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Businesses have until April 15, 2024, to file amended returns for Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2020, and until April 15, 2025, to file amended returns for the quarters in 2021 in which they were eligible to claim the ERC.

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions May 3, 2023

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions May 3, 2023

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)
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00:00:05 Syd Michael: Who’s excited? I’m excited. Highly related today. Hey, Vanessa, we got a big announcement today. Michael just said he just got back from Orlando last night after changing my mindset. Good job, good job, man. If you were in Orlando, that’s close enough. You should have come and seen us. Should have come and met with Uncle Syd. Spent a little time over here. Let me show you around Orlando’s. I don’t know about probably an hour and 15 minutes. I think out of Tampa, as long as you don’t hit traffic changes everything. You will pay about 6 different tolls trying to get around Orlando. Awesome. Yeah. Well, just know you’re always welcome, Michael. Thank you. So, hey, Scott. So I’ve got your little package put together and I put it in a I got, I got these brand new foursome shoes. And so I put it in that box that fit real nice. And it looked like Brian was in here and he was like, what is that? I’m like, boy, I’m doing something for Scott Hall and he’s like, oh man, good idea, so.

00:01:23 Scott Hall: Oh, I actually said you should do it for other people too. But

00:01:25 Syd Michael: That’s right, he did, he said. He said he’s going to give me a list. I didn’t want to say that I’m waiting on a list of a few other people, but it totally looks like Speakeasy down under secret message box coming to you so.

00:01:40 Scott Hall: It looked good.

00:01:42 Syd Michael: Buddy.

00:01:43 Scott Hall: Oh, no. I just want to listen in. No, I’m mute and get out of the way, so.

00:01:45 Syd Michael: Well, we have a huge, we have a huge announcement to me. So I’m glad I got Brian’s support because. He was a big part of this, and I think it’s a great idea. Good morning. I have a sport ticket. OK, good. We got to look into that, That Michael, just send in the support. Ticket’s good. And send in another one. If you didn’t get an answer, because you definitely should have got an answer, make sure you’re sending in a support ticket. I had a guy the other day told me that he was emailing one of the people in Atlanta direct. That’s not a sport ticket. If you don’t have a ticket number, then there’s no way we can track that and manage that right. And it and it can get missed. Especially if you send me an e-mail. I’m going to tell you right now, I get so many marketing emails from doing this for so long that it’s you got to notify me if you send me an e-mail or with your chance, I’ll see you so. All right. Hey, Niki. Envelope. Glad you can make it. Glad you can make it. OK, in Vanessa. All right. I thought we had four Brians on here, but now everybody’s put their name in. Good.

00:02:56 Scott Hall: Yeah, thanks to my name, man. That’s what’s going on here.

00:03:02 Syd Michael: So without, I know everybody’s excited. I’ve told everybody in the group, we do have a huge announcement. Let’s go ahead and get to that and then we can we’ll do some Q&A and some 8 titos, we’ll do some Q&A and any sort of if you had any objections or you know that we can overcome at the end. But to get started with, let’s get to the fun. I’m not one that can wait until the day of Christmas. I tend to want to show my gifts the day before, right? We got a huge official announcement. Pay attention because this is important so everybody understands. I’m sure there will be a few questions, right? As of today, every moving forward we’re changing our customer service agreements, which is what we call our contracts for those that they don’t know, but that is. We’re changing, we took away the 25% deposit option and we’re going to lower the 30% deferred option to 25%. So you only have two options now 18 or 2518 or 25. So that’s a full 5% off the ordinary deferred option everybody understands. Yes, yes, good Roger that.

00:04:22 Scott Hall: No deposits, Larry. Yeah, the whole point on the deposits was most people weren’t doing them. It was a small percentage of people. It was more trouble than it was worth. Truthfully, either you pay upfront or you pay later. We don’t want to bother. We’re just.

00:04:39 Syd Michael: Going to simplify and yeah, just simplifying the process. How will that affect clients? Haven you talk about past clients, they won’t know it’s only moving today for it all the work order agreements will be.

00:04:58 Scott Hall: Yeah, Dirk, if a past client got a 30% CSA and they haven’t signed it yet, they still have that one. If you want it to stay, it can stay. If you want them to get the lower one, you know you can do that. It doesn’t matter to us. It’s your call. Hey, for the guy with the support taking on the Commission issue, or Nicole, can you help Michael in the background just to make sure he gets help? Michael, I see that right now. We’re happy to help you. Yep, we’re working on it. OK, Good deal. Good deal. Yeah, Tito said it makes it simpler, Syd, I agree, man. Syd and I have been talking about this for a while and we’ve been trying to kind of monitor the market pricing and it downshifted a little bit. And so we’re just, we’re just trying to stay there. We’re trying to keep aligned with the market.

00:05:44 Syd Michael: But we got, I got to point out like I’m so glad and happy through. I know it was Susan’s idea for us to raise it to how much money would have left on the table if.

00:05:57 Scott Hall: Everybody made, everybody did a lot better. Hey, should I see confusion? I see George Rogers, you’re talking about Commission, we’re talking about fee to the customer, if that makes sense. So upfront payment, 18 deferred options. 25%, there’s no deposit option anymore. So there’s two options, 18 and 25.

00:06:21 Syd Michael: Very simple, easy.

00:06:22 Scott Hall: A or B 1 or two straightforward that nothing changes on commissions. So George, to your question though your direct question, it would be 30, not 25. K Yeah, Bud Clark said it. I mean, he’s right. Not many clients took the 5%. Honestly, it was a fraction. It was a low fraction. I don’t know what it was, but it was low enough that it was really just, it wasn’t adding value, if that makes sense. So, and it does beg the question that I’m sure somebody’s thinking, well, there’s Lowell, I should have guessed. Good job, Lowell. It begs the question, what about getting paid what you know because some of you guys were hitting the deposits.

