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Businesses have until April 15, 2024, to file amended returns for Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2020, and until April 15, 2025, to file amended returns for the quarters in 2021 in which they were eligible to claim the ERC.

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions May 10, 2023

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions May 10, 2023

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)
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00:00:50 Syd Michael: What’s going on? I was just talking to a muted Mike. Oh, how’s everybody doing? All right, man. I tell you, Uncle Syd’s had a good week. It’s a good week. I want to share it with you. I’m not bragging. I just want to share it with y’all because it proves something that I truly believe. Christy, let’s just make the deal. Get me on the phone. I’ll support whatever you do anyway. So. But if you need me to help you, you know I’m here. The market’s recovering nicely, right. We have a little bit of a dip there for a little bit. You know I’m kind of big on the. On some crypto stuff. So a little bit of fun earlier in the week where they said finance halted Bitcoin withdrawals which caused Bitcoin to go down a little bit. I’m in a bunch of minor stocks, took a shot at some option contracts. I was up like 28%, didn’t sell them. It went down yesterday. So I was like man, what do I do? So I doubled down picked up another 100 contracts and today. Syd was right. Uncle Syd did the right move. I’m a genius today. Yesterday I was a schmuck, but it was awesome. So good day. I had a nice little session in Blackjack last night. I got a friend coming in from out of town. We got 5th Rd. tickets. They’re the Gypsy Kings for tomorrow night. So it’s a good week. But the reason why I bring all this up, it’s not to brag.

00:02:38 Syd Michael: Not to brag, because trust me, there’s down weeks and there’s up weeks, right? It’s about momentum, right? Momentum wins football games. Momentum wins the sales game. Oh, on top of that, just sort of, Well, I guess we got a group. We’ve already shared it. But some other good things have happened, too. It’s a lot about momentum, Scott. You know what I’m talking about. This week’s a good week, right? So. Like I said, you know, even when I’m watching some football games, I’ll bet on the team with the momentum over the better, better team any day of the week. Momentum is unstoppable. And let me tell you something, I’m looking at the data, right? I’m watching the lead count. I’m watching. The flow, right. I’m watching how much our AE’s are doing every week and our momentum is peaking right now. It’s awesome. Like I know, I know the deals probably aren’t coming as easy as they did six months ago. But the quality of deals stronger now than they’ve ever been. And here’s why. I think it’s because I think a lot of people have been told some disinformation by a lot of other ERTC submission companies out there that are that have poorly trained their agents and have not given them correct information. A lot of people are some of y’all might have seen the Facebook ads where people are claiming they can get your ERTC in two days.

00:04:29 Syd Michael: They’re talking about, actually, I went through the funnel just to kind of, you know, see what it is they’re talking about. They’ll get your credit in two days. Now, if you can get a credit in two days, what do you think they’re using? They just told on themselves, what do you think they’re using? If they can get a credit in two days, That’s right, you’re dead right, Bill. They’re using software. They just told on themselves they’re using software and they’re doing income loss only. Right. So when somebody brings that up, don’t be afraid. Lean into it and educate them. Let them know that’s a company that’s using, you know, overseas software. Not only that, chances are if they’re using the software, they don’t have a CPA and they’re going to ask you to sign off on your 940 ones. Now that alone is awful. Like you almost pity the person that that follows through with that because they’ve not been. Obviously, properly educated about it or they wouldn’t have made that sound decision. So right now, more than ever, it’s really, truly a chance to not only help people get their credits, to help people get the right thing. It reminds me that some of y’all maybe know or not. You know, many years ago I worked with a guy. His name was Walter and we handicapped football games right. There was a movie actually that came out where Al Pacino played them right. I worked with that guy in South Florida and it was funny because I can’t tell you how many times I would talk to somebody and they would be on one side of the of a game right. Typically where the public is all where 80% is met in you know Tennessee for instance and.

