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Businesses have until April 15, 2024, to file amended returns for Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2020, and until April 15, 2025, to file amended returns for the quarters in 2021 in which they were eligible to claim the ERC.

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions May 17, 2023

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions May 17, 2023

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)
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00:01:21 Syd Michael: We’re muted the whole time. We’ve been talking to her the entire time. Hey, welcome Guy Bergstrom. Yeah, I had it. Hey, what’s going on? Everybody good to see you. Yeah, Bill on the line. We got Bill from Orange County, California. That’s right, Bud Clark. We got Guy Burson, the recently new to the Platinum family. Thank you guys. Say, if we could say the same things for when we were muted, we did say that multiple times. We were muted. Donald, Good to see you, Thomas. Hey, pal. Yep. We’re live here. You can see I got Brian and I we got a special guest with us that you’re all going to meet. Jeff Yos on the call. Man. I tell you, I’m I don’t use the tag at everyone very often but if I want Jeff yo on the call I tag everyone. So that’s how we do it. Doug Starks, good to see you buddy. Hey, we got some exciting news. Obviously we’re calling you here from Tampa. We got Brian with us. We want to we’ve got a huge celebration today. You saw the post that I put in there and good seeing you and.

00:02:37 Brian Anderson: So and with and with the monster. OK, so let’s do this monster check for Anne last week, Friday, last week. So Congrats to you and guys, we want to start this off. We’re going to have an amazing guest today. But before we do, we’re going to start with something that you guys are going to get excited about. And I bet everybody we have a lot of people in the room. Hey, if you’re in the room, give it up. All right, awesome. So if we step back, will they be, how will it work? Maximize your camera, let me move this down and I can maximize that. There we go. Now I can at least see if we’re in the frame. All right. Steve, will you help us? Yes, of course, you guys. So I’m excited. I don’t know if I’m in the frame or not, but I’m excited to do something. We all, you guys always ask who has the biggest deal, right? This is what the other agents want to know who has the biggest deal. Just like in here, we want to know how many deals, right? Well, there’s a new big dog in town. That’s right. It’s fair to say there’s a new leader. So I’m excited to have what I’m excited to have. Norma here with us. Norma Hutchinson is the new absolute numero Uno, number one top agent, single deal agent. So let me quantify what that means. Steve, walk it out, man. We want to present to Norma. Look at this number. No, child. Yeah, I’m. You guys, that’s amazing. 100 and I can’t read Steve’s handwriting, $71,143.60. That was one deal. Nor was it upfront or deferred. Deferred. Oh, wait a minute. For everybody. That was a deferred deal. Did it take it a year? 5 1/2 months, Five months for all you. OK, all right, I’m gonna. I’m going to jump in you guys. I’m going to look at the questions and we’re going to tee them up for Syd and for Norma. Hang on, man. PC’s questions to the right. This one. There we go. All right. Awesome. Was that a check or what, everybody, first of all, So yeah, it’s five feet. I don’t. Do you remember what size it was? Size is gigantic. And perhaps to her, how much did the client get? It was 2 point. I don’t remember the number, Larry. Two point something $1,000,000 to the customer. Single deal, multiple locations. It was deferred. Do we know who worked on it? Leagues. Does anybody remember big leagues? I closed a $1.7 million deal. Steven PH is looking to represent who worked on big leagues. Anybody in here or no? Was it or was it yet? Well, I know who messed it up, but I was curious who worked on it. No, it wasn’t Terrell though. Terrell didn’t mess it up. Charles whispering a name of somebody. What what kind of business was it that you had? So we had adversity with this client, right? We got through it. But on a serious note, the niche, I’m gonna turn it over to Norma. Let me aim at Norma. All right, Norma, you are on. They don’t see these boxes, so our faces aren’t really blocked.

00:06:11 Norma Hutchinson: So it was a sports franchise. They had like 12 locations and like a top golf kind of thing. Or it was baseball, baseball, but like sports stadiums. So a lot of the younger players would feel like they’re in the big leagues. And How I Met this field agent is through LinkedIn. He contacted me and said, we’re looking at different ERC companies, you know what makes you better than them? And I said, well, I’ve known Brian for a long time. I trust him. I said our customer service is unmatchable and I just said you got to trust us and he did and..

00:06:47 Brian Anderson: So, you had a sub agent, a field agent that worked with you. He had a relationship with the client. He was able to bring it you and him together, got it to the table. I know Syd worked on it. I worked on it. We had an AE that’s no longer here work on it. Several people in the closing team were very helpful. I mean it. It was a team effort. You guys multiple $1,000,000 and guy deferred the whole thing. I gave the guy every chance, even allowing him to pay. Get the upfront price for I’ll give you 30 days. I wanted to make it a win for this guy and he said, yeah, Brian, I’ll do it. Did he ever do it? No. So how much more money did you get because it deferred, do you know? 30,000? 30,000 more to Norma. Because of that and another tax year. I was glad I didn’t have to pay taxes last year. Guy, goes, Oh my God, I missed everything. I just now can hear Syd. So Guy, first of all we welcomed you to the call 1-2 we have our special guest Norma and three. The answer is 171,000 and change. So $171,000. One deal. Couple. OK. 12 locations. Out West is really big and you ready for this? That was only 21. In 20 they had too many employees. It was like 3 1/2 million. Norma doesn’t even want to know what her check would have been. She slightly missed it by the employee cap. There’s another 50-60 thousand. It was obscene. So. We couldn’t be any more excited. Somebody said, is Norma buying the meal and drinks tonight? No, but I’m going to take Norma and Syd and some of the guys out tonight. So one thing interesting that told me you had somebody originally when you first started the ERTC try to recruit you work with them.

00:08:42 Syd Michael: And tell them the difference between what they offered you and what your Commission was.

00:08:51 Norma Hutchinson: So this other company said, you know we want you to join us, and when I figured out what my Commission would have been with that company. Versus what I just made, I would have lost $60,000. So actually one, you know, so it’s a big difference. Huge. So I thought that was pretty, pretty cool information. Yeah, let’s see.

00:09:09 Brian Anderson: Doug Starks, I love it. You guys think outside the box. We’ve never done a webinar where we talked about sports franchises that I know of. Think about that number one deal. You know what the number two deal was? Charity, Nonprofit. We talk about those. Some shout out to Antoine if you’ve gone here. Antoine Daniels, without helping the homeless shelter in California. Guys, the opportunities are so immense. But we wanted, we have some of the team here in the room. We just wanted one last time before we kind of go back to our normal. Let’s just give Norma a really big shoutout. Anything that we can say that the check doesn’t say, so that’s it. Everybody’s clapping and yelling on the call. Shout out to all you guys. Thank you so much. So what we’ll do is turn it back over to Syd, and I’ll take it back. You’ll take it back over. You guys, thank you for coming in. Thank you for cheering for her. Let’s sneak out of here real quick before everybody. He comes in behind us. This is how you get to my office.