00:07:11 Syd Michael: And the reason why we had it was to get y’all some up for payments in the beginning.

00:07:16 Scott Hall: So we’re rolling out the let’s we don’t want to get into this, but we’re going to, we’re going to control it here and not on the agent team, but we’re rolling out the funding option to clients to get preapproved. So with the closing documents that we collect, we’re going to know which ones are approved and not approved like you won’t know on the front end because we got to. We got to pull their tax history, if that makes sense, but if they’re approved and they take the funding, you’ll get paid quicker. Does that make sense? And if they don’t take the funding, then it’s same old, same old.

00:07:53 Syd Michael: And just to clarify because I know I’ve answered roll on this a few times in the past, it created issues when we were trying to lead with that in the past. Right by us offering it on the back to people that we can already see, that will qualify for, it will make it work way better, way better. Because here’s the issue, the people leading with it on the front, it tended to get people that had. Some either we’re in a situation or having trouble and unfortunately they look at that you know they look at their financial standings and stuff and whether or not they get approved and it and it created we tried to get you know we end up making some people mad when we were trying to help them right and because they could get approved on the hedge fund. So this is the better way of delivering that I think would you agree Brian.

00:08:47 Scott Hall: Yeah, no 100% better. I agree with Tito’s who said it’s just simpler. Two options keeps it easy. And remember this I’ve been checking on all the competition out there. The vast majority of them are noncompliant using software or offshore. Not all but the majority of them are. So it’s. It’s just too important. I know as a business owner, the last thing I want to do is 3 years from now find out that I’m upside down with the IRS to the tune of a couple $100,000. Nobody wants that. So the compliance element is so important. Real CPA is signing off so important. I would rather you guys not talk. You can how about this on the funding. Thomas had a good question. Here’s the problem. If you, when you bring up the funding, they’re going to ask you all these questions, right? And I don’t want to have no offense, but with 30,000 plus agents, I don’t want to. The messaging gets lost in translation. Look, the people on this call you.

00:09:58 Syd Michael: Guys are great.

00:09:59 Scott Hall: They said we’re not talking about you guys, we’re talking about the people that don’t plug in all the time, if you know what I mean. And I don’t mind if you say that. There’s an advance pay option, there’s an advance funding option, but we won’t know if they’re eligible until a couple weeks in after we pull the documents, we’ll pull the 8821 to see their tax transcript history to make sure they don’t have liens etcetera. So we don’t know upfront, I don’t mind if you say it, but just defer it. Defer it. Personally, I wouldn’t bring it up. If you think it adds value and you need to say it, bring it up, you know it’s your call. I mean, you have to at some level, you have to make the.

00:10:44 Syd Michael: Call. Don’t lead with it. Don’t. Don’t have that in the end of the deal because that’s what happened in the past.

00:10:53 Scott Hall: Yeah, if you don’t want them to know about the funding. Well, remember the funding doesn’t affect you, Scott Hall. If they do the funding and they pay the fee to the bank, it’s not a hedge fund, it’s a bank, you’re still getting paid if they do the funding. If they don’t do it, you are doing it. You know it is what it is because you’re getting paid a percentage of the fee. So the funding has no effect on you, Sean said is the funding in advance or a loan? I guess technically, Sean, it would be both. Initially. The way it’s set up is it’s an advance against their credit if they don’t pay it back. See, I don’t want to tell you too much about it because I don’t want you out there selling it, but I’m going to tell you guys under the promise that you’re not going to go out and repeat everything I tell you. So initially it’s an advance. If they don’t pay it back in X time, I think it’s 12 months. In one day it becomes a three-year convertible like commercial loan, if that makes sense. Cool. No, thank you. Thank you.

00:12:10 Syd Michael: This is going to, this is going to be a way better process and a lot more people are going to take advantage of it and a lot of you are going to get paid commissions really quick with it. So that’s good.

00:12:20 Scott Hall: We’re not using the hedge fund, you guys. I see Kristi’s asking about the hedge fund. Yeah, listen, yeah, so what we did is we have a bank. We have a bank that will fund the deals. Kristi Yeah, I have to check with John. It’s not really my call on that one. Will you shoot me an e-mail on that Kristi so I can run it by him? I don’t really see a reason why it wouldn’t be, but just send me an e-mail. Just on yours and low on yours. I have it on my list so I haven’t forgotten about it. I know what you’re talking about. Yes, See we’re still baking it into the process. Reggie’s asking about, well, he’s mentioned on the welcome car at some point. So we’re actually training A-Team. Their full job is going to be to call the people that are approved for funding and go over the terms and you know, professionally present it to them if that makes sense. So there may be a mention on the welcome call, but it won’t be like sold on the welcome call per se. We don’t want those guys to be selling funding right now. They’re closing the ERTC, if that makes sense. Yeah, we didn’t talk about the cost, we didn’t go Burgess, we didn’t go over any of it because I’m avoiding going over it because the information then gets. Repurposed and reused etcetera, etcetera. I promise you guys it’s only going to be in the best interest if you slash the client. Look, if they take the funding, great. We all get paid faster. If they don’t, that’s fine too.

00:14:23 Syd Michael: And just to be transparent, basically the A e’s going to do their job as they’ve been trained to do and then they would get a call from this department that would say, hey, would you like to take advantage of getting your money faster? Then it goes to closing and that’s the process, so.

