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Businesses have until April 15, 2024, to file amended returns for Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2020, and until April 15, 2025, to file amended returns for the quarters in 2021 in which they were eligible to claim the ERC.

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions May 31, 2023

RPS Training Course Live Training Sessions May 31, 2023

(Raw transcription; not proofed for grammar or spelling.)
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00:00:15 Syd Michael: I’m going to unmute a minute early is a minute on time. How’s everybody doing? How’s everybody doing? You see a guy. Arnold, Gran, What’s happening? What’s happening? We’re going to let everybody kind of fly in here. Good to see you, Richard. Everybody’s flying in now. Hey, Doug. What’s up, buddy? We’re going to let everybody get in here. Seems like some people are showing up like it’s a BBQ after last weekend, right after Memorial Day. Hope everybody had a good Memorial Day. How many of you got to go to the beach? How many of you got to go to the beach, and how many of you got to barbecue? How many of you barbecued something? Cooked something on the grill or the smoker? Each Nice barbecue in Texas. I love it. They call it brisket. In Texas. Both. I live on the lake. Oh, that’s even better. There you go. Yeah, I lived on the lake for years up in Atlanta. Man, I miss it. Sometimes I miss it. Colorado, Are you going to the Nuggets game? Richard, I was just looking at tickets here in Miami, a little too rich for my blood. I’m just not that big of a basketball fan, you know what I mean? There you go. What? That’s a good move right there.

00:02:11 Syd Michael: Close to his grandkids, he said. That’s good, man. It’s funny, grandkids and I don’t have grandkids. I can’t really even talk first person. But I can see how, you know, my mom and how my friends act when they have grandkids. Grandkids are completely different than your own kids, right? Grandkids are actually perfect the way I feel as an uncle, right? I always just wanted to show up my Ferrari, buy them an ice cream and then leave. I used to say that growing up. Anyways, yeah, even the bad things, they do seem cuter. Yeah, I totally agree. Totally agree. Yeah, I can’t imagine growing up nowadays. I don’t know. I don’t know. You know, I guess my grandma and grandpa used to say the same thing. They thought we were crazy. You know what I mean? I guess that’s just a sign of getting old Whenever you think people are going crazy, maybe. I don’t know. It’s hard to justify sometimes. I don’t know. I mean, change is hard, right? Donna says if she’d known how wonderful grandkids were, she’d had them first. Yeah, I agree. I agree. I love my granny. You know, we weren’t well off. So you know, like vacation for me in the summer or even spring break was going to my granny’s, we go stay a week at Granny’s, you know? And yeah, I come from a somewhat of a pretty poor family to be honest. We would eat what was called funky chicken and I loved it.

00:04:07 Syd Michael: Funky chicken was delicious. But as I got older, I learned what funky chicken was. Funky chicken was those rabbits I was petting earlier. My grandparents would raise rabbits for us to eat. It is what it is. Every Sunday. We have the grandkids over for the day. That’s awesome. Yeah. When I lived up in Atlanta, you know, around, I had a lot of friends, you know, from high school and stuff like that. I travel too much now and obviously, you know, I’m a loner, but compared to Atlanta, you know, because that’s where I grew up. But I would cook, I would cook, start cooking, you know, around 2:00, o’clock every Sunday. And it was an open invite. And sometimes I’d have five friends show up, sometimes I’d have 1015, you know what I mean? But they were always invited over on Sunday and for me. I just, you know, I enjoyed cooking that much and it’s, you know, it’s easier to cook for a number of people than it is for one or two, you know. So, you know, I always had fun, always had fun. Hey, Bruce, what’s going on, buddy? What’s going on? All right. So our new for manager Stevens, who’s freaking awesome by the way, broke his record yesterday. And I threw up a bonus to get everybody excited that there’s this Hiller pasta place that actually I took Norma to when she was here. And so I’m like, if y’all, if y’all beat the number, I’ll take you all the vena pasta. And they crushed it. They crushed it. So the momentum, you know, is there. Like, I love it. Like for the last two weeks we’ve been.