00:10:33 Syd Michael: We sneak in right here. All right. So tell me That wasn’t awesome, man. I love seeing my friends and and and all of you have success. It means a lot, right? It means a ton to me, so. That’s super exciting. Thank you, Dar. I appreciate it. We’ve got, I don’t want to share too much, but we had a lot. We got more things that happen today that are super exciting and we will be sharing shortly, I promise. I’m going to go through the questions here, make sure. Interested to know how a homeless shelter would yield so much. I don’t know. We have to look into it. But it definitely yielded a massive 6 figure Commission for the agent. It was Antoine. He’s on here with us, man. Antoine said. Congratulations. Good dude. All right, let me just check here. So, all right. Good job. All right. Okay. Good job. Yeah, Rock’n’roll, Okay. So right now, the momentum. Remember what I told you all last week? And we talked a little bit about it. The momentum’s there, right? And you know. I don’t want to talk sports but you know I played football and I definitely believe in sports but momentum wins football games, right? I’ll take the lesser team with momentum over the better team that’s losing momentum. Momentum is everything and we have it behind us right now and it’s moving fast and effective. Right now is not the time. To slow down, now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to press the gas and make it happen. Some of your clients are going to be a little bit different. You’re going to have to approach them a little bit different. I love the idea of approaching people, if you’re doing any kind of PPC or AD saying where you turn down for ERTC, because then it gives you the opportunity to properly educate them so they can make a sound and effective decision. And there’s tons of people out there right now that have been told by people they trust counters, they trust CPA’s, they trust that you want to approve for ERTC. And unfortunately, they just don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re not specialists in IT. They do understand a little bit about it, but they don’t understand every bit about it. And I promise you, each and every single one of you are way more trained and way more effective than even some of the tax professionals out there. They just don’t have time to learn about it. So you have a chance to teach them. So saying that, we had in the past, we’ve had a guy help us with some leads and I’ve talked to a lot of y’all, we’ve had a lot of really, really positive feedback. So we met with him last week and asked him, hey, can we do something again. He said he could help some more people, but on a limited basis. So we started batting around all kinds of. All kinds of offers that we want to do and different kinds of bonuses. So we’re going to bring something to you exciting, but I’ve got Bill McIntosh on the phone with on the call with us right now. Bill, you with us.

00:14:26 Bill McIntosh: Hey, I’m coming.

00:14:28 Syd Michael: Through you’re coming through. Just good. Awesome.

00:14:34 Bill McIntosh: Man, what? That’s awesome.

00:14:37 Syd Michael: When that’s cool.

00:14:39 Bill McIntosh: I mean, yeah, I was blowing away to see that that Commission check. That was awesome.

00:14:45 Syd Michael: Yeah, it was it’s next level. Thanks for meeting with Brian and myself. We had a nice dinner last week and while you’re in town and you know we talked to you about maybe opening up some more of your leads to everybody. So you put the pencil the paper and and was able to. You’re able to make some happen, so you want to you want to tell everybody about what you’ve got.

00:15:11 Bill McIntosh: Yeah. Let me tell, give them a little background on what I’m doing and what you know, what’s going on and.

00:15:18 Syd Michael: You can present it real fast.

00:15:20 Bill McIntosh: What’s that?

00:15:21 Syd Michael: I’ll make you presenter and share your screen or.

00:15:23 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, do that. And I’ll just pop on, I’ll come on camera, Yeah.

00:15:26 Syd Michael: OK, cool. Yeah, here we go. Make presenter. There you go.

00:15:35 Bill McIntosh: All right, so let’s pop my webcam on there I am. Cool. Hey, so yeah. So I’ve been involved with the program for a long time. I see many familiar names. I think a lot of, you know me and I’ve been doing the ERTC thing alongside all you. And I’ve been recruiting a lot of sub agents. So I have over 2000 sub agents under me as well as work in the program myself. And what I’ve noticed for me and for all of my sub agents, the ones that are consistently bringing in deals are doing outbound contact, right, not just relying on only on like ads and things like that, but actually reaching out whether it’s I’ve been seeing people that have had success even just door knocking right in business areas. All the way to phone calling and other kinds of outreach when they’re taking an aggressive action to reach out and find businesses and educate them about ERTC. And one for one, the agents that I see who are consistent, that’s what they’re doing. But that’s not always fun or comfortable and it’s not everybody’s cup of tea right at being able to get on the phone and do cold calling is not necessarily most people’s favorite thing to do, right. Anybody here relates that who loves jumping on the phone and actually doing outbound cold calling, Not a lot of fun. All right, So what I did is I started a call center and we started with outsourced call center agents and we spun up to 60 agents that they’re basically, you know, they work from home but they do outbound calling. Their full time staff. For me, we built up to 60 agents and they’re doing all the outbound calling for me. And then one of the things that I realized is freelancers are not necessarily the greatest solution, having people working from home, right, doing your outbound calling. And there was a lot of mess and a lot of turnover and a lot of issues with that. So I actually have opened a new facility in the Philippines. So I actually have a facility in the Philippines where my callers are now. They’re doing all of my outbound dialing. And So what I started doing is offering my leads to some of my sub agents and I’ve come on with you know Brian’s invited me on and Syd’s invited me on once or twice before to offer some of our services to you guys. And so that’s why I’m here today and I would like to offer my call center to help you get deals and my agents will call companies on your behalf. And find you deals that’s the whole idea of what we’re doing and Syd anything else you want to add to that is that?

00:18:26 Syd Michael: I just want to say because you know I do a lot of the done for you closing for a lot of the members and I don’t know what you’ve done and obviously you’re dialing it in and perfecting and obviously you’re doing some split testing stuff because I’ve noticed the leads recently it seems like the second time you’ve helped this. Were night and day. Not that the first ones were bad, but the second ones were really attentive and what were great leads. So I just, you know whatever you did there do it again or bring that again because that is huge value.

00:19:05 Bill McIntosh: Yeah. What I found is like it takes this, it’s to do that outbound dialing and to do it effectively. It takes a lot of control on the agents. Unfortunately I think when you’re when you hire people to do your outbound calling for you it’s easy to lose control and they start altering what they’re doing and it’s just a mess. So we’ve had to put in a really tight system of control. So for every 10 agents that we have two to three supervisors we have a quality a whole separate roaming quality control team that is constantly checking everybody’s you know recordings and making sure they’re doing it right and. So, yeah, we’ve built up quite a large team to just make sure that we have good control over what’s happening and that anything that for and not just for the people that were I’m selling deals to, but for me for in house. I mean I’m using these leads right alongside everybody else and you know yeah we.

00:20:02 Syd Michael: Received the name in the portal a bunch. I know I noticed it. So we’re on the AE side a ton.

00:20:09 Bill McIntosh: Right on. Yeah. It’s surprising how many deals are coming through this stuff and So what I’d like to do is what we’re doing is offering guaranteed deals and what that means is our team will do the outbound calling. So we find the prospect, we get the prospect list. So you don’t have to deal with trying to find lists. We get the lists, we do all the outbound dialing, we do all the education about ERTC. So when we call a business on your behalf, we educate that client on ERTC on the basics, right, so they understand. How they might qualify if they’re likely to be qualified and then we get them to want to find out how much am I qualified for, right? That’s the idea. It’s like we tell them that hey, it’s likely that you’re qualified and now it’s time to, you know, for you to put in the paperwork and find out, you know how much you’re qualified for. And at that point what we actually do is we hot transfer that call that business to you. So you actually can just pick up the phone, wrap up the deal and get it submitted into the ERTC Express system so that you can then earn your commissions on that. And that’s how it works and those leads are guaranteed. So if we ever send you a deal where they’re not educated on ERTC and they’re not ready to start the process, then we will replace the lead for free and. That’s something that we’re we’re, it’s very important to us that we provide exactly that value to you and so if you ever get a lead from us that is not that then we have a strict replacements.

00:21:51 Syd Michael: And I’ve never bought leads and I bought tons of mortgage leads. I bought leads all my life. I’ve never not had where you know, every once in a while some of them are a decent lead. But if the company stands behind it, if the person stands behind it and makes it right, that’s. That’s more than what you can ask for it like that. That works because there’s a lot of lead companies out there. They don’t really care what you say after you give them the first initial. So you backing that up means everything, Bill. Thank you.

