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Businesses have until April 15, 2024, to file amended returns for Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2020, and until April 15, 2025, to file amended returns for the quarters in 2021 in which they were eligible to claim the ERC.

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions May 24, 2023

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions May 24, 2023

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)
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00:00:03 Syd Michael: Hey. What’s going on? What’s happening? Jeff says he’s working on getting 4 new clients in the system this week. That’s what I’m talking about. What’s going on? Arnold? Bruce. Bruce. You remind me of Stevens down here. Like when I pull into the parking lot, if I don’t see his alley parked in the same parking spot every morning, I literally like. I think the. The earth is off as Axis, right? Hey Norma, good to see you. They were laughing at me yesterday in the managers meeting I kept. Every time somebody would bring up something, I’d go, well, don’t give them Amazon gift cards as fifth let’s take them to a pasta, a vino or pasta. Like, every time. Every time we had to give out some sort of spiff or bonus, I’m like, we should take them to dinner to vino, a pasta. You know, we got to get a witness, right? Awesome. Awesome place to eat. Hey, guy, good to see you, buddy. Paula, always a pleasure, Bruce. Always first from North Hollywood. I love it. All right. We’re going to let some more people kind of trickle in. I tell you, lots of momentum going on down here this morning. I’ve heard the gong go off several times already. In fact, it went off 6 times in the first hour. So we’re getting a lot of momentum, a lot of communications are getting better. That’s what’s going to help, you know, push that things are starting to gel into place. The time is now.

00:01:44 Syd Michael: The time is now. I promise you I’ll bet on momentum over a championship team any day of the week, right? I’m not saying Miami’s going to beat the Nuggets, but I am saying always bet on momentum. Hey, Reggie. Good to see you, buddy. Reginald. Yeah, good to see you, bro. I think one of those gongs today was one of my clients. Good job. All right, Jeff just got two deals of closing. About 90K total Commission. That’s what I’m talking about, Thomas. Making it happen. How do we do with transportation companies? You. Awesome. I know, I know. Gary Bittner has got several of them. Yep. No sound. Uh oh. Let me know if you can hear me. Or am I talking to myself because I’ve been known to do that? Let me know. Let me know. OK, good Keys. Nothing’s worse than having a long conversation and finding out you’ve been talking to yourself. It feels so unrealistic to repeat. You know what I mean? Hey, Bill. Good to see you, buddy. Glad we got everything taken care of last week, Bill, Right. Geez, get that monkey off the back. Leonard. Good to see you. That’s my middle name, by the way, Mr. Palmer. They shortened it to Leon, but it should have been Leonard. I was named after my grandfather. Yeah, Bud, Clark says. No arguments. When I talk to myself, I’ve heard you talk to yourself a lot, Bud. Very cool. So real quick. Does anybody have any before I start ranting on what? I see people need help with here.

00:03:37 Syd Michael: Real quick, does anybody have any issues there? Like have you ran it into any problems or any pushback or any objections that are tricky, that you need to maneuver anything like that? I did a I don’t know if he’s on the call, but I did a bunch of a guy who bought a bunch of bills leads, set up appointments. Let’s see. We did a couple calls yesterday. We got a couple calls going today. I want to talk a little bit about that. How do we know what the status is? Someone’s been on our site and received a call from the AE How do we know it? Nicole, do they don’t. Is there a check or a way that they can tell when the welcome calls been done by the AE?

00:04:32 Nicole Heard: When they complete the Welcome Call, they’re supposed to move the status to Welcome Call Complete. They don’t always do that, but they’re supposed to.

