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Businesses have until April 15, 2024, to file amended returns for Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2020, and until April 15, 2025, to file amended returns for the quarters in 2021 in which they were eligible to claim the ERC.

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions March 22, 2023

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions
March 22, 2023

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)
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00:00:03 Syd Michael I can’t wait any longer. Let’s get started. Let’s make this thing happen. Who’s coming with me? What’s happening? Hey, we’re going to hang on. We take my watch off because I know it means the desk. We’re going to try and do something because, man, I’m so freaking excited. I ain’t going to lie. I’m going to give credit where credit is due. Umm.

00:00:26 Syd Michael I mentioned it yesterday, but I got to listen to a call. That one of the Members did. And it was so. Damn good.

00:00:40 Syd Michael And so. Close to my word tracks. close to my word tracks, but she owned it and made it her own. And I’m so damn impressed by it. I’m hoping. I’m hoping. Cross my fingers, I’m hoping.

00:01:01 Syd Michael Even if we could only hear her side, because it’s me, the client side, a little muffled. Well, I’m, I’m hoping that I’m going to that Brian will let me e-mail this out to everybody or share this with everybody, but I want to play it live. And I want us to discuss exactly. Where she at and what she’s doing and and how she did things because she actually added a little more sizzle than even I do on some things. And now I want to share it. So we’re going to listen to it today, as long as the audio is good, as long as the audio goes over. If not we’ll have to re reinvent. What do you think of that? What do you think of that for the first first half of this call or whatever? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:01:48 Syd Michael Yeah, I’m excited too. OK. Alright. Umm, we’re going to let everybody kind of drip in. I see everybody coming in.

00:02:08 Syd Michael Hey, Siri. Good morning. What’s up, Nicole? I was just on the phone with Brian when you dialed in. He’s he’s in the doctor’s office right now.

00:02:18 Vanessa Roberts OK, thanks, I texted him. It’s cool.

00:02:21 Syd Michael Yeah, yeah. Yeah, Thomas said. Hey, Nicole?

00:02:37 Vanessa Roberts Hey I just got my audio to work too. I’m here now.

00:02:40 Syd Michael Hey, Thomas. Good morning. Hey, everybody else. Good morning, Vanessa. Nicole flew in late, her and Jalisa, so I offered to take him to dinner. On my top points at the the Hard Rock, they got to witness greatness. Last night. Uh, what’s up, Michael? Good to see you, buddy.

00:03:05 Syd Michael Good morning. Yeah, we had a. I had a BBQ sandwich from there and the cold you eat. I actually had an impossible burger, but the chicken tenders were awesome. The Buffalo.

00:03:25 Syd Michael Hey reggae. Yeah, yeah, I thought so too. Um. Uh, alright, alright, alright, OK, alright. I see everybody get on here. I’m going to attempt to hang on a second. I don’t want to, you know, let me.

00:03:41 Syd Michael I’m going to attempt to. Share this. I’m hoping. Ohh man, I’m hoping uh. Hoping that I don’t see him even on the call, but.

00:03:59 Syd Michael Y’all your other blood Clark can clear, right? We got to meet him at the event for sure. Just a cool freaking dude. And and she’s awesome too. They’re they’re like a power couple, but.

00:04:13 Vanessa Roberts She did a call.

00:04:15 Syd Michael Yeah, yeah.

00:04:16 Vanessa Roberts He coached college football.

00:04:20 Syd Michael There’s not much blood hadn’t done. When you’re a year older in baseball, you tend to get some stuff done. Now he’s a good dude, man. The first time he scheduled it done for you closing Vanessa. I I called him up and we both did. The was actually known each other. Yeah, yeah. I thought it was cool, but.

00:04:47 Syd Michael His wife Claire did a call with a guy and it is 15 minutes and I want us to stop it and go through it. I want us to dissect it today. But I want everybody to hear, because listen. My word tracks aren’t the only word tracks that work right. I can only share what I’ve done. I can’t. I can’t share what I assume. I can’t share what I think should happen. I can’t share. You know what what you know, I don’t make it up as I go, right? So to hear somebody else’s word tracks, I think it would be nothing but highly valuable. For all of you, and especially it being a female right, not that that matters, but you built, you can hear some of the things she says. You might feel more comfortable you saying than what I’m even teaching you, and you’re able to hear.

00:05:42 Syd Michael Just how effective some of the stuff she does, and so I would love. For us to dissect this call and I hope the goodness that it comes out loud enough that everybody can hear it. So I’m going to pump my volume all the way up and I want us to hear this. You can’t hear the customer very well at first, but it’s OK. Even if we only heard her side, I think we’re good. OK. All right, hold on a second. Let me get this all set up. Yeah, it is, Scott.

00:06:14 Syd Michael It is. Yeah. Yeah, it is. Yeah, just one of your deals. Yep. All right. Well, let’s just, let’s just go through this. I want you all to hear.