00:22:20 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, right on. So cool. Well then, So what I’d like to do is open it up to some people in. So we’ve been full like we’ve been being sold out to capacity between my own team internally and the leads that we’ve been selling. We have been sold out and I every once in a while we have a few open up and then I’ll I usually e-mail my sub agents and invite some of them in but we just did a big batch of hiring and with a big expansion of our actual new physical location. I’ve got some openings and that’s you know when you and you and Brian convinced me to come on and offer them to your guys so. So what I’d like to do is I want to do something special today. So for anybody who joins from this special promotion, I’m going to sell you packages of leads. So I see you’ll be able to get in, get access to these deals where we’re going to call and hot transfer the deals to you. And that’s one of the things I want to make sure everyone understands too, is these are hot. They’re on the phone and they’re hot. And so when you pick up and grab that lead from us right on the spot and take care of that client, man, these things turn into actual paid deals at a crazy high rate. So it’s really important that you get on them and you work them quickly turning the deals all day long.

00:23:43 Syd Michael: Yeah, when they’re hot, ready and and and asking about the information every minute that goes by. That you don’t entertain somebody. It can definitely, definitely affect, affect the quality of leads, right. I mean, you know, I like to call these leads like Little Caesars hot and ready. You know they’re coming over. So everybody needs to know that.

00:24:06 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, So what I think you guys have a little something up your sleeve too, But what I would like to do is when you got, you buy a pack of leads from me. Every time you get a deal like that, actually you submitted into the system, they’re qualified and they sign a deal with ERTC Express. I’m going to give you 2 bonus leads for free, so I’m going to you can buy your initial pack of leads from me. And then every deal that you get out of those leads, I will give you 2 bonus leads on top for free if you take that deal all the way through to like when they sign the contract with Brian and in his and said and their team. So yeah.

00:24:49 Syd Michael: That’s strong. So I mean essentially if you get in and you start as you start closing deals, you’re doubling your opportunity. While the iron’s hot, you have a chance to actually add in two more fresh leads For every deal that you have that sends to the AE, the AE does the welcome call. Once they do the welcome call, that does qualify you as a good lead. And then Bill’s going to send you two additional leads on top of that now. If you turn around and you let’s say you get the next one signed up ready, The AE does the welcome call and it moves through. Then you get two more. Additionally, is that how it works or is it just for the first round?

00:25:31 Bill McIntosh: That’s exactly right. Yeah, that for every, you know, this is a deal, you know through the point of closing, right. So if they get the deal to that point and your team closes it two free leads, then there’s no limit all there’s many bonus leads as you guys can help bring to the table. I really want to help. The idea was is to. To really flow power to the ERTC Express team because I really believe in backing them up. And so that was my little extra little gift for you guys and for the whole team. I want as many deals put into the ERTC Express system as possible and so yeah I’ll do that.

00:26:10 Syd Michael: And I want to add and I know you only have a limited available number because. We’ve already, I mean, you maxed out the last two times, but I wanted to throw something else in and I wanted to make this available to anybody who’s currently getting leads and our purchases today, moving forward over the next, what, 30 days, whoever closes the most deals, I’m going to pay the top three people. I don’t want to make it where it feels like only one person gets paid. So the top three people that are actually using these leads that answer them quick, fast, effective, take them serious. Don’t take vacations in the middle of your live transfers, right. Don’t give them, you know. Hey, I’m only available from 8:00 PM till 10:00 PM. I got to pick my kid up from childcare. People that are committed that are ready to take these leads and convert them over the next. 30 days, right? We’ve got the momentum behind us. ERTC is moving at the most efficient pace it ever has before. It’s happening right now. If you commit the way I’ve committed, I committed and got in my car and came to Tampa living in a Hampton Inn. Committed, right? If you will, commit along with me. If you are the number one, if you sell the most of those leads, how much should I pay #1? Let’s pay the top three. Give me some recommendations how much you don’t pay #1.

00:27:33 Bill McIntosh: My surprise, this is awesome.

00:27:35 Syd Michael: Scott Hall, We’re going to have to bring you on and talk about this. Scott’s talking about himself. Eric, you and I are thinking a little bit more closer to it. Scott. Hey, man, we got to go. All right. Here’s what I was thinking. I got 10 grand to spend. That’s what I got permission to spend. So I got to break it up somehow. So let’s do a. Let’s do 6K for #1. Let’s do 2500 for #2, and let’s do 1500 to #3. Is that right? Did I just spend 10 grand or did I spend more? Nope, I just spent 10 grand.

00:28:20 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, that checks out.

00:28:23 Syd Michael: All right. Is everybody cool with that? Everybody give me a Roger that right now if you understand the message that I just put across the airwaves, you’re receiving my message of exactly what you got. If you can make this happen with his leads, the number one person, the one that really dials in six grand added to the added to your commissions #2 25 hundred. And #3 15 hundred. That way everybody has a chance to get a nice little piece on Brian and myself, OK?

00:28:55 Bill McIntosh: So man, so first place like their leads, they’re actually getting paid for the leads and they get free leads for me. Basically, whoever scores #1.

00:29:05 Syd Michael: We’re trying to, we’re trying to make it a no-brainer right where it’s a irresistible offer. That’s the intentions here.

00:29:13 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, right on. Yeah, so just to recap, so our agents will do all the prospecting, all the calling, they will connect with the business. Now we cannot qualify the lead because you know we don’t have access to the financials. We’re not going through the docks. But what we do is educate that client on what it takes to be qualified and then get them to say yes to going through the process that’s the procedure that we do the point we get the yes. And the agent has educated that client, that’s important that the client’s been educated enough so they understand what they’re getting into the client then or the business then says yes, we then ring you and we do a hot transfer and connect you with that lead right on the spot. And as we said, work those leads quickly, make sure you answer those calls, work the leads quickly and then you can be the $6000 winner and have a big pile of extra free leads. And I’m going to give you on top of that. So that’s the deal. Who’s interested in that by the way? So tell me in the chat, you know, give me a heads up of this is something that sounds interesting to you if you’d be interested in being part of this game with all the prize money, the free leads that I’m throwing in. And then of course, you’re going to make a bunch of commissions, right? That’s the main thing. I want everyone to make a lot of commissions. Okay. Awesome.

00:30:32 Syd Michael: Will’s ready. Herb. He wants to do it. I promise you’ll take all the church leads you can send them. Andy’s ready. Good to see you, Andy. Hope you’re doing well, man. Rashad. Gary’s ready. Dara’s ready. Bruce. Guy. Scott Hall. Hey, Vanessa. Are you? I know you’re in the background, but are you attentive in the background? I’m going to. Get you to back me on something real quick. Maybe not. I’m going to have to take every bit of this on me. Great. And we’re being recorded. Should we, to qualify as a deal. It means that it goes to the AE they do the welcome call and collect their docs that that’ll be a deal as far as the way we’re measuring the. The quality of the deal, that’s what we’re going to measure. As long as we collect their docs, they go to QC, then we’re going to qualify that as a deal because I can get Cassandra to keep up with it for me, so.

00:31:32 Bill McIntosh: So I guess is that.

00:31:32 Syd Michael: That’s the point.

00:31:33 Bill McIntosh: Where they go to your closing team is that that point in the.

00:31:36 Syd Michael: Process. That’s the point where they go to the CPA and then they.

00:31:40 Bill McIntosh: Don’t.