00:14:40 Scott Hall: Now here’s a good question from Bruce. Unfortunately, Bruce answers no, but let me read it for everybody. So Bruce has a deal that’s been around for a while. It’s quote UN quote dead, right. And it’s in the portal. He now has gotten all the paperwork. So he crushed it. He finally, you know, cut through whatever the objections were. He’s got everything he’s wanting to know. Does he get the 30% on that deal. So no in that case. So the whole idea is the 30% is an incentive on new deal. So there was one yesterday that came in from Andrew Wong and I don’t know if Andrew, if you’re on the call, I saw it come in Andrew and I happen to be looking at the deals and the deal came in. The A, E and Andrew got all the docs in yesterday and last night but around 7:30 PM the QC team cleared it and it got sent to accounting. So it went from nothing at noon to all docs. Everything was perfect, passed QC and got uploaded into the CP A-Team last night so same day so in theory we could have that deal. In three or four days back from the accounting side, in theory that’s a 30% deal. So, but if I like, I have a lot of old deals, Tommy Fry, Syd and I have a lot of deals. Scott Hall, we have an obscene amount of deals from early on that are quote UN quote dead. If we resuscitate it, it doesn’t make it a 30, if that makes sense. Syd, am I saying that right?

00:16:17 Syd Michael: You’re saying exactly right.

00:16:19 Scott Hall: Okay. And then the other thing I want you guys to know, Speaking of dead deals, we have a new team here. There’s six people on it. Syd, do you want to talk about what the SDR team is doing with the dead deals?

00:16:31 Syd Michael: Yeah, well, they’re just basically, yeah. And I’ve told a lot of, you know, we talked a lot about this in the past weeks talking about, you know. We’re setting up accountability, right. We’ve talked about this in the event for all the you came you know we basically want to overlap accountability and so we set up a new department that basically is. It’s overlap of accountability with the A E’s, right? Not that they haven’t been called, but for any reason that a deal went stale or dead or quit answering or they couldn’t get in touch with or for whatever reason, whatever happened, they are calling every one of those leads and resetting appointments for the A E and then putting it into their calendar and it’s actually been pretty successful. I can’t believe it.

00:17:23 Scott Hall: Let me quantify how successful Syd’s right and we’ve done this two or three other times, but this time for whatever reason it’s really working and it may be other companies marketing helping make our efforts work better. Last week we had 45 total deals across six people that got reactivated that were old last week. I’m just seeing when was the first day. It actually started last week, so 45 this week, not almost on track for the same thing. They’re at 23 right now. So that’s 68 deals that are either live transferred or appointment set from dead deals. 68 deals in 7 1/2 days and I’m going to grow that team to 20 people. Right now it’s six. We just got to be able to find them, right. It’s not as easy as you think and that’s 68 deals. What if, Syd, what’s a be back close rate 66 percent 7067?

00:18:29 Syd Michael: Percent you would.

00:18:31 Scott Hall: Have added the 68 that we say 2/3 close, I don’t know. I’m going to say that’s 40, it’s probably not exactly right 42. What if 42 of those close? Now think about that for a minute. We took eight deals that were who knows who’s they were, And I bet 40 ish will close so far and we’re going to keep doing that and growing that. And they’re going to do other things besides dead deals. But I just said buy or die, man, there’s no reason not to.

00:19:05 Syd Michael: You know what? It teaches us all we really should. When somebody, when you get ghosted, it doesn’t mean that people are mad at you, Doesn’t mean you said something wrong. Some of the people just get busy and get pulled in another direction. It’s funny. I was talking with Joel and he said, yeah, I talked to one lady and she’s like, Oh yeah, the meaning to call y’all back. I got busy. I had to go out of town. I’m like, oh, I mean, you just never know. It’s funny though. Well, the worst-case scenario has always come to your mind. When you feel like you’re getting ghosted, trust me, I mean, in the car business, we got ghosted.

00:19:37 Scott Hall: So let me tell you guys this. You’ll love this. So this morning I was looking and I noticed you know how many there were on this team they were transferring and I went and told the A E’s. I said look I’m gonna how many of you want these leads? They all want them, right. They want them bad. They know they’re good and. I said you, you guys might want to be buying those guys launches every day. I’m like, I mean dude 68, what if, I mean think about it, what if we average 50 a week out of that team? That’s fifty lay-down leads that are teed up, that already had been down the path, got busy, came back. The percentage of clothes on these are going to be really high, super high.

00:20:29 Syd Michael: Yeah, I just got excited about it. It’s reengagement, right? Nothing happens without engagement. So it’s A, it’s A it’s a great movement. It’s proven to be so. And I’m excited about it. I totally agree. But he said call until they say no. Scott Hall said that Glengarry leaves. That’s right. But for the A ES, these are even better. They’re put right into their appointment, into their calendar. I mean that’s. Man they don’t they don’t even deserve coffee for those leads. They’re not they’re not having to be closest in the hall talking about our A E’s go like above and beyond. I’m sure everybody saw where guy talked about Derek jumping on the phone and helping the guy get his paperwork and all that stuff. Man, that’s priceless if you ask me. And we’ve got we’ve pretty much. Hone down to a really, really talented core group here and we’re very strenuous on the hiring process. Yeah Derek, Derek took care of business didn’t you guy we called him out this morning and it was a great message to what our meeting was and it and it fit in perfect. Because we’re really creating a raving fan culture here you know because we want to we want you know we want these people to be we don’t want to just provide for them we want to amaze them we want to overwhelm them with we want to be the best in all aspects. So it was awesome thanks for pointing that out guy and just so everybody knows and I and I see it. This group’s not you know this group’s a little different than the field agent group. But you know when somebody you know hits a goal or a pinnacle or a, you know, objective, congratulate them right? Like the only one guaranteed way to change the course of a day or an event is to change your attitude. Right. Always congratulate them. Don’t be upset that they sold more than you. Don’t be envious. That’s the worst thing in the world. That’s a disease. Congratulate them. Tell them. Great job. Give them acknowledgement and let’s really create a positive culture because that’s what you’re going to that’s nice to have out of a Facebook group that you’re looking in every day. You know what I mean? Everybody with me on that. Roger that. Awesome. Heck yeah. Good job. All right, cool. And let me see, Brian. I don’t want to. I didn’t want to. I got some things to talk about. But I don’t want. I want you to finish anything that you want to talk about first.

