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Businesses have until April 15, 2024, to file amended returns for Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2020, and until April 15, 2025, to file amended returns for the quarters in 2021 in which they were eligible to claim the ERC.

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions March 21, 2023

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions
March 21, 2023

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)
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00:00:03 Brian Anderson What’s happening? Hope everybody’s excited. A minute early is a minute late. Ohh.

00:00:15 Brian Anderson Let me know you can hear me. Everything’s going good, man. We’re going to have fun today. I’m going to tell you that right now. Hey, Paula. Good to see you. Bruce. What’s up, bro? Christy. How you doing? How’s everybody doing?

00:00:32 Brian Anderson Checking the. Checking the market real quick, making sure we’re all good. We’re all good. Hey, regional. Reggie. What’s up, bro? Everything going forward with that deal we talked to last week, Reggie. I thought he was going to push a little harder.

00:00:53 Brian Anderson But uh. We we close that deal down pretty, pretty quick and easy. It felt good, didn’t it? OK, cool. All right. Keep me in the, keep me in the loop. Hey guy. What’s up buddy? Jake, Terry, always good.

00:01:11 Brian Anderson Arnold always man. So we’re going to let everybody kind of drip into here for a minute, for a few minutes and. And then we’re going to go over a couple things, you know, I know a lot of weeks, I repeat. Uh.

00:01:33 Brian Anderson I am signing and docs into payout. Any idea of how around how long from client signing and docs into payout you mean payout to the customer Paula? Ohh yeah to to to L number Uno me. So if they paid up front it it should be just give it that next pay period. So for instance if you had one today, pay up front. I would look to get your money the 15th of next month. The 15th of next month.

00:02:15 Brian Anderson So just kind of like round it to the next two week pay period. Sometimes you’ll get it quicker than that, sometimes you’ll get it quicker than that. But what I’ve seen on average a good, a good number to just kind of wait for it. It’s never fast enough, but Brian’s really quick about paying. He always has been. He definitely doesn’t want to sit on any money. He wants to get it out as fast as possible and get it and everybody’s hands. But. What what? What I want to talk about real quick is. What I want to talk about is.

00:02:54 Brian Anderson And just to clarify in case anybody doesn’t know, so realize if they pay up front, if if they pay a deposit, right, you get paid a percentage of the deposit and you got some money coming on the back end, which is kind of nice because it comes around about the time you forget about it, which is the best kind of money to get. And then if you do a full contingency, obviously you got to wait the entire time. Now, so everybody knows, but be very careful going out quoting customers this. I’m going to tell you almost the exact word track that I use. But just so everybody knows, you know, the IRS says to tell people between 6:00 and nine months. It’s not taken that long.

00:03:36 Brian Anderson It’s not taking that long at all. On average, on average when I calculated it. Four or five months ago it was about 18 weeks. However, just, just I’m going to go and tell everybody we’ve seen them come in as quick as 12 weeks already. Recently.

00:03:56 Brian Anderson Recently. So when you’re telling a customer that. Listen to me when I tell you this real quick. You want to say it like this? Well somebody says how long is this going to take? First off, you always put it on them. It really depends on how quick you get your documents uploaded. That’s the very most important part. That’s where we see the biggest bottleneck is missing 1 document. Are waiting on somebody to upload their, you know, a certain document. If you need any help with that, we’re here to help you. We have an A that’s going to contact you that’s going to help you do every bit of that. If you have any questions, just ask them. They’ll even share screens and show you how to get to it. If if you’re in a DP or any kind of payroll system. They’re very educated on them. I’ve seen them share screens with people.

00:04:41 Brian Anderson Tons of times and just show them exactly where to go and how to get it. OK, but. It really depends on how quick you get your documents up. Now the IRS tells us to tell you between 6:00 and nine months. We have been seeing them average about 18 weeks. But if I quote you that it’s going to make a liar out of me because it’s the IRS and it’s going to take 6 to 9 months. So you got to follow it up with that. So you, you know, you heat up the response and then it’s called cool down. You cool it down before you turn it over, right. You got to cool them back down and let them know you have seen them as quick as 18 weeks. But if I if I quote you that, then it’s going to make a liar out of me and it’ll end up taking. 69 months, but just know that we have seen some come in that quick. Does everybody understand how I said that?

00:05:25 Brian Anderson Is that making sense with everybody? I’m hoping we get a recording of a call a lot of. Y’all might know Bud Clark, his wife. Recorded with what she told me, and I believe her that she’s on point. She’s like shit. I recorded a a great call. I wish Reggie and I would have recorded that call last week. It was a good call, but said the people asked all kinds of questions about 15 or 20 minutes. She’s trying to get me a recording of it. When she does, I want to share it with all of you. I want to share with all of you because you’ll be able to hear.

00:06:03 Brian Anderson You know, a very professional. Very thorough. Responses to a lot of good questions that you might hear, and you’ll hear it live, which is awesome. So I love to share that kind of stuff. So she said she got a recording, she’s trying to e-mail it over to me. When she does, we’ll we’ll either get it in the group or or we’ll get it to everybody somehow. If everybody’s cool with that, everybody cool with that. I mean, Roger that, if you’d like to get a recording of that.

00:06:48 Brian Anderson Right. Beautiful. Yeah, I think, I think you would get a lot of value out of that too. I was really excited she did that. And listen, I try and record a lot of them, but I’m not always able to not able always able to record them. And I try, I try not to call for my phone because then I become the customer support for your customer. And not that I wouldn’t don’t mind doing that. And I’ve done that for a lot of you. It just it it’s overwhelming because I because I’ve just talked to too many people just shooting you straight, just shooting you straight. Just keeping it real. All right. So I wanted to keep talking about keeping it real and talking about, you know, sometimes repetition is good training. I want to go over something that you’ve heard me talk about 100 times. If you’ve listened to me once, you’ve heard me say it. But I think it’s that important because I think I can kind of feel. Sometimes I kind of feel.