00:04:42 Syd Michael: Okay. Yeah, that would be how you would know Joel talking about your the couple calls we did yesterday. Joel like it. You know First off I and I got to give Bud Clark props on this because I love the impact of it so much. But one of the greatest things to ask somebody right out of the gate is have you received your ERTC check yet? Right. It gets them thinking in the right. That’s just what I love about wisdom, right. It’s just it’s the few amount of words would be the most effective. And damn if that ain’t effective. But I love using that and I got to give you prompts because I got it from you. But it just works. It gets their mindset right. It gets them thinking whoa, I get a check you know. And you know, makes them curious also, right? But it’s very strong. But talking with that, it was also, it’s also important for people to understand and to feel your empathetic empathy, right? Let them know that you are here to help them. Let them know that they have any questions to make sure you engage right. I’ve seen it. So many times in the past and you know if you’ve done this and I’m going to outright admit I’ve done it in my past but there’s a saying that we used to use in the car business which is true in all businesses called the most abused customer is the existing customer, right. And what happens is yes people are uncomfortable doing cold calling or people are uncomfortable reaching out and establishing a relationship. However.

00:06:25 Syd Michael: You don’t want to, don’t leave things to chance, right? Control your customer. I think it was in the field agents group. Somebody was mentioning. Yeah, I’m afraid to send somebody to. They were asking for us to verify who we are. I’m afraid to tell them about because they might click on that link. Well, only somebody that you didn’t control would click on that link 1/2. You know it that’s very simply combated with hey listen I’m you know is our parent company. However make sure that you work with me and with my link because I give you the I’ll give you the maximum agency discount you know so you know you just got to control the customer Does that make sense give me a Roger that if everybody’s staying with me on all that I should have some slides to make it easier for some of you kinesthetic learners. But I want you to understand it’s very easy to control your customer. By leading them because they’re looking for you to leave them, right? They’ve done this once in their life. You’ve done it hundreds of times already, if not 10s of times already. And you want to, you want to control them with it. But secondly, yes, we have our AE’s calling and listen, they’re good. Like we’re down. Like nobody, nobody who was mediocre stayed around. Let’s just say that, right? We showed them to the door. We only maintain cop level. AE’s and then Norma met them all last week and she can tell you that they’re, they’re excellent, especially the team we have right now, right. And we’re constantly, always raising the level in the bar for what we expect out of them. Like we put a lot of pressure on them, but they do a great job. But does that mean that you should neglect your customer and allow an AE to finish your job or to start your job or to, you know, sink your ship? Absolutely not.

00:08:23 Syd Michael: You want to reach out to every one of these customers and let them know that you’re their agent. This is my phone number. This is my cell phone number. I want you to call me with any question you have. In fact, when we get off the phone, you’ll probably think of a few, if you’re like me, make a joke about it. But I want you to know that you have somebody you can talk to at all times. Now you’re going to be contacted by AE in the next 15 minutes to 24 hours. The number will come over from 813. It might not be published because they use a dialer. But be ready for that because you’ll want to answer that. Prepare them for the way that they’re going to be called. Why? Because if they’re like me, which a lot of you are probably like me, if I get an unpublished number, call me. I don’t answer. I don’t answer. I’m not going to get pitched oil in Kentucky, right? Or have you have to be some member that didn’t have an appointment with me. I get stuck on the phone for two hours. You know what I mean? Like I don’t answer unpublished numbers and a lot of people don’t. So prepare them. That they will get a call from an unpublished number. Give them your information, Let them know that they can contact you. Let them know that you’re here to absolutely white glove them and to make it as simple as possible and that it’s without a doubt going to be the best experience that you can possibly serve up to them and say that, but most importantly mean that. Fair enough, everybody with me on that. You know I watched. The guys in the car business, they would sit there and spend 3 hours and sell somebody a car. In the second the people agreed on paper to a number and they’re waiting to go into finance, that the salesman would desert them and leave them sitting there all alone for, you know, sometimes 45 minutes or an hour waiting on finance. And what do you think happens in that 45 minutes to an hour? What, especially today, what do people do? They get on their phone, start researching their decision, right?