00:05:55 Syd Michael: The floor has been slowly gaining momentum, gaining and then I’m gaining momentum and moving up. So I don’t know about y’all, you know I’m a little bit of a gambler at times. You know, I’ve done some sports betting in my life but I’ll bet on that momentum over championship team any day of the week. I love momentum and I’m going to tell you right now in Tampa we got that momentum right now. Feels good. Which leads me into, which leads me into listen and if I ain’t talking to you, you don’t have to listen. But if I am talking to you, listen very well. It’s easy to get complacent. It’s easy to lose focus, right? It’s easy to, you know, there’s a lot of white noise, a lot of stuff in your face, a lot of information out there, right? It’s easy to get sidetracked. We have a limited time of this being available. I’m watching people make life changing money. Right now we’re paying out insane commissions, insane amount of commissions. Don’t look back and think man, I wish I would have rocked, right? Make sure you take advantage of it. Get involved. If you need help, reach out to me Please. Right. You know, I’ll do anything I can for each and every one of you. Hang on. I’ll see some big questions. Oh, hang on. I wanted to mention this real quick because we need to figure out how many days it was. So I had to deal yesterday. I was checking out for somebody. It was. It was filed on December 9th, December 9th. Somebody drew a calculation of this and they act. I don’t know how the IRS said they got their money on Monday, but they did. They did.

00:07:49 Syd Michael: So Monday would have been what? Let’s see what day that would have been. So let’s just figure the 9th. So 1-2 hang on one 234 just under five months. So four months and three weeks, four months and three weeks. That’s cool. That’s something to know, right? I’ve seen them come in quicker. I’ve seen them take longer. But that one, I know dead dates. You know, like dead on dates. I just want everybody to know about it. Let’s see what you got. Hey, Christy, always good to see you, Prospect. You started in December and declared dead in the portal, kept in touch, and now they’re moving forward. That girl. That’s what I’m talking about. We had a client yesterday, a member called in, we did a DFY on a dead deal. Also the guy was impossible to get in touch with and we resurrected 100 plus W2 deal yesterday. So you know, never, never give up, right? Just because they’re not just because they don’t ghost on you doesn’t mean they went and worked with somebody else or don’t like you, right? Syd, can you please give me the e-mail or contact info to find out what’s going on with two deals? That’s a support. You want to send that in to support? What?

00:09:34 Syd Michael: So the good news is, like, I just told you, the one deal that we talked, I looked up yesterday, December 9th, and they just got their check. But, you know, I get it. You know, especially I got one guy who wanted Bitner’s friends that I’ve kind of got in a relationship with because I’ve kept in touch with him. You know, he’s like it. You know, he reminds me of we’re talking about grandkids, right? What? What are they saying in the back of the car when you’re on vacation? We there yet? I get it. But remember if you told them it should be 6 to 9 months, although it could happen sooner, but if I quoted you that I would be, you know it’ll make a liar out of me. But just expect 6 to 9 months. Nobody should beating the brakes off of you in four months or even five months. Yeah, right, Michael, I agree. It’s weird. It’s weird. It just didn’t seem like it would have said five months. Here. I’ll text it in here for you. ERC dot team/ support. Oh, but I just said a deal of his that was submitted December 22nd just got their checks. All right. I mean, that’s smoking right there, right? No, Cynthia, that’s not who I was talking about. But that’s good.

00:11:38 Syd Michael: Okay, December 6th. Okay, but it’s still five months. Connie, just so you know. But I do understand, so I know I’ll just be transparent about it. So there was a time when they moved our closing department and they deleted the phone numbers and re-created Kick C numbers for them. The issue that causes is when somebody was talking with a closing agent and they call back, they get a disconnected number which freaks people out. So I get that part, trust me and you know, I get that part and I’ve talked to hundreds of people having to explain that just so you know, I would freak out, especially if I paid up front. You know what I mean? Like I get it. So but yes, sending a support ticket to support and let those girls jump on it for you. Cynthia said Ronald. And I’m just going to be transparent here because we’re all friends. Ronald was starting to be an asshole, but when he called the IRS and got the good news that he was getting it May 29th. And June 6th, he was jazzed. There you go. So May 29th, was that not? Hang on. May 29th, right? Yeah. May 29th, which was on Memorial Day. It’s the weirdest thing in the world. It’s like, yeah, yeah, My guy got all six of his checks on May 29th. By the way, the deal we looked up, right. Well, you must be watching Shark Tank, Connie. I see the same, same TV spots. I think they’re kind of weak, though.