00:06:37 Vanessa Roberts Good morning. This is Claire Burger and I’m calling you to talk about the.

00:06:50 Syd Michael Alright, hold on. Can everybody hear that? I know it might not be the best, but can you hear that? Is it good enough to keep going? No. Yes, yes, no. Getting 5050. Well, you’re not going to hear it right now, but just when I played it. Alright, hang on, I’m going to do it again.

00:07:15 Syd Michael Cortana. Yeah. And here is the.

00:07:38 Vanessa Roberts We see it as.

00:07:39 Syd Michael Alright, then we’ll stop. I’m not gonna try if if 50% of the people saying they can hear it, other people are complaining about the audio. I don’t want to. We won’t do it. What’s on do it too bad. Yeah, it was awesome. So maybe maybe Vanessa, we can somehow share it out or something later and people can hear it. Here, hear it on their own, right.

00:08:01 Syd Michael Alright, cool. Vanessa, you got anything to talk about today?

00:08:09 Vanessa Roberts I can help answer your questions. I don’t have anything prepared. What’s going on?

00:08:17 Syd Michael I’ve, uh, I’ve. I’ve talked about the same thing 3 three times a week for for long enough. I don’t know what else I can talk about. This is going to be a. It’s going to be a, you know, a fresh so. Go ahead. Let’s just do Q&A right now. Let’s just Q&A. If you have any questions, we’ll try and answer them. We do have the support team on here.

00:08:38 Vanessa Roberts Oh, I can uh, let everybody know an update on the dynamic, ER, TC websites. I know lots of folks are sitting in tickets asking for us to set it up for them. We will be rolling out inside the portal on your domain manager tab, your ability to set yourself up with unlimited dynamic sites, meaning all of your sub agents. You can set up and register sites for your sub agents. So you’ll just go in, log into the portal, go over to domain manager and set one up and then you can list whatever subagent. You want to be associated with that page. It’s not there yet, but that’s going to be rolling out. So you don’t have to request it from me. You’ll be able to make it yourself. And as soon as that’s live we’ll post in the Facebook group and e-mail out a an update and we’ll have a training on how to do it. And that’s going to replace all of the done for you website. So I’m going to update the page inside the Members area called the site and it’s going to have training on how to control your own sites.

00:09:48 Syd Michael Really cool. How about OC buds on here now how about, how about? The recordings from the event. Are we any closer on what what’s going on with that?

00:10:02 Vanessa Roberts So they’ve come out of editing and we’ve put them on the server and now we’re working on the delivery method. So we’re going to e-mail out a basically it’ll be a, a worksheet with a link to access each individual video. So we’re just putting the final touches on that and that should go out today or tomorrow.

00:10:23 Syd Michael And Larry, no, none of those people would be in this. RPS is 100% closed off. Completely, completely separate. Just so you know. Right, Vanessa?

00:10:38 Vanessa Roberts Absolutely correct. The express, the RPS Express is a. I don’t wanna say truncated um. Non exclusive. They aren’t getting what RPS agents have. They will not be on the Wednesday calls. They will not be in the RPS Facebook group. They will not participate in RPS incentives and contests. It is a separate, separate group.

00:11:17 Vanessa Roberts Yeah, yeah. So Larry asks Brian got new guys this week. Tell beginners where to go. Any beginners, any new folks will be in that different. In that different group and they are their hands are being held. And they’re getting a different kind of training. You guys are our OG’s, our advanced members. We’re not gonna go back to basics with y’all.

00:11:43 Vanessa Roberts At which portal exactly? Don’t think I’ve seen a portal build. That is where you go to manage your deals. When your deals come in and you see them in the system, that system is the portal. And if you need training on how to use the portal, we’ve got that inside the members area on the page, the deals. He said.

00:12:09 Syd Michael I’m not associated with it, so I don’t, I don’t. So did Daniel’s asking how to explain this to a sub agents, it’s an opportunity for them to buy a higher Commission. We talked about this yesterday, didn’t we Daniel?

00:12:23 Vanessa Roberts You did.

00:12:26 Syd Michael That’s all. That’s all it is. Am I? Tell me if I. Tell me if I. Misrepresenting Vanessa.

00:12:36 Vanessa Roberts Yeah, no, the express RPS is an opportunity for the free internal ERC Express field agents to. Yes, upgrade their account. It’s not being marketed to RPS agents, sub agents. We do understand that it is. Out there in the world. Um, there is marketing that exists that they may see but it does not override. It does not supersede their agreement with you. Any deal submitted by people who are registered as your sub agents still come across as your deals, and your sub agent payment statement still dictates what RTC Express pays them.

