tracking. You want to be able to set appointments if you really want to go the next file. You want to be able to invoice if you use other servers. You want to dynamic buy buttons that you can put buy buttons on your website if you offer other service like if you.

00:54:05 Jack Hopman: Not only do ELC, you can also use for those marketing servers. We have a unique lead bucket technology. That means we have an ocean of lead. You can select your net, you can select your state and those leads get automatically implemented in your campaign. We use smart campaigns that means. You can say if somebody opens the e-mail or somebody clicked on the link, I want that lead goes to another campaign because I want to treat them differently. And there’s a complete mobile app build it with the widget. It is actually the mobile app started screen guys recognize his face. We choose his face because it looked like Brian so. Has the phone and the e-mail and results so you get all those leads you see this is the campaign, tax, manage phone, e-mail and tutorials all in the mobile app and that is how the campaign will look, how many sponsored the calls, emails and SMS. This is amazing, this mobile app. This takes all your technology to a simple level. Who of you guys has a mobile phone? Everybody correct? No. But the stronger the better. Question is how far from you is the mobile phone? One feet 2 feet? 3 feet when I go walking or average?

00:55:59 Jack Hopman: Go to a restaurant. Almost everybody has a mobile phone. Frankie does not have it, but I think 99% do have a mobile phone. And not only did you have a mobile phone, but you also have it handy. And then you see that ping, a notification on your phone that lead, that you get responsible lead and that is the moment. That is the moment you are looking for, correct? Somebody responded to your e-mail, somebody responded to your service. That is an excited moment. Now you have business. Now you know you feel okay, I’m close to conversion. I just have to ask a couple of questions and then. He subscribed to the to the EFC service and then I hand them over to the Vanessa team and I just watch now when the check is coming I would be total overwhelmed by all the leads coming in at once time and having no help responding to them. Please advise Jerry. Would you like to have the most figures asked questions with the answers what they will ask you? Like a list like a list for most figures asked question? Like would you like to have an?

00:57:55 Jack Hopman: An example of a conversation. So how you have to handle the conversation with question you asked, which question they can ask and how you guide that conversation. Now for all for you and for everyone who signed up today for the $1.00 I will provide it to you. Actually I created that already. I don’t have it included in his bonus, but I will. So you just read those questions and you kind of prepare yourself with the answer. Can you monitor different campaigns for one mobile phone app? Yes. So this is all I don’t know. Where is the screen? You see? Here’s the campaign. The campaign has three elements. As calls, emails and SMS just all with the same app. You will love. You will love the app, I guarantee emailing tutorials, this is all in one platform. A post list from business data, your accessing campaigns, create your own and. In the past I use a lot of accessor campaigns, but now I also give you specific campaigns and you just copy and paste them. Pull list, user accessor campaigns, multiple tasks, e-mail, text, voice, log Consisted, Automated follow up and repeat You consisted by lead Burkett.

01:00:01 Jack Hopman: Is a technology consistent? Actually it’s really solves your consistent problem and with our support and with my training on Thursday, I will set up your campaign. How do we ultimate follow-ups. It’s all done by instant reply. You just schedule, send this out day one, send it out in day three, send it out in day five, it’s all automated. And if they follow-ups you when they reply to e-mail, you can move that contact to another list and that list can have its own campaign to follow up. Can we get this widget onto our ET base? This widget will work on any website. Website and the group website if your website from Vanessa. If you have a website, I don’t care which website you have, it works. LinkedIn is not integrated. So here’s kind of the interface how it looks like for the voice drops, for the emailing, for the instant text, for the track that means call tracking. You can have specific tractor phone number so the call portal it also works instant reply campaigns that is here we have the campaign Day one, day 2, day three, day five. So that is kind of the follow up and here you select the audio to send out as a voice drop.

