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RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions March 01, 2023 – Uncle Syd’s Having an Early Bird Party and You’re Invited

Recovery Profit System Training Course Live Training Sessions 2023-03-01

Syd’s Having a Party and You’re Invited

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)

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[00:00:00] Syd Michael: A minute early is a minute late. Uncle Syd, what’s going on everybody? We Bruce, I feel, I feel like we we’re just on the phone, buddy. How you doing, man? We, talked with one of Bruce’s clients while I was driving to Tampa yesterday. All went well. Paula, always a pleasure to see you. Doug, what’s going on, brother guy up in Minnesota.

[00:00:33] Syd Michael: You need to come down here and thaw out again, guy. Hey, so, you know, we got an event next week for everybody I was gonna mention, You know, originally, I don’t know how, what, I don’t know how everything happened, but I guess it started out the eighth and ninth and then they moved it through popular demand to the ninth and 10th to be the end of the week.

[00:00:58] Syd Michael: Any of you that accidentally have [00:01:00] booked and can’t move your ticket on the eighth, come on. Come on. I gotcha. We’ll go to, we’ll go to dinner Wednesday night and. And you can hang out with me at least on, on Wednesday. I promise you, we’ll, we’ll get a lot of value out of it, but come on. And anybody who, who hasn’t decided to come, that does want to come, if you want to, you know, plan on coming the ninth and 10th, but if you want to go ahead and schedule to be here the eighth, come on.

[00:01:28] Syd Michael: I gotcha. I’ll take you, I’ll take you to dinner and, we’ll, we’ll all, we’ll make the best out of it. So it’s, it’s, it’s not a negative, it’s a positive. Get to hang out with Uncle Syd for a little bit. I promise you, I won’t make you play any hands of blackjack. Unwillingly,

[00:01:50] Syd Michael: I’m terrified to go back to that hard rock. I’m, I’m absolutely wore them out over the last three weeks. Donald, you come in the eighth. Beautiful. We, we’ll [00:02:00] go to dinner. Anywhere you want to go, anywhere you want to go. Come on, come on. Don’t, don’t, don’t stress out on, on changing tickets and all that crap.

[00:02:09] Syd Michael: Just, just come on. We got you. We’ll have fun. In fact, if you get here early enough on Wednesday, I don’t know what time you’ll get here. You, you, you can do the, this call with me live next Wednesday, right? That’ll be fun. Oh, pulling the curtain back. Gonna see the Oz. Right? Many of you may know or may not know.

[00:02:38] Syd Michael: coming outta Covid, my hair got kind along and my mother called me. I said, mom, I’m gonna got my hair cut. And she goes, Syd, your hair’s already. Four and a half inches long. You know, you’d be a real jerk. Not gonna go ahead and just grow it out for cancer. And, I said, you know what? You’re right. So I’ve been growing my hair out just so you know, for good [00:03:00] reasons.

[00:03:00] Syd Michael: Right? And, I had long hair once when I was younger, but I definitely prefer shorter hair. But I do have long hair. So those, they get to see me, you know, I get, I get, commonly mistaken for a pro wrestler . Every time, every time I go out, people think I’m some sort of pro wrestler around here. But anyways, the claw.

[00:03:22] Syd Michael: That’s right. So, I finally got home for a couple days and, Darcey was playing with me about it, but it’s true. Finally got home for a couple days and, yesterday when I went to try and start the call, I had to do it from a, from a phone because. My cat puked on my keyboard while I was gone. I don’t know if that was a sign of missing me or a sign of loving me or Dyna.

[00:03:47] Syd Michael: It’s definitely

[00:03:48] Vanessa Roberts: love. Definitely

[00:03:49] Syd Michael: love. Do you think that was love? I think it was love too. Yeah. But I was sitting there going, man, what’s wrong with this keyboard? I mean, what the, what the heck? You know, Uhhuh and, [00:04:00] yeah, I, yeah. I start, I went in there an hour early knowing I was gonna have to do countless amount of updates.

[00:04:07] Syd Michael: So, Vanessa, I know you jumped on later. I was telling everybody if they, if they accidentally bought the, the ticket on the eighth and it was, they were locked in to, to come on. They’re welcome. I’m gonna, I’ll entertain ’em on the eighth.

[00:04:22] Vanessa Roberts: Awesome.

[00:04:24] Syd Michael: Yeah. We’ll have fun and I’ll take ’em. I’ll take ’em to dinner.

[00:04:26] Syd Michael: We’ll, I’ll personally go to dinner, that night and, We’ll make it happen. Hey Michael, from Wisconsin. I did business in Wisconsin. Very cool spot. I was in Eau Claire. Eau Claire. I have church that wants the names of other churches we’ve worked with. Well, Michael, unfortunately, due to privacy reasons, we don’t go share in churches.

[00:04:52] Syd Michael: Just like we won’t go share in their name with other churches, I think they would, should understand that. [00:05:00] It’s just not gonna happen. You don’t, and, and, and with a financial, something like this, you definitely don’t, don’t wanna do it. Yeah. friend me up and hit me on Messenger or, or, or whatnot.

[00:05:13] Syd Michael: You can reach out to me now. I’ll give you my cell phone number, Donald. Make sure we, you know, make, make sure we’re all good to go. If I ain’t doing anything, I’ll come pick you up. We’re the, we’re right next to the airport, the office. So I’ll come, I’ll come even pick you up from the airport. So what, what hotels they got y’all staying in?

