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RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions March 29, 2023

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions March 29, 2023

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)
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00:00:03 Syd Michael: What’s happening? What’s happening? How’s everybody doing? Good morning, Scott. Always good to see you. Bruce. What’s up? We’re going to let a few more people trickle in here today. I see people showing up. Donald can see you. Lauren Arnold. Always. Anybody have anything wild and exciting happen the last couple days? Darla from Jamaica, I’m hearing a few people show up.

00:00:52 Vanessa Roberts: Hey said.

00:00:54 Syd Michael: What’s up?

00:00:56 Vanessa Roberts: I’m in the Peachtree City office. I got in office company with Nikki.

00:01:01 Syd Michael: Nice. Nice. Very cool.

00:01:08 Vanessa Roberts: Yeah, so we’re here together all.

00:01:11 Syd Michael: Right. So we got everybody. Hey, Roy, good to see you. Good morning. Good morning, Paula. Byron, what’s going on? All right is, is Michael Farrow on here? Because I was trying to reach out to him. Via messenger? No. He was here yesterday, but trying to reach out to him via messenger. I was going to do a little research for him. All right, well, time to get started. You girls got anything y’all wanted to go over or talk about while we got everybody’s attention?

00:01:58 Vanessa Roberts: We’re still moving closer and closer on the delivery of the dynamic websites. I’m working with the DevOps team today helping hoping to get that rolled out.

00:02:12 Syd Michael: Very, very soon. Very cool. Nicole, if the dealer has a 10 and you have a 16, what should you do? The viewer has a 10 showing I was 16.

00:02:32 Nicole Heard: I wave up what?

00:02:35 Syd Michael: You hit a 16.

00:02:36 Vanessa Roberts: No.

00:02:37 Syd Michael: No wave off you.

00:02:38 Nicole Heard: Know you tell me if I say A10 is the 10 underneath.

00:02:43 Syd Michael: That’s right. So 20, why would you wave off on a six? If you have a 16, you’re going to lose, all right? So.

00:02:49 Nicole Heard: Wave off on the 17.

00:02:51 Syd Michael: We’re going to put in some more training, I can already tell. Hey, Doug, good to see you.

00:02:58 Nicole Heard: Boy, when am I coming?

00:03:01 Syd Michael: Next time you come down, go ahead and just schedule, schedule a night. You’re going to have to get some more blackjack training, Nicole, for everybody on the call, Nicole and Jelisa came down last week and they went through blackjack training with Sid. But we did good, we did good. We had fun, so. And you just got to get them, get them.

00:03:25 Nicole Heard: Just to hit me, we’re trying to get better.

00:03:27 Syd Michael: Gary, Sid, can you talk on okay? Yeah, I think that’s a great question, John, John said, hey, Sid, would you, would you talk? Oh cool. The seller from the Austrian Alps, I had a good friend from Austria. Yeah, very cool. Anybody else in wells from Austria? Something very, very popular here in America, from Austria. Anybody want to guess? It’s black. It goes penal, penal. Glocks. Boxer. From Austria. Yep. And Arnold. Yep. 22 great things. All right. So. John said, could you talk on what to say to get back in on the second, third and fourth attempt to a customer? So think about it like it. I mean, when you say second, third and fourth attempt, it does have a lot to do with what happened in the first call. However, if somebody’s just kind of ghosting you all of a sudden, most of the time I found that they’re just busy. Right. Or they got sidetracked, right. That’s why I think the memes are really, really, really powerful. If you’ll look in the Facebook group, you’ll see where I shared some memes talking about like, you know, it showed like a skeleton saying, hey, I’m just sitting here waiting on on you to call me back to get moving. And it shows the skeleton sitting there holding a drink, right? It’s just to get a laugh out of them and it helps them think, Oh yeah, that’s right.