00:13:19 Vanessa Roberts On those deals, yeah, I mean when you first released ERC dot team and we allowed sub agents to participate in the free field agent training, you know, we let everybody know. You know they’re going to be exposed to the content and information and training that we’re providing the RTC Express field agents. And and a primary example of that is we pay E RTC Express field agents 10%. And that’s a great example because we talked to all the RPS agents and said if you’re paying your field agent, I’m sorry, your sub agent something different and they hear us say because you’ve elected to have them be a part of this training. They hear us say 10%, then you need to have that conversation to let them know that. The agreement that you 2 have supersedes that, so this is just another example of field agent directed information.

00:14:14 Vanessa Roberts That they are exposed to, but you just have to explain that you have a special relationship with them that’s allowing them to benefit from the training and mastermind group of ERC dot team and the Facebook group. Does that make sense? And Patricia is expressing. Discomfort with the the offering of a lesser fee. So as we all know recovery profit system was 997 or three payments of 397. OK. What express RPS is, is the benefits and features of recovery profit system broken out into smaller pieces rather than a payment plan. They kind of were able to purchase Ala carte. So yes, there is an entry level to go from 10% to 15% for $297.00. Now remember recovery profit systems, all of your agents, every single one of you, your rock bottom Commission is 18%.

00:15:21 Vanessa Roberts So right after that, they join at the 297. They are still not at your base level. OK, then if they want to get all of the benefits and features and resources and training that you have, they have to go through the complete, we’ll call it the funnel, right? They have a $97.00 upgrade. They have the 197 a month mastermind, which they do not get 90 days free like you guys did, and there’s a $497.00 ultimate upgrade, which puts the total. Expense. Far above the 997. That RPS agents paid, so we were very conscious and aware.

00:16:01 Vanessa Roberts Of making sure that we did not give new folks a better deal than our our originals, our recovery profit systems, we really prioritized making sure that we weren’t. Doing that, Patricia.

00:16:18 Syd Michael Clarify they didn’t know their sub agents are not getting sold through. Come on, Doug. I know nobody selling to your sub agents. They’re not it. It was only offered to the field agents, not your sub agents. However, if they went to JV Zoo, there is ways to find the marketing, you know.

00:16:37 Vanessa Roberts If we talked about the Facebook group and Brian had a Facebook live, there is exposure but we are taking every precaution to block sub agents that is reasonable everything that we can do. And like I said, it doesn’t supersede your agreement with them.

00:16:53 Syd Michael Right.

00:16:55 Vanessa Roberts Is there a way to see if we sent in a sub agent payment request? I have a deal sending in a full payment and I thought I sent in the payment form Dara or Dara, I’m sorry if you aren’t sure. If you did, you can send in a ticket at ERC dot team slash support. Victor can look that up for you. He’ll help you out and if you’re in doubt you can just sit in another one. But yeah, if you ever need to confirm or clarify. Or if you have questions about how to fill it out, Victor is standing by and ready to help you with that.

00:17:28 Syd Michael See. It’s all right. Let’s see what else we got here.

00:17:35 Vanessa Roberts Umm. In a previous recorded call, Brian mentioned he would do a specific training for international agents. Terry, that’s an excellent question. It has not happened yet, but I know he is working on it. Ways to reach out to businesses from overseas to establish credibility and how to communicate, you know. Get past the time zone difference and things like that. So yeah, that is a forthcoming training that will be happening probably in the next couple of weeks. Umm.

00:18:12 Vanessa Roberts This is a good question from Rick. Multiple company ownership is involved. I believe you said in the past if one company is approved, all other companies are approved. Is that true? And that is correct. Yes, they do have to have W2 employees. So if you have a company who owns or you have an individual who owns a restaurant and then they also own. I know shoeshine business, right? The restaurant absolutely qualifies because they were shut down. By government mandate and the shoeshine company, you know, maybe they didn’t have to. This is probably a bad example. But let’s say they didn’t shut down and they weren’t going to qualify. They made more money and you know, they wouldn’t qualify without it. But because the picture is looked at together by the CPA, yes, if both companies have W2 employees and one of the companies qualifies, then all of the companies qualify. That is correct and we just rolled out in the portal, you may see it if you have a business with multiple or individual with multiple businesses. We’ve now rolled out the aggregation feature where before there would be individual.

00:19:23 Vanessa Roberts Profiles for every business under one. Owner we now have a parent file. That has linked all of the child’s files, so all of the businesses, all of their applications will be managed under one login from the representative, the owner of that business. So it will be so much easier and convenient and transparent for. Owners with multiple businesses to go through the process, so we’re really excited about that rollout. We did a training, so were you in the office when we did the training where our developer DevOps team presented to all of the account executives that upgrade?

00:20:10 Syd Michael See you.

00:20:12 Vanessa Roberts Yeah, everybody’s really excited. Um. Kyle says I have a few appointments and have scoured the site looking for the service agreement to give them and cannot find it but a sample agreement. So is this something I can give them or does ETC. Express give it to them ETC. Express delivers the service agreement after the welcome call has been completed so it is not presented prior to the formal application being started, meaning they need to go through your lead capture page and become a deal in the system, not a lead. Then your AE will be assigned and they will make the welcome call and establish. That relationship and explain that the service agreement is coming so that the.