00:07:56 Brian Anderson That everybody needs to be reminded of this but he’s I learned how to a real leverage the attorney benefit on getting more quarters beautiful. Oh yeah. Yeah that was cool right. Yeah we I’ll talk about that real quick with this gentleman that Reggie had. He was. He was coming out. As with, you know, I’ve been quoted 10% from my my payroll company right through paychecks. And you know, I quickly explained to them, it’s apples and oranges. You know, you’re you’re only getting loss of revenue quarters and I go let me let me give you an example. You know after you know 2020 you probably lost revenue the first quarter and then maybe the first first quarter of 2021. So your number is going to come back for two quarters. However there’s six possible qualifying quarters. We use attorneys to do you know income you know social distancing. Supply chain issues and our government mandated shutdowns. So there’s four other potential quarters that you qualify for. So what happens is we find that our, our calculations end up being a lot more. Listen, we’re not trying to overbook your deal, but we’re trying to get you everything that you’re qualified for within the program guidelines and we’re experts at the program. So let us do it. So yes, we’re not 10%, we’re 18%, but you’re going to see a substantial difference in the calculations.

00:09:17 Brian Anderson Perfect example one I just did and I know you’ve heard me talk about it, where paychecks offered them $50,000. They almost took it, and thank goodness they didn’t. We got them 390 grand. 18% of 390 grand is a much better deal than 10% of 50,000. Right. Let me go through this real quick. Hang on. I’m going to get back to see everybody getting off track, but I’m going to answer your questions real quick. I wanna answer.

00:09:46 Brian Anderson Uh, let’s see. I have a client being asked by the A for her Social Security number and birth date. Yeah, they’re they’re verifying that for a for a. Privacy reasons. It’s to protect the client. Protect the client. That started about 2 1/2 weeks ago, just so you know.

00:10:06 Brian Anderson It’s to protect the client. And they have to give a social to do the lock box. Because they do do a background check. Is there official definition of shutdown, full or partial?

00:10:23 Brian Anderson I haven’t been able to find it on the IRS website. I don’t know if there is. I I try not to get too far into that, because then I then I start trying to sound like I’m the CPA. Just keeping it real with you, Thomas. I steer very, very clear of trying to be a CPA to these people. I let them know right out of the gate I’m not the CPA, but I’m not the specialist, right? I am the agent. And I can help you out. I can get you to answer these questions if you have a question, but I try not to. I mean, why would you like? Think about it. If you know too much, you’re going to start turning down deals. You don’t want to turn them any of them down. When in doubt, fill it out. Just shooting your shooting you straight, giving you 100% real response here, right? Umm. I want to ask on the initial questionnaire. Well, they’re just asking if it was full or partial.

00:11:26 Brian Anderson I guess social. I don’t know the exact. I don’t know the exact answer to that to be honest with you. So I could, I couldn’t, I couldn’t answer it for you. But if anybody knows the difference between a full and partial shutdown, give me a response and so I can help. Thomas. No, it’s a, it’s a yes. Hey, good call. Can I help you a little bit?

00:11:53 Brian Anderson Think of sorry. Just think about it this way. So full shut down means that. Whatever the business is, they could not do business anymore during COVID because of the the social distancing requirements or you know what, whatever it may have been the mass mandates, we have partial like a partial shutdown. It’s it’s kind of like what the restaurants had to do. They had to remove some tables. Yeah, they had to, they had to make accommodations just to do business like. Like the Zaxby’s over by me, people couldn’t come inside. They had to walk through the drive through. They didn’t have a car, so it it would be like they were they were shut down, but they were still able to function in some regard, right? Well, I kind of assume that’s what it was. I just didn’t want to guess. But yeah, that that’s what I figured. And James Harrison just said, he said there is an official definition, it’s determined by local, state or federal order. So it it is all written and and that’s what the legal side of what we do, they they have a database of that and they do the research and they put in the work and find out what it is. I know in Nashville, TN, they were shut down, but yet the rest of Tennessee wasn’t.

00:13:12 Brian Anderson So it all comes down to their address and and location on whether or not they can get qualified so. That’s a that’s easy, Lauren. Let’s see what you got here. Does ERC Express have any collateral to describe what you just mentioned? No, I don’t think so. I don’t think we have any collateral. I do. I do it with my. My mouth, I just, I say it.

00:13:38 Brian Anderson I know we have a we have sales scripts, they’ve been transcribed. You can check out. Ohh. All right. Because it’s going on. It’s like crazy right now.

00:14:05 Brian Anderson See. Uh. The new the new website Yeah, it’s not mine, but yeah, it’s it’s theirs. But yeah, it does look good. I like it. It’s definitely professional.

00:14:25 Brian Anderson Definitely professional. All right, So what I wanted to talk about and I, and I know like I said, if, if, if, if you’ve ever listened to me once you’ve heard me talk about this 100 times, I want to go over a couple things because. I see. I see people slipping from this a little bit. And it’s really, really, really, really, really important.

00:14:50 Brian Anderson It’s so important. I’m going to ask each and every one of you that are listening to me right now to write it down, to write it down and remind yourself this every single time. Every time, every single time that you go to talk to a client or if you’re about to walk in or you’re about to pick up the phone or whatever the the the issue is, I want you to remind yourself of this and it is 100% true. I’m telling you these three rules will change your life and definitely change it. Effectiveness on business, right? Rule #1 anytime two people meet, sale is made. Want to repeat that?