00:13:30 Syd Michael: I wouldn’t call that commercial. Would you? Would you be honest, if you owned a company and you saw Mr. Wonderful talking about Wondershare, like I think they’re weak, weak, super weak. Yeah, super weak. I like things, I mean just to be transparent and to share with you. I like things like, you know, I know we got to be professional and compliant and all that stuff, but I really like things like. You know where you told you couldn’t qualify let the experts give you a real opinion or you know, I like taglines like you know, you know you left money on the table. Let me, let me, let me pick it back up for you. You know I like to be pretty aggressive and to the point what people are going to think about the whole you know you could be eligible up to $26,000 per W2 employee. You know, that’s white noise to me. Like, I wouldn’t even listen to that. I think you got to hit something. Well, what Bud Clark says, right? Have you received your ERTC check yet? I love that, Right? Because it immediately puts their mindset. You know, it immediately frames where you want to be. What, like I receive a check? Who doesn’t want to receive a check? First off? So if you want to talk about how to get somebody’s attention and with, you know, what is that? Have you received your ERTC check yet? 7 words. That’s the most effective. 7 words. And I’ve been using it. I’ve been using it. Ain’t a lot, Bud. I’ve been using it to give credit. Bud Clark is the one that shared that with us one week. I’m not sure if all y’all were on that training or not, but if you were, you probably heard it. But it’s great, he says. It’s a good subject line for emails too.

00:15:26 Syd Michael: Think about it in seven words. You’re telling people. Exactly. I mean, it’s awesome, right? It’s very simple, very quick. Everybody likes to receive checks. What do you mean, I didn’t receive a check? Right. So. What was it, Connie, tell me this. What was it that made you think that the TV spot was good? On CNN and I watched squat box and stuff like that. So I think I saw some of those. Some of them were better, lot better than Mr. Wonderful’s. I think Mr. Wonderful’s are awesome, awesome are just awful to be honest. What was it that made you think it was good? Freshly done. Gave a bunch of info. Okay. Yep. Well, I tell you what surprises me is how many people, how many people Right now it seems like a lot of the deals that I’m, you know, jumping in on with members and closing, a lot of the deals showed interest prior to this but are just now. Like, I got to get this done. I get, you know, it seems like it’s time now, right? You know that that tells you that there’s tons of still big business out there. You just got to engage. The most important part is to gauge and empathetically ask them and find out have they received their check yet, Right. Have they received their check yet? And they’ll say I talked to one company and you know, we listen to them.

00:17:15 Syd Michael: You know what I mean? And empathetically let them know, man, I’m so glad you didn’t go with them. Because let me tell you the difference between us and them. So glad you haven’t made that mistake yet, right? And truly, tell them, tell them the difference. Let them know what it is and what we do. Often imitated, never duplicated. Right. But the majority of them out there, as y’all hear me say this every week, are only doing lost income, you know, lost revenue, lost revenue, which is weak, it’s watered down you. You are in a position to do much better than that. In fact, in fact, so much better than that sometimes, sometimes, not often, but sometimes people freak out. They freak out. I don’t know how you got that number, Connie. I don’t think you really got to go back and watch all the trainings. Just so you know, she’s saying she’s had some issues and actually disconnected from the program for a little bit. I don’t think it. I don’t think it’s so much that you need to go back and watch all our live trainings. It might be a good idea to go through our onboard training that we just released. So that way it kind of refreshes your the basics. But the most important thing is engage. Don’t need a stranger without them knowing who it is and what you do. That’s true in all business by the way.