00:23:15 Scott Hall: I have nothing. I have nothing else. If anybody has any questions for me that I can help answer, I’m happy to. Otherwise I’ll mute and go back in the background.

00:23:24 Syd Michael: Since I got you live and I can put you on the spot, how about? Hey, you know, we talked about.

00:23:28 Scott Hall: Doing something. I didn’t want questions from you, I wanted it from them.

00:23:32 Syd Michael: Well, hang on.

00:23:34 Scott Hall: Unless it’s an easy lay down. I’ll take lay down.

00:23:36 Syd Michael: Questions. I have you here for a second. I know. We talked about doing. We wanted to do some sort of special bonus for these guys on. Yeah, Yeah. Why don’t we do that right now? That’s a great idea. There you go. Awesome. Yeah, I knew. I knew I could get you live.

00:23:50 Scott Hall: Yeah. All right. I’ll even turn my camera on. Let’s see. So what if we did? All right. I asked Syd to do this last week and he was working on it. We want it incent you to do different verticals. I just want to have some fun with it. Syd, what’d you come up with on that?

00:24:10 Syd Michael: There’s going to be a little bit of an honor program on this because I want to do bonuses for anybody who gets a referral from an existing client. That’s I, I, I want to give some sort of spiff for people that ask for referrals and most people might already be doing that. But I want us to do some sort of paid contest doing it this time. All right. And verticals, the information I’ve got those. I’ve got all the data we’re we’re having the graphics done now I announced that in the Facebook group also.

00:24:48 Scott Hall: OK, so do we want to do a contest like? How about that? Somebody write this. Now I’m going to make it up, but this is completely made-up on the fly. So how about I can’t? OK, how about this? How about let’s pick give me 3 niches. Syd. How about churches? I see Herb’s name, so churches. That’s a good one. How about?

00:25:24 Syd Michael: Well, I’m looking at that data. Let me tell you, daycares, churches, schools like monasteries and private schools are huge. I mean, that’s HVAC. HVAC hands down is some of the biggest ones we’ve ever had, Some of the biggest.

00:25:43 Scott Hall: Yeah, HVAC, plumbing, the bigger companies in that space are pretty lucrative. Larry was asking about good ones. I was looking at something from yesterday. Hang on, let me see if I can pull it up. How about I saw one yesterday, Just finished. I don’t know what the company is. Sorry. There’s a farm 584 KII don’t necessarily think we need to. We can look at this separate, but let’s quickly have a contest. How about HVAC churches slash nonprofit. We’ll put them in the same category. And one more Syd pick. We can do two more. What’s another one or two?

00:26:24 Syd Michael: I like HVAC.

00:26:25 Scott Hall: Well, I already said that one HVAC, you want to write them on the screen so we can keep up with this. Because you forgot I already said let’s see, so we’ll do HVAC churches slash nonprofit daycare. Syd and Scott Hall said that. What about from the people on the call, give me one more niche. Strip clubs. All right. Funny story. While Syd’s writing this down, I’m at a Wings place last night. I’m going to give you the name of the place in Tampa and I want you to look at Google Maps. I had no idea. When I went to the place, I was surrounded by three strip clubs. Herb. And I’m just like, Oh my God, I cannot believe I’m eating at this place. But Riveters? Riveters in Tampa, when I went there to eat, there’s one on the right, two across the street, and I’m like, what? Complete randomness. So HVAC churches? No. Nick schools, Nick schools, HVAC churches, Nonprofit. I’m trying to think of. You know, another good one, Syd, that a lot of big deals have been plumbing companies, too, I’ve noticed.

00:27:39 Syd Michael: Any sort of electrical contractors or plumbing, any sort of service industry did? What about?

00:27:45 Scott Hall: Daycare, you said. Daycare. Put that one on there, too. Daycare. I’m afraid if we do too many, it’s hard to stay focused. I guess you can pick your poison. HVAC, churches, nonprofit, daycare, skip manufacturing. We’ll do something different on it. We just have to draw a line. There was one other one. We just said plumbing. Put plumbing down. We’ll just see some big ones with that. How about this? Let’s keep it really easy. What do you think, Syd? The rest of the month of May?

00:28:21 Syd Michael: Are we? We’re doing this after going these niches here.

00:28:24 Scott Hall: Yeah. So what we’ll do is we’ll pick who gets the most deals, leads, deals, whatever we want to call them in each category and pay the top three. Does that seem fair? Does that make sense, you guys? So like if Dan Saint John generates 16 HVAC deals, he’s #1 hypothetically. And why don’t we do it? I don’t know. I’m trying to come up with the math. Why don’t we do 3500 bucks for first place, multiply it all and figure out what my exposure on you guys need to crush me for 3500 bucks. First place, each category. What do you think, Syd? Second, I don’t know, 15102 K?

00:29:21 Syd Michael: 2K.

00:29:22 Scott Hall: 2K and then 1K and then third is 1. That’s strong. That’s like $25,000 right there. All right. So yeah, that’s roughly a $25,000 challenge. Somebody can figure the real math out, 6500 * 420, four, 26,000, right.

00:29:53 Syd Michael: So I’m cool with this. I want us to do this, but. But I was talking about doing something for people that get referrals from their existing clients. I wanted the caller.

00:30:12 Scott Hall: Let’s do this one, because you called it niche, so I’m down with that too. All right, so niche. It’s the top three month of May, so. We’ll just say May 1 to May 31. Does that seem fair? And then the only thing is, somebody’s got to track this and keep it posted. Otherwise it seems like it falls off.

00:30:33 Syd Michael: Everybody’s radar and how about this?

00:30:42 Scott Hall: Dude, how about this to get to qualify? For first place you got to have at least three, second place at least two and 3rd at least one to qualify. Is that fair?

00:30:56 Syd Michael: Yeah, that works.