[00:05:32] Syd Michael: What hotels? I happen to be pretty intimate with all the hotels around here lately, which one did they put y’all in? I decided to swim with the manatees on Wednesday. We’ll be back for that dinner. Beautiful. Oh, that’s cool. Christie, you’re at the Hyatt house, Christie.

[00:05:55] Syd Michael: It’s called the Hyatt, that’s where I’m at right now. It’s a [00:06:00] very cool hotel. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s really, really clean, really nice. I generally stay at the, the Hampton Inn just cause it’s a little bit inexpensive, little less expensive. I try and be conscious to, to expenses, you know, try not to take advantage of that kind of stuff.

[00:06:22] Syd Michael: But, the Hyatt house is way nicer. Way, way, way nicer for sure, I just got your, we use memes a lot, don’t we Vanessa?

[00:06:36] Vanessa Roberts: I speak, that’s my second language is memes, right? I just sent you one.

[00:06:41] Syd Michael: Yeah, I saw that. I love it. I don’t know what it is. Every time I try and log into VA it says logged off. I just wanna make sure it’s all good.

[00:06:48] Syd Michael: Yes. Okay. holiday Inn, that’s also a nice place. but the Hyatt House Christie is, really cool. It, it does have that typical, complimentary [00:07:00] breakfast that every, you know, moderate three star hotel has. But it’s, it’s a really nice place. It’s new. they do have a little bit of, room for event centers.

[00:07:09] Syd Michael: In fact, right now they’re having a huge H V A C convention down there. So, you know, I was down there schmoozing up with him. This. before they got started. A, B, C. Right? Always be closing. There. Ain’t nobody safe. Awesome. Ronald, where’d you get a hotel at Mr. Olson?

[00:07:42] Syd Michael: Jeff drinks a lot of coffee. I do drink coffee occasionally. Not always though.

[00:07:51] Syd Michael: Doug was asking is there a way to get the calculator removed from the question intake form? I don’t think so. I don’t think so. referencing the movie Coffees for [00:08:00] Closers, that’s.

[00:08:05] Syd Michael: Um,

[00:08:12] Syd Michael: why revenues rather than year end quarters, but the CPAs are so efficient that the file and review without updating the quarterly revenue. Yeah, 1150. Okay. Cool. All right, well just, just hit me on messenger. Hit me on messenger. I’ll, I’ll run over there and, and grab. Not a problem. Well, I have 11:00 AM call so maybe I, maybe I can’t because we gotta do this call at 11:00 AM but yeah, either way, we’ll get you taken care of.

[00:08:43] Syd Michael: Come straight to the office, uncle sits Got you. All of, you’re like family anyway, right? I mean, I talked to y’all more than I talked to my own blood brother,

[00:08:57] Syd Michael: so I feel closer with you anyways. [00:09:00] so, I dropped some memes in the, in the Facebook page. Don’t, don’t be afraid to use ’em. They’re effective. I’m telling you, like, like Vanessa said, they have a little bit of emotion with them. You know what I mean? I did one I’ll make, I’ll make up a bunch of ’em for whichever one you feel comfortable with.

[00:09:21] Syd Michael: Some of ’em are a little aggressive because I’m an aggressive guy sometimes. Yeah. I put up, mark Safe from you filling out your ERTC paperwork, or we can do it where Mark’s safe from you upload. ERTC paperwork. Steve, I’m gonna try and look up your client. I’ll be honest with you, so many of you have started using me as a support desk that I’m trying, I don’t have, I don’t have time to do it for everybody.

[00:09:46] Syd Michael: I’m, I’m trying to do it for everybody I can though, just to be honest, and, and it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have, I shouldn’t have offered, and, and Vanessa tells me that all the time, but I don’t listen very well, so, [00:10:00] I definitely 100% after this call, I have scheduled for an hour to go and, and talk with the closing team and find out exactly what’s going on, on, on several of y’all’s deals that y’all sent me.

[00:10:12] Syd Michael: but talking about the meme. Talking about the meme, you know, he’s got your buddy, talking about the meme. oh. Darcey’s already back from the doctor. Is that quick?

[00:10:28] Syd Michael: Nope, she’s doing it from a.

[00:10:35] Syd Michael: Excuse you. Darcey

[00:10:40] Syd Michael: Bless. Oh my gosh. Bless you.

[00:10:47] Syd Michael: I don’t know what’s going on over there. I’m gonna mute her though. Okay. Save some embarrass. Yep. It’s windy. Yeah. Excuse you, [00:11:00] Lord God. Oh, you said rainy here. All right, well, you were unmuted. I don’t know what was going on, but, unmuted you. If you need me to unmute you, I will.

[00:11:14] Syd Michael: I was just calling from a car. but do you understand when to use memes? Does everybody understand? I’ll keep dropping a few of them. you could pick which ones you like. I tried to put a few that were, that were videoed, but I use, just so in case anybody wants to actually, uh,

[00:11:42] Syd Michael: I use meme maker. What do you use, Vanessa? Do you have a meme maker or do you just go down and do gifts? Oh, I love gifts. Yeah, that’s what we did back and forth.

[00:11:56] Vanessa Roberts: I have used the

[00:11:57] Syd Michael: meme generator before. You’re all good.