00:19:10 Syd Michael: Throwing all business that’s why part time marketers just being honest, part time marketers and full time marketers, you’re at such a disadvantage because a lot of part time marketers maybe have a full real job where they can’t really stand up and scream at the top of their lungs what it is they do out of fear that they might affect their current career, right? And being a full time sink or swim marketer, right you’re able to you’re able to. Jump up. You’re able to jump up and you know, screaming at the top of your lungs, right? People are always going to have more success when they’re engaged. It’s just a fact, just a fact. Just last month we paid a single Commission to one of the members for $171,000. Now that was a hit. That was a good one. Right. And we’ve had other six figure commissions paid out, other heavy 5 figure commissions paid out. But the main thing is, and I hate to sound like a jerk, but I’m just going to keep it real. I want you to go through every product you’ve ever bought. I want you to think of every marketer you know. And I challenge you. I don’t care, go all the way up. I challenge you. To show me another product or another marketer that’s paid anywhere near those kind of commissions to people that are actively involved anyway. Anyone. Anyone. Are we going fishing? Because I hear crickets. It’s just the truth. It’s just the truth. So now it comes down to what are you going to do?

00:21:08 Syd Michael: With your time, what are you going to do between now and, you know, April of 2025, right? What are you going to do? You know, sometimes, you know, I released a course called Mastering Direct Mail about 10 years ago. Well, it might have been nine years ago, right? I had guys make 1520 grand ribs, you know, which was nice but not as consistent as this. We did, Ryan, I did a course called Local Lead Driver probably 10 years ago. You know, we had over 300 income testimonials. Lots of success, but nothing like this. Nothing like this, right? You remember that one, Doug? That was my creation. I liked it because it was easy fulfillment. Easy fulfillment. And you know, you think about it, right? Like I’ve always loved the idea of lead Gen. because that’s ultimately what leads to what money. That’s why when you know, I saw this opportunity, the ERTC I was like, this is a nobrainer because this is leaping over any service, leaping over any consulting, leaping over anything that they’re doing, any advertising, any radio, any TV, all jumping all the way to getting customers all the way over getting customers to get into the money. Like talking about clearing the table and taking you straight to what matters cash.

00:23:02 Syd Michael: That’s why I knew this was a perfect offer. Next to this I would say lead Gen. I would say lead Gen. some sort of effective lead Gen. right. So when you speak to somebody on the phone, right when you reach out to him. Right. And I highly recommend anybody that has signed up in your portal where they went dark, old, gone. Whatever’s happened, you need to reach back out to them again and until they say no, I’ve already did it or I’m not going to do it, or I went with another company or whatever until they give you a dead, real dead reason. I would be beating the phones up, getting in touch with them. And until they tell you no, I’m done. I can’t do it because I’m watching it day in and day out, people reaching back out, even ones that they submitted where our AE’s were calling them and call them until they couldn’t get in touch with them anymore. And then we moved them to the sale because I mean, we can’t, you know what I mean? I mean they only call somebody so many times, right? Moved them to sale. Some of those are coming back alive. So reach out to anybody that ever showed interest, low hanging fruit, Anybody ever showed any sort of interest? If they fogged a mirror, reach out to him. Say, hey Syd Michael, ERTC Express. Just wanted to reach out. I know we talked last April, right? I was hoping maybe we could help you. Have you already received your ERTC check yet? You haven’t. Great. What happened? Why? What is it now? You’re Columbo, right?

00:24:50 Syd Michael: But you’ve got to create that engagement. Nothing in life happens without engagement. Not friends, not education. And sure as heck, not marriage. You got to get engaged, man. It’s just the truth. It’s probably the most powerful word, I think in business is engagement. All right. So right now tell me this, tell me how you’re whether you’re cold calling, whether you’re PPC, whether you’re doing LinkedIn, whether you’re doing Facebook ads, whether you’re doing cold e-mail. Tell me how you’re prospecting right this second. If you, if you would tell me how you’re prospecting right now, I’ll give you all a second to answer that. All right. Michael said e-mail. Nice. All right, so I’m just going to read all these so everybody can hear phone calls. e-mail. Blossom leaves LinkedIn warm. Got some engagement in the chat room. Good job. LinkedIn. e-mail in person, text, then call. I like it. Cold call. See. What else? Emails. Calling. Automated system? LinkedIn. Social media? Warm and cold e-mail? e-mail. All right, now I’m going to ask. I’m going to ask one other question. One being to 10 Being committed like a super freak, right?