00:15:29 Brian Anderson Anytime. Two people meet. But let me say this even better every time two people meet. Sale is made.

00:15:39 Brian Anderson Right. So when you talk to your client. Understand when you go in to talk to him, the only reason why you walk out of there without a deal. Because I honestly believe there’s a deal every single time if you ask the right questions and and respond the right way every single time. If, if you get, if you start mastering the, the, the pitch, you start mastering being comfortable talking to people, there’s a deal just about every single time.

00:16:09 Brian Anderson If you ask the right questions, show the right empathy, respond to them, support them, push them through, show them value right every single time. So for now on when you go to the Facebook group. Even though we’re only supposed to be doing marketing stuff in there and you puke out some reason that somebody read something on the IRS website or or or or, you know, it’s all a lower percentage from somebody else, right? They sold you, they sold you and Reggie and I proved that last week on a call live. Right.

00:16:48 Brian Anderson The guy was hell bent 100%. Already had his mind made-up. He’s going with paychecks at 10%. You give them your best rebuttal. You hear the rebuttals every Tuesday on these trainings.

00:17:02 Brian Anderson If you can’t remember them, you need to start writing them down. But I tell you exact word tracks that work and I prove they work. I’m not just telling you they work, that it’s not just webinar entertainment. It’s true training. It’s legitimately what works. I’ve probably closed over 1000 deals in the last 12 months. I’ve got it down Pat. I pity the fool that picks up the bone. Literally, they’re just not prepared. They’re not prepared to talk to somebody like me.

00:17:33 Brian Anderson And if you take it serious, and if you practice, they’re not prepared to talk to somebody like you either. Use my word tracks. Promise you’ll see effective. Now here’s the most beautiful part and I’ve told all of you this 100 times, but I want to remind all of you. The most beautiful part is if you start seeing the deal go South, or the person’s not kind of leading your way, or, you know, when, when you’re telling them how you could help them get money, they’re like, oh, I don’t know, there’s, there’s a you might. My payroll company called me and it was much less right. What is it? What do you do?

00:18:10 Brian Anderson It’s very simple. Even if your mind goes blank and you cannot remember a single word track that said told you and you can’t find your notes where I hope you wrote them down. Value over price equals a sale. It’s very simple. You got to start building value in your product, value in your service, value in you and what you do?

00:18:36 Brian Anderson Think about it. Well, that gentleman. Who came from a part of the world where they’re born negotiators, just so you know. Owns a couple hotels, so you know.

00:18:49 Brian Anderson Right, the guy who’s ready to negotiate. But what did I? What did I do? I didn’t do nothing. Astronomical. I didn’t do nothing. Superhero like you started building value. I started building value in the difference between us and them.

00:19:07 Brian Anderson Right. That’s what it is to tell them that we use more than just income, loss, revenue. We also use attorneys. We have a CPA and a legal side. We do complex ERT submissions. In fact, an ordinary normal CPA can’t keep up because the IRS website doesn’t update it quick enough. They have to go to things like the AICPA events to to learn from experts. And guess what? Guess who’s teaching those? Those. Those sessions at the AICPA. Our partners that own our company are the ones teaching the CPA’s how to do it, because we do it every single day.

00:19:45 Brian Anderson Most ordinary CPA’s, either one don’t want anything to do this and we’ll refer you to somebody like us, or two, they’ve done only a few and they’ll get you a very watered down moderate, OK? Loss in revenue submission. And if you want to take your one chance to take your RTC credits and and waste them on something like that. Then then do so. I’m not going to tell you not to. You’ve known that CPA for 20 years. You trust them, that’s fine. But let me give you an example. Just two weeks ago, we had somebody that went with the lost revenue or was considering it, and they got 50,000 back and they were so excited because they didn’t realize they were going to get 50,000. They submitted their paperwork to us. We got them 390,000.

00:20:29 Brian Anderson So if you want to take, if you want to legally take the most advantage of this opportunity that lays before you, there’s no other choice than us where you or RTC express, whatever you want to say or one of the number one submission companies in the country. We’ve done this well over 12,000 times in the last 18 months. We’ve got it down Pat. You will not regret this. Let me help you start uploading your forms into into the portal and let’s get this moving and let me show you how well we can do. Hello.

00:21:02 Brian Anderson Right. Throwing one and two Rule 3 is when the argument loses a deal, right? You know, you get tired of somebody saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. And he’s like everybody out there has got to bring up the 10% from the, from the, from the paychecks. Everybody out. There’s got to bring up the 10%. Well, guess what? If they bring up the 10%, it’s because you got a freaking buyer on the phone.

00:21:33 Brian Anderson You gotta live 1 fish on. They wouldn’t bring it up if they weren’t interested. Get excited when they bring it up. Now it’s game on. Now you got to do is romance them like the cobra out of the basket. You just got to start getting them dancing right. Just gotta get them dancing. Everything’s going good. Listen, I’m glad that you brought that up because yes, there is a lot of paycheck companies that have breaks my heart and they’re thinking what?

00:22:07 Brian Anderson What do you mean it breaks my heart? Well, it breaks my heart because I see companies take water down credits when they’re not able to go get. You’re not able to do this twice. You can’t amend and amend. And they see the 50,000. They grab it because they think that’s all that it’s worth and they don’t realize they left tons of money on the table. Tons of money on the table. Just because they weren’t educated and they trusted their CPA and their CPA didn’t do them wrong, but the CPA didn’t do them right because the CPA doesn’t know how to do them right. The reason why is the CPA can’t do a true full. Complex submission requires legal it requires attorneys in a lot of cases. So please don’t fall for that trap. Let me tell you how we do it. We do it a lot different. We’re a lot more complex. We’re not just trying to scrape the cream off the top and get you a little $50,000 credit.