00:05:20 Syd Michael: You know, you know that’s right. I I, you know, I need to, I need to call that person back. However, if you, when you talk to them the first time, if they have some concern, you want to hit it head on like the the worst thing you could do. And what I see a lot of y’all doing, just being honest is trying to avoid. Conflict. And it’s okay. We’re naturally don’t want nobody. Nobody likes conflict, right? But if there’s a concern on somebody and it’s in your little spiny senses, go off and you can tell. They might be a little nervous about, you know, creating a problem with IRS. Or they’re nervous about giving money upfront. Hit it upfront. Hit it upfront, okay. Like, tell them immediately. And and and talk about it. Don’t hide from the truth always leverage it right. So if they if if they for instance if they mentioned well how do I know you’re not a scam right. One of the things I like to say is say scam. How so? They have to explain themselves right because I hate how people just throw throw around a dirty word like that. But secondly, wouldn’t wouldn’t a scam artist get money from you and then not form the services? I’m not asking any money from you. In fact, you don’t have to decide on on the money you want to spend until after you find out exactly what your full credit is. So I would be the worst scam artist in America if if if that was the case. But bottom line, you want to find out what their issue is. So on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th call you want to find out what their issue is if you’re leaving messages, right?

00:07:09 Syd Michael: Don’t leave. Hey, this is Sid Michael with the Just wanting to contact you and see if you have any more questions. Don’t. Don’t leave one of those. Everybody leaves that message. Everybody leaves that message, right? You got to leave what I call a power message, right? Which means open-ended curiosity kills the cat, right? You leave a message like this? Hey, Nicole, I got something super exciting. I want to go over it with you today. Give me a shout back when you get a chance. Thank you. Right. Does that make sense? Let me know if that helped you, John. Cool. You go through. I see a bunch of other questions here. John, let me know if that answers your question. I can go deeper into it if not asking if you should have if agents should have errors and emissions insurance. I don’t. I’ll say that I know the company does. I agree, Thomas. I’d love to talk more about that. I’m not Privy to that information, but definitely we should start doing that again. Let’s see what we got here, said we’re helping the prospect get their paperwork together. If you can’t get the payroll company to submit the journal, would you go ahead and submit their application?

00:09:19 Syd Michael: I don’t. It’s hard for me to tell you that dusty, because I know y’all get paid a little bit more Commission if you get your stuff in. So I mean I would have to exhausted all efforts get that payroll journal. Personally, if I exhausted all efforts then yeah, I would let the a E do it because they’re, they’re, they’re pros at it, really good at it. Okay. Cool. All right. Good. John, what else? What, what other what other hang ups do you have? Listen, do this for me real quick. Tell me real quick. Just put in the question box how many deals you’ve submitted. How many total deals you’ve submitted? If it’s zero, give me a 0. If it’s one, give me a one. If it’s ten, give me 10. If it’s 150 or or more, like like I know Scott Hall’s done. Okay. Good, good. Okay, nice. All right, if if you posted a 0, if you posted a 0, tell me why, then be honest. Tell me why. Is it fear? Is it fear? Uncertainty. Unknown. What is it? Okay, John, I get that. Totally get that. All right. So let me tell you something a little bit about fear and and this is just the truth and not only need to get all psychological and y’all, but.

00:11:39 Syd Michael: Let me just talk to you a little bit about fear. There’s one cure to fear every single time. And listen, we’re born into this world in fear, right? We’re, we’re taught fear, right? That’s just the truth. You ever see that video of the kid playing with the snake and he didn’t know the fear, the little baby, the infant, because he didn’t know the fear, right? We’re, we’re taught fear. But there’s one thing that overcome fear every single time. And I promise you, I’ve been in that fear before with myself, and I’ve always looked back when I overcame it with what I’m about to tell you. Always looked back and thought, what was I so worried about? It was never as big of a hill as I created in my own head, right? But does anybody, does anybody know what the curative fear is? I’m talking about the cure all Bill. You just made me proud. You’re exactly right. Taking action. Nobody. Nobody. Nobody’s watching you. Listening to you, looking over you, being a gargoyle on your shoulder, watching everything you’re doing. Start taking action. And if you make a mistake, learn from it. Okay, won’t do that again next, but if you start taking action. You’re guaranteed 100% that that will actually be the antidote to your fear and until you take action you’ll continue to be in fear. All these trainings that I do you you’ve been told you’ve been taught most of you’ve not been taught most of, you’ve been just reminded right. I mean sales and closing and and stuff that we talk about a lot on these calls is got nothing really. It’s nothing new.