00:20:55 Vanessa Roberts Customer fully understands that we can’t move forward. We can’t work on their file until that service agreement is locked in. So yes, you do not need to share that with. Customers, before they opt in, in fact the the process as it is established, works really, really well. Letting us take care of sending it after the welcome call has been complete.

00:21:20 Vanessa Roberts Do we have any time expectation when the update on the managed domain page will be made available so we can use the new web page? Yes, Dirk, ASAP is our timeline. I expect probably tomorrow. Our DevOps team is working diligently to roll it out and to make sure that everything is seamless because we’re also of course building in the tracking for you, being able to register URL for your sub agent. So it’s not as simple as just. Create a page for me. All of the tracking on the back end is managed through the portal through that Reg form. Because you’re actually creating accounts for or linking to existing accounts for your sub agents so that all of the URL’s that you deliver to them. Also tracked to them and you so it is complex.

00:22:10 Vanessa Roberts But it should be very soon. Rick asks how is it processed if 100% owner of 1 business is 20% owner of a second business, the same way it’s called beneficial owner. So if they own even 1% of another business, it has to be listed and that is outlined in the application and explained to the business owner. So they will know to include that business and the AE is also trained to walk the applicant through that. But if they own even 1% of another business that needs to be included, considered and yes, can qualify. If they have more than one business, the business owner still needs to fill in a form for each business and then the businesses are put into the parent file Anita’s no longer the case. Now they need to apply with only one business, they can choose whichever one they want. Then once that account is created and they log into the portal, there is a big button at the top of the screen. That appears when they get to the point in the application that asks if they own any more businesses, right? If they say yes, then there’s a big button that is locked at the top of the screen that says add another business and then they use that internal button.

00:23:24 Vanessa Roberts To go through the exact same process, the lead capture form looks the same. The static information is locked in so it pre populates with their name, their phone number, their e-mail. So they aren’t creating a new account, they’re just providing contact information and then they’re all linked inside that single profile. So no, they do not need to make multiple new applications. Uh, let’s see. Dar asks can I get confirmation on my Commission amount if we go if we got them to do their docs within seven days? Yes, you absolutely can. You can check with Victor.

00:24:03 Vanessa Roberts By submitting a support ticket at ERC dot team slash support on the new dynamic site, what is the structure of the actual URL we will get? It is. Uh. ETC express slash qualify slash firstname dot last name I believe you can use your current URL. So actual purchase URL and simply forward it if you don’t like the look of the structure of the link provided.

00:24:38 Vanessa Roberts OK, lots of folks either put that page as a a link or a page on an existing website if you have an agency. Or they simply set up the redirect. For example, if you purchased your URL at GoDaddy, that is your registrar. The the place where the URL is housed, you can go through. There’s very simple steps. You just say when people click on this link, we want this. URL to open and it just is a like a tunnel pathway that opens the final URL. Every registrar has different steps so we won’t be able to do it for you or? Provide. Training on that, the simplest thing to do if you don’t know how to do it, is contact the support of the registrar. Shoot, 99% of the time they’ll just do it for you, but we’ll absolutely help you if you have any questions we can set.

00:25:34 Vanessa Roberts Set you up and direct you to the right place to get the the help you need to set that up. How will we obtain the live event recordings? I could not buy them while the link was still on. Everbright Michael, that’s a great question. Like I said a few minutes ago, we are wrapping up the delivery method and I will e-mail out a new purchase link. So that you could buy it and then it’ll be immediately available to you, delivered as soon as the purchase is complete. So I’ll get that e-mail out to everybody as soon as possible, and I’ll also post it in the Facebook group. Um, let’s see. Just reading through the questions, how long does it usually take to get paid once the deal is submitted? Craig, you get paid within about two weeks of the deal.

00:26:31 Vanessa Roberts Funding or the fee being paid upfront so how long a deal takes to process is completely up to. You and the business, how engaged, active and responsive the business is to completing the application and getting in the required documents. If you are, for example, working for that 30% Commission, getting all of the documents in within 24 hours, so you would maybe be working with the business behind the scenes before they actually apply. Make sure that you’ve got all the answers to the application ready to enter and all of those documents ready to upload and let’s say they apply. And finish the application and deliver all their documents within that 24 hour. Well, a you’ve earned the 30% Commission. And then we should see within seven days, the file being received, checked, validated quality control and delivered to the CPA team.

00:27:33 Vanessa Roberts OK. It takes approximately 10 to 14 days for it to go through the power of three, which again I I hope we all know is we have the three independent CPA teams that each process the file to make sure that the numbers are identical and if they aren’t, if all three don’t match, we do start over. So we would like to allow 10 to 14 days for the accounting slash CPA team to validate and provide final confirmation of the numbers. So in that case we’ve looked at seven day. Processing 10 to 14 day with the CPA, we’re at three weeks. If the customer chooses to pay their fee upfront upon receiving the congratulations call, we received the funds the next day. You’d be paid out on the next pay period after that. So really three to five weeks. On a a smooth. On a smooth deal, does that answer your question?