00:23:04 Brian Anderson How would you feel if you got a $50,000 credit, found out that you could have got 390,000, you left two hundred, 340,000 on the table. Why would that make you feel? Great. Great. So that’s the same way it makes me feel if I let you go do that. Now you can see why I’m passionately trying to tell you. Trust me, we take it to a whole nother level.

00:23:30 Brian Anderson Right. I’m kind of role-playing with myself here, but hopefully you are keeping up. Everybody with me on that, you understand? Give me, give me a one or a Roger that or something. Let me know you understand exactly what I’m talking about. Let them know, like it breaks my heart to see somebody go and cut themselves short.

00:23:55 Brian Anderson And it does. Because I don’t know about you and and you know even John the, the CEO here talked about it at the event. So some of you at the event would know about it, but he breaks it down into how many families he can touch, how many people he can touch, right. And if you think about it. Like right now, our whole purpose is to help small businesses and other entrepreneurs just like ourselves. Get access to cash that you never know. It could be a game changer for them. It could be that little bit of cash infusion they needed to to really hit the straight away.

00:24:35 Brian Anderson You’re affecting a lot of people. You’re helping a ton of people and he breaks it all the way down to how many businesses we’re going to help and how many people they have on average, and a family to know that we’re going to help over 3.2 million people, you know, I don’t know about you, but that’s that’s awesome. Right. And like Bill just said, everything’s costing more. I paid. I have to pay $5.38. I know in some states are going to laugh at me, but other than 538 for premium, the other night broke my heart.

00:25:10 Brian Anderson How many people spend 100 bucks in a grocery store lately? There ain’t no more $100 grocery store visits. It doesn’t exist. Doesn’t exist.

00:25:23 Brian Anderson Life is extremely expensive. Don’t get me shot started on insurance Bill. Swear to you, man, insurance is the biggest scam. Oh my gosh. All of it, all of it, is all of it. It’s the biggest scam. It’s the biggest. Gonna get me started on it. It’s horrible. It’s horrible what I see them doing to people with insurance, especially like, you know, I got an older mom and I, you know, my.

00:25:58 Brian Anderson Families older, and I watched them have to deal with dealing with insurance. It’s a freaking rip off. It’s a freaking rip off, and it takes you 3 hours on hold to get anything handled right? And even then it’s not even guaranteed to be handled right. Horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible. What?

00:26:17 Brian Anderson It is what it is. Nicole, take a look at 11:25 with Hersel. Centers of food inflation number. You wanna get the best guarantees, you rebate.

00:26:34 Brian Anderson Beat the 10%. Yep. Yeah. I don’t know where there is an IRS list. I know we talked about that, but. Umm.

00:26:59 Brian Anderson I just used the the three popular ones. Just being honest with you, I can’t tell you what I haven’t done I I use the social distancing. Supply chain issues and mandated government mandated shutdowns. That tends to kind of cover it, but there is a lot more. I don’t know where that list would be. I honestly don’t. You got to you. You also got to. I wanted to mention this real quick and good to see you by the way. Thomas says there’s a list on the application.

00:27:40 Brian Anderson OK, check that out. You got like if you read like First off the the other not think the IRS doesn’t use copywriters. Like, honestly? Do you not think the IRS uses copywriters?

00:28:00 Brian Anderson Thank you. Just so you know. Straight up. And if you read word for word what they’re saying, a lot of times it it’s it’s so much smoke.

00:28:14 Brian Anderson Just just like the whole third party submit, it didn’t say it was illegal or it’s against the law to use a third party. Since when is it illegal for a CPA to charge a fee for a service? Right. Let’s let’s think about it. When is it illegal for a CPA? A certified public accountant? Legally certified public accountant? To charge a fee.

00:28:42 Brian Anderson For doing a service. Right. Daniel, we’ll talk about that in a second, even though I have nothing to do with it, but we’ll talk about that in a second. Uh.

00:28:59 Brian Anderson Wrong attitude, but I’ll we’ll talk about it, because, I mean, I’m not afraid of it, but since when is it wrong for a CPA? To get paid. For a service, because that’s all they’re doing. And if you read what the IRS says is it says it uses the word wary, be wary. Be wary of third party companies and guess what you should be.

00:29:25 Brian Anderson You should be because there is a lot of third party companies out there that are not doing the proper correct services. And they are gouging and taking advantage and and doing people wrong. That’s not us. That’s not what we’re doing. That’s not what we’re doing.

00:29:45 Brian Anderson But the IRS does a really good job at writing the very threatening bully type letters. I don’t know if anybody else has ever gotten any IRS letters that they’re, they’re, they’re appalling. They’re scary when you get them right. But it’s because they use good copywriters, just so you know. Umm. Let’s talk about this real quick and I have nothing to do with it, but let’s talk about this real quick because I’m just going to be honest with you, Daniel, this is a it’s a bad, bad attitude. Why are sub agents, which by the way, none of the, none of the, none of your sub agents are if somebody promoted to them, it’s an affiliate, but they actually pulled the sub agents out of being promoted to. Why are sub agents being offered an upgrade to increase their Commission?

00:30:30 Brian Anderson What’s wrong with offering him an upgrade to increase their Commission? Doesn’t come out of yours. So what’s wrong with it? Right.