00:06:25 Syd Michael: I would talk them out of their game and switch them to the other side and we would win and when those wins were better than any other win. When you talk somebody to completely turn to the other side, however, there was a little thing called data that they probably weren’t as educated as I was and anytime just so you know some of y’all will use this some of you want anytime the public is lopsided on a game. Guess who’s wrong 78% of the time? That’s right, the public. So anytime you see the public all lean in one way but against them. That’s why Vegas has chandeliers. That’s why they have really nice hotels and the wind has Goldwater fountains. Because they know the public is wrong, right? Anyways, not to go off on a tangent, but. I wanted to share that with everybody. I see some people just showed up to the call. Who I got with me. I got some support staff now. Nicole. Vanessa, what’s going on? Hey, Syd, what’s going on?

00:07:30 Syd Michael: How you doing? Hey, so super excited. Nicole’s going to be in Vegas with Syd coming up for the NIADA what, in June, right, Nicole?

00:07:42 Nicole Heard: Yep, it’s going to be mid June all. All right. You gonna come ready.

00:07:49 Syd Michael: You ready to do Vegas with Uncle Syd?

00:07:52 Nicole Heard: Absolutely, I gotta find a store and some variable first.

00:07:57 Syd Michael: That’s right, you can be shouted by a bunch of car guys in Vegas with Uncle Syd. That sounds like a vacation package right there.

00:08:04 Nicole Heard: It does.

00:08:08 Syd Michael: That’s awesome, Patrick says Syd. Can you explain how others make clients sign off on the 941s versus what our team does well, we have CPA’s that signs off on your 941s. Think of this right. It’s called and I can’t pronounce the word, so you’re going to notice that I avoid it client expectation or whatever where they sign off on their 941s, meaning they do the calculations, they give their client the 941s, they sign off on it and they submit them. So you’re that means they’re submitting they’re signing off on that company’s calculations and putting their name on the dotted line for being responsible for it, right. You don’t want to do that. You want a certified CPA to sign off on your 941s. So he or she takes all the responsibility of it plus their license for it. And hence why you can offer like we offer audit protection. It’s because we have certified public accountants signing off on their 941s. They’re protected because that accountant has to stand behind his numbers or that’s why they get license. Does that make sense? Hey, Guy. What’s up, buddy? Welcome to being a platinum agent Guy. Congratulations, Patrick. Does that make sense? If everybody understands what I’m saying, give me a Roger that if you understand exactly what I’m saying about getting a CPA to sign off on your 941s. Roger. All right, cool. So let me scroll up. I see another question here.

00:09:46 Syd Michael: Tom, do you have any updated information on returns from them versus us that number moves so much? Tom, I know when we calculated it at that time, I remember 7200. But that just to tell you don’t I would be careful quoting that because that number moves it was around that time but that number moves a bunch. So I would be very careful on a quoting that. However, I can guarantee you that we maximize their return we’re not goosing it, we’re not pushing the edge, we’re not flying close to the sun, we’re maximizing the program but we’re also using limited commerce legal. And other reasons other than just loss in revenue, which makes it where they can qualify for additional quarters, realize these people that are doing loss in revenue probably are only qualifying for one or two quarters, right. So there’s another four quarters out there that they can qualify for. So if you could just if there’s ways to get them to qualify for even just two of the four more quarters, you could double their rebate. If you got them all six, you could triple the rebate. Make sense? Does that make sense? All right. Awesome. What kind of, Herb. Herb sent me a novel. Let me read it real quick. Hold on. Could you go more into detail of no income dropways deals are getting funded. Yes, Rick. Social distancing, Supply chain issues.

00:11:39 Syd Michael: Social distancing, supply chain issues and government mandated shutdowns. Those are the three main ways. What would you say to the office manager? The following situations calculations are completed and all decks have been signed. The only thing left is wire her payment, but she is now nervous about sending $50,000 payment before having received anything in writing. About what their credit is? Well, how does she know that her payment is $50,000 if she doesn’t know what her credit is her? I don’t understand how you came up with what her upfront payment is without knowing what her credit is.

00:12:31 Vanessa Roberts: Her issue isn’t that she doesn’t know. She doesn’t like just being told. We’ve been talking with Herb about it in the Platinum Agents channel. She wants to see the calculation. Herb, sorry, this isn’t really something we can talk about and clear up on the call for everybody. It’s more account specific, but it goes to once all of the work is done and we’re delivering the great news, the Congrats call team, we’ve done over 2000 and you know 1998. Of them were excited and had no problem completing the.