01:02:01 Jack Hopman: Yeah, Voice drop. Is there any language in your emails that we pre addresses the usual concerns like it is a scam? We don’t qualify. No. You do unsubscribe link. We always provide unsubscribing at the bottom. Is that what you ask Mark? So this is how the replies look. Call, text, phone, e-mail. This is the lead bucket. You can search on certain Nets and you select now which net you want, which count you want, which state you want. You can also request leads, so if the lead bucket doesn’t provide the. The net you’re looking for, you can submit the request Okay Darcey is on the call today. Darcey has also success with a lot of social posting. She had to really luck with that. It’s kind of show who has met Darcey in the Tampa. She’s really good in social marketing. But are the real people saying about his reply this means you can’t respond right away. Yes. Wow this platform and shine up exchanging issue. I don’t know what I do in the future. This is so powerful. So well talked out. Yes, this is really talked out the system.

01:04:02 Jack Hopman: It’s really fantastic. I can even actually get this working, yes. So today spoke with Brian. We offer $1.00 trials. There’s no resistance. You can test it out for a full month coming Thursday. You will get your first training and everybody who asked me to set up, I will help. The main leads come from Google, so the link is. I don’t know how to put that in the chat here to see bundle. Let’s see if I can do this or you guys see it or not. Can you confirm that you see it? Because I cannot see it if you got the message. So we now if you had one of those challenges like not consistently not know how to start overwhelmment, not now what to do not what to say. Needing helping hand financially struggling. All those things we can help Okay is the S all not working. That is possible. Maybe use it without us Okay not connecting.

01:06:08 Jack Hopman: Maybe use it without as that probably will work OK. I created a short leg yesterday so probably forget about the ass OK? It’s working now. Kind of. To make it easy, EFTC OK, so maybe what I do is.

01:07:04 Niki Peckham: Yeah, Jack, I could only get that last one, that last link that you posted, the digital local agency one to work, the other ones didn’t.

01:07:11 Jack Hopman: OK. Thank you. Okay https E and we only take leave the E replace all. Okay it’s fixed. They should work. Easy, but no. So I created a forward yesterday. So I see Allison, thank you for signing up so it works. The link oh, in you have 30 days and then it’s 197 per month, but you should see result within 30 days. You should have a campaign running in 30 days. You should have good open rates in 30 days. I like you to put effort in it. I like you to come on Thursday meetings. I’d like you to ask me to set up your campaign. I’d like you to train you how to use your waste. I’d like you to.

01:08:37 Jack Hopman: Install the mobile app and I’ll like you to have success. So it takes effort. I do agree, but it is an effort what you set up automation. That is the effort. So $1.00 is only the commitment the 1st 30 days. So if you only have $1.00 there’s no problem. Then I want you, I like you to take action. I like you to follow the training. That is the key if you allow me to help you. That is half of the battle. I will train you how to respond to leads. I have those documentation already, I just have to share the links. That’s basically what it is. I have the emails ready, I have the shop ready. I have the mobile app ready, The leads are already there. Can mask class people get to set up sites for us? Also yes. If you don’t have a website, I will set up your website. A website is included but you don’t need it if you already have a website. Can this be used for other things than easy? Yes. Now most of you guys are interested in ELC, but.

01:10:30 Jack Hopman: Many people use it for Google, My business for Google ads, for leads, for SEO, for social. It’s the same system. So is there any obligation to contain you? For one, I said no, you just send us an e-mail and I said Jack, I don’t want to contain you. How do I run it? Smartphone. Now? Basically you don’t use the mobile app. Easy, works without mobile app. It just work. You just read your e-mail. You do it on a traditional way after 30 days 197, but it’s optional. It’s optional. We want you to try it out for $1.00. The calls are two PF ESD if I might do. I’m thinking to change it to 11 maybe I haven’t decided yet because I have to speak with Brian, but because you guys kind of like 11:00 o’clock, we have to see what is on your list, what you have all the training. I’m open for now. Let me say this, I will be available as long as you guys. Say okay, I want to join a certain time. I will be there. They will all be recorded. So we will do the first Thursday at 2:00 PM. If we get a lot of requests to do it on another time, maybe we do we do it on another time as well. I don’t care so much. I’d like you to allow me to help you.