00:13:29 Syd Michael: Right. Maybe in different wordings, different personalities teaching you, but overcoming fear is 100% easily solved with action, and you’re very much trained. You won’t know until you try. Like when you try, all of a sudden you’re going to hear Sid’s voice in your head and you’re going to remember exactly what to say, because we’ve went over pretty much every process possible, right? The first step can be the hardest, but after the first step, it gets a ton easier. You’re exactly right, Doug. Talk like I’m going to tell you where I was. Fearful, right? I always knew I wanted to start my own business. I was terrified, terrified. Kept thinking if I could just save one more thousand, I put one more thousand away. If I can just put a little bit more money away. That way I’m prepared and I’ve got enough to fall back on. And I’ll be okay. Because the last thing I wanted to do is, is leave. My position in the car business and fail, right? Because I knew everybody wanted me to fail. It’s the truth. Nobody wants to see you right off in the sunset. They want to see you die. They want to see the the tiger come out of the ground like the gladiators and and maul the gladiator, they want to see you get mauled. It’s the truth, right? And I kept putting it off and I kept putting it off and I kept putting it off. And what happened for me to take that step? Was I got pencil whipped on my commissions and I made an ultimatum, right? A little bit from my from my ego, right. I said, listen, you got to pay me or I’m out of here. Well, the guy didn’t pay me, so guess what? I had to walk. And then it was kind of like put up or shut up. I was absolutely terrified. I was selling direct mail for a large ad agency. I won’t repeat their name, but I was selling direct mail for them.

00:15:23 Syd Michael: Miraculously, on my hour ride home, I sold about 65 grand worth of Dread Mail. Not even me doing outbound calls. I was freaking out. I got inbound calls. It just happened, right? But I was absolutely terrified to do it. But I realized by taking action. And trust me, I can tell you a horror stories of the first year of business. Like everything good that could have happened. Equally everything that bad could have happened. But taking that action before I knew it, within like a year, I learned and knew direct mail better than anybody I knew, to the point where just to survive, I would call up even that company that I left and say, listen, pay me 50% of every dollar I saved you on direct mail. And they would because I still, I still was able to maintain good relationships with them, which was good. So I would make money not only teaching people how to save money on direct mail, I would also make money selling direct mail to dealerships, right. But it was all from taking action, all from taking action. Self limiting beliefs are are haunting, I can tell you that. Bergers, I agree, Berger says fear is inward bound. Outward bound help takes performance issues away. You’re exactly right. We have deals in the works that haven’t submitted yet because we’re recommended to have all their files. I’m just trying to help you make as much money as possible. Don’t let them sit too long though. Cool the way. And I hope it. I hope it. I hope it does help you listen. I mean, beautiful dar you say we you got a whole team down there now rocking.

00:17:24 Syd Michael: Rocking the Jamaica. I love it. That’s good. Oh, very cool. That’s cool. That’s a team right there. You got got one in Denver and you make it happen. Listen, I I mean, you know I see the commissions as they go out. I guess we should start mentioning that more in the group because I do think that would be, it’s super positive, right but. Vanessa, maybe you can help me with that because I know you get to see the commissions a little before I do. If you start, give me a list of them so we can start posting in the group because that is exciting and it does get people super pumped. Let’s see, Bambi says. Can you recommend a good program for a second cell phone number? Who was it? I knew that was using that. Was it you, Nicole, that used a second? Somebody I know was using one. And they cut it off right in the middle. I don’t know any of them. I haven’t used. I use. I use.

00:18:29 Vanessa Roberts: Google Voice as a second number.

00:18:31 Syd Michael: And I do I can have.

00:18:32 Vanessa Roberts: Text and voicemail on it, yeah.