00:13:09 Syd Michael: Well, I’ll tell you, let me find out if this is it her. Some people are wanting to see our homework and the accountant’s just not going to give that up until he’s been paid. They’re not going to do that. They’ll give parameters of how they qualified them, but they’re not going to give up their all their homework and I don’t blame them. Because people there’s a lot of people out there with intentions of taking advantage our game in the system.

00:13:34 Vanessa Roberts: Yeah, that’s the service that they’re paying for with that information. And I explained this to her in the Platinum Agents channel. They could steal it. I mean, not accusing this woman of wanting to do that, but that’s why like that is the entirety of the purchase that this transaction is for. This is the service that is being rendered.

00:13:57 Syd Michael: Give a couple of platinum agent you got to do over 10 deals and I to be honestly I don’t remember what all the perks are I would go through them but I don’t remember exactly Vanessa do you know some of them I don’t even I had to get through a slack channel where they could talk with us direct and.

00:14:14 Vanessa Roberts: Yep, Where the support team and the commission’s team works and the closing team work with them in the slack channel. We are working on getting them dedicated AE’s so that all of their deals go to one AE. And we’re working on getting them the ability to leave notes in the portal for that AE to be able to communicate in a bidirectional manner on that comments field that currently is only for the AE to, I’m sorry, yeah, for the AE to leave comments and notes about what they’re doing, we’re opening up A for platinum agents of a bidirectional communication method.

00:14:58 Syd Michael: OK, Patty, I promise you the AES are calling your client. It’s funny like some people have asked, you know, like contacted me directly and said, hey, you know, I’m worried that AES, I called my client and now most of the people have done that are like, hey, can you tell the AE to quit calling me? They’re on it. Yes, absolutely. And yeah, that’s what we’re doing. We got to make sure that, you know it is more than just saying we’re going to assign it. We have to set it up in humpspot and all kinds of stuff and we’re doing a lot and track the data right now. So yeah, we’re going to get that done ASAP. Yeah. I’ll tell you what I’ve dealt with. I can only talk about what I’ve dealt with, right? I mean, I can’t talk about hypothetical situations, but this past week I’ve had two different people who refused to give us their driver’s license. You said they’re not going to do it. One guy said 20 grand ain’t worth it. I’m not going to give you a picture of. Of my face on an ID. I’m like, man, it doesn’t. I was thinking, what does this guy have? A DUI maybe? Maybe he lost his license for child support? Like there’s got to be another reason. Like, I can’t believe the guy would stop over just a driver’s license, right? For whatever reason, they drew a line in the sand and said I’m not sending my driver’s license. Ain’t going to do it but one. I was able to finally get him to see it our way. The other one.

00:16:53 Syd Michael: You know, they didn’t. He just said, no. To me, like normally the issue ain’t what is. If it doesn’t make sense, you’re not getting the whole story right. So that’s kind of the way I feel about it. But I’m going to figure it out. I’m going to figure out why people would be so hard on not giving driver’s license. And guess what you pay upfront. You don’t have to give your driver’s license. You don’t have to give your driver’s license if you got to use the lock box. They’re the ones that want to verify. The driver’s license. And I don’t know why anybody would want to let a company do it, ERTC. Submission without verifying you are who you are anyway, right? But yeah, I’m very familiar with identity theft also, especially in the car business. It’s rampant right now. But I also know like, if somebody wants your credit card information, it’s not if. It’s when. Whether they have your driver’s license or not, it’s out there. They can get it. I mean, there’s people, they want your American Express Platinum. They can go after exactly that and get it. That’s a fact. Doug says I’m trying to buy a new car right now. It’s challenging. Doug, I can always help you with that and it is challenging. Let’s help Brian on some stuff. And I helped another lady. Yeah, it is challenging, you know, if you ever want to learn. How to sell a car, go buy one. You’ll learn exactly what not to do right. Very challenging. It’s real challenging when they say it’s 5 grand over sticker and either take it or leave it. You know what I mean? Just like with negotiating with a customer you got to find a little bit of motion like their wife loves the car or something like that. But same thing with a dealership. They got to really want to sell the car. It’s hard to.