01:12:38 Jack Hopman: After 30 days is 197, but let me help you to set up the campaign so you see how it all works out, Frankie said. I’m not. I’m a newbie and not computer savvy. Show me the steps it takes to run this business with my computer only for starters. Now it’s not only for starters, but it is for everyone but. I will set up the campaign for you, Frankie. You will get the leads via your phone or your regular e-mail and but if you have a mobile phone with the app, kind of kind of that’s the Holy Grail. That is what it makes so much fun that you get all those notification. And not because somebody posted on Twitter on Facebook. Now there is somebody who is in hot lead and they will they have a question about your service. I will do the training on Thursdays. Maybe Syd can join once in a while. But I kind of know everything about in supply. This is kind of my baby. I know how to set it up. I know how to create a company. I know we have to get the leads. I know how to which e-mail do work. I know how the mobile app work. I will help you set up. I help you to do the A/B split testing. Will the train is be recorded? Yes. Include the closed caption. I’m not sure what you mean with closed caption. That means Mary.

01:14:33 Jack Hopman: So if the training will be at this point 2:00 PM ESD. So two hours from now on Thursdays, if we Sign up today, when can we campaign be set up and running? Now you can do it now you get the e-mail, you get it, you get a step plan. You follow the interface. But if you are struggling, if the stop line from the Internet is not clear, I will do it for you together with you on Thursday. Oh yeah, I haven’t enabled it with text on the video. You know what I can do? If you really want, I can transcribe the video. Is that what you like, Mary? Do you like to have the video transcribed? I can do that, yeah. Now, it will not be perfect English, sorry for that. But I can. I can do this transcription and I can go with the I can smooth it out a little bit with Grammarly. Yeah. So you’re kind of have the grammar fixed and polished a little bit. Yeah, that is I can do that for you. Do we have set up different accounts for different business? I would do that. Yes, I would do that. So it’s all better organized.

01:16:38 Jack Hopman: But you only have to set up its reply, but inside its reply you can set up complete one, complete two, complete 3. How many needs can I hold when doing call Teams? Do you recommend transferring leads that may no longer be called to save space for call leads? Now it’s not really limited to the amount of leads you can hold, but. It is more related to how many called emails you can send per day. Because you don’t want you don’t want the emails go to spam. If you send 10,000 emails from the day one, they will go to spam. We all waste that. But that’s not how it works. So you want to build it up to let’s say one of emails consistently. Each day, consistently, each day. And that is what we do. Now do you say if their response should be moved to another list? I would do that. I would all the people, all the we opened or replied. I would move that, go to another list and then or run another campaign to it because they kind of already showed into it. So now you get a warm need. And I also would put the leads who are who responded to the widget respond to the widget. I would also put them in another list because those are hot leads. So each e-mail has an unsubscribe list and once they click on unsubscribe they don’t get any emails anymore.

01:18:39 Jack Hopman: And it is the way you work. The intent of the e-mail need also intent of the e-mail need also always be that you have them so they not receive the e-mail as Pam and when you sign up you also get ratified with it. That is for if you do not have a website. So if you have a website you don’t need Rapify. If you don’t have a website, Rapify will enable you to install a website for you. Good. Any questions? So let me of course I have all my. On my phone I have also those sales notification. I love text messages, correct? So Stefan is in, Carla is in Fade, Boyd is in, Dieter is in, Laurent is in, Peter is in, Consultant is in. Jonas in another, Jonas in Stephen is in. Gary is in. Gina is in. Roy is in. Kane is in. Jocelyn is in. Jay, Lance is in. Tammy is in. Christopher is in. Russo is in. Hobine is in. Bryant is in. Jerry is in.