00:18:35 Syd Michael: Yeah, yeah, so he said Gbpn works great for second number $20.00 a month. No extras Byron says he uses. Is it dial or Dale? Dial text now Jeff uses text now. Melissa says Google Voice does work well. Rashad is asking. Has the recordings of the mastermind been released yet? Yeah, they have text free is another dial OK, DIAL? Sideline app app. I use one called pseudo or something like that for years and it and it worked really really really well. Some people choose to use a second number for business and you it doesn’t mean you need one. It’s the way you choose to do your business. It’s easy to to to to compartmentalize stuff if you do all your you know all your. Ertc stuff under the same number, right? So, you know, if a message comes in, that’s what it’s about. The way they don’t get lost in your regular messages. I I don’t know about y’all, but like if I get a call from an unpublished number, I I I rarely even see it. And a lot of times we’ll miss the, the, the, even the voicemail for for quite some time. It’s because I don’t, I don’t answer unpublished numbers.

00:20:32 Syd Michael: Berger says Jack. Is it called Jack? That’s the name of it. That’s caller ID and a lot of features for $10 a month. I know there’s some decent free ones, but I know you get a lot more security or a lot more. It’s just a lot more. They’re not as clunky. If you get a oh, Jack has one Jack Hoffman, OK. Where do we find the link for recording of the trainings in your Members area, Richard? In your Members area, if I’m not mistaken, it’s under live live on the left. Yep, but the one actually has a second number service has called CID. Or did you just misspell by name? I’m not familiar with everything that Jack has, sorry, but if he does have it then yeah, definitely jump on that. He’s a good dude. Oh you you can get it through Twilio. Also I said where do you get a stats numbers? Could you? Share what level of activity is required to generate a certain level of Commission? It’s too hard. It’s it’s all over the past place. Just to be honest, getting a lot of advice on 2nd numbers. The full name is Dow Pad by the way and talk TIV is only like 2 bucks a month. I have a guy on fiber who can set up set it up to Twilio, Doug Stark said that’s cool.

00:22:34 Syd Michael: Oh, that’s nice. GB PN has browser outgoing whisper alerts to your cell, unlimited calls, text. Plus it records both outgoing and incoming conversations. That’s super, super, super nice to have, especially when it records the calls. I love that lot. Easier for them all to be recorded than they’re trying to remember to record, right? Shoot, I need to write that down. I might just hook up on that one myself. I tried to record some calls yesterday. We didn’t get no no fish on, but Okay Jax is called the call The one that records is GB PN. Here, I’ll put it in chat real quick. Does that stand for something or is that what it’s actually called? GDPN? Let’s share it. The name of the two dollar one was hang on a second TOKTIV proctive. Oh, cool. It has a 30 day trial. Very cool. Oh, it’s literally GG So check that out. Yeah, this is all good information. I I tell you, I spent thousands of dollars five, 6-7 years ago when all this a lot of this new technology was coming out, you know?

00:24:39 Syd Michael: That I would hook up on it. Before I knew it, I was getting charged all kinds of money on my cell phone. But why is my cell phone $500.00 a month? Grasshopper records voicemail. I I’ve used Grasshopper in the past. It’s pretty cool. Oh, it sends an e-mail if you don’t answer. It’s kind of nice. It’s kind of nice. We have a guy here, his name’s Tom Tufts, but he’s a he’s a PhD doctor. Who’s in charge of our closing department? And dude, it’s freaking amazing how this guy tracks everything. He literally tracks on spreadsheets. He’s like the spreadsheet master. He tracks every action he does for the day. Every action. So like yesterday he said, Sid, you can see right here, I’ve done 287 actions. Today he goes, it gets to the point where if my wife goes, what’d you do at work today? He goes, I just give her the spreadsheet. But I love the idea of tracking stuff, share, tracking your performance. At first it kind of seems a little corporatey, you know what I mean? But it really tells you where you’re at, right? Really tells you where you’re at. It’s easy to get stuck in that, that rut, right? Especially coming out of COVID. I know, I know. Even I, you know, like physically was not. Near as active as I should have been. I I think I put on 60 pounds here in COVID. But now getting out, getting about you know, being active it you know heck might add years to your life definitely probably helps me. Can you spell out the others in chat? Yeah, hang on a second. You you talk about the talkative one. Let me let me put that in there real quick for you. The $2.00 one here was T.O.K.