00:30:57 Scott Hall: I mean, I doubt that anybody will be that low, but yeah, I’m just trying to put, you know, just put some minimums, put some constraints on it.

00:31:08 Syd Michael: Yeah. Yeah, well, I want to finish talking about I have a great recommendation on the referral thing. I’m telling you it’s going to be low hanging fruit for everybody because the best leads in the world are referral leads.

00:31:25 Scott Hall: OK, Vanessa, are you going to, can you guys make something that looks really good and push it out to everybody? Absolutely. And I just wrote it down. I got a screenshot. Yeah, take a screenshot if you and if you can draft something up. I think it would be 3 minimum, 2 minimum, one minimum, and that’s in each category. So they’re unfeasibly could be 12 winners. Or Bud Clark can win every category. Who knows? Can’t win first, second and third though. Let’s be real. All right, so Syd, you want to do a second contest, didn’t you? Referrals.

00:32:04 Syd Michael: Yes, so, here’s what I would like to I think would be cool. We want you to refer call your existing clients and ask them for referrals and if they refer anybody to you, we will send you a $250 gift card and we will pay the bird dog to your referral. So when you call your customer and say hey, do you have anybody you think could use the service, we will give you a $250 gift card. To give them also. So you both make $250 we pay your bird dog. What do you think about that, Brian?

00:32:38 Scott Hall: So it’s 250, say it again, like say it slowly $250.

00:32:43 Syd Michael: If Bud calls this one of his customers and gets them to refer a new deal, then we would send Bud $250 gift or two. We’ll send them two of them. He needs to give one to the customer and keep one. So he can tell his referrals when he’s asking his clients. Do you have any referrals? I’ll give you $250 gift card for anybody you send me. How about anybody the welcome.

00:33:05 Scott Hall: Call.

00:33:07 Syd Michael: Yeah.

00:33:08 Scott Hall: Is that fair?

00:33:09 Syd Michael: Yeah, yeah. Well, we can. You don’t know the welcome call from the.

00:33:12 Scott Hall: AE yeah, yeah, Yep, Bud said he I thought somebody else said it, but it was Bud. Bud goes, yeah, I’m going to keep both cards.

00:33:27 Syd Michael: I mean either way, either way.

00:33:33 Scott Hall: Scott Hall’s like, can I have my gift card for McDonald’s? If you want, we can do that for you, man. Let’s see. No, I like it. So, Vanessa, do you get what Syd’s doing to create this one? Yes.

00:33:51 Syd Michael: I’ll have to.

00:33:51 Scott Hall: Have to figure out how we’re going.

00:33:54 Syd Michael: It’s going to be a little bit of an honest system, but.

00:33:56 Scott Hall: Yeah, folks are going to have to tell us when a deal comes in that they got referred from somebody else, but we’ll work with them.

00:34:02 Syd Michael: Yeah, I mean first off if you’re not doing it, you should be doing it. I’m, I know some of you are already doing it, but you know you always should, you know deals make deals, right? And you should always call existing clients and say hey you know by the way you know you got. Can you give me a couple friends that you know that might want to take advantage of this? Also, you know, they surround themselves with similar people, their friends or business owners also I promise you and they will know people right off the top of their head. They’ll say yeah yeah you need to call my cousin who owns this or does that or my brother or my buddy or whatever, they’ll know, but referred leads are the best leads and. If you should, every client that you have whether you did the submission credit form or not, you know some of them. If they know for whatever reason we’re less than 3 W2s or whatever reason, you know what, we weren’t able to help. You should still call them and ask them, do they have anybody they can help. And just for give me the name if they go through the if they get their credit we’ll send you $250 gift card right. So everybody cool that, everybody understands how that’s going to.

00:35:20 Scott Hall: Create. Create some real straight up. It’s kind of nebulous. It’s the honor system is tough. How do we track it? Like what’s the tracking mechanism on it?

00:35:32 Syd Michael: So I think when somebody gets a referral, they need to send in a support ticket saying, hey, I just talked to Dwayne and Dwayne referred me to him. I just want, you know, you gotta like a market with a support ticket that.

00:35:51 Scott Hall: That, yeah, but I think it has. They have to call in after the person who was referred is in their portal. Like it can’t just be like, oh, I told Bob to call you, yeah.

00:36:02 Syd Michael: Yeah, but you mentioned the existing client and the new client on a support ticket.

00:36:08 Scott Hall: Yeah, and they both have to be in the system. All right. Yeah, I’ll let you guys work it out. I mean, I’m down. I mean, the idea makes a lot of sense. We just got to be able to track at you guys, that’s all.

00:36:23 Syd Michael: That’s the hard part, yeah.

00:36:25 Scott Hall: They can do it. I believe in us.

00:36:27 Syd Michael: I mean, yeah. And you know, I mean, obviously, you know, just. Nobody tried and hack the system somehow, I don’t think you can actually if you have to name your client and then the new client because we’ll be able to look at the dates and stuff. So anyways, all right, what else we got knows the new 2050 was the heart attack fast foods all right? Gift card to Mickey D’s okay? And what defines current client? Does the existing client already have been paid or just paperwork submitted? Well, we just have to be in your portal would be a current client, right? Because I want you to get referrals from everybody, not just ones that have already been paid on or whatever. Yep, Bud’s moving to Bernihaveexas. He’s, he said he’s done with Utah or whatever you’re up there. The Northwest, he’s going to Texas for gift cards are only in May. Yes, in May we’re going to try this for May. Yes, I would ask for a referral even if they haven’t received their funds yet.

00:37:36 Scott Hall: Yeah, I know it’s a good question. I always, I personally, I asked for a referral a lot, but if you did it at the point they found out how much they were getting, it would probably go well.