[00:11:59] Vanessa Roberts: What’s that? [00:12:00] I have used the meme generator before if I knew that there’s a meme that, like the, the vibe of the meme, how it’s currently u commonly used applies to the, what I’m trying to say. I have gone in and used the a meme generator to make it, you know, like y’all got any more of that?

[00:12:16] Vanessa Roberts: E r TC money ? Yeah, yeah,

[00:12:19] Syd Michael: yeah, yeah. We, my, me and my buddies are, pretty ruthless with each other. I use a pet talking app, and so if like one of my buddies says something, you know, very funny. comical or something we’re harassing ’em about, you know, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll go and upload a picture of them and, and I can make it where I’m, I’ll do a voiceover of them saying whatever they said that we’re laughing about.

[00:12:43] Syd Michael: Brutal. But yeah, you don’t wanna hang out with a bunch of car guys. Absolutely. Broody, no sense sensitivity whatsoever. Gotta have thick skin, but, alright, so, I see yesterday training up so excited.[00:13:00]

[00:13:02] Syd Michael: Beautiful. Thank you, Christie. That’s what I’m talking about, said, she, she’s gonna get the, uh, the presentation transcribed today. Good. Yeah. I did, I did go off a little bit yesterday, I guess. You know, listen, you don’t have to say it exactly like I say it, but I promise you, out of the thousands and thousands of deals I’ve talked to and, and realize, like right now, any downtime I have, I go to the floor and I just, I just closed 1 25 minutes ago.

[00:13:37] Syd Michael: Right? All I do is, is, is run around and, if they raise their hand, I immediately take the headset, sit down. Ask ’em the customer’s name, ask ’em the issue, close ’em down, give ’em back to headset, and move on to the next one. And, you know, it, it’s, and occasionally, thanks Bill. I appreciate that, Bubba.

[00:13:58] Syd Michael: occasionally [00:14:00] I get stumped. Occasionally I get, I get rocked, you know what I mean? I had, I’ll tell you on the work order agreement in the sections 10 and 11, I had a, a little bit of issues a couple weeks ago, just cuz I’d never been hit with. And it’s basically, it’s written just to protect us from bad actors.

[00:14:19] Syd Michael: And it’s written because of, You know, it’s, our attorneys wrote it, okay. Which is, you know, natural for us, them to protect us. And I was a little rusty on, on kind of the way presenting it. And so I struggled. The first couple people I had to explain the contract or work order agreement to, but now I’ve got it down, down pat.

[00:14:39] Syd Michael: That’s what I just closed this last guy on. And, just to go into it, to tell you, there’s one part where it says, you know, for any reason, we can cancel the, the a. And if there’s a chargeback w we’re also allowed to cancel the agreement and the way it’s written with the paragraphs around it, it kind of sounds like [00:15:00] if the IRS charge back, they still owe us, and that’s not the case.

[00:15:04] Syd Michael: The chargeback is if they pay an 18% a c H and it doesn’t go through, then we’re able to cancel and it’s only 100% just to protect us on, you know, if you give us false information, we’re not. You know, willingly file your claim knowing that it’s, there’s fraudulent information and we’re gonna charge you the 18% because we still did the work for you is basically all it’s saying.

[00:15:26] Syd Michael: But, spoke with a guy really, really cool guy out of New York, who, who, which is rare cuz normally, you know, they kind of just pre, pre programmed. Don’t wanna argue. This guy was a sweetheart. But, he was an EMT, in the, the, the 9/11 buildings when it happened, which, was pretty cool. So, you know, I got to know him and, and, and, you know, and, he, he’s moving forward with us and, you know, there’s nothing wrong with getting to know your customer.

[00:15:55] Syd Michael: It’s so, it’s so valuable and so important. You know, I, [00:16:00] I don’t know if I told y’all. Pretty ranting yesterday about, with dealing with insurance. You know, I was dealing with my insurance, going to the hospital and stuff, and I got nothing to hide. I got, I got some, like, blood, blood, uh I got issues in my legs with circulation, with blood and stuff.

[00:16:20] Syd Michael: So I went to go get checked out. I didn’t want to play around you. And, dealing with, the people with, blue Cross Blue Shield talking to insurance. You know, it’s funny, I tell people all the time, if you wanna learn how to sell a car, buy a car, cuz you’ll learn exactly what not to do. And, dealing with the, people at the insurance company, I learned exactly how not to treat a customer.

[00:16:45] Syd Michael: You know when people don’t listen and they talk at you and not to you, and you truly understand, that they could give us two craps about you know what I mean? It’s offensive. And after I spoke to my third lady [00:17:00] who still told me the bad news that they were gonna charge me for two months that I went wasn’t covered, but I had to in order to keep insurance.

[00:17:06] Syd Michael: She told me the bad news, but I could tell she empathetic. Was concerned. She truly understood my worries and and my complaints and even though it wasn’t going my way, the fact that she empathetically understood and agreed with me and apologized and I paid the extra 1900 bucks. I know some people are in scenarios where they might be able to couldn’t pay the 1900 and you gotta fight for your life.

[00:17:30] Syd Michael: I understand. I was in a scenario where I could, so I did. But it was funny cuz the lady said nothing different than the other three people I talked. But her having that understanding at least made it where, you know, I did it right. And it’s amazing cuz that’s how powerful it is to, to get to know people and to listen.