01:20:47 Jack Hopman: Cherry is in. Margovi is in. Issac is in. Herbert is in. Shannon is in. July is in Iris. Allison is in. Thank you everybody. So Roy said you have to deliver to stay in. Roy, I like it. Challenge me. But Roy, promise me one thing. Promise me one thing. Join the training. So give me chance. Okay. Don’t only sign up. Okay. Give me chance. Okay. Follow the training. Okay. Let’s make this a corporation. So the automation has to get set up. Okay, we have to get your domain for the dedicated e-mail server. We set up the tracking numbers, We decide on an edge. We create a campaign, we send it to your website, we install the widget on your website. Will any be training in Dutch? Stephen, I’m open to discuss it with you. You are successful, so Congrats with that. Frankie, for someone who’s newbie, I would greatly appreciate a look over your shoulder. Appreciate start approach of learning, especially for someone who only can run this business from a computer without a mobile phone. Yes, I will oversee it Frankie, the only thing I want you to do is join the training.

01:22:47 Jack Hopman: Mary question, can we put the ERTC Express website link we already have on the your new web? Yes you can Chris. I want my business partner to see the expertise on the West Coast. Will this $1.00 be offered until class time until Thursday? Yeah, probably yes, it is only $1.00 quiz. It’s not end of the world. Your business partner. Do your principal really trust you for $1.00? Do you really need approval for $1.00? Not end of the world. It’s not 197 or three hall note or whatever Joe said. I have a business name as well. I use your name, Good Rack said. How long does it take to set up a campaign? Now, I can do all of this in an hour together with you. Now, there will be many on the call on Thursday, but this is my plan. I do multiple training to set up your campaign. That is my plan. And as long as you guys attend those training and ask me questions, we get this thing. They’re done. So I will commit my time to you. So we need the website even if you have OE C prestling. No, you don’t need. If you are happy with your website, you’re good, you just use that website. What you might want to do, what you might want to do is install the widget on it. I highly recommend that.

01:24:43 Jack Hopman: It’s up to you, but I highly recommended it. So if you already have some traffic to your website and you haven’t seen results, the wicked might be the missing link. Okay, you get those leads then in the mobile app and I promise you the feeling will be so excited that you see those requests, those pings in. In that mobile app Chris sent me in supporting it. We can work this out for the Philly link. Mark. I cannot do the training yet, but I can do that Thursday her. But should we use? Wide label easy website we created already. It’s yes. So if you’re happy with your website it’s fine. We only want to provide this as an option so we want you to make it. Yeah, no brain of course, but super simple. We feel there should be nothing left to get started and to get going. The e-mail automation get all automated. The warm up get all automated France. You don’t need to worry about it. It was sent emails and look at the results. If the results are good to send more emails. If it’s all automated, inside its reply there’s even warm up table. You can all follow the process.

01:26:44 Jack Hopman: I set up my account. Congrats Lori okay. So let me congrats a couple of more of you guys. Tammy Shepherd, Congrats moment. Nelson, Congrats. Lloyd Carrington. Congrats Karen Cole. Congrats, Lovey. Schaeffer. Congrats. Yvetta Mixon. Congrats. Kathleen Sigris. Congrats. Brian Senquist. Oh my God. I have so many new names. I really excited to work together with you, Stefan Homie. Congrats. Sure. It’s Carlos. Congrats, Robert. Tracks. Congrats. Stephan, Diss Congrats. Carla Gibson, Congrats. Fade. Boyd Mittinger, Congrats. Veins Dita veins. Congrats Laurent, Zoika Congrats. Peter, Congrats. Constantinos couple Los, Congrats join Jon Bezel, Congrats. Jon Young, Congrats.

01:28:39 Jack Hopman: Stephen Smith, Congrats. Gary Sanders, Congrats. Regina, Lloyd, Floyd, Congrats. Roy Haywood, Congrats. Kane, Jackson, Congrats. Jocelyn Mokmuks, Congrats. Jay, Lance, Zales, Congrats. Tommy Joe, Congrats. Cressoffer, Madison, Congrats. Mary Russell, Congrats. Robin Pringle, Congrats. Bryant Wilson, Congrats. Jerry Hall, Congrats. OK, If I miss your name. Then I’m sorry for that. It’s floating inside and I don’t want to keep mention name but Joseph, Catherine, Tammy, the names floating. So Thursday will be one of my best day and I want you to make one of your best day as well. I want you to join the training pick a domain name. Referral before the training so it’s propagated and I’m going you’re going to learn the reverse engineering method. The reverse engineering method is the best method to get conversion. So help please send a support ticket with that message.