00:27:07 Syd Michael: One being 10. Being over the top. Committed, obsessed. Giving it everything you got. Leaving it on the field. Be honest. What? Where, how, how much intensity are you taking to the game right now? Give me the real number. Give me the real number. I won’t mention your name and the number, but I am going to do it right. 9687, Appreciate the honesty. 4 minutes of four. Intensity of six. I’ll take that all day, right An 85I won’t mention names, but PPP recipients called did. You’re talented as heck, man. You’re great on the phone. I’m not mentioning your name out of respect, but you should be. You should be crushed and I can’t believe you say A57. Honestly a six needs to be a 10. I agree 8 Today going up. I love it. Two because of warnings from the government. Come on man, come on, come on 1st off. They’re not talking about us, man. They’re not talking about us. You get a chance going to the New York Times. We just got written up in the New York Times. They’re not talking about us. They’re talking about a lot of our competitors. And you know what? They’re right. A lot of them are not doing the right thing. And then they are screwing people over. But you can’t live. Hey, there’s also, you know, there’s also going to be aliens soon. You can’t live in fear you’ll be ready to die.

00:29:06 Syd Michael: Worst case scenario, you move abroad. Don’t threaten me. With a good time. I’ll jump on a plane in a second. Nine. All right. I love it. Nine. Since I get paid back for money. I spent it. There you go, right? Coming on too strong as a red flag. So trying to figure out the sweet spot. No, no, no, no, it’s not a red flag. Let me ask something. I’m going to debate this with you. Let me ask something because I’ve had this happen to me at a Porsche dealership actually, right? If you walk onto the dealership, right, and the salesman looks at you and then doesn’t ever help you or. You walk under the dealership and a guy comes up and goes, Hey, can I help you? Yeah, I’m just looking. OK, great. Well, let me know if you see anything you want, You know, well, actually, what they’re supposed to say is great. What are you looking for? I don’t know yet. Well, great. If you see anything that you’re looking for, let me know. Blah blah blah. I’m here to help you. Waits 20 minutes and comes back over to you. Hey. Hey, did you see anything you like? Right. It gets a little annoying. Little annoying if you told the guy. Hey, man, I’m just looking. I’m not sure I’m letting the wife, you know, blah blah, blah. However. What’s more offensive? That guy or the dude that looked at you, pulled down the newspaper, saw you and put back up the paper, didn’t even acknowledge you? What’s more offensive? Be honest, what’s more offensive, right? Ignoring you, man.

00:30:54 Syd Michael: Yeah, made me, made me get in the car and go buy a BMW. You know why? Because they were open. They were open until 9:00. I was going to go buy a car somewhere else, screw the guy at Porsche and keep the car, like, anyway. And he changed that bikes off after 25 years, right? Antoine said he’s had that happen. You know, I don’t know about you, but it offends me, right? There’s nothing wrong with pure intent. Of asking for business, asking for somebody’s business, right. There’s nothing uncool about it. There’s nothing offensive about it. There’s nothing wrong with asking for somebody’s business. And I’ll go even a step further and I don’t have any deals you’ve done. Hopefully you’ve done one and if you have done one and you have seen the look and the smiles on their faces, the gratefulness, how much they appreciate you. Thank you so much. Owe you a steak dinner. Sit. I can’t believe this. You know, you did what you said and what happened. When you experience that, when you know that that’s what you’re delivering to these people, you definitely won’t want to tiptoe and feel like you’re bothering them or overselling them because you could change, change, change their lives, man. James, it’s funny you say that. Talking about a. Got ignored because he was 17. We had a guy come on our lot back in the 90s who was told to go get his mom. He was looking at a Grand Cherokee and it was Steve Avery World Series picture for the Braves. But he was 17 when he was doing it, you know, can’t judge the book, right? I did the same thing and now he’s Chevrolet. I had a guy come up on a bicycle and I’ll be honest, I treated him like, you know.