00:18:51 Syd Michael: To get it. How do they get your credit card numbers? It’s on the dark web, man. It’s out there. Trust me. There’s people. People stealing that kind of stuff all the time. We just had a guy here at work, one of the AE’s got rocked for three grand where they scanned his stuff at a gas station. Every time I’ve been on a cruise, every time I’ve been on a cruise and used a bank card or a credit card, it’s gotten it’s gotten rocked. Now. You always get your money back. But. Now like after it happening to us twice, it happened to me and Brian once, but dude, I do a prepaid Walmart card when I go on cruises. Now go ahead and load up. It keeps me in budget. They can do whatever they want with it. You know if they get it, they only can get me for so much. So it’s just the way you got to do it. Thomas said he just had 1700 stolen from his bank via gas station swipe. Yeah, they’re putting those scanners on the front of the. Then they lay over the top of the scanner where it steals your card. It’s horrible, but, you know, desperate people do desperate things, you know. Last night, I’ll tell you this, I was sitting there at a blackjack table and I watched the guy try and pass counterfeit. He wasn’t even good counterfeit. It said, for movie purposes only on the money. But the guy was so obvious, I thought they were going to tackle him. They didn’t. They actually were nice to the guy. And when he left, I looked at the pit balls. I got dude. You want my assessment on that? And he’s like, what? I was like that dude was guilty. I could tell by the way he was acted. Yeah. Bizarre. There. The guy buys in for 400 bucks with $100 worth of counterfeit. Like he’s going through all that work for $100. Think of an effort he went through to try and steal $100 from somebody. You know what I mean? Like.

00:20:44 Syd Michael: You could have took even a piece of that effort and went and, you know, focused on doing some legit business and you can make 10 times as much money. You know what I mean? It’s a shame. It’s where people are, are broke. Their wiring’s broke, if you ask me. Yeah, all good. So, yeah, I’m with you dog, way too much work. So now that we know we have the momentum. Let’s lean into it a little bit. What kind of like subject lines are Google Adwords or even e-mail subject lines do you think would really attract the current? Potential ERTC client, because it’s changed a little bit. Let’s think about it. In the past you could say, hey, I can recover up to $26,000 per W2 employee, right? That was a great tagline and a lot of people used it and it worked. But now it’s a little different, and I got to be honest the way it is, the way my mind works. I wouldn’t say 26,000, nothing anywhere. And the reason why is I think a lot of people have now heard of the RTC. They’re least aware of it. And when they hear 26,000, they immediately group you into anybody else they’ve spoken to about the RTC. So then all of a sudden you become whoever they just dealt with.

00:22:37 Syd Michael: Who we already know, the majority of them are uneducated and improperly disclosing and talking about it in the 1st place. What I think is more attractive, what I think a lot of people is, have you been turned down by ERTC, right, Because a lot of people have been turned down because they were told that they didn’t lose revenue. Yeah, they’re they’re bona fide deals. HVAC companies, car dealers, a lot of that stuff, right. So have you been turned down for the RTC? That’s leaning into what’s most likely happened, right. So change your wording up a little bit and think of where the customers at. Does that make sense, Everybody with me. Just curious, anyone tried to do paid TikTok? Yes, I know even some of our AE’s have some Tiktoks. They’ve done TikTok. You got to advertise a little different. Just so you know, TikTok’s not really a professionally produced type video is not going to be effective. You almost kind of got to do a spoof comical video to go viral on TikTok. You said the best e-mail tool they are using. I know most people are using instant reply that there’s hundreds of other tools. I couldn’t even tell you just being asked that in the group there. There’ll be plenty of people that’ll chime in. I will say this I know Paul Baker and Bozorne Clawson are crushing it with cold e-mail. So I mean I’m not saying waste their time or.