[00:17:53] Syd Michael: And, you know, let’s face it, like in today’s world, a lot of people just don’t give a [00:18:00] crap about anybody. Right. A lot of people don’t say thank you. When you open the door for ’em, you owe it to ’em. They just, they don’t know any, right. So when talking with somebody, like even this guy I was talking to earlier today, you know, he mentioned that he had to move back up to New York.

[00:18:16] Syd Michael: He mentioned he was in Fort Lauderdale and then had to move back up to New York, to, cuz you know, it was easier for him to get his cancer covered up there because of the 9/11. He’s under some sort of, You know, help there. I I, you know, immediately I was like, dude, it’s you guys from New York down in South Florida makes the food so good.

[00:18:34] Syd Michael: Right? And, and you know, when, when he said he, you know, was, had cancer with, with the, you know, 9/11 thing, I immediately said, were you there? Did you see it? you gotta tell me. You know, people want to. last questions. They want to, to know that you’re, you’re concerned you’re not offending people by asking them about them.

[00:18:54] Syd Michael: Right. You’re not offending people by, showing concern or being inquisitive. [00:19:00] You know, people ultimately love the, to get a chance to, to tell their story or or past their, their, their legacy or, or to have somebody who cares or are. So re realize that it’s, IM, it’s important when talking to people, and I have a theory, I have a theory on based on, you know, obviously the younger, the generation, it seems like the harder, the harder it is to get them to say thank you.

[00:19:26] Syd Michael: Yes ma’am. No, ma’am. And all that stuff. I have a theory and y’all can agree with me or disagree with me. I think it’s because when, like when I would call, if I was calling Vanessa back in my high school days, right? I would have to talk to Vanessa’s. And I would have to, yes ma’am. No ma’am. Her mother or she might keep me from being able to talk to Vanessa and this is a hot weekend and I gotta get through to Vanessa and invite her out.

[00:19:49] Syd Michael: What

[00:19:49] Vanessa Roberts: are your intentions? What are ? I can hear nothing

[00:19:53] Syd Michael: but bad intentions, but I did it so politely. They let me through . There’s a party at the moon tower and we’re going, baby girl . [00:20:00] Let it go. Let’s go. Right. So I think that’s, a little bit why some of the younger generations don’t. Have the same empathy as us, but wouldn’t doubt keep it true.

[00:20:13] Syd Michael: Right. And, and, you know, get, and be inquisitive about people and get to know ’em. All right. I see some questions coming through Joseph. What’s up, brother? CC M Roofing. They just sent a email saying, yeah, well that’s not gonna happen, Bubba.

[00:20:33] Syd Michael: Yeah, well, they’ve already signed their work order agreement. Their, there’s, their goose. Goose is cooked. And let me, let me explain this, this again, lemme just straight up tell you this, this is where, this is exactly what I was talking about yesterday. Joseph, were you on the call yesterday?

[00:20:52] Syd Michael: I didn’t think so. so by allowing [00:21:00] this customer. To go with their pa Let me just read you exactly what he said. Let me just read you exactly what he said and I got nothing to hide here. C m Roofing, they just sent an email saying they decided to go with their payroll company to do ERTC. This was a possible 800 k deal, that I think we dropped the ball on.

[00:21:19] Syd Michael: I’m gonna try and get the call, with Syd, but the issue is about the document not labeled with owner’s name. Let’s, let’s clarify here. Joseph, I’m just gonna shoot you straight. I wouldn’t be your buddy if I wasn’t telling you the truth. If, if you let them go do an income loss submission through their payroll company,

[00:21:42] Syd Michael: you’re screwing that customer over. And they don’t even realize it right now. All they realize, let’s just be honest, their payroll companies probably quoted them something like 10 or 15%, and to them, all they see is a discounted rate. Who wouldn’t want to go with a discounted rate? We’re [00:22:00] natural bargain shoppers, right?

[00:22:01] Syd Michael: We want to buy the, the eight for $10 and the, and the three, buy two 12 packs and get one free. But you and or we, cuz I’m willing to help. You need to get on the phone and let these people know that whatever they’re talking, and I don’t know your exact deal, I know we’ve been talking about some of your deals, but I’ve been hit with so many individual deals, like I don’t know the exact parameters of y of why you think we dropped the ball on this, but like it, they’re gonna torture the.

[00:22:35] Syd Michael: They’re gonna do an income loss submission and they’re gonna, you’re gonna watch their credit’s gonna be a third of what they’re capable of qualifying for good luck that they just saved 3% to go, to go cut their, their credit back a third. Let’s get on the phone and call ’em and find out exactly what’s going on.

[00:22:51] Syd Michael: Call, but the issue was all about a document not labeled with owner’s name. [00:23:00] Well, if they wanted to send over bogus submission, shit, then they can send it over. But it’s gotta be right. Just so you know. gimme a call and let’s, let’s talk, discuss that. There’s no way, no way in heck we’re gonna let them go work with that other company because it’s not fair, the fair for them.

[00:23:18] Syd Michael: It’s, it’s not gonna be fair for them.

[00:23:24] Syd Michael: Your Roger says, and that’s why ghosting was invented by the younger generation, never happened in our time. Right. It was fighting words to ghost somebody. You’d go hone down like a deer, right? Lloyd said, shit, get Well. Thank you Lloyd. I appreciate you, buddy. You know I’m getting that age where you guys start taking care of his stuff.