00:37:48 Syd Michael: And let me, I mean to be honest, like we’ve talked about this many calls before you know in the negotiation, you know remember I told everybody when you’re negotiating you should always never just lower your fee or just you know never give in to anybody without there being a give a push pull. So a lot of times when I’m talking to somebody if it makes the deal for instance. I’ll make the deal, but I’ll go, you got to send me 3 referrals. Is it fair enough. And so I’m working in the referrals in that way also. So it works. Yep. Can you give us a large case examples of each category when you send it out the contest? Yeah. So I’m right now I’ve got the data. I’m just going. I’ll go ahead and tell you all. And I think I put it in a post also yesterday. But in case you didn’t see it, I’ve got the data. We’re just creating graphics for all of you. We’re going to give you, I’m going to give you the top, top niches per state and then we’re going to give you the lowest, the average and the highest credit per state. So that’s the information we’re going to give you. Now I kind of was motivated because Gary was asking for something, I mean, I need to kind of run this by Brian when I got his ear for a second. Do we want to make this information for y’all or do you want to make this where it’s marketed our information towards giving to the client as like, but it’s not really?

00:39:17 Scott Hall: Relative, I mean, if you think about it, if one state’s low, it doesn’t mean that state’s not good. We just may not have had that many deals there like it may not give.

00:39:26 Syd Michael: Yeah, no, not that part. Like should we make these slicks something that the agents would want to hand to a client or is this to give them information to know how to prospect the agents information to prospect with like what? How do we base the slides telling them about the state, You know what I mean? Like what’s important to an agent might not be important to a person trying to get the credit done. So we can focus the slicks. Either way, I mean what do y’all want? I was thinking of people, I think.

00:40:01 Scott Hall: Clients. They care about themselves. Honestly, like I’m.

00:40:05 Syd Michael: Too yeah and I think leaving something behind is accepting AL personally but so is that cool is that everybody understand. So you’ll get a whole slide deck of actual. The top three to 10 niches in each state. The highest credit, the lowest credit, the average credit for the state. And that way you kind of got the information of what to go after. Tell me if that’s valuable to everyone. If not, save me the homework and I won’t do it. Oh, I thought everybody was being a quietness because I didn’t Scroll down. OK, good, good, good. You guys can use that. Good. All right. Go ahead, Brian. I’m sorry I didn’t hear you.

00:41:00 Scott Hall: No, no, I said no. I was seeing all the feedback. I didn’t know if you saw it yet.

00:41:03 Syd Michael: All right, cool. OK, Jim, Jim says, geared towards the agent. All right, then we’re going to do that. All right. So I’m going to make them look nice, but I’m not going to go over the top with the graphics because, you know, it’s for us. So it’s information for us. It’s nothing. It’s representing you. So we’re not going to go too crazy on the graphics. We’ll just make it good, clean and precise, so everybody knows and understands and has it. Good. All right. I agree, Bill. Very valuable.

00:41:34 Scott Hall: Somebody asked about plumbing. Here’s one from April 19th. I happen to bump into a plumbing company, 995 K Here’s a 646 K plumbing that I can see. There’s some big deals, the plumbing and HVAC. There’s some big deals. Just remember, more employees, more money. When you know they got a lot of trucks, they have a lot of employees.

00:42:04 Syd Michael: I don’t know WC. Do you know me W?

00:42:08 Scott Hall: I can look it up. Hang on, I’ll tell you. Hang on. It’s not on the chart I’m looking at, but I can find it, let me tell you. So let’s see. I had to go to a different place because why would it all be in one spot? I’m working on it.

00:42:36 Syd Michael: One more supply chain.

00:42:38 Scott Hall: Or in 32, one year 84, another year 32 and 2084 in the following year 21.

00:42:49 Syd Michael: So, Brian, I never announced the new record Commission.

00:42:55 Scott Hall: Well, that person’s not on the call right now and I’m flying that person down. We could make a, we could do an event. Hey, since that person’s not here on the call right now, how do you guys feel if I did like a Syd, what do you? I know you and I always talk about this, one of those giant 6 feet checks.

00:43:13 Syd Michael: It’s a big number. Giant check. So bad he can’t stand it. He’s got to do it. I think it’s awesome.

00:43:20 Scott Hall: Yeah, I mean you guys, I’m dying to do it. I’ve been dying to do that for a while. It’s like 50 bucks for one of those checks. We just got to order it, have it here and get it all decked out. Well, how about that? Let’s save it, you guys. It’s almost, it’s just shy of 200 K for this person. Somebody’s asking how much. I don’t want to name it or go into any details, but just.

00:43:44 Syd Michael: Shy AT200K, pretty awesome. One deal.

00:43:49 Scott Hall: One deal so. Nuts.

00:43:57 Syd Michael: I told everybody it was big, but I didn’t tell anybody how big.

00:43:59 Scott Hall: So yeah, I shouldn’t have said it. I should have saved you guys. But I want to tell you, We always want to tell you. I mean, between Syd and I, we got the biggest mouse out there.

00:44:09 Syd Michael:You know what’s funny is, I mean, the deal took a little bit of work, but nothing abnormal from even a $20,000 credit, right? So they mean they’re out there. They’re out there. You just got to engage with people and you got to, you know, ask questions and be Columbo because there’s still deals everywhere. I’m still talking to people every week that they have no clue what ERTC is. That’s a fact.

00:44:38 Scott Hall: Yeah, it’s fascinating, really.

00:44:41 Syd Michael: Larry’s saying he’s wondering how big of a Church nonprofit.

00:44:43 Scott Hall: Well, I can tell you right now, Herb Rawlings has done churches from 100 to 500, a hundred to 600 that I can think of. Let me see if any are on the screen. I’m just looking at deals that finished in the last couple days.

00:44:57 Syd Michael: More churches this last year than the Pope has.