00:31:40 Syd Michael: They don’t have to necessarily qualify through the CPA, but they qualify as a lead. I think that’s fair, right? I don’t. You know, I don’t want to see somebody get a point for a deal if for some reason the company legitimately doesn’t qualify for ERTC for instance, I think it should be qualified if they go to the CPA, which you know we don’t have very many that we haven’t been able to, but go ahead, yeah.

00:32:04 Bill McIntosh: Yeah. Get it. OK. Yeah. So then, yeah, that works for me. Yeah. So we’ll do it based on that. So we’ll consider this a deal at the point all the docs are collected and it’s over to the CPA. Sounds good to me.

00:32:14 Syd Michael: And how long is it going to take you to deliver some of these leads? Should we give them longer than 30 days? Bill, be honest with me. I want to make this really fair for everybody.

00:32:23 Bill McIntosh: Well, I actually don’t have a lot to sell today. That’s the other thing is I think based on the interest I’m seeing, I’ve only got a limited number of packages, so do.

00:32:36 Syd Michael: You think we should do it until the end of June or like 4th of July, let’s say 4th of July so all of us can remember it.

00:32:42 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, I love that 4th of July. So it’s like.

00:32:46 Syd Michael: 4th of July. Yeah. We’ll set up fireworks on the 4th of July. Norma got the big check? We’re going to set off a big bottle rocket for whoever wins this.

00:32:59 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, I love it. So, yeah, but 4th of July, it’s sort of like these American small business sort of celebration contest. There we go. Good deal. So let’s do that 4th of July is the end of the deal all the way around and then let me, I have a link I can share. I guess that would be a time to everybody’s asking for it. So I guess I should share that and let me just get it real quick. Okay, so let’s push this out. I’ll send that to Scott and everyone at the same time and we go. I’ll pop it over there and I’ll pop it into the chat.

00:33:52 Syd Michael: Lorraine, what country, are you in real quick because this is a legitimate issue and let’s just speak transparent about it. I don’t want to see. Canada. So what’s your what? What is your time zone? That you what? What’s your time zone? Mountain. All right. OK. Because they’re calling, you know, US time zones, obviously. It’s going to, your leads are going to come over between the hours of what, eight and five, right? Or.

00:34:15 Bill McIntosh: Yeah. So, during business hours is how we’re doing it and we’re actually working on some systems now where we can try to die is the one thing that has been sometimes not the greatest is we know we have you know, different time zones in the US And so like somebody on the East Coast at the end of the day a lead comes in kind of late and they don’t want to pick up the phone because it’s, you know, they’re maybe having dinner with family or whatever. So we are working on a system to make it so that we can dial in closer to your home time zone that’s not ready yet, but they are during business hours during in US time. So that goes from in the morning. I think the team starts at 8:00 AM Pacific and goes to 5 Pacific that’s that’s currently the hours they’re dialing, yeah.

00:35:05 Syd Michael: If somebody’s in Guam and 12 hours ahead, there’s no way they’re going to get business hour leads. It’s impossible because they’re calling the clients when the clients are ready. So just to be transparent, if you’re in a time zone where you’re in bed at that time, you would have to either take the leads in the middle of the night or there’s no way to get the customer. To wake up in the middle.

00:35:27 Brian Anderson: Yeah. So if the agent, so the so you guys buying the lead, let’s say you know whatever, if you’re in the United Arab Emirates or you’re in Guam or you’re located somewhere like that. Yeah. I don’t currently have a way to get you leads in your time zone since we’re working in just American, you know continental American U.S. business hours, that’s what we’re focused on trying to reach businesses during that time.

00:35:51 Syd Michael: Yeah, I just wanted to be transparent on that, you know, on expectations and I think it makes sense that, you know, we only could deliver during business hours. But I do want to say this and I really want to make this clear to everybody. Listen, this is Little Caesars hot and ready. I mean I can’t tell you it’s been twice in my life that I’ve walked in my room, blocked the door, came out with a beard and $1,000,000. I’m talking about commitment. Right. If you’re not ready to commit on these leads, meaning making yourself available for when they come in and creating each and every one of them and with the clete and total intentions of making every single one of them a raving fan, that should be your intentions right now. If you’re not coming, and if you’re not leading with your heart and leading with love and leading with that type of intensity. They may not be for you and it’s okay, you’re not going to offend us because I know that. I know Bill’s only got a few slots. We’re going to be able to open up or whatever. But if that is you and you do want to start making money, you do want to turn around and look at your significant other and say, honey, I did it. You want to make it happen this time. This is the time. So Bill, how many slots are you going to be able to open up for us?

00:37:13 Bill McIntosh: I get 25, so 25 agents I can take in and then after that we’ll have to stop.

00:37:20 Syd Michael: That’s good because you told us 10, so you obviously put some people to work. I love it. That’s a good job.

00:37:28 Bill McIntosh: Well, after we talked, after we met in Tampa, I went back and like okay, how do I make up more enough room here so.

00:37:37 Syd Michael: Yeah. Alright, cool. So if did you drop the link into the chat to give everybody a chance to get into it?

00:37:45 Bill McIntosh: Again, I popped it into the chat and the question panel as well. And just so everybody has it, it’s job And just a heads up, Scott, so Scott’s here with us in the audience. I think he’s still here. Scott, are you still here? I got your text message.

00:38:08 Syd Michael: Yeah, Scott, hold on, Hang on a second. Scott, do you have your. Let me know if you have your headset. I’ll just bring you on. We know Scott really well.

00:38:17 Bill McIntosh
Yeah, yeah. I just said the swag, some of the leads he got from me, the deals are funding now. So that after the, you know the delay on the deferred and so some of us, so he’s actually got deals closing with money coming in from the round of leads he got from me.

00:38:36 Syd Michael: Hang on, I almost made a presenter. Hold on a second, Scott. I’m going to promote you here. Well, I brought you in. But anyways, I didn’t mean to do all this, but we got you here, Scott. What’s up, brother? Gentlemen, how we doing today?

00:38:52 Bill McIntosh: Hey.

00:38:54 Syd Michael: Have you been watching some basketball, Scott, or you staying away from it? I have not been watching much basketball. I’ve been busy working.

00:39:05 Scott Hall: My ERTC business Syd, like, come on. OK, All right. That’s what I wanted to hear. Just making sure. I’ve been watching my Cardinal, my car. I’ve been watching the Cardinals revive from desk door. That’s what I’ve been looking at. There you go. Yeah. When Scott was in town, the Cardinals actually were playing the Yankees on a spring training game. So you got to go in and check that out. That was awesome. Yeah. Very cool. A lot of our hard work is finally beginning to pay off. There’s a few deals that are in deferred closing. There’s a couple that probably should have checks coming in. I know we never like to give timelines Syd, but I don’t know within 30 to 60 days we should start seeing some of our efforts pay off Bill.

00:39:48 Bill McIntosh: Right on. I’m glad that that worked out. But and hey, I’m glad you’re getting deals from us too. It’s been great working with you so.

00:40:01 Syd Michael: Thank you. So Scott, tell us this what’s the biggest deal that you got then just tell us what’s the biggest deal you got, how many general from Bill, how many W2s I’ve gotten a couple of in the couple in the 20s they you know, they run the gamut from you know 6 to 21, 22 sometimes just depends, it’s across the board I think.