01:30:34 Jack Hopman: And we will find it out for you. For your case, Okay. We have to see which country you live in and those things the support thing. e-mail is supported instant reply, but you guys already had that figured out not support Okay both you guys like to join coming Thursday training and yes or no. If you really want me to help you to set up the campaign, the e-mail campaign maybe you do voice rob check your website now not only the campaign so. I will do the reverse engineering method. It’s kind of, I don’t want to go in too much training but that’s really the campaign. But to see the most results with and then we will do the widget and the mobile app. Now if you don’t have a phone, you can’t do the mobile app then to land to your e-mail and your phone, but if you have a phone you will enjoy the mobile app. Deter send an e-mail and a bit that the info and then we will fix it for you. What is the what is the necessary phone requirement to handle all this incoming so you get those text? Magic quiz. You don’t need it but you like it that.

01:32:54 Jack Hopman: They respond to you. So we’ll see. Sherry, if we do the multiple times, I don’t care as long as I get enough attendees and I get a packed agenda. I will do multiple times to training. So let’s say we do we start Thursday 2:00 PM ESD. If I feel you know I don’t I. Yeah, I didn’t get everybody helped. Then we do another day, another training, maybe on Tuesday or Thursday, whatever. We’ll see Now my promise you is you will get enough time. Marty said this was a thank you, Jack. So glad to hear that someone is helping us. Yeah. But Niki is also great and for NASA there’s a whole team. If so, I will help you to get leads and a tax, easy taxes and they will contact the business. So there’s a whole team around you. I’m just, you know, part of it kind of, but sit is really good. If you have, if you feel shy with what to say, sit can help you with the conversion. I will put it on paper. I have actually it on paper so you can train yourself. Do we need the domain? I highly recommend to get a new domain so you get a dedicated e-mail server with your dedicated IP address with no bad history.

01:35:04 Jack Hopman: So each company can have their own login. I don’t know that the answer your question. I could be done. I could look here. So each can’t have one login. So if you use one company they have all the same login. If you set up 10 companies you have 10 logins. Is this the best? Use your Gmail address that is not the user e-mail. Now you order a new domain and that domain response can forward to any e-mail address. You cannot send emails from Gmail because Gmail is not an specific domain and they will go to spam. If you already have an access domain it is possible. But it needs some setup. You can set a support ticket and we will help you with that. But it’s not a click, click, take thing. Now Mary said how many hours per week will it take for non-technical people to spend learning to set up a user software? Now Mary, I will do it for you in an hour. So then the system is set up, then you install the mobile app. And the only thing you need to do is to respond to the leads. So are you okay When I say one hour per day? Are you okay with that? Does this replace the outer responders? Yes, there is an outer responder.

01:36:55 Jack Hopman: Where do you suggest you do? You should get an e-mail. Any suggestions? Where do suggest do you should get an e-mail? Any suggestions? I don’t not follow, but you are the domain insights into reply. Actually that’s free for up to $15. Free and then you can forward to any e-mail address. So you just use your normal e-mail address to see the replies. But at some point you will not use that e-mail. You will work in the mobile app. Okay, many of you guys really, really signed up. It is really. I’m really thankful you guys that you let me help. Thomas, Francesco, Richard Joseph. Catherine Sutton, Tammy Shepherd, Thomas Tulare. Can you clarify please? Can you buy the names from Google? I would not do that. Don’t make it complicated, Okay. You can do almost everything, but then you say Jack. I’m not trying to kill, I don’t know how to do it. So just follow the screen order, domain name inside, int, reply. Everything gets set up for you. Okay. So there’s a lot of things possible, but then the setup time takes longer and you kind of want an easy system, correct? You want an easy system, have a mobile app responds to the leads.