00:45:00 Scott Hall: He’s done a lot of help. Yeah, for sure. Let me see. I’ll tell you, I’m skimming for churches. Here’s a. Christchurch Preschool, 180 K Oops, that’s the whole business. Sorry. Here is a 52,000. Another preschool, A church school. Here I’m just skimming them. Here’s an A/C Company 468 K Well, here’s the other side of the coin. We always talk about big ones. This is one of the littlest I’ve ever seen $850. Yeah. What happened? I don’t know. One, one period. I should take a look at it. Here’s Lutheran Church 52,000. All right. I’m skimming. I’m skimming. Here is a Methodist Church, 37,000. And these are probably small churches. Here’s a faith center like a, just like a Christian like. Center not a church per se 92,000. The bigger churches are the ones that have schools. You guys, I’m just reading whatever. I see a Methodist churches, 81,000 to a Methodist churches.

00:46:21 Syd Michael: Are over the last like 3 weeks, 20,000 a few weeks ago?

00:46:26 Scott Hall: Yeah, I’m seeing a lot of big manufacturing, you guys north of 500,000 each.

00:46:38 Syd Michael: Yeah, we just hope they glass manufacturing plant out of Iowa. I saw that.

00:46:46 Scott Hall: Oh, here you go. Here’s a big church, Church of the Nazarene out in the West. Part of the US 678,100 and 9000 Church, Christian School, lawn care. This is interesting. I’d love to look at this one 446K. Just yeah, they’re all over the board. Another church, preschool, California Christian kind of school, 212K.

00:47:22 Syd Michael: Herb said his Glendale church had a school and daycare for 678K.

00:47:27 Scott Hall: Nice. OK, here’s a Baptist Church, 82 K. And I still remember the homeless nonprofit that Antoine helped was a giant one that was like 2,000,000 Church is nonprofit, you guys. It feels good doing right by him. I mean, I know Antoine really felt good about what he and his sub agent did with that one.

00:47:55 Syd Michael: It’s a little bit trickier working with nonprofits because they do have to vote sometimes, right? They have to get permission from the board and whatnot. So you do get put on ice. But if you stay consistent and you follow through, they can be some nice deals.

00:48:07 Scott Hall: 100% you guys. And you can even tie this church thing in with referrals.

00:48:16 Syd Michael: Yeah, Tommy was working on a big deal with that, remember.

00:48:19 Scott Hall: Yeah, I was. That’s right. Yeah, he was. I don’t know whatever happened with him, but I know he was. I don’t see what this is. Here’s I don’t know what kind of business this is, but this is a big one that just finished. This might be somebody on the calls. Let me see who it is. Hands-on. Oh, it’s a bathtub remodeling business, I think. Let me see who’s it is. See if it’s one of our group. Here it is.

00:48:55 Syd Michael: So basically, contractors. Yeah, similar to plumbing.

00:49:00 Scott Hall: Yeah, similar to plumbing, you know, But it’s they probably just have a lot of employees. Weird. It must have a different name, of course. I hate when this happens, you guys. The name on this little sheet doesn’t match. You know, when people have like a real name and a DBA name, sometimes it takes a few minutes to find them. I see. All right, hang on. I’m going to, I’m going to find this, you guys. It’s a big one.

00:49:30 Syd Michael: I well, I don’t want to pull it up because I’m sharing my screen. I guess I could pause it. Yeah, go ahead.

00:49:38 Scott Hall: It’s in closing, Okay, Here it is. It is Donald. Leith. Donald, you’re here, right? I thought it. Yeah, he’s here. Donald’s is one of yours. Donald, what does this company do? Am I wrong? Is it a like a bathtub-fixing kind of business or no?

00:49:58 Syd Michael: I could be.

00:49:58 Scott Hall: Completely wrong. But 29 employees and 38 another year. It’s a good one. We’ll get Donald to tell us what they do.

00:50:19 Syd Michael: Herb says you got a four business deal with three daycares and a construction company 1.8 million with $130,000 Commission.

00:50:27 Scott Hall: Yeah, that’s tick way to get Herb. Yeah, man, I love it, you guys. The American Legion and the Moose Lodge, Larry, we talked about this a few weeks ago. They’re too big. There’s 9000 Moose Lodges, and our Moose Lodge just became American Legion. What’s up with that? Really. Yeah. Hey, am I a member of the Moose too? Is that the one we joined one day Once?

00:50:49 Syd Michael: Yeah, we were. We were members in Palatka, down there with my uncle. My uncle. And he’s big. Into the Shriners and the Moose, yeah.

00:51:01 Scott Hall: Hey Donald. Donald, Donald said it is like a bathtub business. The owner also has a plumbing company. Interesting Okay. Yeah there’s some big ones you guys. I mean there are large deals coming. I’ve been signing off on a lot of the payments, like outside of the deals, right? I can tell you there’s been a lot of 30-40 and $50,000 payments. A lot. If it got to the point, I can’t believe I’m going to utter these words out, Loud said. It got to the point where I started getting numb to 20 and $30,000 payments. Like I didn’t like, I didn’t go, Oh my God, you know, usually I get excited, right? On the nonprofits. It can be a big name or a no name, Larry. So it could be the YMCA of some city because it’s typically separately done, same as goodwill. Or it could be a small you know, a local charity. Doesn’t matter. Yeah Larry, a lot of 30 to $50,000 pay payments to agents. So people on this call. Heck, Low, low, low. Smokers. One of them. He’s on the call. Cool. Yeah, Commercial construction. I’ve seen a bunch of those. It’s hard to tell because the names don’t always jump out at you.

00:52:42 Syd Michael: Brian I had an agent call, hit me, text me where I was helping him with a client the other day. He hit me up and he goes, dude, I made 100 grand. This year I thought, well, yeah, that’s, that’s nice. Especially the side hustle. And he goes, yeah, I do, but it’s not March. It’s not even March yet. This was like the last week of February. It’s like, well, I didn’t think about it in two months. That’s pretty nice.

00:53:04 Scott Hall: Right. You’re thinking about 12 months and he’s like.