00:40:27 Scott Hall: It’s a, you know, a wide variety of companies. I’ve had nonprofits, I’ve had, you know, restaurants, I’ve had manufacturing companies. I have one. I was looking it up. I had can’t think of the name of it off the top of my head. I just did a calculation of my biggest deal, though it’d be $7000 more than enormous check, but that’s not bills, to be fair, she said bring it. She said bring it of the action. Have you seen some of the credits? What’s some of the biggest credits you’ve seen with the bill leads. I’ve seen one for like 12/1 for here’s one for 3:00 to 2:00 that are you know plugged into the system and are going to be you know. It’s deferred. You just kind of got to wait, you know, it’s not the way these things work. But the good news, it’s basically money sitting there. They’re kind of like little baby annuity bombs. They just all of a sudden show up. So it’s a beautiful thing. I mean, awesome. Yeah, 17 deferred plus another 8 legacy plus I got. Oh, I just got 18 folder for all this happened. Let me see if that was Bills. This morning it was 17. Today was 18. I love it when it changes. Let me see who this one was really quick. That one is not that. That one. Here’s one equipment company with 10 W2s. That was a Bill deal. Here’s one right here. That is another sub agent of mine. Let’s see here. We got this one. This one. What about this one? Here’s one. That one was six and four. This one was 11 W2s. Yeah, they’re all using, pushing double digits, which is good. Here’s 1-6 and six. Here’s another one. Full deferral 17. Yeah, these are all going to be anywhere between, you know, 80K and you know, 300K plus depending on, you know, the payroll. We all, you know, people have been doing this. No to look at the payroll versus the W2s necessarily, that’s the secret.

00:43:03 Syd Michael: My guy Bergsham said he just had one from Bill, it was 257,000. He had another one that was 48,000 and 105,000. So yeah, I mean you average those out there over 6 figures, you know, so they’re decent deals. Good. You know, I mean, listen, I just, you know, there’s nothing to hide. There’s nothing to peekaboo about or the tiptoe. I told everyone of you, if they’ll tell you it’s going to rain chicken soup, grab a bowl. I want you to know exactly what you’re looking at. Exactly what you’re considering, Bird sing. Exactly what you’re getting involved with. I want you to understand what it is. I want you to know that if a lead is bad, Bill’s going to make it right. And let me tell you something. If you don’t get a couple leads that you got to trade in, you’re not trying hard enough. That’s the truth, right. You need to be on top of these things.

00:43:55 Scott Hall: No there’s you know every now and again I’ve had one where it wasn’t the right fit and you know they were very quick to replace it. I’ve been across the spectrum with the bill and the business Relief Coalition team. It’s been fun.

00:44:13 Syd Michael: Awesome. Thank you so much, Scott. Thank you for your time and I appreciate you jumping on with us real quick. Thank you. Yeah. Cool. And it’s my screen coming through, by the way. I see it.

00:44:25 Bill McIntosh: OK, cool. So I just thought I’d just share real quick. This is when you guys go to the link that I handed out to you in the chat, this is where it’s going to take you and I just wanted to kind of cover a little bit more so you understand exactly what you’re getting. And I guess I forgot I have my webcam on, I’ll turn that off. So you know you can read right here what we’re guaranteeing. So take a look at that. That explains exactly what we’re guaranteeing and what the replacement policy is. And you’ve heard now Guy and Scott both getting you know 2 to $300,000 deals out of these leads that’s you know start to do the math on what your commissions are on that. And then what we’ll do is we educate them on the process and we guarantee that you’ll have at least 5 W2s for qualification minimum. So it goes up and you can get deals quite a lot bigger than that. But if for any reason the deal ends up being less than 5 W2s or if the client says you know. I don’t know what is this ERTC thing. I don’t know anything about this, right. So if they’re clearly haven’t been educated on ERTC that my our agents didn’t go through the script educating them on the process, answering their questions or they’re not 5 W2s minimum, then we will replace the lead just pure and simple, that’s it. But anything that doesn’t meet that we will always replace it. So you can be certain that you’re going to get good deals from us. Now go ahead.

00:45:57 Syd Michael: I was going to say how strong is that? I mean, you get whatever, you know, that’s awesome, man. Good job.

00:46:02 Bill McIntosh: Well, I know what? Because I’m a marketer, I buy leads from other places. And that was my biggest. I used to buy marketing agency leads. That was a big thing. I was buying leads. And man, the amount of garbage that I got, it was just ridiculous, you know? So I know when I buy leads, I like to get a real lead. I don’t want garbage. So I, you know, I want to stand behind what we’re doing here for, you know, so everyone knows. They can be confident that they’re going to get good deals. And by the way, I see, so Guy currently is on one of our quarterly plans. So Guy, I see your question there. So you’re currently getting leads on the quarterly plan. What I’d recommend is jump in today and we can cancel your quarterly. So if you get in today and resign up with one of our monthly deals. Then we’ll put you on this plan. We can cancel your quarterly once we’ve finished delivering all those leads. And then you can qualify for all the prizes and all the cool stuff that we’re doing in this promotion right now. So you’ll get my bonus. You can qualify for all of the cool stuff that’s that Syd and Brian are doing, and then we’ll move you over to a monthly package. So just. So that’d be my recommendation to Guy, grab your deal now and the same for anybody else. If any of you were on, maybe you’ve bought one time deals from me in the past or you were on one of our other quarterly plans, I’d recommend jumping in on a monthly deal today so you can qualify for all this good stuff. And then you have to wait for kind of upgrading your plan, all right? And then of course you can also buy one time deals, so if you Scroll down a little bit. You’ll see you can also buy one time deals if you’re not up for signing up for a monthly plan, which by the way, the monthly plan, you can cancel at any time. So you sign up to the monthly, you know halfway through the month you’re like, yeah, I don’t want to renew, just reach out. We’ll you know we can cancel. You can cancel at any time. I want to make sure that we giving you goods or leaves that are so good you just don’t want to cancel. Like that’s my goal. And but ultimately, if you want to cancel for any reason, just cancel, you need to give us at least a couple business days before it rebuilds, though. Cool. And let’s see what else do I need to cover? And then, oh, anybody have any questions about the deals, about the promotions, the contests? I think we can answer questions about that too. I saw a few come in, but. Let me know if you guys have any questions about that. And then yeah, okay, I see a question of somebody who has who is it currently in a package and they’re in the middle of getting a couple replacement deals and they wanted to know should they wait to sign up for this package or do it now? So I would say do it now so that you can qualify for all the cool stuff we’re doing, right? So do it now. Don’t wait for your replacement leads. We’ll finish off your replacement leads and then we’ll immediately start delivering your new package. So in fact, let me know here in the chat if you do end up jumping in today. And then I will go personally check on your replacement leads and make sure you get those quickly so that we can start your package right away.

00:49:21 Syd Michael: When we sign on, how quick can we start seeing the leads?

00:49:25 Bill McIntosh: So respond to us quickly because we have a little onboarding process. So it depends a little bit on how fast you get back to my team. So as soon as you sign up, we’re going to onboard you, which means we need to find out you know where do you want us to contact you, you know what phone number do you want us to be doing a hot transfers to. We need to collect a little bit of information and then it kind of. Educate you on how our process works. So as long as you’re responsive to my team, you could be getting leads tomorrow. So I’ll put, I’ll just plug you into the rotation and you’ll be, you know you could be getting leads immediately, yeah.

00:50:00 Syd Michael: Don’t be that customer that wants the RTC help and then doesn’t upload their docs right. We’re familiar with that. One of the biggest bottlenecks we got in the process is when they don’t upload their doc. So make sure you get do the whole on board process with Bill. Get everything in place so you can start getting these leads sent over as soon, as soon as possible. Time is money. Listen, tomorrow we’re one less day of eligibility. Every day of eligibility, you need to take as much action as possible to make it as effective as you possibly can, Rashad says. He’s in no-brainer. Especially. Yeah, Rashad, I was about to say, that’s awesomely finish up your leads, make them right. If you have a couple that you, you got to switch out. Jump into the package today, get the bonus. I’m hoping, and I’m rooting because I’m one of your biggest fans, buddy. I want to set that bottle rocket off for you and give you that 6 grand. So again, we’re giving out $6000 between now and July 4th for #1. We’re sending out $2500 between for #2 and $1500 for #3. So don’t worry, Scott Hall is going to win and a couple others, right? But I know what I would think if somebody puts out a bonus, I’m hitting it. I don’t care what anybody says, I’m hitting it.