00:28:29 Syd Michael Hey, Vanessa, I, I see Loren Loren asking about Guam. So I went and asked exactly what we do with Guam leads, just so you know, because we we don’t have the capability to call them, but they do handle both. All the Guam leads they’re handling via e-mail and they got one that’s actually starting to submit their documents up today.

00:28:51 Vanessa Roberts Oh, that’s awesome.

00:28:52 Syd Michael Yeah.

00:28:55 Vanessa Roberts Um. That is great news. So Bill asks, are the customer doc examples shown in RPS still the same docs as before? Yes. None of the required documents have changed. Those samples are available to you in the RPS membership site. They are also available inside the portal for you and your customers. So as your customers are going through the portal and they’re being, they’re being prompted to provide this documentation right there where they’re asked for it, there is a link for them to view a sample. Let’s see, Ronald asks, is it possible for calculations to be done by the CPA before the client signs the pre CPA package? Well, it is a pre CPA package, which means it has to be executed before the file goes to the CPA.

00:29:49 Vanessa Roberts That’s where we got the name. It’s the pre CPA package. So unfortunately no, the CPS cannot provide calculations before the PCP is executed. Umm.

00:30:03 Syd Michael Uh.

00:30:08 Vanessa Roberts My client doesn’t want to give Social Security number and birth date for lock box set up before they even know if their business will qualify yet. I understand, however it is required. We have to know that we’re dealing with. The person who has the authority to.

00:30:28 Syd Michael It’s it’s privacy for to benefit them.

00:30:32 Vanessa Roberts Yep, Yep, Yep. Hold on. James asks for the new web page. Can we add Google Analytics Facebook pixel web hook at a later time after the initial setup? Or does it all have to be included on the initial setup? No. The beautiful thing about the domain manager tab and your ability to control your own URLs there is that at any time you can jump over to that tab and provide those codes for each individual URL inside the domain manager. You can do it at setup or you could do it. Later, whenever you have everything that you need in order, and then you can go in and add it later.

00:31:19 Vanessa Roberts Uh, John asks. I paid for the recordings last week at the event. Will I get it automatically sent to me? Yes, we will e-mail it directly to you, John. Um, when I check my agent portal, I see full deferral awaiting payment. These deals were completed and sent off two months ago. Craig, you’re asking that, yes, if it if you see your deal in a status, that’s full deferral. That means. That they everything’s finished and we’ve got the lock box set up and we’ve filed the 940 ones and now we’re just waiting on the check to come back so that we can sort it all out and pay your Commission.

00:31:57 Syd Michael And just to clarify on that because I’ve seen some people ask for it if if they’re on afford to full deferral the the CPA is not going to share the 940 ones with the client until we’ve been paying. It’s kind of like sharing your homework, you know?

00:32:17 Vanessa Roberts Yeah, because the service that is being provided is the production of the 941 access. So if they haven’t paid for that yet then they. Won’t receive that product.

00:32:30 Syd Michael And Craig, you got a big Commission coming on that full deferral. That’s 30%, bro. Good job, man.

00:32:42 Vanessa Roberts Sorry if I’ve missed a question or if you would like for me to elaborate on anything, he’ll just drop it in the Q&A box. I, uh, they come in pretty fast and then it in bursts, so I’m always afraid I miss one when things get quiet. I don’t want you to think I’m. Skipping you. Let’s see, Thomas says. I just had my first deal completed. First of all, congratulations. I need to set up payment methods as I’m in the UK and can’t do every. How do I do that? Thomas, please send us a support ticket ERC dot team slash support.

00:33:18 Vanessa Roberts Victor will help you out. We need very specific information on wire instructions. I’ll tell you. We’ve had agents who have waited, unfortunately. Multiple pay periods because the wire instructions that we received from them were incomplete and the bank sent well they turned away the CEO of the company and said we cannot send this wire. He had walked in in person to get everything sorted and get the money sent out and they turned him on his heel and sent him on his way because the information wasn’t complete. So Victor will give you a a format that we have to have and it includes. Your name, account name, number, etcetera. Every field is needed so that we can make sure. That you get paid.

00:34:09 Syd Michael I see. Uh, John asked. How does, how does give a Social Security, etcetera, benefit them? It’s to ensure that you’re the owner of the company that verifies that you are who you say you are. You know, with when the government is giving out money, there’s always somebody out there trying to scam somehow. I mean, Can you imagine if somebody was able to somehow go out and not verify their owner of a company but yet then file your submission? Right. They just want to verify you’re the owner of the company that’s on the corporate paperwork before moving forward. It’s it’s just for privacy reasons. Just like they get a copy of your driver’s license where you buy a car. Same thing.