[00:23:44] Syd Michael: You know, you gotta start taking care of stuff. As long as they don’t wanna start messing with my colon, we’re we’re good . Oh. please don’t start telling me nightmare stories [00:24:00] about it. Y’all keep me outta the doctor’s office forever.

[00:24:06] Syd Michael: I’m sure a lot of you know what I’m talking about. All right, what else we got? Joseph, reach out to me. Let’s get on the phone and, and deal with your, your people’s suit asap. I have a lead for a school in Guam. Is there anything I should know have handled them differently? Not that I know of. Not that I know of.

[00:24:27] Syd Michael: I know we’ve had some Guam deals go through. Vanessa, have you seen Guam deals come through? I know some people have talked a little bit about it. You know, I

[00:24:34] Vanessa Roberts: haven’t tracked if they have closed, but I have seen them come through.

[00:24:39] Syd Michael: Okay, good. Aw Ken. Thank you man. That’s, your sweetheart for saying that.

[00:24:46] Syd Michael: Thank you. Thank you so much. Seriously. you know, I mean I love that I’ve got to know all y’all well enough that I can [00:25:00] abruptly, sometimes harshly tell you the truth cuz you know that my 100% genuine intention is the only. Help you know what I mean? I’m not trying to like bully or point you out or embarrass you.

[00:25:11] Syd Michael: Ever, ever, you know, I mean, I’m glad that We all have gotten close enough to, to realize that because, because then it only makes it easier for us to, to both win. And trust me, if you win, I win. And, you know that, that’s a, that’s a win-win all the way. I love seeing people. You see, you see where Gary Bitner said he, he, he, he told me the other day, and I don’t know why he said, dude, I’ve only made a hundred grand.

[00:25:38] Syd Michael: I’m like, dude, that’s awesome brother. You know, congratulations, you’ve worked hard. I think you appreciated it. And I don’t know why Vanessa, but I was thinking he made a hundred grand in the last 12 months, cuz he’s been working, you know, pretty, pretty hard the last 12 months, right? Yeah. He meant a hundred grand.

[00:25:54] Syd Michael: When he said I made a hundred grand. He didn’t mean in a year. He met this year.

[00:25:59] Vanessa Roberts: This year . [00:26:00] I had to do the math in my, I was like, wait a. Wait a minute, this

[00:26:05] Syd Michael: this year. He’s made a hundred grand this year. Now wonder why a new Right. ?

[00:26:13] Vanessa Roberts: Yes. Yes. The 20 are

[00:26:15] Syd Michael: joke . Yeah. Yeah. I pressured Gary to try and come down. He can’t make it next week.

[00:26:21] Syd Michael: He’s got a bunch of stuff, you know, him and his family. Go on mission trips and, and, and are very, very, very, very open-hearted in helping people. I pressured him as much as I could, but he already had, pre other engagements, but I’m gonna get him down here one day, I promise you that. Yeah, it was, it was awesome seeing that he, he’d already done it this year.

[00:26:45] Syd Michael: once the client isn’t, okay, hang on a second. You got a question here? This sounds like one, let’s get you some. Hey, Cynthia. one, once client is in the closing department, is there a clause in the contract that says if they don’t decide within a certain amount of [00:27:00] time, like 15 or 30 days, that it will default to the full department option?

[00:27:04] Syd Michael: Yes, it does. That’s exactly what it does. Yep. It’s exactly what it does. and we’ve tried, you know, there’s not a, there’s not a lot of deals that actually go that route, but, you know, if, if somebody. Tries to, you know, get us to do all the work and then not pay us. I mean, you know, it’s kind of, kind of the wrong deal, you know, make sure they file the 941 deals in Guam.

[00:27:31] Syd Michael: Have client doc uploads scheduled for Thursday. Head to confirm the 941s first. Okay? All right.

[00:27:43] Syd Michael: On, uh,

[00:27:51] Syd Michael: Allen says he, I have 10 deals completed. Okay. All right. Well, I know we’re [00:28:00] looking for people to be, platinum more than not be, but Vanessa, can we check and see if, if it’s, I mean, if he’s one deal away from a deal that that blew up on him or whatever, I don’t see any reason why we. I know Alan’s been with us for Alan.

[00:28:16] Syd Michael: I mean, how long have you been, I’ve seen you in many things. I think you’ve been with Brian and myself for over 10 years. Several years anyway. Yeah. I,

[00:28:27] Vanessa Roberts: I asked him to send over a ticket, Darcey’s who sets everything up, but she’s driving. I know she can’t see chat, so if he’ll send over a ticket, I’ll, we’ll make sure he’s connected with

[00:28:35] Syd Michael: Darcey.

[00:28:36] Syd Michael: Okay, good. Yeah. Yeah. He’s been in social vending machine. Okay, good. Come on. Are you gonna come down next week?

[00:28:49] Syd Michael: Are you gonna grace us with your presence?

[00:28:59] Vanessa Roberts: Are you [00:29:00] talking to me?

[00:29:01] Syd Michael: No, I’m asking Alan. Okay. You’re not asking me. No, I was putting, I was putting on the, on the, on the spot there. Yeah. Okay. Well, too bad bro. I would’ve really enjoyed your, to, to meet you for sure, but maybe next time I agree. Maybe next time this won’t, this won’t be the last time.