00:30:48 Brian Anderson So they’re all with it. We got 18 months to make all the money we can. And let me tell you something. You still have not only a chance to make more more money now, now your sub agents have a chance to make more money, which is going to make you more money. So why would you fear on that? Are you going to quit sending in deals and and get upset and and and have a problem with it or or lose the opportunity that’s laid before you? What’s one of the greatest opportunities I’ve seen in my lifetime? Because your sub agents got offered more commissions.

00:31:22 Brian Anderson You’re looking for a reason to quit in your own head. You’re looking for a reason to quit in your own mind. Don’t let something that small make that not that much effect on you. Come on. Explain it exactly what it says. Here’s an opportunity that they can make a more Commission if they want to buy into a higher level of training. It’s not RPS. They’ll never be anymore RPS. It’s not as much as RPS, everything you get with RPS, but it’s a chance for them to make that extra 5% bump.

00:31:59 Brian Anderson There’s nothing wrong with that. We want everybody to make more money. Guess what happens when everybody starts making more money? Jokes get funnier. Days get better. Craig.

00:32:13 Brian Anderson Wallets get fatter. Everything’s good. Right. I think Brian and a guy named. Simon Warner of launched something on Jamie Zoo is what I understand. I have zero to do with it, so I don’t know. But the last thing I would do is let it affect my attitude.

00:32:37 Brian Anderson An opportunity that I have before me. Worried about? Them offering bigger commissions to somebody. And and Brian’s a marketer. He’s gonna make a little bit of money doing it. Maybe. I don’t know.

00:32:50 Brian Anderson Put out pretty big prize pool. I don’t know if he is making money or not. But that’s what he does. That’s what he does. He’s a marketer. Like. Like, and I say this like tread lightly. That scarcity mindset I’ve seen cost people more money and and really just cost you a good, good, good day.

00:33:15 Brian Anderson You can keep so there’s a trust me, I guarantee you there’s no shortage of cash in this world. At the rate they’re pregnant printing it, there’s a lot of cash getting thrown out there. OK.

00:33:31 Brian Anderson Now, it doesn’t cut you out, Daniel, to every negative thing you could think that it would do. And no, it doesn’t. No. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope, Nope. Doesn’t do any of the negative things that you’re.

00:33:43 Brian Anderson Telling yourself all you all you’ve done is blocked yourself out and probably made yourself less productive. Well, one, Daniel, because this is a sales training call and that’s what I do for the company. So I I don’t. I didn’t launch it. I don’t do it. I just know what it is.

00:34:08 Brian Anderson I don’t see the emails they sent out. I don’t know any of that kind of stuff. I’m just explaining it to you like uncle, your Uncle Sid would explain to you. It’s. It has no effect on you. Financially, it has no effect on you other than the fact your agents will have a chance to make it extra money.

00:34:29 Brian Anderson That’s a good thing. That’s a great thing. You want people to make more money? They may work a little harder for you. What do we do when the IRS says they won’t have all the quarters that we submitted to them for a client? What is that? What do we do when the IRS says they don’t have?

00:34:52 Brian Anderson Hmm, I’m not sure exactly what your question is. You’re talking to the IRS personally and they they told you they don’t have all the quarters. That we submitted to them. We called and verified a client last week. I want to tell you all this. We called the verify client last week and the IRS said they didn’t have record of it.

00:35:21 Brian Anderson They didn’t have record of it and the checks got mailed the next day. I mean. We do understand that the IRS is not very they’re not the most efficient. Operation in the world.

00:35:39 Brian Anderson I don’t know what to say because I don’t know that exact scenario you’re talking about. And what do we do with the IRS is they don’t have all the quarters that we submitted to them for the client. I don’t. I have no idea. We submitted for six quarters. They only have 3. It’s another. It’s another. No, it doesn’t affect yours at all, Sandra. It doesn’t.

00:36:12 Brian Anderson Daniel, you’re taking it wrong, buddy. All all it is, is all it is. It is a chance for that. It’s a one time opportunity for them to make additional revenue. Senator support ticket because I and I I don’t know why. Again, I’ll just give you an example. Just last week we had a deal where we called the IRS, said that they didn’t send it in at all. Didn’t send it in at all.

00:36:36 Brian Anderson And they got their checks. That were postdated the day after we we checked. Umm. And you should you should tell them you should call them and and and.

00:36:54 Brian Anderson Umm. You should tell your client to just relax a little bit. There’s no reason he makes it freak out. It’s just that nothing’s worth that. If. I mean, I’m. I’m just telling you on the real real. Like I understand in certain scenarios and certain situations customers will freak out, however. You got to keep control over them because there’s no reason to freak out. Don’t worry about it. These things take time.

00:37:23 Brian Anderson Slow them down. But you need to find out. I don’t know. We got to find out why. I have no idea why they would save it. Because we don’t send it in and like different partial tickets or whatever. So I don’t know why they would only see 3/4, but it sounds like it’s somewhere where the IRS hasn’t so clearly totally did their work. Promise you we didn’t send in 3/4 and not the other 3/4. It just doesn’t work that way. Daniel, don’t let it black you out, buddy.

00:37:53 Brian Anderson I don’t know how else to say it. You did. You did you like to share your toys as a kid? I mean, I brother hated it. My brother had to share toys with me. He had to give me half a Snickers bar. You’d rather just give me all of it?

00:38:13 Brian Anderson You don’t want to share? Yeah, I understand. It is what it is. Don’t let it black you out because you got a hell of an opportunity here, all right? Alright, let’s keep moving the 2nd that the last thing I wanted to tell you about today that I I don’t want anybody to forget about. Hang on a second. I’m going to see if I can let me see if I can get out of this and go to another slide real quick because I actually have something to talks about it. Let’s see here. Hang on a second.