00:24:28 Syd Michael: You know, get all in their DM’s, but if you can get them to talk anything about how they’re doing it, they’re on point. They’re averaging between 250 to 300 submissions a month right now paying to go live on what Doug, are you talking about TikTok or on Facebook TikTok. He’s saying that they actually have a where you can go live with the shopping cart button or whatever button on the live. Yeah, that’s cool. You know, Craig, we cannot give out that information. It’s privacy, man. I don’t see. We’re giving them a list of every company they’ve ever done. An opinion letter would give any more credibility than you just stating that you can do opinion letters. I don’t think that really creates credibility, just to be honest with you, man. Joseph, What’s up, buddy? Good to see you. I had a car dealer say that their PEO won’t send them the paperwork they need. Well, I’ve seen that happen. I’ve seen that happen. It’s like a hostage negotiation. Yeah, Okay. So TikTok is the 1000 followers. It’s just like YouTube. Yeah. I opened my TikTok account like the first week it came out, and before it was even like three years before it was even popular, I uploaded the video of me walking through New Orleans down there. I was just like, playing with it. I had no idea what TikTok was even about. It’s definitely taking a life of its own.

00:26:45 Syd Michael: I mean I get it like, you know in the past we’ve talked about like this profiles where you got socializers, dominant directors, rationalizers and thinkers. Craig, you and I know and is very much a rationalizer. Y’all like to see things in writing, right. You like to sit down and read about it where a sales guy like me, a socializer complete opposite. Like, but I get it. I get why you are attracted to that kind of stuff because there’s a lot of people that are. A lot of people are both ways. But yeah, I’m definitely not the guy to go create you a bunch of literature. I don’t know what all we have in the members area but I know we got a bunch. But I’m just, I would not be good at it. They’ll be grammatical errors and all kinds of stuff. You’d be embarrassed even share it. Probably just keeping it real. Staying in my lane. I don’t know. I think maybe out of laziness, it’s just easier to talk people into things than to sit there and write a bunch of stuff for them. For me, since I guess that’s why I took that path, I’m not really sure. Walter what’s up buddy. Bush, Warren Clawson and Paul Baker both are doing very well. And then you know with I’ll tell you what else has been super effective is Scott Hall with LinkedIn has done very well. And I think if I’m not mistaken I’m not see if you’re on the call is Bud Clark on the call We got Bud going to share some stuff I’m supposed to be getting you scheduled up by the way. So I’ll be reaching out.

00:28:37 Syd Michael: Then I don’t see him on here, but Bud Clark on the call. Bud’s going to be sharing some stuff that he’s doing. We’ll share that in the next week or two. How many people are getting the leads from Bill McIntosh? I had dinner with him the other night. I’ve heard a lot of good things about his leads, actually, especially the second go around. Supposedly a lot better. Anybody got any input on that? Kristy, what issue did you have? Because I remember us talking about that. Some people I talked to said they talked about like they averaged about 14 to 15 W twos. Stay away from Guam. Got you. So they were picking up some deals. I got you. Craig said his average about 8 W2s okay and said she had one in Guam also. Wow. So he was hitting Guam, huh? Doug says a lot of people having success using his data, but that’s good news. Always like to see Doug win. Walter, Scott Hall definitely is on top of the LinkedIn game. I know this. I know when our for whatever reason and you know, listen, it’s beyond my jurisdiction. But for whatever reason our AE’s, the kicksie doesn’t allow them to dial Guam. So they have to do everything by e-mail. Not that that slows them down, but you know I like to have multiple ways to contact people.

00:30:58 Syd Michael: Yeah. OK. Patty and I know speed to lead is very important with a lot of his stuff, Northern Marina Islands. Wow, that’s it in the unique area. So, yeah, the average between 7 and 10. Well, I mean, that pays for itself. You know, everybody I’ve talked to, if they had any issues with the leads, he made them right, He made them right quickly, which is important for me, you know? All right, cool. Good news. All right. Good feedback. Yeah. Which I said they’re making. They’re good about making it, right? As you said, yeah, that’s good. That’s everything to me. I don’t know. I know he’s been around. I know he has been around for a long time. But he’s a super nice guy and he’s very personable. And you know, you can tell the guys that have true empathy and truly want to like help others. And Bill definitely is that guy. And you know, that’s the way I measure them. You know, I don’t, you know, Brian’s worked with a lot of these big marketers and that’s kind of where they, I measure them up, right. I like the guys who are girls who are out there who are legitimately generally enjoy like helping others break down walls. You know what I mean? That is important to me because some of them, I’m going to tell you right now, some of them are straight up sociopaths.