00:51:26 Bill McIntosh: Man, that is cool. So they get free leads for me. If they win first place, they’re getting basically getting paid to work leads. Nothing out of pocket.

00:51:39 Syd Michael: No brainer.

00:51:41 Bill McIntosh: Yeah. And OK. So then I see John wants me to go over my process again. So here I’ll let’s talk about that. So first of all, we source the list, so we go out and we find the lead list. There of companies that are likely to qualify for ERTC, we then call those leads on your behalf. When we get a business on the phone, we find the decision maker, right? That’s step one of my script and what my agents are doing is they’re looking for decision makers. So we’re not going to pass you the receptionist, right? That’s not, that’s definitely not what we’re trying to do. We want to get to the decision maker, get them on the phone. Which that right there is tough. I mean, Syd, you can attest to that. Just getting a decision maker on the phone is not an easy thing.

00:52:25 Syd Michael: You spend 80% of your day doing just that.

00:52:28 Bill McIntosh: So we do that for you. We get the decision maker on the phone. We get the name of the decision maker. We then educate the decision maker on the process, like here’s what ERTC is, here’s the different ways that you qualify. Then we say, would you like to start the process and find out how much you might be owed? We get a yes and then boom, that’s when we pass it to you. So you’re going to get a call. Our agent will be will test, just say, hey, I’ve got a lead for you, here you go. And then boom, it’ll just connect it and off you go. And then you take that prospect, you kind of, you know, they might have a couple more questions. And then one of the things that you’re going to want to do too is help them understand why they should trust ERTC Express, right, because I just got a call out of the blue from someone they don’t know. And now they’re talking to you and so important thing for you is to help them feel comfortable, help them trust the process and trust ERTC Express and then it’s a laid down deal. I mean at that point you get them in the system, you know, we get the docs collected and off you go.

00:53:41 Syd Michael: We got a few people asking for the link again if you could it’s excuse me that’s it for ERTC deals Eric just said and sorry for dude I can’t stand it. I’m with Chase also and it happens all the time. He said Chase gave him the anti fraud decline where he says you know hey did you do this And he says yes he’s approved it. He says he needs y’all to rerun the process again. What does he do on that situation? I think he reached the minute. Eric, I think you read through, go through again and try and buy again. They’ll see the same merchant processor come up and approve it.

00:54:25 Bill McIntosh: Yeah

00:54:26 Syd Michael: Know Chase. Chase does that to me on everything that I charge anytime I do anything of, you know, a couple grand or more.

00:54:34 Bill McIntosh: I mean, I know they’re trying to protect us, but man, that’s sure annoying. Yeah. I don’t think the order completed, Eric, so I think you do have to rerun it. Yeah. And wow, OK, few orders coming in here. Awesome. And then, yeah, anybody who is currently, you know, like if you’ve bought leads for me in the past and your plan has expired or maybe you’re just waiting for a couple replacement leads, definitely jump in today so you don’t miss out on this. The contest we’re doing and all the the the bonuses that I’m doing and then you can always reach out to my help department. And for those of you on current plans, if you want to just check on the status of replacement leads or whatever, it’s just So anybody there who is you know currently in the program and needs to get in touch with support, just e-mail But definitely don’t wait. Get in today so you can be part of the special promotional deals and then we will, I’ll make sure that the team you know quickly delivers your replacement leads and you’ll be right on to your new package of leads.

00:55:50 Syd Michael: I just want to reexplain because I want to make sure everybody understands exactly the bonus that we created over at Charlie’s Steakhouse. Bill is giving you two additional free leads for every lead that closes. So I mean this could be, this could if you work hard and you do it right, this thing could really grow legs and continue for quite a while, quite a while. I personally and I’m just being honest, I would make Bill regret ever offering me a bonus like that. I really would. I would punish him for it. I would be like, bro, you just talked to the wrong cat. Because I’m going to let you know that you’re about to give me leads for days. I’m in. You know what I mean? Eric got in. Good. Glad Chase allowed us to spend money today. Eric, you know, I don’t know if you feel the same way I do about that. Drives me bonkers. But listen, you get 2 free leads for every deal that closes. Come on, think about it. That’s that’s. I mean, I love giving out the 10 grand. But just the part that Bill talks about it, man. I mean that’s that’s everything. Two free bonus leads for every lead you close. I’m telling you that I pity the fool that would give me that. So rock’n’roll.

00:57:14 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, and I’m curious out of the audience is here just a little sidetrack for a moment. Who here is ever done cold calling for ERTC? Just want to see a show of hands in the chat. Just say me or yes or whatever you want to say in the chat. Let me know who here has done cold calling for ERTC. OK. Cool. All right. Well, quite a few me’s right. OK, good. Did you like it? Was it fun? Obviously I’ll be a little sarcastic, right? Who? I mean, And some people like cold calling. Actually, I have had, you know, I have certainly have encountered people that like doing it. The paydays are fun, says Thomas. Yeah, so good. Okay. So yeah, not fun, but necessary, says Lauren. Yeah. And nobody else seems to enjoy. They only enjoy the payday. So me too. So this is your chance because you know, this is effective. And for me, I mean, I can share my experience and the experience with my subagents. This is the most efficient and effective way to get consistent deals. I know there’s a lot of different ways you can do marketing and advertising and different ways of trying to get leads. But in my experience and from all the sub agents that I watch, when you’re doing this cold outreach, this is how you get consistent deals and there you go so.

00:58:52 Syd Michael: Bill, you let me tell you a quick story about cold calling. I was selling units hardware and they made us do 150 calls a day. This is in 1996. I figured out a way. Because my buddy was telling me about this new thing called the Internet I figured out a way to go into like these posting boards and I would go to like Georgia Tech and like all the computer science like type boards and I would post my you sun workstation processors on there and at the end of the month I opened up like 25 new clients. The next closest salesman to me opened up like 3 and they’re like man this guy’s a cold calling. Animal. He opened up 20 something clients last month. I didn’t want to tell them. Back then it was considered cheating, but I was doing Internet marketing. It was a secret. It’s a secret I kept for years and years and years. It’s because I didn’t want to have to make the 150 phone calls a day. It was miserable. All you did was wait on hold, waiting to talk to the decision maker the whole entire time. It was a nightmare. So I cheated and started doing. Internet marketing.

01:00:06 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, definitely. It’s no fun. And John says, you know, he didn’t like it because it’s just always reaching voicemails and especially today, like cold calling. You know, five years ago or more, it wasn’t quite as bad. But today, man, it’s just nothing but voicemails over and over and over. So and then you got the gatekeepers to get through and you know figure out how to get through to the decision maker. And then once you got the decision maker, they’re always a little off, you know, on guard because you know who is this anonymous person that just called me and got me on the phone. So it definitely is an art to get that down right. And we’ve definitely refined our script and our pitch to the point where we could get through and yeah, we’ve, I don’t know how many. Hundreds of thousands of calls we’ve made. At this point, I actually need to go find out. I’m going to go find out. I’m now I’m curious. We’ve made, I know it’s hundreds of thousands of phone calls that we’ve made on behalf of ERTC Express and all of our agents, so.