00:10:15 Syd Michael: That’s from neglecting customer, That’s from abusing the existing customer. Stay engaged with them. You become their phone, you become their Google, you become their source for good, good, good responses and good questions. Should we even reach out directly to the new clients that come in through sub agents? I would, I would, I would one, train your sub agents to do that. But two, I would verify, you know, check and verify. Ultimately, it all comes down to you and your responsibility. Makes sense. Hang on, let me verify. Okay, we only do complete document package uploads with you. Correction, he’s now ready to sign. In the past, he refused. Hang on, let me read what you’re saying. Hang on a second, Reggie. Ticket to resend the work order to a client. Now let’s jump on that Reginald Nicole Will you? Will you get the name of his client? Which one he’s talking about If we need to or reach out to me if you if the AE’s are dealing with it here, let’s adjust it and get it done. Let’s put that baby to bed. Speed to lead. Don’t give them time to think. We don’t want them to breathe, right? Let’s handle that. Regal’s talking about a client that he has ready to sign now, but in the past has refused. So we want to move quicker with it, man. Just being transparent. I’ll tell you something that I’ve ran into a couple times in the past few months. Guy you know what I’m talking about. We dealt with a church into this.

00:12:24 Syd Michael: Some people are getting their credits back and freaking out, especially when they’re big credits, right? Especially when they’re big credits and chances are, chances are they might have gotten a credit from a CPA that was on their loss revenue only and they didn’t know they qualified for additional quarters and that’s how it works, right? So they get quoted 110 or 130,140 thousand, and then we get them 900 or a million and they freak out. All of a sudden they think it’s because we’re a scam, right? I’ve seen this problem a few times in the last couple months. Not, not, not a lot, but it happens. Not a lot, but it happens. Jeff, you and I had that damn royal flush. I mean, they went off their rocker over it, right? So make sure you prepare your client to what exactly they’re doing, right? Make sure you prepare your client for what they are getting with us, right? Yeah, same thing with like what we’re talking about. Yep, Your deal, bud. That’s, that’s the last time we’ve seen it actually happen. Richard Garcia says he had a client do it. It does happen. It does happen, however. It’s important at some point in the initial engagement, if you can possibly let them know, say, listen, I’m not saying this to sound salesy. I’m not saying this to wow you. I’m not saying this to try and flex or make you sound better. But we do complex submissions, in fact, right? Our lead partners have even taught at the AICPA this past year, teaching other CPA’s exactly how to do ERTC submissions.

00:14:15 Syd Michael: We’re one of the top submission companies in the country. We do complex submissions. That’s kind of our specialty. But let me explain to you what I mean by complex submissions. It means that we’re not just doing sending it to a software that’s going to then calculate your lost revenue and quickly file your ERTC claim and amend your 940 ones and then ask you to sign them. Okay. We have CPA’s First off that sign your 941. That’s why we can offer five years of audit protection. Secondly, we also look at lost social distancing, supply chain issues are government mandated shutdowns as a lot of you may or may not have experienced. A lot of these leads that are coming over from Bill McIntosh happened to be in the Virgin Islands or in qualifying American territories. Well guess what, they all got shut down for well over a year. On those islands, what do you, what do you, what do you hear when you hear a year? I hear 3/4 minimum. That’s what I hear, right? Yes. Craig, please read the customer service agreement that you get your clients to sign. Read your customer service agreement and it and you’ll know it exactly. Yep. All right. Here, let me write that down real quick. Reggie, do you know who the AE is? That’s on it. Right. So give me your phone number too, because we’re going to jump on this right after I get off this call. I’m not able to do this all the time or for everybody, but when I can, I will. We’re going to make this deal happen. Hang on one second. I got to write all this down. Hang on my hands. Okay, That’s possible too.