00:38:41 Brian Anderson I’ll show you all this. There there is nothing more powerful than this right here. Follow up. Follow up, follow up, follow up, follow up, follow up. I did trainings years ago talking about follow up and I found some slides that had some of the data that I looked at. But follow up is key. When somebody tells you no are they, they say they’ll call you back and they ghost you.

00:39:08 Brian Anderson You can’t. Like until you get a clear and very communicative no, we’re not interested. Don’t be afraid to follow up. Like, literally the sales. Like the sales secret. Even a grant Cardone like launched the product one time again, world’s greatest sales secret. People paid them thousands of dollars for this. He had the book on fire and glowing, you know, like it was like a a real, you know, forbidden spell, you know, or whatever. And you know what the whole book was about.

00:39:44 Brian Anderson Follow up. You can take a bad salesperson and turn them into a great salesperson strictly with follow up, right? So I want to show you all this 80% of sales. Require 5 follow-ups after the initial contact. But 44% of salespeople give up after one and they misspelled after.

00:40:07 Brian Anderson Right. I bet it’s higher than that. I I think 44 is being lenient. I think more people give up after one. It’s been my experience. I see people call like 3 different customers and then they make a complete and total decision or opinion based on everything off of three customers. Nobody, nobody goes out there and calls 100 or 200 different customers and figure it out.

00:40:35 Brian Anderson But here it says 22% of stop after two rejections, 14 after three and 12% stop after four. Only 8% of sales people do follow up five times. Mark, good question, he says. How much does e-mail or text follow-up weigh in on those numbers? I think it is there a way you can see when they’ve opened up the the the e-mail if they’ve looked at it and read it? It’s the only way you really kind of would know.

00:41:18 Brian AndersonI would (you know) if they opened it up and read it. I would. I would consider that. A touch. If they didn’t open it, it’s not an official touch. Chances are you’re floating in the spam box. Sandra, the first quarters you haven’t.

00:41:46 Brian Anderson She said I thought that we had three years to apply for RTC. No, now I’m seeing April 15th, 2024 is the deadline to apply for the 3/4 of 2020? Well, do the three years from the 3/4 of 2020-2021, 2022-2023, 2024, three years? So yes, the 1st 3/4 of 2020 will start falling off April 15th of 2024. Right. That’s why we say you got about 18 months.

00:42:25 Brian Anderson But for the full submissions, you really got, what, 12 months now? You got 12 months to make something happen. And I’ll just keep it real. Some of you are going to quit. Some of you’re going to fold under the pressure somewhere you’re going to fall and figure out reasons why. Make an excuse for why you can’t do it.

00:42:44 Brian Anderson But some of you, probably around 8% of you are going to absolutely rock it. That’s the truth. That’s just the truth. And you got to decide today. You got to decide right now. What are you gonna do?

00:43:01 Brian Anderson What are you gonna do? Right. Sandra 2024 is not four years. You’re talking about the year 2020, so 2021 would be 1?

00:43:21 Brian Anderson Right. And and you have you have until April 15th, so probably rolls over so 2021. April 15th of 2021 is actually when you can you can file your 2020. Quarters. So 2021, right, April 15th of 2021 when you would file for 2020?

00:43:43 Brian Anderson So if you if you look at April of 2021, one year is 22, two years is 23, three years is 24. Makes sense? It’s easy to get mixed up. I thought I was 48 years old for three years and I kept doing the math. Now. Now I’m realizing I’m turning 50, so it means I’m already 49. I kept saying I was 48. It’s easy. As we get older, math gets gets harder.

00:44:19 Brian Anderson Just keeping it real. I thought one quarter was ending A at the end of March 23rd. I’ve not seen anybody talk about March 23rd. It’s always been April 15th. Everything I’ve read has been April 15th. I thought it was kind of weird that it wouldn’t be October. Is this corporate right anyways?

00:44:43 Brian Anderson Dog says he’s been 35 for almost 20 years now, so I get it right. Felt 35, up until about two years ago. I don’t know what happened. Umm.

00:45:03 Brian Anderson I don’t. I mean. I just, I can only talk about what I do this just to be straight up with you. I don’t even think about the end. Think about today. Think about right now.

00:45:19 Brian Anderson Think about what? What? What am I going to do immediately? I don’t, I don’t. I don’t look at the end of things. I don’t know. It’s depressing to me to look at the end of things. Think about what I’m going to do this week. Trying to live a little bit more in the moment.

00:45:35 Brian Anderson Not be so perfect. Lauren says I stay the same age as I get older. I get it, I get it. All right. So did anybody have any, anybody have any objections over the last week that you need some help with the rebuttal? I know I’m not teaching you all anything new, just reminding you all mostly, but sometimes it’s good to hear it. Ask any question that you have. I don’t know the answer. I’m just going to say I don’t know the answer.

00:46:29 Brian Anderson Jackson, I don’t have time. So you’re talking about. That’s you. You didn’t you didn’t approach them properly because you got to let them know. Listen, I’m not here to waste your time. That’s for Dang sure. But I guarantee you what I’m about to share with you is most valuable. 15 minutes. You spend all day, all week, all month, probably all year. So when would be a good time that you could learn how you could get a massive credit between 20,000 and 3,000,000? When and how do we get the new agent website? I’m not sure. Maybe uh, Nicole can answer that because I know they’re. Unveiling that as we speak.