00:34:56 Syd Michael Drivers license for you. Buy a house, get a copy of your drivers license where they pay you a jackpot. They give you, they get a copy of drivers license no matter what you know.

00:35:10 Vanessa Roberts The bird just asks if I understand we won’t have edit capability on the new site. That is correct. This is a dynamic site that is an exact replica. Of the ER site, except for the fact that the words have been replaced with ERC Express, so that there’s no reference to We don’t want them leaving your site, obviously. However, it is so heavily branded that it represents RTC Express. We cannot have any variables, right? I mean, the very first thing you see is a huge picture of Brian Anderson. Boom, you know, and the in the RTC crew, the aesthetic and design is specific. Now here’s the other thing. You don’t have to use that site. This is an optional site for you to use. You can continue to use any site you’ve already built, any site you want to build, you can still have the form embedded on a site. You build the original site, the legacy site that we’ve already delivered to you that you have on our server. You can keep that. You don’t have to use the new site. It is a benefit. It is an upgrade. It is a freebie. It is for you to use. You can use it in addition to your site. You can have your site exist and then have a little button that says apply that opens the URL that we’re giving you. But the actual site itself cannot be edited and that is for brand consistency.

00:36:49 Vanessa Roberts How are Macs allowed full time employees affected by multiple business submissions? Rick, that’s a really great question because it does affect it. When there are multiple businesses owned by 1 owner and they’re all being considered the maximum number of employees. Is the combined total, so it’s double edged, right? If one business qualifies, then they all do, OK. So that’s the benefit. But if that combination puts you at 510 full time W2 employees, then then nobody qualifies.

00:37:30 Vanessa Roberts Yep. OK. Patricia asks so they can’t use the new site to then go to ERC Express and submit their app. So I will Patricia. I believe what you’re asking is if you are using the new site template that will deliver to you the dynamic site. We are not putting links on that page or referencing another URL ERT

00:38:05 Vanessa Roberts Anywhere on that site so that we are not encouraging them or driving them to leave your page. Does that answer the question? Patricia, you’re welcome. Thank you. Thank you. Um, can any of the branding elements from site be used on our existing sites? Absolutely, yes. If you want to copy, edit graphics, yes, you can use them. Umm. Joseph, if you will.

00:38:34 Vanessa Roberts Follow up with that offline. That’s account specific, so I’m not going to. Read it publicly. Is the 18% base Commission now set in stone for RPS members, Robert? Yes, that is your base bottom line. For RPS. Mastermind members it is. It is so.

00:38:56 Vanessa Roberts Um, that’s locked in if needed. See, Terry’s asking if needed in cold e-mail to incentivize a response. Can ioffer an unrelated high value, no cost service to encourage them to listen to my bench? Absolutely, Terry, if you want to. I mean, so this Saddam million times free money that you never have to pay back is a pretty high value incentive, but. If you are bundling, if you are enticing, if you want to stand out from the crowd and you’ve got something valuable to offer, absolutely yes. Let’s see lorand, I’m sorry if you answered this, I came a bit. Ohh it just jumped.

00:39:39 Vanessa Roberts I lost my place. Will the new site be automatically set up for us? Do we have to request it to be set up somewhere? Right? That’s yes, we did talk about it. There will be a self fulfillment. Tool added to your agent portal on the Domain Manager tab, where you can set it up yourself and it’ll be instant. Dara asks did the gift cards and golf shirts go out to the sub agent contest? I know the gift cards did. I think we were still struggling to get size confirmations for all of the golf shirts. But Nikki here in the office is working really hard to get all of that so that we can get that set up. But yes, the the money did go.

00:40:22 Vanessa Roberts Um. And asks why haven’t my comments been transferred over? Does it normally take a long time for that to happen? And I’m sorry, I don’t know what comments you’re talking about. If you’re talking about communicating information through the support desk to the AE on deals and process and those comments, that should happen immediately. There are instances where your comments. Are just issues that we can take care of without actually typing them into the comments thread. We might work directly with an AE or get a team lead involved, so you might not see the comments you post for your deal to be handled. So let me know if that answered your question.

00:41:16 Vanessa Roberts Terry asks, do full time employees have to be in employment for the full length of each quarter? Nope, they don’t. The refund is based on the amount of payroll tax that was paid. To the employees. So the longer they were employed, the more payroll they received, the more payroll tax was paid, the higher the refund. But to qualify, no, they do not have to remain employed for the entire duration of the quarter. A bill asks what’s your opinion as to the new website? Should we dump the legacy and only go with the new one? We will have a unique URL for our new ertc built site, so it really is up to you. The new site I will tell you has. Over $100,000 worth of developer and design effort put into it. It is.

00:42:11 Vanessa Roberts Gorgeous. It is gorgeous. However, if you have an established agency, if you built your own site, if you have extensive coding and tracking and retargeting, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera with code throughout your page that you’ve dedicated time and energy and money and blood and sweat and tears to build, don’t give all that up. Right if it’s working. And it’s not broke. Don’t fix it. Of course, if you want to split, test. If you want to keep what you’ve done and use the new one, you can try that. But if you are struggling and you don’t like the site that you’ve got and you aren’t into all of that coding and customization and tracking and all that.