00:33:09 Syd Michael: They no heart. You know, they have no heart. And that’s a bad place to be. But anyways, Bill’s a good dude. We took them to Charlie’s, which if you ever get to Tampa, man, it’s good food. You got to try Charlie’s. It’s amazing. They’re actually known for their cauliflower, right? I know you. You think that sounds funny? You never think. I don’t strike you as a guy that would really be ordering the cauliflower, but when you go to Charlie’s, you order the cauliflower. It’s delicious. Anyways, we’re talking about doing another event. I can’t tell you the exact dates, but I’m excited about that. I love seeing all of y’all when y’all can come in town, especially the platinum agents and everybody else. But I love putting faces with names. Super important. Do we have errors and admission insurance? Absolutely. James Pace, have you ever read our agreement? You’ll love it. It’s BBQ cauliflower and you’re exactly the right original. You’re familiar with what I’m talking about. Then Thomas says. Well, Thomas, we need to figure out what the deal is on that because I’m not seeing one deal take. There’s an issue then. There’s a problem because I’ve not seen anybody that’s never happened. Are you out of the country are you not on every okay? All right. Well that’s a little bit of the slow up just so you know on there have you got your banking information in there correctly. I got to be honest. I’m just going to tie you what I know.

00:35:06 Syd Michael: Every single issue that’s taken over people getting paid within 14 days of it coming in has been user error on their banking info. But I can tell you this like straight up like Brian’s, like hot potato. Well if you can do PayPal then. That the easiest. You don’t want to do PayPal, you don’t want to do that. And I know they’ve paid a lot of people paying here. Do you not want to use those two systems? The reason why I asked is if they’re trying to pay you on two different systems and you’re refusing to use those two systems, can’t really complain that it’s taking a little bit longer to pay you because you’re not accepting the way they’re trying to pay you, You know, and I know there’s fees on those, but that’s. More of the reason to buy Bitcoin. He did. He had an issue with his own personal PayPal after 20 years. But we, you know, we have a back door. Ok, I know PayPal works a lot better than Payoneer. Payoneer is like rolling the dice. Antoine, good to see you on the call, man. How you been doing buddy? It’s been a while. We need to talk. I was meaning to check in with you. I just get busy. Awesome, man. You know, just off the record, like being personal with you guys. Like it’s never like Brian’s great about paying. Like he pays faster than anybody I know. Like sometimes he pays me on things that I don’t even realize what they are because I didn’t think that you I’d already get paid on, you know what I mean? So as a person, as a dude.

00:37:14 Syd Michael: You know, completely outside of this guy would never sit on your money, ever. He pays quick. He’s like hot potato when it comes to that stuff. He wants it off the books as fast as possible. You know. He don’t like to get blindsided and he knows anytime, you know, anytime your money gets played with, First off he knows what it’s like to get his money played with because. Of the business he’s been in. But secondly, you know, it makes you feel some kind of way. So he’d never, want to purposely do that to somebody because it bums you out, you know what I mean? And our business doesn’t work good with if you create a bunch of enemies instead of, you know, supporters, right? So he knows the damage of that. So if there’s ever a reason that your Commission is slow paid or something like that. Make sure your banking info is right and correct because it’s never him not trying and I’m just telling you everybody that straight up. OK, cool. All right when Nicole’s on the call. So Nicole, will you make sure Thomas gets taken care of please. I appreciate.

00:38:18 Nicole Heard: I just called our new AP personnel over to my desk right now.