[00:29:20] Syd Michael: But, they’re always, they’re always kind of cool the first time at all, all events. And, and Brian, I’ve done, you know, many, many, many, many events. So, Man. I’ll tell you this. If you have any issues with deals when you come down, you don’t have to schedule a call for Syd to close. You can just, we can take a cell phone and call ’em right there.

[00:29:42] Syd Michael: I’ll do it right in front of you. We can talk to any of your clients. That’ll be open the full, full three days, so that, that, that, that, that’ll be some value, some epic value. Vanessa, you’re not coming [00:30:00] down though, right? You’re, you’re, you’re hemmed up with all the stuff you got going on there. Mm-hmm.

[00:30:04] Vanessa Roberts: Yep.

[00:30:04] Vanessa Roberts: And, you know, softball’s back in, in season, so

[00:30:07] Syd Michael: Oh, yeah. I

[00:30:09] Vanessa Roberts: understand . My kid’s got a ball in her hand. That, that’s the work life balance right there.

[00:30:17] Syd Michael: Anne, we gotta just look at that. If, if, I mean, there is no real backing out, like just, just like what I was talking with the other deal. If they’ve already signed it and, and they don’t choose, then it just defer to the 30%.

[00:30:30] Syd Michael: So that’s probably what’s going on. But you need to send in a support ticket to find out. I’m Coleman insanely busy. I was hooked up to Nicole’s Kia for a couple days, where we called. That one client that was having like a marital issues mm-hmm, and we became their mm-hmm, their, you know, I’m talking counselor.

[00:30:50] Syd Michael: Yep. Yeah. We became counselors for ’em. well that’s not cool and let’s, let’s, let’s, let’s find out what’s going on with [00:31:00] it. but, they, Anyways, I couldn’t believe how many calls she was getting, like inbound calls. It was, it was upset. It was, it was insane. It was more than any one person could ever possibly answer.

[00:31:17] Syd Michael: So, Vanessa, let’s, let’s 100% Hang on, on your 11 o’clock, brother.

[00:31:29] Vanessa Roberts: Hey Anna, look at that for you.

[00:31:32] Syd Michael: . Brian just called me. yeah, please, please cuz Angela’s a hard worker. I work with her a lot on several deals. I don’t want her if, if she feels like she hadn’t been answered. That’s, I don’t want anybody feeling uncertain, you know what I mean?

[00:31:52] Syd Michael: Yeah. And we love you too, Anne. I appreciate you. Like I know that uncertainty. I mean just talking real, I know that, that feeling of [00:32:00] uncertainty and, and, and when you’re, you’re struggling with uncertainty. It’s, it’s, it’s scary right now. Some people, I’m just gonna be open with you, some people. You know, o over overly, want to check on their deals every, you know, 48 hours, right?

[00:32:17] Syd Michael: We’re all, we all want it done quicker than, than, than later. But if you’re, if you’re stuck and there’s a deal that you see that’s going awry or, or hasn’t been, it, it seems like something’s wrong or it’s stuck, do get in touch with us. Let us figure out what’s going on with it. We want to have ’em, we want to get ’em taken care of.

[00:32:34] Syd Michael: We’re here to support each and every one of you as much as we possibly can. By no means. Want anybody to have any sort of, you know, no neglected feeling or anything like that. For sure. I think all of you know that. So, Becky, give me minute about putting a ticket.

[00:32:56] Syd Michael: Okay. Yeah, I mean, [00:33:00] all right. Definitely Joseph. send a support ticket. Let’s get that handled. All right. Enough about talking about support tickets. Let’s talk about, let’s talk about business. Has anybody had any, has anybody had any, uh, weird objections here recently?

[00:33:26] Syd Michael: Roy says, hey, I have three deals that have paid the 18%, and it’s been a few weeks. Generally, once they. It goes into the next pay, pay period, so it can take up to four weeks, but sometimes it pays within a couple weeks, meaning everyone that we get paid on, like for instance, in January, everyone that we got paid on before January 15th, correct me if I’m wrong, Vanessa, you handle this.

[00:33:50] Syd Michael: Mm-hmm. But if it’s paid on January 15th, you should get paid on February 1st. At worst, February.

[00:33:57] Vanessa Roberts: Now, and I’ll tell you the only reason that would [00:34:00] not happen is if you or your subagent are not fully compliant,

[00:34:06] Syd Michael: meaning ding, ding, ding. That’s what I was gonna mention. This vehicle.

[00:34:09] Vanessa Roberts: Hand doc. Hand doc, for you and or your subagent.

[00:34:12] Vanessa Roberts: And I don’t know if you Roy specifically have a subagent, but this is the most common hangup. We don’t pay everybody and or we don’t pay anybody until we pay everybody. So we’re not gonna pay you and not your sub-agent. So if you have a sub-agent, you must make sure they’ve. Agent agreement, you must make sure they’re set up in every, or we have their wire instructions, and you must submit a sub-agent payment statement and you have to sign the agent agreement.

[00:34:36] Vanessa Roberts: You have to have set up every, or sent your wire instructions if you, if your deal is funded and one of those things isn’t happening, a, we are actively chasing you. We are sending emails. We are trying to get you to set this up. Victor does it all day every day. But you can check with us if you feel you should have been paid.