00:42:54 Vanessa Roberts Then yeah, you can flip over the custom URL’s. Each URL is unique. That’s how we track it to you. However, if you want to use a URL like. Designer URL you’ve purchased like. you can direct it so that when people go to that URL it resolves or opens the provided dynamic URL. Patricia wants to clarify. We can take businesses in Guam. Yes we can. That was the great news that jumped in and shared with us. We can and have and are finalizing completing Guam business files. The only thing is we can’t call them. So everything is done via e-mail.

00:43:43 Vanessa Roberts Ohh sorry. Can we just transfer our domain from the legacy site to the new one? The new domain will exist on a static URL provided to you. If you want to point and redirect your URL so that it opens the new site, you absolutely can. Josephine asked. Just to clarify, agents can now provide comments to our agent portal to AE. No, no. You can communicate information to the support desk, which acts as your. Liaison to the account executive. The account executives will always be isolated from agents. We do not want them spending their day talking to agents. We want them spending their days talking to businesses.

00:44:32 Vanessa Roberts So if you have information that will assist in the processing of a file, the route to get that information to the AE is by submitting a ticket at ERC dot team slash support. And the support team will work to your benefit to communicate that information. To the account executive. Dark asks what about other US territories? Yes, US tourist territories can.

00:44:59 Vanessa Roberts Um, qualify. Dar asks is there a way to find out where the gift cards were sent? They were sent to the e-mail address. That is registered to your RPS account. If you are chasing it and haven’t received it, please send in a ticket ERC dot team slash support. And asks, and I might ask Sid to help me discuss this. If you read the article, the IRS description includes all ERC companies. I’m losing business because of it, because no matter how I explain how we are legit, they think we got cut off.

00:45:38 Syd Michael Article. You notice how they really talk about how you’re responsible for the RTC’s calculations? Right. They’re going after the people that are doing revenue loss. Because then the people are not using a CPA and they’re requiring the individual to sign off on the ERC calculations. It is a scam. I mean, it is a horrible thing. It is not who we are. It’s not what we do. We don’t do that. We use a true CPA. Let me tell you something. I see other marketers like trash and ERC right now, and you can see where they dropped out of high school and now and then they’re really clearly showing how they did. It’s very obvious, very clear. CPA’s can charge. Please.. There’s no scam going on. People want to throw around this scam word and it drives me bonkers.

00:46:31 Syd Michael If you read the article on The Dirty Dozen, they’re talking about people that are actually making the the, the business owners sign off on the RTC claims on the 940 ones. That’s what we don’t do. We’re not those people. Like it’s that article only solidifies what we do. It doesn’t hurt us. Just just the truth.

00:47:01 Vanessa Roberts And I think there’s something to be said for. How to say it? Taking no and moving on. You could spend hours and days fighting to get a maybe for them to apply, or you could move on and spend that time on somebody that’s not.

00:47:22 Vanessa Roberts Digging their heels in against you.

00:47:25 Syd Michael Yeah, I mean it was. I mean anybody can go South on you at anytime. There’s nothing you can do about it. I’m not saying that’s that and that sucks and and and I’m just talking about you individually because I saw you wrote for one thing. You’re awesome on the phone. Like you definitely have a great professional like I would wing wing wing wing man with you any day talking to a talking to businesses however. You got to make sure you know when I talk about doing like the proper cool down expectations. Right. Like, don’t cut it short. Like make a relationship and control your customer. If you have a good relationship with your customer, and you do and and you do, give them a proper cool down. Tell them what to expect. Explain to them the difference between what it is. Let’s them. If they have any questions, you know what I mean, like you, you should get excited. If somebody says, well, what about this IRS dirty dozen thing? Yeah, that’s what I was telling you. We’re completely different than anybody else and. And. I wouldn’t and explain it to him.

00:48:32 Syd Michael I think if you get, if you spend just a little bit of extra time really getting to know your client and getting into their bubble, you’ll be able to control the deal a little bit better and none of this stuff will will happen. Does it mean that you’re not going to have some deals that just are beyond your control? Yes, it might happen, but hopefully a lot less doing what I what I talked about so. Does that make sense? Vanessa, you understand what I’m saying?

00:49:06 Vanessa Roberts Ohh I do yes. I’m sorry, I thought you wanted to run for.

00:49:09 Syd Michael That. Every time, every time, uh, you know an article comes out or you know the IRS, be wary, right. Be wary of of, you know, third party vendors or something like that. You know it’s wary. It’s not a law. It’s and it’s funny because people read it as it was a law wouldn’t law. They said be wary, you know what I mean? And you should be because there’s people out there that are are giving you water down submissions doing only loss in revenue. And then they’re making you sign your 940 ones on their calculations. Yes, I’m going to say it louder than the IRS. You should be wary of that, but that’s not what we’re doing.