00:32:51 Syd Michael: Yeah. You’ve been talking to what we call them the car businesses, Bogues all day long. People can’t afford what they’re looking at. And I made the number one mistake. I treated the guy like a bogan. Guess what? 830 weekend, Strongest Beacon score I’ve ever seen, right. That’s what you get for judging customers, right? You can’t, can’t do that. Right. I’ve had. I can’t. I can tell you hundreds of stories where. Yeah, I’ve learned that lesson the hard way. Learned that lesson the hard way. Even going and talking to dealers. I was selling a direct mail on some lead stuff once and I was with the guy we were going out and I went to go buy this one dealership and I’m like, I mean all they got is work vans. You probably don’t sell nothing anyway. Boom walk in one of the largest deals I ever did. It was awesome. It’s the right message with the right guy at the right time and the mistake that was being made is I was putting that self limiting doubt on myself. Based off the inventory, like, you know, talking about getting too smart for my own good, like, what was I thinking? I made another mistake. One time I quoted a Chinese restaurant 6500, for a website thinking I was getting all the money. And when the lady said we’ll do it, she said I thought it was going to be three times as much. I can’t believe you’re giving me this much of a deal. Like, I judged. I judged. You know, I thought, man, they ain’t no way they’re going to have 18 grand spent on a website, right? That’s right. Bud says when a business owner gets his or his checks, it’s life changing for them and you. You’re exactly right. You’re exactly right. But hearing the appreciation from them, like.

00:34:46 Syd Michael: It almost ignites that fire that anybody who hasn’t gotten their ERTC check yet. Well, dude, you’re going to want to hear this like you want you. I can’t believe nobody’s took the time to share with you this, right. Like, same thing. How many times You called a buddy up and they’re like, how you doing? I’m like, hey, man, I’m, you know, I’m crushing it. Well, what are you doing? Thanks for calling me. Thanks for the tip. Thanks for the stock tip, right, To be honest. If you’re a real friend, you should want all your friends to understand this. Please make sure they’re getting taken care of. You know, maybe even if they’re not, you know, maybe they’re not getting it from you. But if you’re a real friend, you would want to make sure they’re at least taking advantage of it, right? That’s what a real friend does. For that alone, you should be calling all your friends and making sure they’re handled. By the way, do you know anybody else that maybe could use this right now? Right. So all right, all right, all right. All right. I got a few minutes left. If I had no answer to any of these questions, you have any wild questions or random questions you need to answer to. Let me help you if you have any questions, any questions or any that I missed. First of all, today everybody understand what I was talking about. Like what I’ve been saying or am I just ranting? I want to make sure we’re all on the same page. Good. Hey, Paul. Always, always a pleasure seeing you. Roger that. Good. Who do we send a referral contest info?

00:36:49 Syd Michael: Ah, beautiful man. Got a $1,000,000 that close from a referral for the $250 gift cards. Send in a support ticket. Send in a support ticket, bud. I got, I got your I got your bird dog on that. I got the bird dog and I’ll send you a 250. Get you a new sandwich. It’s your new Cleveland sand wedge there, Bud. Or maybe a brick of some 9 millimeter, whatever you can get for 250. That’s right. You’re exactly right. Can we hear a few of your recent closes, closed deals? Well, it’s weird. I was like, man, I haven’t talked with you yesterday. I did a deal with a gentleman. We resurrected a deal that was an auto glass manufacturer right out of the Midwest seeing a lot of child cares, right. It’s funny how you attract people that are like yourself. Right. I’m, I’m, I’m proud of Bud and Leonard here. Good choice, good choice. But childcare, nursing homes has been really successful. What else we talked to?

00:38:33 Syd Michael: Well, I keep saying this and I know I told. I told Paul Baker about it. He was asking me and I said bro, electrical engineering firms, trust me, Electrical engineering firms. And I’ll tell you the reason why I say that is because I met a gentleman who owned one electrical engineering place that’s well over 7 figure credit. And I think you know thing I already told you all this, but I actually. You know hey, ABC, right? I was prospecting in the high limit blackjack room. Sat at the table played with the guy for a few hours and you know better. Boom, better Bing. Sign them up. Let’s roll. It was a very simple close guy. Had no clue of the ERTC. By the way. What? Verbiage wise what was the objection that you had to overcome with the. With the. The one yesterday, the automotive glass, the guy would just fell off the map and actually they sold the business. They sold the business and he just had a few questions, right? With the childcare in the nursing home that people just wanted to, the people just wanted to hear empathy, right? They just want to know that you’re listening to him, right? They just wanted to know that you’re listening to him. It goes a long ways, right? It just goes a long ways. You just want to be heard, right? And you know, I tell people like all the time, like, I make it very, very clear. Listen, when we get off the phone, you’re probably going to think of the three or four questions that you were meaning to ask the entire time. If you’re like me, I do that every time. Here’s what I want you to know.