00:53:08 Syd Michael: Yeah, I thought I was thinking this first time, you know, or something. I don’t know. Didn’t think it was in seven weeks for sure.

00:53:15 Scott Hall: No, I mean there’s some examples like that. It’s insane. I mean. I mean I’m looking at some of them. It used to be Syd and I got a really happy for five to $8000 deals and now I’m you know I’m seeing 30 and I mean just big numbers all the time, big numbers and it’s because you guys are laser focused in and a lot of international people I know Syd you’re Bjorn and Paul, Paul Baker, Paul Baker. They’ve done really good stuff internationally. Their top five, probably overall John V in Canada. He’s done a lot of stuff Crazy Sean.

00:53:59 Syd Michael: The main thing is you know is just to stay engaged and consistent. Consistency is the name of the game.

00:54:14 Scott Hall: Yeah, I know. Very cool, Okay. So to recap, so do you want to hit, hit the recap? A couple of people were asking just if you go over those big announcements, I think they came in late.

00:54:23 Syd Michael: Yep. So just a recap, all the customer service agreements starting today are going to be the fees to the client are going to be switched are we’re taking away the 25 with the deposit, and we’re discounting the deferred to 25%. So it’s only two options. It’s very simple, very sweet, very easy. You can either defer it, pay it on the back end for 25% or when you get your credit amount, you might want to consider paying upfront, depending on what your credit amount is. The good news is you don’t have to make a decision today. Yeah, I screw up everything. I’m the worst on that. Sorry, I felt like that was wrong. Yeah, leave it to Syd to mess up. Every time. That’s why. That’s why I had to become a good talker, because I sure as heck wasn’t a good writer. So, but yeah, 25% deferred, 18% upfront. Very, very simple. The good news is you’ll have to make a decision today. You can choose after we get your credit to you. It’s going to cost you nothing to get your credit but you. I do want you to sign this CSA to get the process moving quicker and faster. And therefore, once you get your credit, you can make an educated decision based on the actual facts of your credit to choose which way you want to do it. Either one pay on the back end, it’s only 25%, or if you want to save a substantial amount of money, it’ll drop all the way down to 18%, and you can pay the fee front at that time. Fair enough. Great. Are you sitting in front of a computer because I want to help you start getting your docs uploaded? Because that’s the one thing that cancels Process down is not getting all the docs in because nothing starts until they’re all submitted. Fair enough. Let’s go. All right, everybody understand what I’m talking about? Roger. Good. Nice. Any day, titos. Any day. I promise, man. I know, man.


00:56:32 Scott Hall: Trying Titos, It’s been a month. I don’t know what they’re waiting on there, but everything’s done. Other than the wait, I don’t have any information like Syd said other than that.

00:56:49 Syd Michael: Yeah, a lot of that stuff gets drug out sometimes, but anyways it is what it is. Does anybody have, did anybody have any objection or run into any issue in the last week that we can go over in the last four minutes? Let me help you. I had a deal. I closed for Derek yesterday where the lady sending all her documents did everything, even her CPA sending things, and then all of a sudden she ghosted. She ghosted and didn’t want to send in her driver’s license and a couple of just final documents. And what had happened was I guess she talked to another CPA friend of hers. Who tried to say, hey, we can, you know, we can, I’ll submit it for you for a set fee or a lesser percentage. And so I got on the phone, I proactively got on the phone and I said, man you know by all means I want you to save money. I want you to get the best deal. But let me explain to you exactly what they’re doing and what we’re doing, so you can then make the best decision and moving forward. Right. And I know y’all have heard it in the past, but I’ll go over it again real quick. You know other companies that are claiming they can get your, you know, get your ERTC in two days. What they’re talking about is the credit amount. They’re getting a credit amount in two days. Well, how do you think they’re doing that? They’re doing it by loss of revenue only. They’re using a software, not even a CPA’s and they’re asking the client to sign off on their calculations to their 940 ones. It’s the perfect business for them. They can get in, do anything. They can even make up the numbers and get out and have no accountability. That is not what we do. That is not what we do. We actually do complex ERTC submissions. We calculate lost revenue, but we also calculate limited commerce, and we use a legal side such as social distancing, supply chain issues and or government mandated shutdown. So there’s many, many, many more quarters that you can qualify for. It just did a deal last week or a few weeks ago. They got calculated a $50,000 credit. When we redid their paperwork, we found out that there were other quarters that the seat, their ordinary CPA could not qualify them for it that we could, and they got $390,000 through us. Now, here’s the good news. We’re not. We’re not pushing the deal. We’re just maximizing the offer that’s laid before us. And you can do it once. You can’t do it twice. So make sure you do it right the first time. Are you sitting in front of your computer? Because the one thing that will slow down is if it takes us a long time to get your paperwork uploaded. I want to sit with you and help you upload it now. Is that fair enough, Sir? Thank you. Right. Everybody good with that? Joseph says he’s asked for referrals. Someone will say wait till they get the refund. Yeah, no problem. You know, that’s fine. Whatever. All right. Thank you. Well, good. Hey, 1159, with respect to all your time, do you know if any other competitors are doing legal opinion letters? Maybe I don’t know which ones, but maybe I would say 95% of your competition is doing strictly lost revenue only. That’s it. That’s it. They’re not doing anything more than that because it gets expensive when it gets past that it’s easier just to be cheap and and and you know they don’t care what they don’t have a purpose you know we have a mission and a purpose here to help as many people as we thought you can we actually talk about in the meetings we calculate how many businesses we help times 4 you know 2.2 kids or whatever and it really how many people are we lives who are affecting. By doing this, they don’t care that they just gave somebody 50 grand and basically robbed them out of 340,000 of it. They don’t care. They just want quick, easy, fast cash grab. And it’s a short way to live. But teach his own, not me. All right, Okay, rock’n’roll, everybody. Thank you so much. I’ll see you next Wednesday. Rock’n’roll. See you, everybody.