[00:34:56] Vanessa Roberts: Please send a ticket, [00:35:00] Say, Hey Victor, what do I need to do to get paid? What is missing? And he will tell you, send you a link and help you out. So,

[00:35:07] Syd Michael: And, and, and, you can, everybody can understand why Vanessa doesn’t want to pay half deals and then keep up with the other half deal and, and then come to find out you paid, you know, this person that, and that, like, when one, when they, when the deal gets paid, it’s closed out and moved off the table.

[00:35:24] Syd Michael: Right? So you can understand why she, she wants to do it that way with sub-agents. I get it. I don’t like loose ends and she don’t wanna have loose ends all over the place either. So, you know. you know, make sure your stuff’s in line so you can get paid, paid, paid well, right. I did it in the car business.

[00:35:44] Syd Michael: You know, We used to get paid on Fridays, and I know that, that, you know, like they would calculate your commissions on Tuesdays, every Tuesday. I would, I would call and say, Hey, is there anything holding up any of my commissions? Because if you were missing like a tag receipt or anything like that, [00:36:00] they would hold up your commission.

[00:36:01] Syd Michael: You wouldn’t know until you got your check and it was light. And, and I hated it cuz every time I got a weak check, there was always the pretty girl at the bank. I had to go cash it with . Right.

[00:36:12] Vanessa Roberts: Awesome. Never,

[00:36:14] Syd Michael: never failed. Right? I had to go, go cash my $50 check like some baller. There’s always the cute girl from high school when I’d had the cash.

[00:36:25] Syd Michael: I’m like, dang it. But anyway,

[00:36:28] Vanessa Roberts: this is just the interest on my real paycheck.

[00:36:32] Syd Michael: All right. He said, he said all his stuff is good. All right, so the if it just came in, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get paid. If you didn’t get paid today, you’ll get paid on the 15th. Mm-hmm, you get paid on on the 15th.

[00:36:42] Vanessa Roberts: Yeah. And like I said, send in a ticket. Victor can look at every single deal and tell you what’s going on.

[00:36:53] Syd Michael: Check for next week. Yeah,

[00:36:57] Vanessa Roberts: man. Thank goodness for a mobile [00:37:00] deposit these days. Right night, Dropbox back in the old days.

[00:37:08] Syd Michael: I love being able to just take a picture of a check and deposit it through. Yeah. Can

[00:37:12] you

[00:37:12] Vanessa Roberts: believe growing up we were slide their checks through a mail slot and saying, hope it’s in my account tomorrow.

[00:37:19] Syd Michael: Yeah. Yeah. I had a bank lady at bb and t. If I didn’t go personally deposit the checks, she would hold them for five days if I sent like anybody to go do it for me or whatever. Mm-hmm, when I was traveling all the time, I’d have to call down there and be all sweet and schmoozer. It was miserable. Don’t, don’t even get me started on banks.

[00:37:39] Syd Michael: They got me started. last week or yesterday a little bit on banks. Don’t even get me going. Get me all fired up. But, what other, any other good questions? Hey her. What are you doing buddy? How you coming to see us? P. See you Gary. Rock and roll brother. [00:38:00]

[00:38:01] Syd Michael: See, bill, can you do a quick bullet points about construction companies on how interest rates are affecting them? James, I said those are two dirty four letter words, five letters, but still probably won’t make it all right. I hate that about you, man. I hate that you can’t make it, ma’am. bill said, bill points about construction companies.

[00:38:21] Syd Michael: I’ll tell you, what I personally have and you know, listen, this is not every construction. Right. But this is, this is with a several that I’ve dealt with, you know, with, with party real estate slowing down. A lot of ’em have, have moved over and started doing some commercial stuff. And with party, a lot of the vendors or a lot of the stuff is net 30.

[00:38:51] Syd Michael: And with commercial, they take their time on paying you. So They kind of got put into a little bit of a cash. So, [00:39:00] you know, just be aware of it. It’s also something you can talk about.

[00:39:05] Vanessa Roberts: I’ll tell you this, my, Alan, that is correct, the details that Victor sent about payouts, and that is the processing time is correct.

[00:39:14] Vanessa Roberts: my husband owns a construction business and, I can’t speak to interest rates, but I’ll tell you the cost of wood quadruple. The materials, the, the supply chain issues, the cost to do business because of materials double, tripled, quadrupled in some instances.

[00:39:42] Syd Michael: Okay. Yeah. Which is, which is horrible.

[00:39:45] Syd Michael: Byron says, Hey Byron. How you doing, buddy? I have a insurance co, company client that doesn’t think he qualifies because he didn’t have to close or only had a brief slowdown in 2020. Well, the good news [00:40:00] is, is that we’ll actually do the calculations without charging him a dime. He’s got nothing to lose.

[00:40:06] Syd Michael: You know, how would he feel if he found out that he actually qualified for 300 grand and didn’t do it because he thought he was a c p A? You know, one thing, what he’s doing one time in a once in a lifetime, we’ve done over 12,000 times in the last 12 months, so let’s you know if, if, if he can find it in his heart to upload those four documents.

[00:40:24] Syd Michael: Let us just check it out real quick and see. Not to mention the IRS website is not as updated as, as the actual ERTC submission is. There’s a lot more ways, there’s a bunch of ways that you can qualify for, let the professionals decide. Let’s not try and be CPAs. I’m not a cpa. Byron, I’m assuming you’re not a cpa.