00:26:35 Syd Michael: TIV and real quick, this was Jack’s the call call portal. If that’s spelled that right, yeah. Okay. He tracks everything. He tracks conversations, he tracks messages, he tracks meetings. He tracks peoples that he speaks with. He’s got all the, every, every employee on there. In the office and in this group. And he just puts a little ones, he’s going to share the he’s going to share the spreadsheet with me. I’ll I’ll try and put it in the Facebook group when he does, but it’s it’s phenomenal. His story is very cool, too. I mean, I don’t want to go too far into it, but the guy started out as a golf pro, right? And he’s like sitting he goes, I got my bachelor’s when I was 40. Because I got my master’s when I was 45 and I got my PhD when I was 51. I’m like, really? He said I just wasn’t mature mentally enough before 51. But the guy’s been a principal. He’s he. He ran a big, large call Center for GEICO and had over 750 people under him. Just a lot to learn. I don’t know you. You know me. I like. I like older wisdom personally. And this guy’s got a ton of wisdom, so, but I’ll share his, I’ll share one of his spreadsheets so everybody can see it because it’s really important, I think. And it’s something that I think I lack in my life, right. I want, I want to start being able to look back and see if I’m taking action. I think action is that important. But Sid and Vanessa, Brian mentioned on a call six weeks ago, we’re finalizing the issues related to the first.

00:28:39 Syd Michael: ERTC express work. Yes I’ve been told, and we can’t talk publicly about that just for for legal reasons. But you’ll know what I’m talking about Patrick. I’ve been told any day now we’re we’re we’re supposed to be getting word on that. And to be honest, I’ve been told any day now for two weeks. But you know how the process works. So we’re we’re we’re right at the finish line. So hopefully something we’ll hear something soon. All right. No problem. Good to see you, Patrick. You’ve been with us for years though, right? I remember. I think even we’re in my automotive group, weren’t you? Your name looks familiar anyway. Real quick in the question box, tell me how many years you’ve been following Brian or me and Brian or or both. Just tell me how many years. Awesome. Patrick, beautiful. Okay. So a couple years, 1/2 year, 3-4 years, 10 years, 10 or 12 years, some just sent to the RTC. Okay. Six months. Joseph reinhardt. You’ve only been with us with the RTC. I feel like I’ve known you for years already. Joseph’s. My mentor’s last name is Reinhardt, so he he has a special place in my heart. Raphael. I know you’ve been around easily 10 years. Scott 8 Arnold 5. Yep. All right. 4 voice drops. Beautiful.

00:30:46 Syd Michael: Herschel, 7-8 years. Well, 7-8 years. I was in Atlanta 7-8 years ago. Herschel, why did you hit me up? Get some of that antico’s pizza, or at least go to fat mats month ago. That’s cool. It’s cool. Did you go down to Pizza City and see Brian Herschel? Yeah, I get it. Totally cool. All right, awesome. Very cool. Oh, wow. The dealership was in 2016. Fifteen, 2015. Michael, are you from Atlanta also, or did you come to the event and we took you to fat Max? Oh, you’re friendly. I love fat mats. Very cool. Yeah, fat mats and a Chico’s pizza on Hemphill Drive. Those are the two spots. Anytime we had people come in town. I always like to to take them too. I miss fat mats. I ain’t going to lie because a lot of people down here in Tampa, they a lot of the a E’s and stuff like BBQ. So we’ll order barbecue and I can be honest, it ain’t fat mats, it is they. It just stated, you know what it does every time we eat it, it makes me miss fat mats. Just to describe to everybody about fat mats in Atlanta, you order a half rack of ribs, you straight up pull the bones out, and then you see the ribs. It’s literally that easy. You know, somebody else was. Did you read that? Read that, Vanessa, what Thomas just wrote. Somebody else mentioned that to me.