00:16:23 Syd Michael: Hang on 707813 Okay. Hang on. So the e-mail is owner dot so how seems a little off. I think I already have your number, Reginald. But give me your cell phone real quick and I’ll just call you for the call. Let’s make this happen. I don’t want to see anything slip through. Give me your cell phone real quick if you would. Right. Hang on. Thank you, Sir. Let me call you after this. Give me 15 minutes to decompress then I’ll call you Nicole posted in the Facebook group on my 11th, the training modules for RPS were updated looks and seems like most not at all. Let’s clarify. Nicole, you want to clarify events, what you mean by you updated the training modules?

00:17:33 Nicole Heard: Yeah, we posted the videos under the System tab, so that’s where the new videos are located, yeah.

00:17:48 Syd Michael: Does that make sense? And all it is basics. Onboarding is what that training is about? So did you put the basics onboarding in RPS and in the field agent group or no?

00:18:06 Nicole Heard: Yep. It’s required for the field agents, but for RPS they can just look at it for their information.

00:18:15 Syd Michael: OK, all right, I’m gonna say, because most of these guys and girls already know what’s going on. But here, here, here’s the purpose of this and the reason why we did it. Just being completely, 100% transparent. So everybody’s on the same page. We did it because we were getting asked so many basic elementary questions on the field agent training calls that it was. I felt sorry for anybody who was up to date and actually taking action because they were almost wasting their time. So we wanted to help the beginners, the entry level, the new to the group people outside of the one hour live call so we can start. Damping up and doing better training and for instance, it’s next Tuesday. We moved it because Monday’s a holiday Tuesday we’re role-playing with them, right? I would have never had time to role play if we still were answering basic elementary questions that we have been in the past few weeks with any of the new field agents. Make sense? So it is available to any and all of you if you want to. You want to go through it if you want. However, in the field agent group, we actually made it a requirement where they actually had to take each course and then pass a quiz. And then once they passed a quiz, they got access to phone support and moved in. OK, everybody with me on that. Michael said if you help me close a client on a deferred deal in February, OK, good. They’re now getting restless, of course.

00:19:45 Syd Michael: Well, let me be completely, 100% transparent with you, Michael. First off, give me the name of that company again so I can verify everything. But let me tell you something and it’s just the truth. I’ve seen the IRS not verify actually receiving their filings and people get the check for they even admit to it. We’re talking about the IRS, one of the most inefficient companies in the world like. You know it is what it is, but I mean you don’t see, you know nothing surprises me. So let me do some research and I’ll find out about it. But you need to properly prepare your company and let them know that because if you got somebody who fills out the 9 fields to upload their data and then starts calling the IRS to see when it gets filed. You’re going to get a combative customer every single time fact, because I’ve seen it take six, 8-9 months before the IRS even verified that they had it. It’s not very good. It’s rolling the dice, even letting them do it or even having them do it or whatever. Bruce said they lost sound. I had just to restart again. What said about the training I can do, Bruce, you got to go back and listen to the replay, brother. We’re not going to make the rest of the call relisten to what we talked about. Sorry man. I’ll look to those videos again and they are the originals. For example, on Module 2, there’s still a statement on the page. Okay, we just look, Nicole, will you look at it and see exactly what Vince is saying? Yes.

00:21:29 Vanessa Roberts: Yeah, they need to click on the tab the system. That’s where the new modules are. All the previous modules are still on their module page on the drop down. We didn’t replace the old training we just added.

00:21:40 Syd Michael: The new. OK, there you go. That’s the answer. That’s the answer to your question there Vance he’s just mentioned that he still mentions some of the 1825 and 30. I mean, I agree. If it has old data on there, you got to be careful because it’ll put somebody in a trick sack. You know what I mean? Vanessa? Yes. Yep. So I get it. All right. So. He said we have to click the top level menu. Yes. Never would have found that. I always thought it was a drop down and now you know Vince. Now you know. God, God, we could help brother. I’ve, I’ve so Nicole and Vanessa, I’ve. I’ve done many of webinars like that with Brian. In fact one of the only times I’ve ever of all the wild days in Uncle Syd’s life. But one of the only times I’ve ever almost gotten threatened to be kicked out of a hotel room was from Brian and I doing a webinar in the same hotel room that.