00:49:55 Vanessa Roberts Yeah. That in that a wary customer, an educated, concerned, curious customer is the best customer for RTC Express because we are head and shoulders above. Any other that I’m aware of ERTC service provider for compliance, for transparency, there’s people out there charging $500.00 for an application fee and then oh sorry, you don’t apply and running away with the money.

00:50:22 Syd Michael Yeah, yeah.

00:50:22 Vanessa Roberts Yeah, I mean, there’s ways to scam everyone.

00:50:26 Syd Michael Absolutely. Antoine just said. It’s best to set expectations and take all the mystery away. Educate your client. Totally agree. Totally agree.

00:50:38 Vanessa Roberts Uh, let’s see, Joseph says. How can we explain that we can’t send clients copies of their 940 ones unless they’re paid? Well, we did touch this earlier. The service being provided by RTC Express are amended 941 X. If the service has not been paid for, then the product will not be delivered. We have that.

00:50:58 Syd Michael The Vanessa, I’ll go a step further on that. Not once you know, we’ve dealt with a few cases down here where people are demanding the 941 exes or whatever and not one time has somebody. Been doing it for legitimate reasons, like every time they were doing it for the wrong reasons why they wanted her 941 exes like they were straight trying to rob us.

00:51:25 Vanessa Roberts So, yeah. And I’ll say that I know you’re advocating for your customer. They want their 941, they want their 940 ones. Why do they want them? They could, I won’t. I won’t throw shade on your customer. They could want them so that they could file them and not pay for the service we’ve provided. Which affects your Commission, because if they don’t pay, there’s no Commission. So. You.

00:51:50 Syd Michael Know it’s funny, I I was just talking with jalisa at at dinner last night and she did not say that about the fully deferred, she said once the payment comes in, we’ll send any once in the fluid in front.

00:52:04 Vanessa Roberts Now we have things we can share, calculation, explanation or qualification, explanations of things we can do to help make people feel more comfortable that you know the money wasn’t taken and run. However the money isn’t really given until the refund comes back and the lock box.

00:52:24 Syd Michael I’m sorry, keep going. I.

00:52:25 Vanessa Roberts Didn’t mean yeah, yeah and the lock box is in their name and their. Control, right? They have full transparency with the lock box team so that they can see the bank account that is in their name having the funds deposited, the fee paid in accordance to their service agreement, and lock box instructions that they signed and attested to that they were in in. Agreement to and then the balance of all funds are delivered directly to them. And you know it all goes to explaining the process, understanding the process, so you can communicate it effectively to assuage those doubts because 100% of this entire process is built on trust, transparency, compliance with the IRS, with the customer, with with you our agents.

00:53:18 Syd Michael And and and and I you know like I understand you know you can always get a wild deal right that’s going to something’s going to happen. But if if you if if you really set that if you really build the trust and do a really good job of of you know setting the authority the trust the expectations leave no mystery to it let them know that if you have any questions please call me. I know you know know what’s going on you know. See you.

00:54:11 Vanessa Roberts One thing I think is when you were asked a tough question. If you try to make it. Better if you try to soften it if you try to. Curve off the edges that might, you might think, feel sharp. If you just state it, yeah, we charge 18 to 30%.

00:54:31 Syd Michael You know.

00:54:33 Vanessa Roberts It’s when you can ohh well you know ohh if we and then.

00:54:37 Syd Michael If you think it’s a red flag that’s a red flag and it and it creates same thing with the drivers license absolutely need your drivers license. We want to verify that it’s you that owns the company that way somebody couldn’t be actually trying to submit and and and you know acting as your company there’s not a business owner around that ain’t going to say OK cool.

00:54:59 Vanessa Roberts Yeah, whenever I whenever my check card gets turned off because my kid bought some stuff online and didn’t tell me and it looked like a fraudulent charge. And they call me and it is inconvenient, you know? But they call and they want to make sure that I haven’t made these purchases or I did or I didn’t. Every single time I say thank you for working to protect my identity and my interest because I understand that little bit of inconvenience could save me a whole lot of trouble. And the same here.

00:55:31 Syd Michael Yeah. Yeah. And and unfortunately I mean there, there, I mean with banking and stuff and there’s so much fraudulent crap going on, you know, so they got to be careful. So it is an inconvenience, but whatever. Alright cool. Hey listen we’ve, I think we’ve got a little bit over an hour here, but are good, we’re right here 5 minutes till. I’ve got a lot going on, Vanessa. I know you’ve got a ton going on. Hopefully we answered a lot of your questions and anything that you had. We’ll see you next Tuesday. All right. Thank you so much, Vanessa. See, everybody.

00:56:10 Vanessa Roberts Thank you, Sir. Bye.

00:56:12 Syd Michael Yeah.