01:01:09 Syd Michael: Hey, Thomas B, Reach out to me today. We need to talk because I want to tell you, we just reach out to me. We need to talk, if you don’t mind. I meant to call you yesterday, but now I see your name. Not to interrupt. Thomas, reach out to me, please. Yes, Sir. Please, Thomas. Yep, Go ahead. I’m sorry, Bill.

01:01:30 Bill McIntosh: No worries. And so I don’t know how much longer we’ll be on at the moment. So I would really recommend that everybody jump in now. So if you’ve been sort of on the fence trying to decide if this is the right choice for you, get any questions you have answered right, I don’t want you to just jump in blindly. If you’re not sure, so I want you to ask any questions you’ve got, put them right here in the chat. Ask your questions. I’ll do my best to clarify it and give you as a transparent, honest answer so we can get you to make that decision. Before we wrap up and head out of here because.

01:02:05 Syd Michael: I see Adam said he’s in for at least a 5 pack. Good welcome, Adam. Hey, do you read right below his comment? There’s it’s just it doesn’t show their name but let.

01:02:16 Bill McIntosh: Let me take a look.

01:02:17 Syd Michael: One second. Maybe it’ll help him. Adam. So how? If you work this right, that five pack can last forever. You can just keep rolling them.

01:02:35 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, I’m not seeing what that person is seeing. Let me see here. Yeah, let me check one other. I’m going to check another one. Yeah, I don’t see that.

01:02:56 Syd Michael: You’ll get straight. So I guess, yeah.

01:03:02 Bill McIntosh: OK. Yeah. I’m still checking to see which one. Yeah. They all they look right. OK. I think they’re Melissa. I think they’re good.

01:03:16 Syd Michael: So here’s a legit question, Bill. And I know you want to help these people, so Eric has a good question. Eric, who used to work for Sun Microsystems, right? Bruce says he’s in for a 5 pack. All right, Bruce bringing the deals to Hollywood. He was asking, he goes, can I bump up levels? Like if you know, once he brings in a couple commissions or bring some money and can he bump up a level? What do you think of that?

01:03:46 Bill McIntosh: Maybe I’ll be. I just want to be totally transparent here. We’re often booked up to capacity. If we have capacity, then yes, you can upgrade. So it kind of depends on that because. Unfortunately, in the past. I’ve I’ve accidentally oversold and that was not fun to try to have to you know sort that out. So I don’t want to oversell and have to have delays happening with people So if there’s capacity you can upgrade. So two things one I’d recommend getting as big a package as you can budget so whatever fits your budget you know go for the biggest package you can get now that’s the only way to guarantee you get in. And when you sign up on the monthlies, that’s the other benefit of doing the monthly packages is that locks you in and then you know then your capacity is reserved and you will always have a supply of leads every month, right? Again you can cancel at any time but that helps us manage and maintain and keep a consistent capacity for you. If you buy a one time deal down here on the option down below then. There is a chance that once we fulfill your deal and we give you your 25 leads, you might not be able to rebuy because we might be full at capacity. So the only way to make sure is to buy a monthly deal and grab it for as big a package as you can. And like I said, you can always cancel later. There’s no questions and ask cancellation policy.

01:05:19 Syd Michael: Now let me ask you a question. I think I already know the answer, but I don’t want to answer for you. If somebody has a deal that’s less than 5 W2s, that’s not a lead, right you’re.

01:05:31 Bill McIntosh: We read it, yeah. We replace it, yeah.

01:05:34 Syd Michael: And if they’re payroll and if it’s possible, but let’s just say it’s possible if somebody did have because we do have a minimum of 150 K in payroll. For 2019, if it was 5 W2s we got, somehow they didn’t pay 150,000 in payroll. Would you also replace that lead considering they didn’t have enough payroll?

01:05:58 Bill McIntosh: I haven’t, You know, it’s funny. I’ve never run. I didn’t know that even that was the thing, because I haven’t run into it. Okay. So it’s.

01:06:07 Syd Michael: Opposed to you scripting and having to you know, find out if they are qualified with 150K payroll, would you not just replace the lead with another lead?

01:06:18 Bill McIntosh: So if they don’t qualify for A, so that’s part of in order for you guys to do the deal, they need to do 150K in payroll.

01:06:25 Syd Michael: 150K in payroll, 3 minimum W2s is our minimums. But you know you. You already promised even two more. Which is good. I don’t think you’re ever going to run into the problem, but I see Ann asking the question. I just want to just.

01:06:42 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, you know, maybe the other thing is maybe I should adjust my procedures a little bit because I know before I think my initial guarantee here is based on maybe your old qualification minimums. So maybe I should be adjusting to match what your minimums are now.

01:06:58 Syd Michael: So 3 W2s and 150,000 in Payroll in 2019. Is our request.

01:07:06 Bill McIntosh: OK. If that’s your minimum then I’m going to all I will adjust to that. So yes, So what I’ll do because I’m going to have to adapt a little bit and I’m going to just reset our guarantee to be your minimums, right. So whatever it takes to get on your system will be what we guarantee.

01:07:25 Syd Michael: How about that? Did that answer your question for you, that make you feel better? I knew what he was going to say because I know he’s a straight up dude. Right. But I didn’t want to answer for him. I want you to hear it from the cat’s mouth, man. Thomas just hit me on a here. I’ll give it to you right now. Yeah, no problem. But I knew he would make it right. He’s not here. Listen, if he doesn’t earn a dime, he don’t want to get paid a dime. That’s the truth. That’s that’s the difference between. Good dudes. The good guys who we associate with and the other guys. There’s some people out there that will do anything for a dollar. Bill’s not out there. If he doesn’t earn it, he don’t want it. But he does want to earn it and he wants the opportunity. When he digs in and finds a vein like he’s done here, he wants to mine as prospect as much gold as possible and share the wealth with each and every one of you. And that’s why he’s willing to do the extra work, hire, and take on all the expense. Manage all the people. I don’t know if you’ve managed people these last couple years, but it’s freaking hard lately, right? It’s hard to have employees, but he’s want to take all that on to spread the love and the gold and the leads with everyone. He’s not trying to keep them all for himself and he’s definitely never going to try and sell you a lead that didn’t earn its weight and gold, right so. I knew you were going to answer it that way, Bill, But anyways, I’m just pointing that out. Yeah.

01:08:55 Bill McIntosh: Yeah no worries. The little sneaky side benefit too just to totally lay it all out there is this help me you know these getting when you guys get leads you help me subsidize my operation so that I can keep growing my call center right That’s my you know not so sneaky agenda is that. When I’m able to sell leads to you guys, I can grow my call center and I take everything you put in for leads and I reinvest it into my call center to grow it bigger and bigger. My goal is to get us to 100 agents and by working with you and you know spreading the level around with our deals, that’s how I can kind of subsidize my operation because I’m using these leads too, right. So I’m taking leads from our agents and putting them in right alongside you all but. By working with you and giving you access to my team, it gives me that extra cash flow that I can reinvest and continue to grow this call center to my target of 100 agents. So and by the way I talked about managing the agents, managing call center agents, you know how that you that that saying it’s like herding cats, this is more like herding squirrels I think.