[00:40:44] Syd Michael: the gentleman who owns the insurance company is definitely not a cpa. Let’s, let’s let, let’s let somebody who’s qualified to do so do so. That’s as factual of a rebuttal as I can give you. Does that help you? [00:41:00] It blows me away when people want to do their own qualifications, you know? Cool, ma’am. Like, it’s unacceptable.

[00:41:10] Syd Michael: It’s unacceptable. Like why would somebody wanna do their own qualifications and figure it out? And sometimes they’re right, sometimes they’re right, sometimes they don’t qualify. But again, why, why take a chance on such a large ticket item, you know?

[00:41:29] Syd Michael: Why take a chance? John, we talked about the, hedge fund in the past. I personally, would steer very clear of it. Although we are working with another company that’s supposed to be a lot easier and we’ll announce that when it happens. I personally would not mention a hedge fund to anybody.

[00:41:48] Syd Michael: They’re so strenuous on how they calculate the, like, on how they approve. All you’re gonna do is, and for lack of a better term, I’m sorry, but we’ve always called it, you’re gonna query your deal. You’re gonna [00:42:00] query your deal if you lead with the hedge fund. Only reason why I ever bring up a hedge fund if that’s the only way I can get the deal done.

[00:42:06] Syd Michael: I had a 4 million deal that me and, I won’t mention his name, but anyways, working on, well, that was the only way we could close the deal and so I brought it up. Other than that, I don’t even mention that. If you look at the, the reasoning the hedge fund can deny a client is if they’ve ever had negative social media.

[00:42:22] Syd Michael: That’s a reason they could deny the client that is not considered buy in deep, and by bringing up the hedge fund is only gonna create issues. I wouldn’t even do it.

[00:42:36] Syd Michael: I have one in process now, waiting on it. Well, good luck. Good luck. I’m not a fan of it, just to be honest. I’d be lying to you if I thought I was.

[00:42:50] Syd Michael: I have a client has six businesses getting ready to submit. Can she choose different fee schedules for each company? Oof. Oof. Burgess [00:43:00] throwing the knuckle ball,

[00:43:02] Vanessa Roberts: please. Please don’t

[00:43:05] Syd Michael: Damn Burgess throwing the knuckle ball at us .

[00:43:08] Vanessa Roberts: No. Honestly, yes. I mean, yes, if she wants to pay some upfront. Def first some pay deposit on some.

[00:43:16] Vanessa Roberts: Absolutely. Yes.

[00:43:18] Syd Michael: All right. There you go. I mean, I’d

[00:43:19] Vanessa Roberts: rather not,

[00:43:20] Syd Michael: right? Pardon? Loose ends. Jesus’ cut off jeans over there, but all right. Leave it to burgs. Throw knuckle ball at us. You know what, without you got a lot of deals closing.

[00:43:38] Vanessa Roberts: Yeah. Awesome work, you know? Heck yeah. It’s a good problem to

[00:43:42] Syd Michael: have. Yep, that’s right.

[00:43:43] Syd Michael: You got six, six businesses on one deal, not a boy, soldier, Good job. All right, cool. Vanessa, you got anything else? I don’t want to keep everybody on for longer than they need, but,

[00:43:59] Vanessa Roberts: [00:44:00] I know we’re running out space for the event next week, so. Get in where you fit in. Syd, you’re having a party on Wednesday, so, the folks can come early, right?

[00:44:14] Vanessa Roberts: Yep. Yes. so yeah, Darcey wanted me to make sure that everybody had that link. It’s in chat. Let me drop it again. Does anybody need the link? I’ll make sure you’ve got it. I think that’s everything.

[00:44:35] Syd Michael: Yes. Hey, Vanessa, real, real quick. You have, what forwarded you from Tony Joseph had some deals where the guy, got paid. Are we talking to closing department on collecting that? Oh, yeah. Already does it. Okay. Cause I, mm-hmm, I’ve been messaged every day for the last three days about it. Please?

[00:44:55] Vanessa Roberts: Nope. We have a process in place that monitors when checks are issued from [00:45:00] the irs, and if they don’t go through the lockbox, then we start working directly with the customer.

[00:45:06] Vanessa Roberts: So we’ll take care of

[00:45:08] Syd Michael: Tony. Okay. Good. All right. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. All right. Hey everybody, rock and roll. We’ll see you next Wednesday. Hopefully I’ll see you in person. Donald, let me know. casual attire. Yeah, casual’s. It don’t matter what you wear. Like, hey, we’ve all worked hard not to wear suits.

[00:45:27] Syd Michael: So I wear a suit, but with a t-shirt and, and they said something to me, they were like, wait, man, what are you wearing a t-shirt for? I’m like, bro, I’m in Florida. You’re lucky I’m not wearing a tank top. Don Johnson did.

[00:45:41] Vanessa Roberts: Hey, so after folks sign up, you buy your ticket, the $99 to save your spot.

[00:45:45] Vanessa Roberts: There’s no further confirmation. If you’ve got a ticket, you’re good to go. Steve, just come on down. Yeah, come right? Yeah. If you have any questions, yeah, hit us up. Darcey can answer any questions. You can post in the Facebook group or send in a [00:46:00] support ticket and Darcey can help. Yeah,

[00:46:02] Syd Michael: awesome. All right.

[00:46:04] Syd Michael: All right. Thank.

[00:46:06] Vanessa Roberts: Thank you. Have a great one. See you guys. Yep. Bye.