00:32:41 Niki Peckham: That’s the best make a phone. Call for Brian. So she’s busy at the moment. Venice had to make a phone call for Brian. I got you. I think Thomas, just to be honest with you, I think that’s because they he had to switch PayPal accounts or something. He just switch merchant providers. It’s probably why I came over like that.

00:33:10 Syd Michael: Are the recordings of the recent summit? Yes they are. And I I’ve been told that the recording was their moderate. Some of the stuff wasn’t that great apologize. But if everybody gets to see that Sid has a ponytail, I think I told mostly I’m growing my hair out for cancer. So anyways, not the normal normal look for Sid, but I but I do have a ponytail right now. Well, since you were there in attendance, I don’t know, you got to ask their mark, you got to ask support or whatever. They’re marketing that stuff up. I don’t have anything to do with it. All right. So any any rebuttals on the RTC, any any issues that you’ve came up with, anything that’s holding you back, anything that you’re terrified when somebody says, right? It’s real, brother. I promise you. It’s not a clip on do they used to have clip on here ponytails. I bet they did in the 80s. I could see that. Any any objections? Any issues? Anything you you want to go over? Oh, the hats. They had the ponytails in the back. Yeah. What do you say to get the clients to get the dachshund quickly? Well. The easiest time to do that is whenever somebody starts talking about how long does this take? Well, how long does this take? Well, let me be honest with good question, John, how long does this take? Well, I’m glad you asked that because the process actually moves really quick. However, what I’ve seen slowed down with other clients is it gets bottlenecked if you don’t get your get your documents upload uploaded in time because one document will hold the whole thing up.

00:35:13 Syd Michael: There’s only four, four documents that you really, really, truly need, but you need to get them uploaded. And if you get them uploaded quickly, this can happen very fast. I love it when people say they need to check with their accountant and and that’s it, that’s it. I get excited when they say that because it’s a great opportunity to explain to them you’re, you know, I, by all means, if you trust your accountant, I want you to check with them. But please understand that we’re not just an accountant. We’re not doing just a CPA earnings loss submission. Which is much less. We’re doing a full complex submission which requires legal and CPA’s. So if you trust your accountant, they’ll be able to explain it a little bit to you of what’s going on and and I by all means think you should get their opinion. But please understand that we’re doing more than just a lost income submission. We’re doing a complete full complex submission which includes the legal side. Meaning that an accountant only would know if you’re approved on the quarters that you had lost revenue. We actually get you approved on all quarters that you had lost revenue. Supply chain issues, social distancing and or government mandated shutdowns. It can mean the difference between two or three 100% more in your in your rebate. So it’s very important that you capitalize on this because there’s no doing it twice Sir, there’s only our ma’am whatever you’re talking to. You can’t amend amends. Make sure you do it right the first time. This is a chance the government’s going to give you money that you don’t have to pay back. Let’s capitalize on it. That’s what we that’s what we do. We white glove you through that process and and push you. Client was told by her lawyer not to proceed. Well, nobody said lawyers are always right. You know, that’s that’s fear. That’s fear. And I’ll be honest with you.

00:37:05 Syd Michael: I’ll bet you 50 bucks she’s lying or they’re lying. Bet you 50 bucks they’re lying. They just had no other way to. They were they were too afraid to to do it. So when somebody says something stupid, is that or crazy? Is that? I would ask them why? Why? Joel, you’ve worked with the attorneys. I can tell Joe. He says lawyers are often wrong and often lie. Yeah, they are. Because all they’re doing is protecting themselves. They’re not. They’re not protecting their client. They sure as hell ain’t protecting you. And so hit them straight up I would go, why? Like, what do you got to lose at this point? They’re giving you a left-handed turn down, which means they’re just trying to shut you up and get rid of you. So you know that that’s not true. You know, I’m sure your attorney’s trying to protect you and what ways they can. And or to benefit themselves. But I’ve never, I’ve never met a lawyer that actually benefits somebody else and not themselves. So whatever advice they gave me was to include them. I said Joel’s right, I’m married to one, but I don’t have to tell her that too much. It’s awesome. Roy says that they they often help too. I am a lawyer and this is the this is a real deal. There you go. That’s the benefit of being a lawyer, that’s for sure. You know, you know you got to put yourself in a lawyer’s shoes. You know, how many times do people ask you for advice and you give them good, solid sound advice that maybe saves or makes them money and nobody goes, hey, can I, can I can I pay you something for that great advice you gave me? No. So you got to you got to have to leverage them. So I I think being an attorney would be a be a hard hard profession personally.