01:10:09 Syd Michael: Hey, so let’s just talk about it. Walter. Hey, buddy. Good to see you. Walter, I understand what you’re talking about and he said, listen I don’t want to offend anyone I’ll he goes but I’m going to risk it. He goes I’ve conversed on the phone with Filipino call center reps Sometimes their English is difficult to understand. What is your assessment of your reps let me stop you real quick. Walter. I agree with what you’re saying. If you are hiring the call Center for yourself. However he’s transferring qualified leads I hope Bill’s. Call center people can barely speak English because you know why? I want the customers that are that patient and that hungry and that thirsty to claim their ERTC, That they listen to somebody like that and got through. These are qualified deals like you shouldn’t worry about how well they how well. I don’t even know where your agents are out of, but you shouldn’t worry about that on these because these are people that are interested. And already been vetted and tested and saying yes, give me information on the RTC, right? I mean, I would think a lead that would listen to a thick accent would be more qualified than a lead that wouldn’t at this point. So I hear what you say.

01:11:25 Bill McIntosh: I’ve never thought about that, but yeah.

01:11:29 Syd Michael: Listen, when we did super sales in the car business, I did a key Mailer. If somebody walked in without the key Mailer, I didn’t even help them. The reason why is I didn’t want to have to work with regular customers. I was there for a short amount of time. I had to sell as many cars as possible. I wanted people that won the grand prize and had the key Mailer and came in and was all into the process that we were delivering. I didn’t want the customer that wanted to come in and test drive 9 cars and go compare and show his wife. We didn’t have time to sell people like that. We had the three days super sale. You know, we wanted to, we wanted what the marketing brought in. So it’s kind of the same situation here.

01:12:08 Bill McIntosh: Yeah. And then that being said, I obviously when our hiring processes, we are picky because. You know, like for me to monetize, I need to make sure that that my agents are getting as many decision makers on the phone as possible. And if their English is horrible, if their accent is really thick, they’re going to have a hard time getting to a decision maker. So it’s in my best interest to make sure my guys speak as good of English as we can find.

01:12:35 Syd Michael: But.

01:12:36 Bill McIntosh: Yeah. That being said, Sid’s right. If they made it through, yeah.

01:12:42 Syd Michael: Right, Yeah.

01:12:46 Bill McIntosh: I’ve got a question I’ve said real quick.

01:12:48 Syd Michael: So yeah, I just wanted to make sure you have a couple slots left open or what? What are we looking at right now? Because I know I saw a bunch of people jumping in there for a second.

01:12:57 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, let me see, 123456. Yeah, we got a couple. We have some spots available left. That was kind of what I wanted to ask about too, is anybody who has been trying to get in. I know we had at least one person, Eric, who successfully did have to get in, but. Anybody here having issues where your cards declining or maybe you’re trying to transfer money around or there’s some problem that like you’ve made the decision you want, you want in on this, you want to be part of the big contest and the cash prizes and the free leads and all the stuff. So you’re in mentally, you’ve made the decision, but you’ve got some kind of barrier or problem and that could be credit card declines, maybe you’re transferring money. Maybe You got to go check.

01:13:43 Syd Michael: With a partner.

01:13:43 Bill McIntosh: Or a spouse and let them know about the purchase before you run it through any barrier like that you’re running into. Let me know in the chat right now. I want to see if there’s anybody that’s out there that’s kind of in a situation like that. Are you in but you have a barrier you have to overcome. Let me know in the chat if that is you. And there you go. So sorry, I want to get that out there and just see if there’s anybody who needed a little extra help before. You know, before we wrap things up, cool. And let’s see there’s another one that is Reggie. So Reggie Marshall, welcome. Glad you joined me.

01:14:27 Syd Michael: Will said he had the same issue with Chase. If you got gas in two different states, I’m telling you right now, your third, your third charge ain’t going to work.

01:14:39 Bill McIntosh: Yeah, so here, let’s do this. So, there are some people that need some help. So if you’re one of those, do me a favor and pop your phone number into, it’s a private chat. The rest of the chat won’t see it. So it’ll just be between the team here and. In you. So if you are one of those people that are, you’ve got a barrier that you need to overcome, but you’ve made that mental choice. I’m, you know, I want in. I want to be part of this. Pop your phone number in the chat right now. That way I make sure that no one gets left out. You know, I don’t want to. You know, we wrap up and close down and then you know you get left out of the all the fun with everybody else. No fun to be on the outside looking in, right.

01:15:26 Syd Michael: Absolutely not. All right. Cool. Thank you for those who put in their numbers. All right. With respect of everybody’s time, I know everybody we did the congratulations today. Thank you for everybody showing up. I love that kind of stuff. Listen, entrepreneurship can be lonely. That’s why we have these calls live every single week, right. This is why we’re we’re constantly. 56 days. How many weeks is that, Thomas? How many weeks is 56 days? Six weeks takes longer for the deal to go through. Reach out to me. I’ll do what I can. I’ll do what I can. Give me a shout. Okay. All right. But hey, that’s why we do these calls live, right? This is why. Yeah, Facebook’s fine. Thomas just hit me on Messenger, considering I just shared my cell number live there with everybody. But it’s not like I hadn’t talked to all of you once or twice anyway. But yeah, hit me on Facebook DM Bill. You’re thinking, man, he’s crazy, right? That’s exactly.

01:16:34 Bill McIntosh: What I thought.

01:16:35 Syd Michael: Yeah, it’s fine. I’m glad you’re done for your closed calls with most of these agents and I’ve talked to all of them at least once or twice, but and so. Listen, that’s why we do these calls live, right? And that’s why we share everything so you can keep your pace. I was talking even with Norma just earlier. It’s just like, man, I really love you. I’ll do the calls live every week because it allows me to, you know, plug in and plug out. You know what I mean? And I get it. I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years and I know what it’s like and a lot of you that are 100% fulltime involved, you know. You don’t have somebody who’s always telling you a good job. There’s really nobody to tell you a good job. You have no way to measure yourself. You have no way to really bounce ideas off of. That’s why it’s so important and so cool to do these live every week so you can jump in and get into the latest and greatest. Today we’re able to bring you live, hot, transferred leads by somebody who’s done it successfully for us two times before. And we have hundreds of agents that are also having success with it. We happen to spice it up a little bit. You know, Brian and I can’t do anything without making everything a contest. Why? Because we’re so damn competitive. That’s the truth. That’s just the thing. Truth we give out. We give out these, these competitions because secretly we wish we were both in it and could dominate it ourselves. That’s the truth. Because we’re constantly competing with each other. Don’t you believe that? But for first place, $6000. For second place, 2500. For 3rd place 1500. And I want to repeat because I think Bill has done something crazier than releasing his cell phone to everybody like I did. He’s giving you 2 fresh leads for every deal that goes to close. If you don’t get on that snowball and start rolling it right like I would, I would, I would be giggling right now. I’d be laughing. I would be like, man, he screwed up because I’m going to punish him by giving me these leads anyways, Rashad said. He’s jumped in. Good, good dude. By the way, Bill, I don’t know if you’ve talked to Rashad much, but super great guy Donald jumped in. Thank you, Donald. I appreciate you, Bill. You got anything else? And we’ll take off, man.

01:18:54 Bill McIntosh: No, I popped the link in there for a final time. So we’re going to wrap it up. And yeah, I see everybody who’s jumped in and I’ll get my team reaching out to you all right away. So that out the onboarding will start today. I don’t know that we’ll get through all the orders because we got, we got real. We didn’t actually sell out. I do have like 2 deals left, but we got close. So I’ll have the onboarding team start with you all today. And so I would assume either today or tomorrow you will be. Be on boarded and we’ll start delivering your leads. So this is going to be awesome.

01:19:29 Syd Michael: Thank you so much, Bill. Thank you everybody. Hey, rock’n’roll. I can’t wait. 4th of July, we’re giving out the money. Let’s make it happen. See you everybody.

01:19:39 Bill McIntosh: Bye.