00:23:08 Vanessa Roberts: Was a loud.

00:23:09 Syd Michael: Room. I bet it was really loud enough that we got in trouble, but they came and knocking. Brian, I have one company. I’ve been waiting for three months for it to be submitted well, there’s obviously something wrong with that deal. There’s obviously something holding your deal up. You need to send in a support ticket and find out what it is, right? And so we can take action accordingly, take action accordingly. I mean find out what the issue is. You and I both know what the issue was with some of your other deals, but hopefully all those have kind of ironed out by now. But we need to find out what’s going on with that deal for sure. Thanks for any idea on the time frame of on processing four weeks to process. If it goes any faster than that, it causes an issue right? You should always quote 6 to 9 months. But if you word it properly and you talk and make it clear, you can let them know that we have seen submissions come back as quick as 18 weeks. But again if I quote you that Mister customer. And you expect that they’re going to make a liar out of me. So go ahead and be thinking 6 to 9 months, But it can and happen quicker and you never know when they’re going to happen quicker. Some do, some don’t, right. So officially, what should you quote on the processing crime frame, 6 to 9 months? If you want to, we can talk offline about those deals, Brian, because you and I both know.

00:24:56 Syd Michael: Why they got all screwed up. That was complete. Yeah, we just need to talk offline about those because nobody else needs to hear about all that. But you and I both know why they got screwed up. So. But we need to stay on top of them because you get that’s a bunch of money for your brother and we need to bring that home. We need to get that. We need to get that fish in the net, Right. Let’s see what else we got. Thank you. OK. Thanks for the notes, Michael. I’ll jump on to it for you. No, no, no, no. That’s your mind. That’s your mind fired off when you start thinking it’s an IRS issue. Nothing, nothing has had that we haven’t had. Listen, the only IRS issue we’ve had and this is complete transparency, the only IRS issue we had was when we started packaging up deals with the 2840 eights and send them over as all as a package and the IRS didn’t accept them that way. You had to send over the 2848 and then send in the package after that. But those deals were from October to December. It’s about 700 of them, just so you all know and we’ve already actively. Fixed and repaired and resubmitted all those deals. The only time there was ever a deal was when the guys in Nashville sent over everything in the package and that’s not the way you got to do an IRS with 2848. You got to send over the 2848 and then follow up with the 941. So all the other stuff ironically and in the beginning, the IRS would then send a e-mail within a day.

00:26:46 Syd Michael: Talking about effectiveness shows you they are capable. Within a day they would send the e-mail educating the client saying that your form with your package was sent over incorrectly. They then stopped doing that right probably because they were working breakage. I don’t know what reason but they stopped doing that. However, we’ve gotten all those taken care of now and you have no issues on it. Vanessa look at 11:26 because. I know we’ve handled all the three of those, so make sure, make sure he understands, Guy said. I had one of those deals and they’ve now got their checks. Beautiful, beautiful, good. Yeah, they were nightmare. I ain’t going to lie, they were a nightmare. And I’ve, I’ve had to deal with a, you know, I had to deal with a ton of them. You know, because people wondered, you know, what happened and it was, it was egg on our face for sure. Even though it was kind of out of our realm, you know, let’s see what else. All right, Vanessa, just make sure 1126 Events is expecting. See what else we got. Any other questions? Push backs? Could answer pretty much all the questions. Beautiful, beautiful guys know we’re going to take care of your stuff afterwards. We’re all good. All right, good. All right. Nicole, Vanessa, if y’all have anything, y’all want to add in Georgia.

00:28:51 Nicole Heard: Need help, not right now.

00:28:55 Syd Michael: Okay.

00:28:55 Nicole Heard: I think we’re good.