00:47:11 Brian Anderson Awesome. Right now we’re just having people submit tickets so their websites can be updated. I’m not sure what the process is on the V18 side, but submit a ticket and we’ll send it over to him. There you go. That’s the answer. ER C dot team/ support. Mark, it’s in your mark ask that’s in your, in the. In your Members area under resources.

00:47:49 Brian Anderson My biggest roadblock has been CB. Oh, hold on, hold on, oh, hang on, hang on. I’m reading these things are moving too quick now. Yeah. And then I just call you like 10 minutes before we jump on the phone and then we call your client only three-way. Mark, give me on the call. I’ll show you. I’ll show you, I’ll show you. I’ll make a believer out of you. I’m. I’m not. When you hear me talk to somebody, it’s it’s easy. I saw that for some reason the phone system wasn’t letting him call Guam or something weird like that. I I don’t. I can’t answer that. I was going to ask when I came in today, for some reason they’re not on a package through kicksey. The phone system they’re using where they call Guam. I’m not sure. My biggest roadblock has been CPA, some telling their clients that they don’t qualify and some trying to steal them away. Very common problem, Rashad.

00:49:05 Brian Anderson And you gotta just, you gotta use that same rebuttal that I used earlier on the call. Where you know you don’t bash them. Never. You are. You just call an ordinary CPA or normal CPA.

00:49:21 Brian Anderson Right. And then just let them know that it’s apples and oranges. See, I understand you’ve known them for years and they’re awesome, but they’re cutting you short here and it breaks my heart. Hang on a second. You have a scheduled private call with me to discuss whether or not we can call Guam.

00:49:43 Brian Anderson It’s not a good call, man. I can’t. If you book a call with me, it’s to close a client. Not just to be honest with you, man. Not to not to discuss whether or not we can call Guam. I’m just shooting you straight. No offense. That’s kind of wasting my time.

00:50:06 Brian Anderson But we we, I’ll get you an answer to that because we need to find out what’s going on, especially if you’re booking deals and well, you with me. Umm. Talk about verbal judo with the CPA rushad. Oh man, I’m sorry. Mark, let me reread your question. They’re just flying through if I read your question wrong.

00:50:35 Brian Anderson Hang on. I don’t take advantage of getting on calls with clients. So how is the best way to get you hooked up with our clients? I don’t do it for you. It’s not done for you like that. I’ll do it with you. I’m not doing it for you. I have helped out a lot of people overseas. Speaking reasons: you know English as their second language. I’ve helped when I can, but I don’t can’t promise myself out like that, if that’s what you’re saying. Umm.

00:51:13 Brian Anderson Yeah, I I was. I did a close for an 80 the other day and he walked off. While I was closing, his customer flipped out, just to be honest. I’m not doing it for my health. I don’t need help doing it. Good at doing it. I do it so they can listen to me and help me out. Help them. Send me a note though if I misunderstood your question, bro. Umm.

00:51:35 Brian Anderson You should have my cell phone even marked the summit text if I had someone fill in 92% of the application yesterday but need the manager to sign off the work order agreement ID, etcetera. She’s away until next week. If I can get her to fill this in ASAP. When she gets back.

00:51:56 Brian Anderson Will still count for 24 hours, unfortunately not Peter. Because it’s not 24 hours. Unfortunately. Umm.

00:52:16 Brian Anderson Yeah, that’s not cool. We’ll find out for you, Lauren. Send me a send in a support ticket and I’ll let Nicole know what The thing is and that way she can respond to it. We’ll talk to Lee. I didn’t see him today, but we’ll find out why they can’t and what we’re going to do about that because we need to find out. Mark, I’m sorry if I misunderstood your question, bro. I’m sorry. I’ve answered hypothetical questions. John said. I left a message yesterday about the hedge fund money for my client.

00:52:50 Brian Anderson You know what I feel about the hedge fund money? I’ve been on any of these training sessions. I’ve told you I don’t particularly appreciate them. I don’t like it. Now, there is something that Brian’s working on with a new bank in Texas that is awesome, but I haven’t heard any updates about it yet. But once I hear about the updates, I’ll update with you. However, and I’m just shooting you straight on the other hedge fund that we originally were using, they, they were two, they were too strenuous on how, how they, how they bought deals. They didn’t buy deep enough is what we call in the car business, right? They didn’t buy it. Deep enough and somebody who’s needing the money immediately generally is having a couple of issues and nobody ever qualified for it anyways, right? I know they did several of them, but. It ended up taking longer than if the person would have just gone, would have just submitted the deal instead of waiting on the hedge fund. The hedge fund screwed up too many deals. I didn’t like it.

00:53:45 Brian Anderson Like one of the reasons they can turn you down is if you have negative social media. How about that? So. That’s too, too critical to base my deal on, right? Too critical?

00:54:01 Brian Anderson And if you let a client get control of the time frame like that, you know, if you over kind of promise a little bit on the time frame, it’s never a win, it’s never a win. You’re going to call you every two days and beat the brakes off of you. And then they’re going to call me every. You’re going to send me a message or send a support ticket every two days. And then you’re going to get blacked out thinking that nothing’s going fast enough and nothing’s going right. And we’re dealing with the frickin IRS. Nothing happens as quickly as we all want it to. The whole headphone thing just creates a ton of issues. Honestly, unless it was the only way I could close a customer would ever even bring it up. Especially don’t lead with it. Yeah.

00:54:48 Brian Anderson Just being honest. So. What else? Any other questions? We’re going to wrap this up because I got a lot going on today. He said thoughts on verbal judo. What do you mean verbal judo like when you say verbal judo like how to?