01:38:58 Jack Hopman: So it’s possible, but you need to have tangled knowledge. Oh, including it. See sub agent that is from if you really want to run if you don’t have ERTC If you don’t do, do not have ERTC right? So you can send. Yeah, Jack, I could only get that last one, that last link that you posted, the digital local agency one to work, the other ones didn’t. OK, so Max of bonuses are kind of you know what app to download. When you log in supply on the footer you will see a mobile app link. So bonuses don’t for you next generation. So we provide leads for you. We have leads from Google ads, we have leads from. This would just create a new domain. This is my favorite lead source from HomeAdvisor. Real estate agents, mln networks, insured agents. You can choose a campaign from template or we set it up from scratch. This is how it looks like. Day one, Day 2, Day three.

01:40:57 Jack Hopman: It includes funnels so that you can do with smart campaigns, go to another list, she can website client reactivation. So somebody said what can I do more than need to see website client relation, appointment database, marketing, this expanded campaign funnel library. So we will start with the of course with the whole niches. And then there’s an appointment book. It says a minute. If you want to set I need an apartment system you have if you want to sell products or sales online. You can create buy buttons on any page you integrate with Stripe, people or otherwise. If you need a website, we provide a website with a video. If you already have a website with a video, I highly recommend. Install the video If you need a website. We provide the installation for free of course support for free and the free hosting. If you already have a calendar then you can just add that link into the widget we provide the Digital H website if you need one. You can start for $1.00 and you get bonus for $1000. One at 1:00. So we will do those trainings as money as needed and it comes with credit. So you know those voice drops for those 197 basically every month they cover those voice of credit, tax credits and a call credit.

01:42:53 Jack Hopman: So for $1.00 we cover all that for you. But after that, of course you need to be aware that calling you don’t need Twitter account, you don’t need an e-mail account, you don’t need any third application we covered at all. Does it all make sense? Crystal clear. So enter. Yes. If you I can expect you on Thursday and then to know if or maybe I guess if I can see you on Thursday. Yes and maybe. So I kind of get used to the names. Margaret, Yes. Joseph, Yes. Stephen. Yes. Gina said yes. Cat is a yes. Stephen said yes. Hi, Stephen. Margie said yes, certainly yes. Robot. Yes, Son said yes. Leslie said most likely. Sherry no. Moo said yes. Canoe said yes. Jerry said yes. Laura said yes. Laura said yes. John said yes. Francisco, you can expect Frank to thank on Thursday for sure. Tammy said yes. He’s like yes. Fade say yes. Hail. Say yes. Time is it? Yes. Care. Say yes. Thanks. I will sign up soon. I want my partner to see the info too. Stefan, order the main. Ready. Stefan, You’re an action taker. Stefan. Boy Horny say yes. Peras CAF key say yes. Sherry. Say yes.

01:44:57 Jack Hopman: Mary say yes, March, say yes. Giga say yes, no. The credits are included. They all included Gigi Thomas say yes, Okay. So I want to go and go all that. Everybody was signed up if I did not answer your question. You can e-mail me to support at answer reply support at answer reply. I’m happy to answer your question. I will make sure I’m energized on Thursday. I hope you set it sometime apart as well. I want you to get going. I cannot wait to show you the reverse engineering method. I think that is the key. You’re missing in your emailing approach. I cannot wait to install the waited for you and that you experienced the mobile app and I’m I think that’s what the next 30 days just let you to feel the experience from. Got many experience from the EXC service, those checks with blinds and Vanessa sent to you guys every month. And with that said, I thank you guys for your time and the recordings will all be recorded. So if you are not available or you miss one, you can always see the recording and Francis.

01:46:42 Jack Hopman: The main setup uploaded ready to action. Yes the Don for you setup is included in the $1.00 Mary. Don’t worry okay, I will help you. I like that you ordered the main name so that is the domain is propagated. That is the easiest way. Okay, thank you so much and see you on the next training.