00:28:58 Syd Michael: Okay. Good. All right. Well, good. George, if you need help, you know I’m always here for you, brother. How long have we known each other? George. George Rogers. I know. I’ve spent time on the phone helping you out. Seems like 810 years ago even. It’s been a while. Been almost a decade. Do businesses no longer have to pay upfront for a legal opinion letter? Good question, Great question. We at one point just stopped charging them and took it out of the fee. I don’t know exactly when that happened. Maybe Vanessa can pitch in on that. I don’t. I just know at some point they stopped charging it up front and took it out of the fee. I don’t know.

00:29:52 Vanessa Roberts: Why we have shifted to handling all the fee in house so?

00:29:57 Syd Michael: No, they’re not upfront. Yeah, which is good. Which is good. Surprised by the amount of credit. Doesn’t the client know what their refund will be when they select the fee amount? No, because we don’t charge them upfront. They sign the customer service agreement before we do the calculations, right, and they don’t have to choose on the fee amount until they find out exactly what their credit calculation is. And then they can make an educated decision based on what it is. Because you know, if somebody’s getting back 40 grand, they might go ahead, count paying it on the back. If they’re getting back 3.3 million and can save 8% or 7%, they might say no, you know what? I’m going to, I’m going to pay it up front, so. No, they don’t know their credit amount when they select their fee. Just so you know, any recent hot vertical markets, I’m going to tell you some really big credits I’ve seen this came from engineering firms like electrical engineering, stuff like that. And I know Jeff I got that list just hit me up before the end of the day and let’s jump on there and I’ll find you a manufacturing in Texas. I just got to figure out by their name if they’re manufacturing or not. I know I told you last week I would do that, but I ended up going home and didn’t have the list, but I’ll get that for you today. Any ballpark or percentage of deals that are getting using the legal opinion, I don’t really know.

00:31:44 Syd Michael: That percentage is 100% of the ones that need it and give you that stat. They decided not to green light submitting the application to the IRS. What happened? Do they still owe ERTC Express? I’m not sure what you’re talking about, not sure what you’re talking about. Customer signs customer service agreement, they decided not the green light submitting application to IRS. What happens? If somebody signs the CSA and then tries to back out, you mean, Eric, if they sign the customer, yeah, well that happens and it gets ran anyway because they’ve already signed, they’ve already agreed in contract and signed it. It just gets run as a deferred payment, just gets run as a deferred payment and that does happen. But that’s, you know, we live in a world where you got to do what you say and say what you do. And when you sign a contract, if you think you can just back out of them, you’re about to learn a about to learn a lesson. Fortunately, you’re going to make a lot of money learning the lesson, but you’re going to learn a lesson. Are we now? And you’ve asked me this 75 times in PM’s, So we both know the answer to that. Maybe Vanessa can answer why or what. Let’s just ask, are we notifying the clients that they need to amend their tax returns after they receive their refunds? Vanessa, do you know the answer that Or if not, why would we educate them? I think we’re trying not to be their CPA, right? I mean, yes, that’s what their CPA should advise them, but is it really our job to advise them as a CPA? Because we’re not. We’re using.

00:33:27 Nicole Heard: Hey Syd.

00:33:28 Syd Michael: 41s, yeah.

00:33:30 Nicole Heard: I answered this question for Anne yesterday. When they do the congratulations calls, the clients are given their final numbers. And they are given the fee options, they choose the fee option, they say thank you and the call is over. They do not advise them that they need to get their CPA to file those amended returns and they probably will not advise them because that’s outside of our jurisdiction.