00:39:10 Syd Michael: Yeah. Any you know the the beautiful thing that I was, since we’re talking about fear and and truth, like any of these things that people say, any anything that these people say, all these objections that you’re giving me, they’re all buying signals. That’s that’s what’s so freaking exciting about it, right? That’s what’s so freaking exciting about it. Every one of those is buying signals. And there’s a lot of there’s a lot of freedom to the truth will set you free, right. And says what can we say that would show that our legal team knows what they’re doing. You can let them know that the two partners actually were the ones that trained the at the AICPA. That’s pretty, pretty authoritative. And you know, I mean I think it’s up to 18,000 now, but don’t quote me everybody’s so in the weeds about what this exact number is. I always say 12,000. I think I read that on the website or somewhere as I just always say 12,000 because it’s enough number to prove your point. But I’m going to be like you know 1212 thousand other companies have trusted us to move this move forward. That’s why, you know that’s why it’s important. You know that means that that really. Benefits, you know, let’s see here. Yes man, yes they are. They did the ertc like breakout sessions at the AICPA. Aicpa is the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

00:41:06 Syd Michael: If if you’ve if you spoke to any accountant or any CPA, that’s, you know on an equal level, right? If if you speak no they’re not the legal team, what are you? What are you, what are you talking about? If if you speak to any CPA that you talk to every single one of them just about would rather refer it to to experts when you tell them one you’re not charging up front 2. You’re not charged up front too, that we have a CPA that’s actually signing off for it, right? That’s what they really want to do. That’s what they really want to say. Hang on, let me reread your stuff real quick and hang on a second, because obviously I answered that wrong. Do we have a press release? No, we don’t. No, we don’t. They were the ones that trained. What would you say that legal knows what they’re doing? I mean, are we really having to verify that legal teams know what they’re doing? I mean, come on. Like if somebody’s an attorney or somebody’s a certified public accountant, they have licenses to to prove they know what they’re doing. They don’t need, they don’t need anything else to prove. I I don’t think I I don’t think it’s, you know. Just being honest, like I I wouldn’t go down. Like I wouldn’t. I would never go anywhere. And not only is my attorney absolutely uh qualified, they also attended Harvard. You know, I would never, I personally would never go that far into it.

00:43:00 Nicole Heard: Hey, Sid.

00:43:01 Syd Michael: Yes, ma’am.

00:43:03 Nicole Heard: Hey a couple of people are asking about the mastermind video, so I had to go get a definitive answer. We have made it available for the platinum agents. We have made it available for those that attended the mastermind event and also the link is available for those that paid for it. Anything outside of that, they’re not, they’re not issuing it out. If you didn’t pay for it on Eventbrite, Brian is not selling it. So those would be the only people that get it.

00:43:37 Syd Michael: Well, that’s that’s what it is. I know there’s a, I know there’s a slide in one of the webinars that I saw that showed where Brian was speaking at the AICPA. I’ll try and grab that when I get a chance to drop it for you, Craig. The new website, people are able to start their application right on that website. Do you know how many new accounts came through? I don’t, Joseph. Sorry man, what prompted people to talk about just having a second number? Some people are choosing to use a second app number for this business, you know, I mean, especially if you have like a a full time job, it’s probably a good idea to have a second number. I’ll say this, I kind of wish I would have used a second number, you know? Michael, just send in a support ticket. I’m sure they can help you on that. Both Michaels by the way, both same answer for both your questions. I’m sorry, is there a ninja way to get clients to call you back? Besides memes, I mean memes is the ninja way to be honest. You’ve seen people say how how it works. If you can make somebody laugh, you can like.