00:38:25 Syd Michael: See, we’re always watching. Oh man, I don’t know buddy. It’s probably going to be. I’m just going to tell you that because I know how they work. If they split their payment into three parts, it’s not going to be off the first thing, It’s going to be after the deal is completed because they don’t want loose ends once it’s completed, then they’ll pay the Commission afterwards. That’s my best. That’s what I’ve witnessed, but. You know, they might surprise us, but that’s what I would expect. That’s what I expect. Awesome. All right. So listen, we got the momentum behind us, right? We got explain errors and emissions. It’s an insurance. If there’s any errors or anything it’s an interest policy. Google it, John, don’t make me do that because all I would do is Google it and repeat it to you. There is an admissions, it’s an insurance in any business that’s doing any sort of financial type business should always have it.

00:39:39 Nicole Heard: I can help you out, said. Just coming from mortgage errors and admissions means that you given the company permission after the deal has closed to come to fix any errors that may have been. Put input during the deal process or anything that was omitted, but also the insurance covers us. If the client inputs false information and it gets found out later and there’s an issue like in our business, stay with the IRS that covers us because it is. Stated in our contract that they have to, they are stating that they are supplying us with true and correct information and if they do not, then they are responsible for the consequences of that action, not our company.

00:40:27 Syd Michael: There you go. That’s what it is and it’s omissions. It’s not admission, It’s omission. Right there is an omission. It’s what it is in the.

00:40:35 Nicole Heard: Yeah, it’s omissions.

00:40:38 Syd Michael: Yeah. Awesome. All right.

00:40:56 Nicole Heard: Hey Syd can I say something real quick? This is going to answer a couple of people’s questions. So we have had a change in our accounts payable department because we lost a person because the work wasn’t getting done and so the person that has taken over. In that position is now working on payroll. There are a lot of tickets out there that haven’t been answered. They will be next on the list. We want to make sure first that all the agents need that are getting paid for this pay cycle get paid and then those agents that have tickets in for anything that may have happened prior to her starting. We’re going to start tackling those too. So she Tasha has my help. She has Vanessa’s help. We’ll get them answered as quickly as possible. It’s about 30 something odd tickets in there, but they’re just not sitting there being forgotten about. We just can’t get to them until payroll’s done.

00:41:58 Syd Michael: Let me paint the picture and explain what it’s like if you walk by Nicole’s office. You ever seen a Barber who’s sharpening his razor on a little leather strap? You walk by Nicole’s office. You’ll see her in there sharpening her razor. She don’t play. And when anybody up there in starts to slip, the soldier goes down. She’s strictly by the book, like, you know what you get. If she says it’s £100, write £100.00 on it. If it’s going to rain chicken soup, grab a bowl. Nicole’s going to it’s going to rain chicken soup. So knowing she’s on top of it means everything, right? So just be patient. I know a lot of people have questions. And some people wanted to do stuff. Realize it takes like physical research to research your deals and sometimes it does take a little bit of time. But just be patient. Promise you got a whole team of people in two different states that are all supporting you all behind you, all want to see you absolutely crush it. So you know keep a good positive mind mindset, right. Thomas said he’ll never upset Nicole now. Good, because she’s over there. She’s one of them straight razors too. Not even a like a safety guard on it. I’m talking about one of those Inkster razors. All right. Any last questions Anybody have any issues with clients they’re trying to rebuttal, I can help you with a rebuttal. If not, listen, with the momentum as strong as it is right now, with everything really flowing, as easy as it is right now with the weak kicking tail.

00:43:40 Syd Michael: Everything. We’re covering everything up. Everything’s moving forward. I want us to get to work because we do have a limited time and every day we lose a day of eligibility, right? And we really have been fortunate to have this opportunity put in front of us. And I hope everybody wakes up every morning and is grateful for the blessing that we’ve had here because that’s exactly what it is. That’s a fact. So. Where are we with the quarters dropping off? Well, 2020 is going to start dropping off in April of 2024. So you still got plenty of time, but not much time. Depends on how you look at it. Depends on how you look at it. I agree. All right, Awesome. Thank you, everybody. Hey, I appreciate you. See you next Wednesday. I always enjoy my Wednesdays the most. I love helping and talking with all of you. And then let’s rock it, man. All right. Thank you so much, Nicole. Hey, thank you so much. I appreciate everybody. Thank you.

00:44:52 Nicole Heard: Thank you too Syd. Y’all, have a good day.

00:44:55 Syd Michael: Yes, ma’am.