00:40:23 Syd Michael: Here’s my cell phone. Or if I’m on the phone with a member or an agent, I’ll say here’s the agent’s cell phone number. Please know that no matter if you have a question in five seconds, 5 minutes, or five months, you can always, always give us a call and ask the question. If I don’t answer right away, I’ll call you right back. I promise you, you’ll never not go on call. Fair enough. Great, except in front of computer. Let’s take you to suit through the portal and let’s get you started. Well, what says you cannot follow up enough? It’s not dead until they tell you that’s real talk. That’s real talk right there. I mean, that’s real talking business right? And anything that talks you out of following up with people is your own self limiting beliefs and you need to thump it off your shoulder and get done. Is advanced funding hedge funds available yet? Details Donna that’s on the backside. Yes we have a bank that is quick funding deals. No we’re not out leading with that huge mistake. It created nothing but controversy and issues having agents go out there and pitch it because why when you when you lead with the we can get you a rapid refund guess who needs that people in financial distress and guess who hedge funds don’t approve people in financial distress.

00:42:21 Syd Michael: So all it did was make a lot of people mad and get us a couple bad reviews. So we offer the quick rapid refund to people that only qualify that we can see would qualify anyways. So make sense, right Donald? He says he had one. It took 4 1/2 months. Like what was rapid about that, you know, I mean, you know? Sucks, sucks. And if you go back and listen to any of these live trainings, I told y’all, in the beginning I was like, dude, I don’t like the way this thing’s set up. I kind of understand credit a little bit, you know, I did finance and compliance and automotive traveled all over for southeast Toyota explaining, you know, teaching people how to do all that. I didn’t like the way it was set up. From the Git when I read they could turn you down for a negative social media post, I was like, whoa, come on. Get out of here. Yeah, I think I’m a comedian. You might not like my post anyways. All right. Hey, listen, let’s rock’n’roll if you have any. What’s? I have some funding sources that reach out when I’m offered. Yeah. No, you ain’t getting that per month. Yeah, that’s different. Giving you prime rate it’s not going to be 3 points over prime is what most people will do that it would not be with no collateral but anyways right. Hey, rock’n’roll. Thank you. Hey good to see you bud. Hey, reach out to me man because I want bud has an automated system that is pretty effective that I want to share with sewing all but reach out to me bud. We need to talk more about it Okay. How do you handle the call when the person.

00:44:17 Syd Michael: Has one or more partners and they say to check first. These cause a lot of delay. You’re right, they do, they do and what you learned to do and there’s not much you can do. But what you learned to do is when you start to talk to somebody and you say, hey, have you gotten your ERTC refund check yet? Great. Well let me tell you more about it. First off, are you the one that are you the are you one that can make a decision for your company or do you need other people? Right. Just like when buying a car can you buy a car. Do you need your wife here right. You want to make sure you want you want you just get them to commit because even somebody who even somebody who probably should have their partners there but could actually make the decision if you get them say no, I can make the decision. Once they say that they’re on the hook people won’t go against their word most of the time and they’ll stick with it. So recommendation I have. Is get you know is to ask them do they need anybody else before being able to make a an educated decision on for their business right. Get them to commit that way and if they say no, I got to have a business partner. There are no problem. Let’s set up a zoom call. Let’s do this like no matter what response they give you the initial words out of your mouth should be no problem. We can handle that. I deal with this all the time. I’ve seen it. I understand. You know, let me answer any questions you have today, but let’s go ahead and set up a time that we can get them all together. What time do you think, what day and time do you think’s best for them to be available, right. And the only other advice I could give you is to then set the appointments on quarter hours. People tend to show up a little better on quarter hours than they do on whole and half hours. Don’t know why. Just do something psychological up there, Okay. All right. Hey, thank you so much. I appreciate it.

00:46:15 Syd Michael: Good seeing everybody. I’ll see you. See you next week if you need any. Hey, dude, keep me on the phone with your customer. If you’re nervous or scared if you need help or if you just want to hear somebody who’s a model American that can do it in this sleep right Get me on the phone with your customers. No more excuses. Make it happen. See ya.