00:45:26 Syd Michael: It’s the secret to people’s heart is is to make them laugh, right? But worst case scenario, try to leave it Robert. Try leaving a power message like I’m talking about where you leave an openended message. Just send in a support, take it, go wacky. You can save yourself from the disappointment. They want to say deeply disappointment because it sounded so dramatic, but you can save yourself from being deeply disappointed by sending a support ticket. I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to get you get you recovered. Yeah, it was. I think it was. I think it was very confusing. You see what they’re saying, what Thomas just said there. And I agree because you had to Scroll down to, to get to the link, use an Eventbrite. It appeared that they were trying to book you a hotel. I get it. Nicole will they will will he offer the the Buy link anyway? The people that missed it or no, is it closed off or. Sure he would.

00:47:09 Nicole Heard: I’m I’m told that he’s not going to, but I will double check with Brian. I’m, I’m hearing though that he’s not going to sell him. I haven’t.

00:47:18 Syd Michael: Seen him yet this morning, but I know he’s down here in Tampa. If I if I see him around lunch, I’ll try and work on him on that, but there’s no guarantees. Very cool. What other questions? Any other any other things that are holding you back? Because I’m going to ask. I’m going to be honest. I’m going to ask again next week. And I I expect not to see a single zero. In fact, I want to go a step further. I want to go a step further. I’m going to ask each and every one of you and we’ve done this in the past and I and I really think it’s effective. I want you to publicly hold yourself accountable. It’s the way to create action. It it’s what, it’s what caused me to take action and starting my own business for the first time going out on my own. Because I knew I had to publicly be accountable for what just happened. So I’m going to ask each and every single one of you in the Facebook group, I want you to give me your commitment on how many leads you think you can get between now and the next, next time we meet, which will be next Tuesday, all right? Mohammed said. Hey, everybody, give me a Roger that you’re going to commit to that everybody post in the Facebook group. I want everybody to publicly hold themselves accountable to how many leads you’re going to get. All right, Roger that. All right. Hey, say post a question on Facebook to get business owners to answer. Why would you phrase it if you were to post a question in the Facebook in a Facebook group, you know?

00:49:05 Syd Michael: I like if I can get you a large chunk of cash that you didn’t have to pay back, how quick would you say yes, I like that statement, but I know if you’re fishing in in a Facebook group that potentially is not yours, you got to be careful. You definitely don’t want to come across sound an mlme at all because you’ll get thrown out of most groups I like. I’ve discovered a way to get you a large chunk of cash that you don’t have to pay back. To be honest, how quick would you say yes? How many are you going to get in the next week, Michael? I mean you can get in the next week, posted the Facebook group. For me, I see three people agreed to it, just so you know. So a very small percentage of people are agreeing to pull themselves publicly accountable. I will do it. Will do, will do. In the Facebook group. In the Facebook group, there we go. Hold yourselves publicly accountable. Is only to better your future. It only helps. It’s only to benefit yourself. I don’t know about you, but when I say it out loud, if I tell somebody I’m going to do it, I will go around the earth twice to not break my word. It almost makes me predictable. Sometimes I find myself even sometimes getting manipulated because people know that I I I can’t stand it. It’s at all costs. I cannot stand breaking my word if I possibly can help it. Naturally, we’re all human, but that’s the power of being publicly accountable. All right, cool. With respect of everybody’s time. I don’t want to take anymore of your time if I could.

00:51:18 Syd Michael: Are the transcriptions of the word tracks available anywhere? If you go into the Facebook group, there is. They have transcribed myself. Bet you can find in there, but that’s where you can find it. All right, cool. Rock’n’roll. See you. See you, Paula. Thank you. Thank you, everybody.