00:55:10 Brian Anderson I talked about at the beginning of the call like how you can kind of make yourself separate where you can build value for yourself over there CPA. Is that what you mean? Fighting against CPA’s negative comments. Well, oh oh because they’re saying, oh, don’t let, don’t let one of those companies rip you off. I’ll just do it for you.

00:55:43 Brian Anderson Type stuff. Yeah yeah yeah yeah so. Well. Yeah, right. You win the argument, lose the deal is exactly right, Terry. So here’s the way I would do it. I would, I would just say, listen, I would agree with what they’re saying. Agree with what they’re saying, but then go. But let me fully explain it so you can make an educated decision.

00:56:08 Brian Anderson They’re right. They’re right. But let me, let me. Actually tell you the whole story so you can make a true decision based on just what they know and they have limited knowledge. That’s why most of those CPA’s just refer the business to us. You know they have a tax business going on. They’re not trying to go and learn something that’s only going to be around for a short time. Right. So based on what they know, they’re telling you the most honest truth to their knowledge, but unfortunately they’re just not fully aware of everything.

00:56:43 Brian Anderson They’re basing them doing this on a lost income, lost revenue only. And to be honest with you, it’s a much more watered down submission. Now here’s the problem if you go with that. There’s no amending. So you get one chance at this. And if you go with that, you know, and I give them the example of the 50 and 390 because that’s the numbers that I saw with my own eyes and know that it happened. You’re more than welcome to borrow it if you want, or you might even have your own let you know of, but I use the 390 and $50,000 example. I go if you submit for that and you, you left a ton of money on the table and the CPA doesn’t know that because they’re not attorneys. They don’t realize there’s other ways to qualify what there is through supply chain issues, government mandated shutdowns and you know.

00:57:37 Brian Anderson Ohh, so a social distancing. The CPA doesn’t calculate that though. It takes a legal team to do that, and they’re not using a legal team to do your submission, they’re only using their CPA. Cool. Talents to do it. So they’re telling you the truth, but they’re leading you down a path of leaving $340,000 potentially on the table, so that’s a risk you want to take. That’s fine. We’re not the right fit. But if you want to absolutely capitalize on your RTC submission, which you know, you, I can almost assure you and I hope I’m telling you the truth when I say this, I hope we never have this opportunity again because of what it took to get it. But it is an opportunity and it is a limited opportunity. I just want to be able to maximize your benefits for it and that’s the difference between us and them. So I agree with everything they said, but I hate to see you leave the money on the table.

00:58:30 Brian Anderson That’s exactly what I would say. Cool. Alright, awesome. Man, that was helpful. Good. Yeah, you know. There’s nothing more like there’s nothing more empowering. By agreeing, right? Same thing with like a heated customer, right? If I had, OK, maybe I’ll relate to this right if I had the dad come in with the daughter buying a car.

00:58:58 Brian Anderson You know what I mean? And the dad was going to show. When I tell them how much we’re going to pay or we’re going to leave, you know, they have that kind of attitude, you know what I mean? That’s my price. You can’t get any sense. But they just say that’s my price and you can’t get into it. I ain’t doing it right. This is my back and my best accent. I can do right. But I would always, I would always stroke the debt, right. That’s what we call it. You got a stroke.

00:59:26 Brian Anderson I would go. Dude, your dad’s a good buyer. This ain’t his first time buying a car, is it? Well, then he would. That he will be the first one to tell you that you should go with this payment with the full service contract, the GAP protection and the total loss because right Dad? Right because that way you can budget yourself, you know that’s going to be car payment, gas and insurance. You don’t want to leave any variables out there, right Dad, you don’t leave any variables out there where your payment could get you know, where you got to do a repair or something and then all sudden it comes unaffordable because you gotta pay the car payment and or repair. So therefore this payment right here includes a full service contract for six years. 100,000 miles if you’re totally covered with total loss protection. That way if you ever wrecked the car, it pays the difference in what you owe, what insurance gives you, because they are not entitled to pay full pay if they’re entitled to give you what they consider the value is. And it covers all your maintenance for the next three years, so you don’t even have to factor in an oil change into your car. You’re completely, totally protected at that painting. Is that not how you buy a car, dad?

01:00:30 Brian Anderson OK see, I just sold him the warranty, car care and gap and I made it the dad’s idea. That’s kind of the way you got to combat. Some of them make sense. That I lose everybody on that? Or do you keep up with it? Let me know. Some ninja stuff right there, I’m telling you.

01:00:51 Brian Anderson It’s ninja stuff. You gotta stroke them. Awesome. Alright, cool. All right. Hopefully, hopefully. I gave you all some some some Nuggets and and. Laura hey, when you’re done, you’re going to be fully qualified to go sell some cars, brother.

01:01:14 Brian Anderson Thomas says he’s ready to buy the car, right? Well. You know, they, they, they did a test one time that people would rather have a root canal than buy a car. So I knew the second I read that my job isn’t that hard. If I could be more fun than a root canal, then I’m going to be great at my job. And it wasn’t hard being better than a root canal, although it seems to be a struggle for some. All right. Hey, awesome. Hey, man, I appreciate everybody. Good to see you, Andy.

01:01:47 Brian Anderson Rock’n’roll, I’ll see you all tomorrow obviously again at 11:00 o’clock where we answer any and all questions and not so much sales stuff. But today I wanted to go back over the three rules of Uncle Sid because they are so important. I hope each and every one of them you did write down and repeat them to yourself. Trust me, right? And the worst case scenario, your RPS members, you’ve got access to me, nobody else does. If you want to hear it done for you, I will do it for you. I’ll lead by example and show you everything that I’ve taught and said on this call. 100% works. All right, see you everybody.