00:33:54 Syd Michael: Yeah. It puts us at risk yesterday, You know, should the company know that? Yeah, they probably should, but we start having the closing department give. Financial advice or even tax advice puts us at risk. So for protection reasons, no they don’t start giving out tax advice. So just so you know, although anybody should know. Naturally if you own a business and you amend your 940 ones and it shows additional profit, you should know accordingly what you’re supposed to do. But I don’t think it’s our closing department’s responsibility to educate them on tax advice, nor are they licensed to give them education on tax advice. Syd, is there a rule that once our CPA’s figure out how much the refund is they get, the team will tell them before signing the work order? No. They do sign the customer service agreement before we go to work because we put up a lot of hard cost, just so you know. Just so you know but they do not have to choose which one they want to pay either the front or the end until after they get their credit. And the bonus to that is and the benefit of that is that if they don’t get a credit or if they have been told they don’t qualify for ERTC at all. They don’t owe us anything. They don’t owe us a dime. So it’s a win for them. We’re just don’t want we don’t want to put up in the make sense to me we don’t want to put up a lot of.

00:35:26 Syd Michael: Hard costs and work and research. If they’re not going to go with us, if they’re going to call their buddy that’s the CPA and hope their buddy that’s the CPA can then try and mimic what we did. That’s why you have a lot of customers going. We want to know exactly how you guys approve. No, you want to know so you can go tell your CPA that, well, guess what? Our CPA’s aren’t going to share their homework, right? We’re not sharing our homework for you to go take to your friend. That’s a CBA or somebody else that thinks we’re going to qualify it. It’s just not going to happen. We protect ourselves and we’re protecting you, right? I know that. But what about a minimum account refund? I don’t even know what the minimums are. Maybe Vanessa can pitch in on that. I don’t know what the minimums are. I don’t try and fly. Fly below the clouds like I don’t try and. I know they come up. So you probably need to know, Vanessa, what’s the minimums? 150 grand payable and three minimum W2s, right. That’s only two minimums. I know. Go again. I missed you.

00:36:33 Vanessa Roberts: $150,000 in total revenue and minimum 3 fulltime W2 employees.

00:36:41 Syd Michael: Yep, there you go. That’s the only minimums that I know of. I hope that answers your question. I’m not sure 100% if that does. Most people do understand that it’s worth it. I know you say that although I did have one guy who was getting back 21,000 and he refused to send over a driver’s license. He said I’m not going to send over anything with my picture on an I D21 Grand ain’t worth it and straight up put his foot down and drew a line in the sand. You end up a music company, so you know, you know, like teach his own right. I mean, I don’t know how else to say, you know, you can’t close crazy, you know, total revenue or total payroll, payroll. Payroll is the 150 grand. Yeah. Listen, and I know this might confuse some people because I’ve seen Brian say this, and I’m just going to repeat this. If it’s a nonprofit, if it’s a, you know, a company out there doing good for the community, we’ll bend those rules. Just so you know, I will lose money to process a nonprofit that’s, you know, doing something good for the community. That’s the truth, just so you know.

00:38:13 Syd Michael: But yes, have you seen him do that where he’s talking about like I know there was like 1 shelter that he helped out once. I know there was a church that he helped out. I mean if it’s a positive nonprofit that’s below the threshold. You know we kind of yeah he did it for Richard on a California clinic. Yeah he’ll process those so that you know that that leaves question on it but. Hopefully everybody can make an educated decision based on the information to what he can do. Right. Yeah. Supports hate me right now that I just opened up that can of worms. I just hey, I just. I just graduated to a picture of myself on the wall. Thank you very much. I now got a drawing in Atlanta. What else? What else? What else? All right, that’s it. Anything else? Nicole or Vanessa? I know y’all both. Sharing the mic over there in hot Lana.

00:39:22 Vanessa Roberts: No, we’re good.

00:39:24 Syd Michael: OK, all right. You checking on our fears leader? Is he all slinged up from having the surgery?

00:39:29 Vanessa Roberts: I keep telling him to stop trying to work.

00:39:32 Syd Michael: I told him the same thing, man. I’m like, bro. Tell the kids to get the mail out of the mailbox. Go trying to get the damn mail.

00:39:38 Vanessa Roberts: I even seem to be true city today, so that I was like stay home, we’ve got this.

00:39:44 Syd Michael: Yes, Richard, I hope so, man. I loved having all y’all down here for that event. He asked if there’s any events coming. I really thoroughly enjoyed y’all being here and personally would love for y’all to come every month or every other month if we could, right? So but it’s the time. It’s $150,000 annual minimum payroll that’s what the minimum is 3 W2s are 150,000 basically 50 grand a year per W2. That’s what it is. That’s the minimum all right. But hopefully we’ll have more events. Vanessa let’s start pushing for another one. Have a reason for them come down if y’all want to come down in Tampa. I’m not going to lie, it’s getting hot down here. It’s hard to wear a Sport coat every day to work, but, you know, I do it. So. All right, Ronnie, what’s up? Brody? Syd mentioned in the beginning that he was going to talk about Bill’s leads. Well, I was just talking about Joel and I jump on if you haven’t already. Listen, if you’re not, if you don’t have a way to. To bring in some warm, low hanging fruit, you need to jump on Bill’s leads, right? Just straight up. He’s doing that part for you. And if you’re in a situation where most of you are and a lot of you have taken advantage of it, but if you’ve not taken advantage of it, you need to jump on board if you can. And I’m here telling each and every single one of you if you do, do not be afraid to use the closing.

00:41:32 Syd Michael: My calendar, my calendar’s up there. It’s Monday, I think, available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Let me help you because you can make a ton of money off of them. Okay, you can make a ton of money off of them and use me, man. Use me for sure, right? I even opened up just for the people that purchased those leads on the agent side, the field agent side, I opened up allowing them to my calendar because I want to help them. That is 100% my existence in this whole thing is. To serve each and every one of you that can hear my voice right now. To make more money. That’s my whole job responsibility. I know sometimes, you know, yeah, I asked all the beginning, do you want to be entertained or trained? Right. But. And you all said trained and not entertained. Therefore, I don’t always agree with 100% of what you’re saying, but I do. And can share with you what works for me. And I try and stay in my lane on that and I try and lead you on to the best direction the link. I’ll ask him, Richard. I want to say it’s ERTC leads. But don’t hold me to that. I’ll find out exactly what it is. I’ll send a support ticket. They’ll send you a reply and they’ll answer it for you. What is Bill’s leads? We got Bill McIntosh. He’s got lead packages for you. We showed it. Listen to the replay last Monday, excuse me, last Wednesday. I think we did it last Wednesday or the Wednesday before he offered anybody. Your other specialty is taking down casinos. You damn right, you damn right. Although they sometimes they take me down to

00:43:17 Syd Michael: There it is. It’s is the link. Will somebody put that in chat so everybody can click on it if they need to? Nicole. Vanessa, will you please? Yeah. What was the?

00:43:45 Vanessa Roberts: Sorry, Syd, what was?

00:43:46 Syd Michael: The legal Listen, at the end of the day, right, it just makes it like you calling a customer, saying, hey, I got the coolest thing in the world, blah, blah, blah. Listen to what I’ve got to say is a little different than somebody calling you saying, hey, I heard about this, tell me more, right. Just that position, right, just that frame, you know, position of the offer. Just put you at a little bit different, better. Angle, right? Like it’s easier to tell somebody about something they’re inquisitive about than it is to stop people’s mindset from whatever they’re doing. To listen to you, you know, on the phone, type, you know what I mean? So anyway, you can obtain warm leads or warm intros, warm invites pay for itself. And with the Commission plan that we have a place for all of y’all. Like telling you you’re going to look back and say, man, I enjoyed my time. I, you know, I made a bunch of money, but I felt like I could have made more because right now, between now and the next, you know, 1218 months, it’s all you can eat buffet and we all need to get fat and happy, right? So. All right. Thank you so much. Did you ever get that link? You see it in a chat.

00:45:32 Syd Michael: Rock’n’roll. All right, Paul. I love it. Thank you so much, Bill. Jump in. But anyways, I’m here to help anybody that can make sure you use it. See, everybody. Thank you.